Day of 1000 – Musicians Conductor Comments

Day of 1000 - Musicians Conductor Comments

hello everybody my name is Paul Kayla Mir and I am here with Roger McLaughlin our conductor for Day of 1000 musicians and the other organizer John Fillion who is gracious enough to mount the camera not mount the camera but take care of the camera and make sure that we're gonna record this video today we're gonna be doing an obstruction video for all musicians we're Roger our conductor is going to run through the songs one by one telling you the starts telling you the stops and any weird things that are gonna happen in between take it away Roger with our first song ac/dc long way to the top well the first thing to know that what this song is talking about capo if not everybody's going to get a capo not quite exactly like this one here and and we will be bound to get onto bar one that way when you go to play these songs do this upside down but basically first fret that way we will be in tune with the bagpipes so okay that's the main thing that we're gonna do on this one face can only the top basically a four bar guitar doing that intro riff after that bass drums come in for that twelve bar and true and then it's just a matter of watching things fairly simple it's that a riff almost all the way through one of the files I looked at actually saw a title but I'm the one that's in front of me it's gone so if you see a C in there it doesn't belong there okay other than that now the song is a fade-out we're just gonna end with 16 bars of the bagpipes over that a do a little bit of a chunky riff soul and last time you just wanna be a and that's basically it you cancel you play it relative to the capo everything should be good there's a big league on the original recording there is a little extensive intro we're not going to be doing that we're going to come in right on that first D chord okay we're going to keep things quiet a little bit muted until we get to that first oh oh and then everybody comes in and we play through the song so here played house is note there are kind of two different G's so if you're an advanced guitar player when you are playing it okay what Tom Cochran was doing he was doing the D and then he kind of took these cheese and then you've kind of moved down to that okay so I'm gonna call this G one that first cheese that you see and back to me okay so that's what we see on big league all right summer of 69 once again this is one we've already done before let me look at my notes here I think it's pretty straightforward play along with it as shown so basically you're going to come in on the D that little D thing the sort of thing where you hammer on the deed we're gonna hit it twice and then the vocals come right in as per the normal standard recording it's really guitar only at the start okay bass of drums come in in median some guys from school okay that's where everybody is in full once again this is a fade-out on the original recording okay we're gonna end it was a summer of 69 over d total of four times okay so we'll do it three times after so I was the summer of 69 I was at seven or 69 was December to 69 total four times and that will end the song so watch for the signal get it alright raise a little heck okay keeping this child friendly here you come in just hitting the strung that double-a as you hear it on the original recording I don't think there's anything tricky on this one then we just find and see if I have any notes here written down or the order of course where is okay so we double strum that a we hold it and we hit in that's when kick drums and clapping so if you have the ability to clap along clap alone so we're gonna raise a little high you know then we have that little slide down we're just slide standing probably from god I ate some where does that street for nerd stuff if you look at the sheets that I made for the music there are some of the seagull dude stuff in there that's optional to play so that's been the I guess that would be the chorus part after the C minor E minor graphic does that GD c AC on the first one so the notes are written down if you're an advanced or intermediate player go ahead and throw those in if you're a beginner don't even worry about it I'm good Oh back to my notes what's next Paul well we have next over here after reason little hell let's let it ride let it ride okay so this one here people were saying that they know not only people were saying but some of the organizers my thought this one might be a little bit tough it probably will be a little bit challenging but I'm thinking that you guys are gonna practice really hard and I can show you a few little things on it to make it easier so it actually begins with Coors Coors now if you are just a beginner fairly straightforward so that's our minor no really this is a fifth quarter you only play the first three strings so if you're an absolute beginner even if you just do that that won't work okay but if you can try to practice that so once again now this one here's could be a little bit tricky it's a modified B chord or some form the tab is on the sheet if you are in Decatur feel free to do you just will work but the month of summer Sgt that will work and then it's back to them there's no way through it now if you're gonna more advanced player feel free to put in that time I guess that would be an f-sharp instead of a regular Dan you can play it with the F shirt for the advanced players we can start planning it up the neck as I guess Randy Bachman would have done it's the same carbs it's just up towards like a three or four position on what you call it and I'm sure you can find that on YouTube if you look here I'm sure there's lots of tabs for it online so advanced players feel free to play it up the neck beginners just do the other the regular standard open position chords and we'll get will be fine we'll get right through it so that starts once again with the chorus and then for the verse it's just you're hammering on this F sharp five where F minor I guess so while you're doing this or hampering with your ring finger fourth fret second string and we want to transition into the course we actually have a little bit of a transition to winning to us some practice this one really shouldn't be that her so for beginners I hope you're not too intimidated on it it should be fairly straightforward very touristy and magical magic but we could have Rudy's or something okay I could have been a lady now this one on the original is kind of unique in that it's one of the few songs and I know of that is a fade in so they actually fade into this one anyway to where I put my black drama so for this one here you got to kind of get your shoulders into it we're going to start it basically on the G okay so this was highly sick of