DC Artist & Media Astroturfing Brie Larson Star Wars Jedi Nonsense

DC Artist & Media Astroturfing Brie Larson Star Wars Jedi Nonsense

hey everybody what's going on well I hate to admit this out loud but let's let's go ahead and lay these cards out on the table for everybody to see I'm super jealous all right I'm jealous of mecha random I'm jealous of Jeremy from geeks and gamers I'm jealous of John talks I know over here in the Saltine box were a small but growing community but I want some of these death threats I want to be on the receiving end of some of this hate from these crazy lunatics why aren't we getting showered with the same amount of hate that these other channels are getting we've got about half the size of Mecca randoms channel we should be getting half the amount of hate you lefties out there I need my hate representation so boys let's go crap on brie Larson a little bit more and see if we can't kick a hornet's nest of brie BOTS check this out we're over at bounding into comics DC comics artist jo kyun kyun own antennas imagines captain Marvel's brie Larson as a Jedi Knight so here we go here are some more people this just wasn't a one-off situation from the Mary Sue note we're seeing more and more lefty outlets and lefty BOTS demanding brie Larson be jammed into a Star Wars movie so here's some of Joe's artwork here looks kind of mundane to me it's a notice that this is titled brie Larson Jedi Knight edition and a lot of fans are noting on this tweet that Jedi Knights don't have Padawan braids it is a slight but noticeable error so aside from canon error there I noticed that we also have some sjw issues I thought you guys were looking for some more inclusivity and diversity Xin your Jedi's but this just looks like another white blond chick shouldn't you guys be out there stumping for maybe I don't know that chick who's gonna play The Little Mermaid to be the next Jedi Knight I mean aren't you guys that all embarrassed that you never seemed to follow through with your own rhetoric but anyway let's check out some of the comments these were pretty good you got Steven up here on the top Jedi Knight nah she just stole that row from a rural Jedi who asked her to smile got Nathan Henderson here No thank you a very much Delvin Morales I guess technically she can't ruin star wars sets Ryan Johnson beat her to it hey you got Steve Carell there shouting no derped my shin brie Larson is lame I mean you can see a very clear you can see where this is all going these people are not liking it we've probably got a 5 to 1 ratio here and where's that sort here sarcastic Savage Dee because this dude's always pushing my stuff big thanks to you my friend looks like a transgender Anakin Skywalker using the force against the patriarchy we had to give that a heart that's absolutely fantastic but as you can see all the tough responses to this guy's own fan art are crapping on this idea of jamming brie Larson into a Star Wars film but isn't it interesting that all of this kickback from the Phantom Menace out there isn't slowing down any of this she'll media if you punch in brie Larson Jedi into Google you get dozens and dozens and dozens of articles pushing for this but yet all of the comment sections are crapping on this so guys stand back in awe of the power of Queen brie Larson for whatever reason this is clearly the most protected identity in Hollywood these days just look at this press that she gets and to all you brie Larson fans out there that are sending death threats to youtubers because you don't understand how we couldn't possibly love your Queen brie this is why Marvel and apparently soon-to-be Star Wars fans are getting astroturfed by this check and it doesn't take a galaxy brain to see why this chick is absolutely full of herself she thinks playing a comic-book superhero is somehow empowering to 50% of the world's population she thinks that by crapping on straight white males she's somehow raising up wham ins and pocs this dope literally thinks that she's changing the world pretending to be Carol Danvers she's a condescending woman who called Stanly craps on the core audience for Star Wars and Marvel movies whatever somebody on YouTube makes a video crapping on this check it gets a billion views yet somehow this old shill Vanguard media out there is always telling everybody how great and loved she is they're not doing that because it's reality they're trying to force a reality and those of us in the fandom annecy it so guys thanks so much for checking out these videos and to you lefties out there who are pissed off please feel free to send me the death threats I'd love to make content on that alright guys take care bye


  • Deman Player says:

    Dude, I'll kill you if you don't expose this talentless sjw rofl.

  • Alexander Magno. says:

    Hate hate hate hate hate hate left these dumbasses come-on hate hate hate f*** that cuntt

  • Alexander Magno. says:

    Don't you put that bich in no Star Wars movie keep her out of any Star Wars movie specially the new ones as matter a fact just keep her out of any f**** hero movie

  • Hidden Desire says:

    I say lets make her a real star, send her sorry bitch ass into the sun!

  • Leandro Benitez says:

    i say let her
    Star Wars is dead, Disney is dreading the release abd upcoming flop of episode IX, and Craptain Marvel was so shit that Disney actually had to buy movie tickets in bulk to boost box office through ghost screenings, i'm betting they'll do the same with episode IX

  • rowdycowboy85 says:

    I'm so glad I found this channel.

  • John Alvarez says:

    Well we all know that the Jedi get killed by the Sith. So if she is in Star Wars she get one kickass scene then get defeated by a Sith Lord

  • kolop1 says:

    Captain Marvel Super Jedi the ultimate unstoppable woman.

