Digital Art with Jim Lee on an iPad Pro–SUPERMAN!

Digital Art with Jim Lee on an iPad Pro--SUPERMAN!

all right much smoother break start all that good stuff everybody it's a new stream I said I was gonna paint I'm not digitally painting here this is a program called procreate let's just I tape this up it's not a good spot for it but let's see the great thing about this is that working digitally is that you can make changes all around so this is just why is this not working let's check the power on the battery it's not liking it I was just working the second ago I wonder if the tape is affecting it let's see juice on the said that and they just yeah it's given me 59% should be working oh there we go all right let's see nice thing about this program just like Photoshop you can create layers so let's go ahead and start something as a warm-up I'm going to start with a light blue and get a brush here that is mmm go with that oh that's probably little a lot of trial and error with this so let's do let's just try what should we do should I do a face ahead an arm a hand foot arms perhaps arms let's try an arm all right let's do tricep bicep or Nelson tricep as a shoulder here's the tricep and we'll cross over lateral thing forearm fist a couple other smaller fingers okay ribs in there chest belt Cape neck chin sure all right so we're gonna say this is uh Superman let's go ahead and apply some color and a broader lighter sense nice thing about working digitally is you can just kind of get all over it let's go ahead and drop in light mmm I don't know I don't know color theory let's try warmer color smaller what happens if I don't like that if I go back no let's go with a gray or color and put a little depth there light source coming this way of course and it's unmultiplied so the more I go over at the darker it gets and that's rose-color see what happens if I do that just kind of I can't say that there's much planning in this I do know that when you put warm and cool colors next to each other good things are supposed to happen I should have done the blue last kind of done a complete gray value in just I still do that so let's go ahead and select some white there we go and pop some highlights in there not too many though it's already too many but I'll get rid of saw those and get something approximating black drop it in probably good to have for the referee so that you could get the valleys just right could still do that I guess but let's see how far I can get without using it it's just really about getting values down I'm not gonna worry so much about colors values well I'm gonna worry about hot and cold so hot this was uh when I was younger I was completely mystified when they were hot and cold that's what I understand it's just blue and red cold has a little more blue in it if it's warmer has more red tones in it alright so the pink here and once I have these colors down I basically pick off of what I've already chosen are applied they still are defined so once I have the this values here setup I use hopefully just others I have here to start rendering making these muscle shapes more 3d but the goal at the end is not to have lines alright it's a painting so I got to think about every at the intersection of two different values two different colors I moved over zip splodge can't even see the drawing because of chat so there I moved it over hopefully that helps looks very purpley let's correct our term I believe purpley brush a little bit bigger again cape over here no it's going to do it shadow of the arm not good idea and so I've got the go ahead and establish the mid-tones a little bit there bring that transparency down a little mmm a little more I want I need something in between there we go bass tones in the middle here yeah so what's nice about if you look got white aqua some got a bunch of different colors going on there so that's your palette so let's clean up some of these like blue lines up at the bottom here so I'm just thinking about shoulder shape kind of a heart so start thinking about it that way maybe a little more blue in there this background over here just it's always nice to use right is it Wow no it's no good mmm right on the Cape blue let's try light gold so what have would do that okay so these are larger building blocks larger muscle shapes and it doesn't even really matter what color they are more about values so if you were to turn this to a black and white image it should feel three-dimensional I guess I'm trying to get all the line work at this point the under what I had underneath take care of some notices quick-draw thirteen has cheered thank you very much if you need tricep reference just look up at the screen thank you very much Trevor Chi has cheered as well that knuckle Jojo has resub thank you very much Kanger Bangor has recept thanks for popping in Bludhaven blue haven night ice reset for a while and read something for a while 22 months Road Nell toxic I believe 21 to unexplained soup golf boy Sunday spiky summer MF free life re said and Z money Z money swag dog and crispy egg roll and E one Winkle have all subbed using prime or the twitch subscription services pendennis has cheered as well should get a paper like screen protector that protector makes it more feel like more paper but Papa yeah I probably should original sketch has resub mr. Mikey Lee Grimes jr. alright awesome so you can still see some of the blue lines here I'm not gonna worry about too much in that just like a sketch I like a little bit of the underdrawing to show just trying to get rid of as much of it as possible I guess and this one like creating it the islands you ever look at like Google map or any map of the world you you'll see the dark blue of the ocean and then the lighter blue of the shore and then the beach so think of this as the dark ocean the shore here's the ground that actually comes up and at the peak is the mountain right so it's a topographical thing so that white represents the top of that formation darker land what can I not speak today angry panda 888 I was just flying yesterday and I was a long-ass flight left at one in the one in the afternoon landed in California got home like 9 p.m. 10 p.m. something like that so what is that that was about 12 hours travel rocket it's not my perhaps birthday but thanks in advance okay so at the end I am going to create so each of these islands there's like a double isle in there each of those islands represented topographically here I'll explain what I was doing we go to the deep ocean deep ocean here's the deep ocean and as sure turns that color in sky Lord – – purple make sense all right so that little island each of these muscles is protruding alpha out of these dark seas what am I saying so take this notion and transfer it over here all right so if this represents the darkest part will go very light I make the brush a little bit bigger so