Dave Hughes – Street Performers | Jeff Dunham @ JFL

Dave Hughes - Street Performers | Jeff Dunham @ JFL

happy to be here and I'm pumped up it's who loved Montreux beautiful yeah I'm loving the festival I'm a knight the weather's a little bit of red ink I don't mind the rain but the street performers don't like to do that no they don't they get angry the other day I was watching a street performer with other people he was gone okay and then it started raining it run let it went to leave he said you forgot to leave me some money I said will you forgot to book a venue so they have street performers in Australia as well a lot of jugglers they started juggling at the lights yes at the traffic lights I'm in my car trying to Google and the guy a juggler jumps out in front of me but like at the end the light turns green anyone he says you got some money from your so he didn't see the show my windscreen is too dirty why don't you get a real job get a squeegee you dickhead

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