Deco Clay Tutorial #5 – How to make an Earring .

Deco Clay  Tutorial #5  – How to make an Earring .

Hi everyone , Jenifer here at Cjmdecors. today I’m going to give you an earring tutorial using deco clay beads . shall we start !!! we need , Mix blue and white clay to get lighter shade .( you can make any shade you want . I just wanted to show you here , how easily the color clays are getting blended . ) make 4 or more balls out of this clay .Anyway I am going to use 2 blue and 1 orange balls for each earring . Now place the clay ball on top of the plastic
brush and roll out with the other brush . Do it gently , you will get a fine
texture in this clay ball . Place it in between the brush and then roll out gently . The clay balls should be completely dried before getting into an earring . The clay balls are completely dried . I will show you how to assemble it into an earring . Take the earring hoop and open it .With the nose plier open this string Take blue ball ,poke it in the center and pull it out and
add few golden plastic beads. I have added 10 plastic beads and I am inserting one more orange clay ball and 10 plastic beads . At the end add one more blue color ball .Bend the string backward to finish your earring . so the earrings are ready . Thanks for watching .

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