in this configuration the muscle shapes are roughly like this like an offset heart all right 1 2 3 the bicep that was horrible the tricep one I think there's another one back here the elbow pops over here there's this muscle that crosses over here and out of that muscle comes a couple other muscles that come down to here right so we're trying to get to the island that is this oops so it's just layer there Kal's or has resub can't wait to get the hex but artist backpack yeah you know in the photo it does look big because it is big because it holds the left by 17 portfolio so that was the idea it's not a backpack you would take to the mall walking around it's a travel backpack it's like when you are going from your hometown to another con to set up at a convention or you're traveling and you want to take your art supplies with you but it's nice when you're flying it everything you need like right then are there there's enough slots and pouches that's actually easy to take stuff out and put it back in very quickly and security but I would go pre TSA everyday you don't have to worry about any of that stuff I'll take your depending on the airport but in the country they don't take anything out and the interesting thing is like after a shadow like the part that's often shiniest is like right behind the darkest part I'll see that like noses a lot if there's a nose upper lip like that like the shadow of the nose will be here and then the widest areas you can look at photographs are like right along that edge all right so when you're painting you just have to look for those relationships between shadows and highlights you know it's going to put some time and update some of the emotes that we have printed a bunch of early on and then didn't put as much energy into it if you guys had cheston's I'll write it down because I always during the streams ago that would be a funny a mode if we had that and then later I want to actually sit down and think about creating these things I realize I've blanked Thea if the mods could try to capture some of the better ones ideas ie all the ones except for superheroes some art will replay it later or share it with me later through discord and see what I can do someone asked me that the Superman so painting like on canvas we find that you're just going back and forth over the same lines to find the edge alright sometimes that means going with the negative and then the positive the negative positive etc cetera like doing stuff where it's very low opacity and just kind of going in subtly bringing down the saturation of colors so you can see the yellow is the most saturated along the very edge just a little more of a painterly effect I guess and there's gray blue gray over everything I've just done I don't like it so now popping these highlights on every single muscle mass makes the thing look very shiny but also makes it look very uniformly lit and bulbous steroid it out so I like to think of where I want the eye to go let's say it's gonna be up here and kind of knock these down all right you still see them but they're not as they're not as hot as these white ones up here right so now the eye the the focus of this is moving more up here I go darker in here my face okay all right let's see what happens when I start putting some color over this that's to be as dark as possible all right and then let's reduce that opacity and just work these islands back up a little bit okay now let's get a little Superman blue in there and we're gonna switch the brush to something that's just flatter and let's do it different that's a different layer it multiply see what happens oops that's not what we want that larger and what this does is it perfect preserves the values of established and the underdrawing right it's kind of lays lays it on top and it's going to grab this yellow here um you create another layer just one more and so what I wanted to do then it's right over yellow right have to think about that I like the idea of being the reddest up here then down here it's gonna just get darker same thing here with it just getting kind of darker in here um I see who do we have here we've got our mods it's not crispy egg roll OOP kid carry he go here I will say it's harder doing digital and keeping all the chat hello belly ASSA kate is that a family event Joe Willis art greetings from st. Louis spen gigi is here Trevor Chi Jake Drake subbed Darth Darth lori has cheered love seeing your work on alternative mediums and going outside your comfort zone cheered a hundred bits thank you very much appreciate it let's go ahead and put a little bit of suggestion of a face it's a little odd it's very Kiriko like to just kind of have like a soulless face no eyes nothing so let's just put a suggestion of Ed here the B in the nose upper lip the jowl and get the color back in there then use the outside color to draw with negative space maybe a little bread of Sunol right now we have a suggestion of a actual face you can see if one were to zoom in you can go in and add a lot of detail that will not look great when you pull back out it's too fine but I'll show you what I mean there's the nose nostril as your nostril upper lip lower lip shadow that goes right here it's very dark think they asked that's what it looks like more on my screen there and then out of the colors I can add a little bit of blue too much let's bring that down too much still too much yeah there we go see that blue kind of the under light of this blue under the chin maybe into that shadow there a little bit catching that upper lip that light bouncing off here bouncing up there maybe even on the underside of the nostrils now get this dirty flesh color over here round off that chin a little bit more again I was talking the shadow right if the shadow of the nose falls there or it drops and blue in there okay that means of this flesh we're going to go and light it up right there let's bring that whiteness right at the edge of that shadow this is the shadow of the nose this is the upper lip so the chin lower lip here's the top part of the nostril this is the edge of the cheek there and let's just go ahead and define the edge of the face a little bit more actually kind of greenish hue on the screen that's more yellow on mine right so that's what I've got they see how what I was talking about like here it looks good values but we get small the darkest values actually become a mine which is what you don't want you want it to be values less less lines so let's so that's why I don't want to work to kind of zoomed in because you're gonna be paying for something that when you look at it actual kind of viewing distance doesn't work I've done that one if I've drawn digitally or correct as I'm do digitally go I can zoom in and really add every little hair or feature and then you zoom back out and it doesn't look right the scale of it's wrong for the size of