  • Pedro Achinelli says:


  • WWG1WGA Patriots Worldwide says:

    Will have no issue then saying a line from Star Wars – "JEDI SCUM"

  • Dink Martini says:

    Dear Cracker, I don't want to kill you but if it will make you feel better, I'd flick a booger on you.

  • brian Sullivan says:

    if she did a porno, would her faciaal expression change,

  • Satanic Hillary Clinton says:

    Donโ€™t say stuff like that before they actually attack you and then say u asked for it๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

  • Guinea Pig Racer! says:

    Quinones is a mediocre artist doing random numbers of series for DC right now. He doesn't even have a series.

  • ben lyons says:


  • ะ ัะฝะดะธ ะ ัƒะฑะฐะฝ says:

    Honestly, I don't mind as long as they put great development to the character and not another Mary Sue like Rey. And not a tranny…

  • Brandon King says:

    can't we get Scarlett Johansson in a Star Wars movie instead, she's hot, she's got the personality, and she doesn't spew anywhere near as much bullshit as a whole bunch of other hollywood people. all of the qualities I listed brie larson doesn't even qualify for.

  • ben lyons says:

    she sucked as Captain marvel. Nathan's.

  • J Taylor says:

    We need to take action next time we find out Brie is getting a movie role, we need to organize and push for her to be replaced by a women of color.

  • bryan joiner says:

    Silence!!!! I kill you!

  • Phil Wilson says:

    What Is The Cure For The
    bReeeeeeeeeee Disease ?!?

    A Salty Cracker !


  • PoorMans Chemist says:

    Is it wrong that every time I hear Brie Larson's name I think of that south park episode with the stupid spoiled whore? >:-)

  • Lawrence Keenan says:

    I will kill you if you donโ€™t get to 100k subscribers by the end of the year ๐Ÿ‘€

  • Memphis Dale says:

    There's not alot of things I really hate in the world Chicago Cubs Kathleen Kennedy and now brie Larson YOU JUST MADE THE LIST

  • caller347 says:

    0:04 The face Brie Larson makes everyone time she hears a man say โ€œSmile Sweetie.โ€

  • Scorpio808 says:

    [email protected] Cheese Barfson!!!

  • CPMdonnor says:

    White man: breaths
    Brie Larson: Takes a large shit
    Me: her acting stinks

  • SpockBorg5 says:

    Some guy should take one for the team and stick his dick in her mouth in order to shut her up

  • Gwaltzilla says:

    Brie Larson is flat.

  • Just Josh says:

    It's right in their faces yet they don't see it lmao these people keep lying to you about inclusivity it's hilarious. That's why the lead role is a white girl and you're over there like I thought you were going to be more inclusive? And they're like next time we promise to give a minority a lead role and you keep believing them it's like a twitch thot asking for more money promising to pay you back and she never does..she just makes empty promises lmao sorry just watched that video by itsagundam and this girl strung this dude along so hard lol this is how you sjws look….like this sad fool who thinks he'll get what he wants. Captain marvel: led by a white girl only had representation in supporting roles. New star wars: Led by a white girl only had representation in supporting roles seeing a theme here? Black panther: they threw you a bone lest you see them for who they really are. So apparently inclusivity and representation means more white females.

  • Capital Thunder says:

    How did these snowflakes take over journalism and media? It is a newer generation true but it baffles me how media doesnt seem to represent the majority of people with common sense.

  • Rap Tagon says:

    Let's also crap on the ILLUMINATI for forcing this woman on us in the first damn place.

  • Jude Raboy says:


  • Warren JB says:

    I'm gonna put asbestos in your wall spaces, you manbaby! I'm gonna replace your sunblock with low-fat mayonnaise; plant banana skins on your staircase; and smear honey on your walls to attract bees!

  • bezzie bezzie says:

    She's probably Monarch Mind Controlled.

  • Mussolini A says:

    Lets face it people, Disney bought out her movie to promote it before, they will fund this shit idotic idea…and why?

    Not to make money (this time)…the executives would have stopped that shit a long time ago with the last Jedi….

    No it is a political forced Propoganda style mutherfucking message…and technically another message…And that message is simply that they can get away with their shit…at least thats what these dumbasses at Disney are thinking with their head shoved so far up each others ass, huffing each others shit…

  • 1085243 says:

    1) tits
    2) over saturated entertainment critique channel
    3) Unoriginal pandering to lowest common denominators.

  • Blue Wind says:

    Star Wars is trying to get the stitch of TLJ of the continuity, they don't need cheese right now. Lol

  • MadMax101 Honk Honk Honking says:

    Her movie is promoted more than any other movie on sky movies . They splashed her face everywhere . Iโ€™m still not going to watch captain marvel .

  • Brutus Maximus says:

    She's more a stormtrooper because the helmet has the same one expression as she has.

  • Charzey says:

    Why do you still care about feminist star wars?

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