penis or something like so it's kind of like a syncope that I'd have to hear it to get refreshed and there in a while I probably shoulda listened to it prior to doing this video so but then it's just the simple it's a 3/4 after that those lines first time it's just that riff and then they come in with that I get more how that goes something like that you can YouTube that one too for the more advanced guys I think there's only actually three reps in it for the advanced guys those are the three reps I'm sure you can find those on YouTube as well straightforward listen to the original we're playing in the exact way there is a stop time on that so please everybody drop right out so the vocals we can do our little nonononono knobs I think that's all we need to know on that one you see no I think it's pretty straightforward I can't find it so I don't there's any other issues fly at night we did this one last year and I think it went off really well it's gotta be honest I was a little bit nervous about doing it but I think it went up way better than expected as per last time we have cut out the second guitar solo so if you're playing along with the original it is a little bit different not a lot we're just the reason I did cut it out is it was two really long entire solos in there so I just took one of them out but otherwise it is standard so trying to think yeah there is a key change in there so be wary of that okay so it does the DGE minor then it does where is the key change nope there it goes and when we look out and see you there okay so just be wary that going to be going in and out of that and again it's a matter of practicing and what's next on the list walking on sunshine here's a fun little tune we are not playing it as per the studio to treat it in the waves version because that one I think was um sure if it was played sharper or not but it's uh we were just doing tuned down and I guess half a step as per the e if you look on youtube remember the one inside you know it was it mm I think it was there's two little girls by the Nemo I'll be in EJ or something like that okay so they do it in the same key that we're gonna be doing it in and I'm trying to remember what the words were but off the top of my head is it that's all you need to do for the whole song alright so those are the cards we're getting here so if you look at the one that's online even get too many sheets in front area hey baby ran from one of my favorite bands okay for this one straightforward there are some variations that you can play if you listen to it it sounds like there are two guitars doing a couple different things on that generally is the D sus C gee that's pretty much most a song but they do vary it up a little bit listen to a little bit if you're beginner you can just play everyone see little bit more advanced and then at the sea at 9:00 to see and she throws in every down again now this one here there is actually a bass solo so I guess we can all start talking during the day so alright and then for the ending this one is normally a fade-out so what we're going to do is we're going to come back in one last time that's how we're gonna end now in case that gives us a nice solid ending for that New Orlean is another great song now this one is more or less kind of a 12-bar blues based for the beginners in there I don't think you're going to be able to do the whereas guys feel free to do that beginners who can just be playing the excess of a beauty to display the best normal standard of course I was written the mark Vance guys feel free to do they goes down to the five back to the I actually don't really did learn the chicken pickin on this but do you that I'm sure so many guitars know how to do it if I already guess it's probably minor pentatonic stuff something like that so once again you minor pentatonic on the first position will get you the chicken picking notes if you want to practice those and learn those feel free it should be some fun than that it's going to be pretty much as done for recording a riverboat fantasy this one is a kind of a fun song that we threw in last minute – I know people have been sending in things saying we're not sure what the chords are right we're just going to do it as a standard 12-bar key of EE to keep it nice and simple for everybody great little Bullock op song I've had the pleasure of seeing Wilcox many times back from the eighties – just last year as a matter of fact somewhere in go fill so fun little song that were just going to do sort of thing for the Gators now there is one tough chord possibly for the beginners and this mani right here I think if you look at the printout did I not paste that court in I might have pasted it right in so for the beginners out there take a look at it yes I dis with a p7 bottom of the page see that most of you said it's good all right so it's there so practice I will be subbing for ya and we should be fine on that so if you don't have any questions there our last song of course is the wonderful Neil Young rockin in the free world I think everybody knows how to do that one race over and over again ad nauseam until we get to the verses but the core dry air so let's practice let's have some fun and we'll see you guys in the summer there's going to be some tune ups please feel free to join us for those as well if you have any questions go to the website and talk to us and the one thing I do want to get Ratched to do is give us his hand side so we get home certainly a nice stick yeah you should wrap the stick but just some hand signs to know leg you well if we want to get a quieter and I'm gonna be going down louder okay fire louder out okay now so if I'm got the stick and I bring hands up and then it's out I will be signaling different people looking at people so keep your heads up watch me it's fairly straightforward thing so I will be also when there's things that are say I'm a 16-bar break I will count them down myself when there's four left I might do something like four or three two one now you're in okay so people look at this hand for the bar count this one here will be keeping time and pointing to people and then turning bad people into toads and when we also and we also do have a singer who's going to be coaching or helping these singers so she's gonna help keep them in time and to make sure that they're all in they know when to come in because last year we had some that we're missing jump in when they should start net so she's gonna be up front kind of conducting the singers helping out down below so white roger singers wide-scale she's gonna be doing that and we should be off I this should be a walk in the park so to speak practice practice practice right Roger that's right that's it that's all folks

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