Dark Matter – The Thing About…Art & Artists – Michelle Handelman

Dark Matter - The Thing About...Art & Artists - Michelle Handelman

we're all transcendental beings aren't we in this body is just a shell a carcass this cow suit is just layer and flash do you ever feel long now I never feel lonely I think you've been very hurt you really want me to go there don't you dog you want me to describe pain to you you want to know it pain is like pain is being told you're good for nothing you don't deserve any of the success they're gonna find in my Dana's name Tolls you're not worthy the deputies never gonna love you getting hot if you could meditate and travel inside your body how do you see your soul the inside of yourself the inside of my soul is dark matter do you know about Dark Matter it sucks everything into it no that's a black hole it's heavy it's imperceptible humans haven't yet perceived dark matter but they know that it exists because of the way light reflects round up it exists in space it exists in our atmosphere it's everywhere it's a void you know you don't really exist I don't need to exist how could I possibly consolidate all of my existences into one being a big black boy you can call me whatever you want to call me I am that it's hard banging woman sometimes they feel like men are constantly just look at you like you're some kind of fetish object you

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