what you're trying to achieve so you have to about the scale as well now so we have that I'm going to get white white is the most powerful color you've got so you got to use it sparingly it's white on my screen looks blue definitely a blueish tint to everything let me see if I turn this I'll post it on insta I'll do a time elapsed kind of thing so I don't know I don't want to be on the edge the tendency for a lot of new painters of colorist alright a digression right so in traditional black and white for color comics there's no way to paint you couldn't layer colors over each other but there's no way to create three-dimensional form using values or well you can actually you can so you can drop in the shadows but you can't really create lighting effects so what happens is people will draw a an arm like this you know let me do this on a separate layer so I don't have to undo all right so if this or traditional black-and-white dry you would define all the shadows and this is a core shadow they would drop in they were dropped in blue local color the color of the actual fabric on one side and then they would have colors likeness a rim lighting kind of represented by another color like that and that would create the illusion I guess if you can kind of squint and see this but you have to essentially create a core shadow and then rim lighting and then but that rim light would have a black line around the outside of it right so I'm painting you don't have to do that so it's it's the rim light not being on the edge over here so a lot of people first time want to put the highlights on the edge what you can do I guess but that's kind of learned from looking at comic book art for the most part it's going to be here like I was talking about those topic graphical sort of maps and depending on how fine you want to get with it you can render this so that's really smooth and exact or you can do it so that you see the pencil lines kind of like brushstrokes sorry I've got which I do prefer actually to be honest that's a very subtle renderer that I'm doing so again the brightest blues are going to be up here and less down here let's go a little brighter red and you actually can it's for example like red underlining you can't really see it so I won't do it right now okay so that's kind of what I have right now let me turn it so that it's see it in the okay all right now final thing to do is add some white highlights here again the brightest ones are going to be there I will have a couple down here all right now the thing with a man's costume if we did like the movie version is that there's like that subtle stippling on it so I'm going to do some of that just because it will look cool let me pick out the right brush go back to a round brush goes fairly small too big I figure I can see that might be easier if I do it like that it's this little looks like a little scribbly lines which they are when you got a really close but the idea is that when you zoom back out it looks like kind of shimmering textures that are on the blue this is where it's kind of a abstract like it's a mix of drawing and painting here which I kind of like to introduce purists will go like well you're drawing now you're not painting whatever find out what works for you dude then you get the whitest parts here too much take down the opacity here too much too bright and the brightest be up there now with the red the Cape rather than going white just go with the lighter red you know I'm gonna do this let's try this here is that better Chris a has subbed moonlight Mac has subbed as well – giddy thank you for your work unity mind as hosted thank you very much programmer art has resub double Western KB Bradshaw has cheered how do you prevent yourself from over entering a face just stop earlier than you think but yeah rendering is bad thank you for the cheer okay your banger has cheer thank you very much gang or banger Tim Boetsch has also cheered Jake Drake for has sub using prime soul TV as well alright so let's zoom in a little bit you can kind of see where I'm at do nee-chan stream good question should I take it off if we want to do him thank you Charlie parks thanks for the support all you guys that have that have funded the Kickstarter we hit the 250 milestone so right now and later thank you very much for the for the chair appreciate it um it's gotta look right now I turn down absolutely that what kind of need it for viewing this see what happens if I do that all right I get that lovely affliction all right yeah you don't have to worry about like other colors and there's like blue now in the red down here that's I think the fun of painting is that you can kind of start playing as long as it's the right value so theoretically you can put colors anywhere right so I put some red and basically grab the neighboring color and kind of fade out that red so it's very subtle see if that works might've been a horrible mistake but now I'm going to put a little bit of a fine edge to it a kind of rim lighting over here just to pop out chess an arm from the rest of the body like this red that's in here see if I can find it and then bring it up a little bit yes one color I didn't convince it's just a good kind of opposite color or contrasting color this pose I don't know what he's doing feel like he's celebrating battements birthday or something I don't know what he's doing you so what happens just a color rough and I think what do we want they have burns but shouldn't there be a dodge oh here we go lighting perfect color dodge is what I'm looking for see what happens if I do this do this correctly mm too much no I like it up here and there but not oh I still oh that's a race but I get in there that's kind of cool let me see what do with that and let's go a little bit bigger a little smaller to pick I go to sing smaller so painting so could suggest things rather than be literally well on the screen looks completely black on my screen you can see subtleties take my word for it anyway I was just missing around all this bat this is just the fever dream Superman fans that this would possibly you know it's gonna leave a cartoony thing but now I think I feel like I can actually go here Giavanna sank really ESRI subbed I bought this man huh statue is amazing thank you for supporting hush Queen City amusements has sheered Cloud Strife ESRI sub Thank You Grand Admiral Berta's ESRI subbed hi Jim we didn't think we get to watch the day my wife is due with our first forum today but it seems content where he is we were content spending a Sunday afternoon watching you work thank you well thank you very much Congrats on the upcoming birth of your first child that's pretty cool chaotic 23 has subbed Danny dank Jim's as subbed sterben XXL that's receptors well a novice gifted us up to Angus McBee f– and duck helmet Michael do mirga's berg when Cal situs as jefra has hosted for viewers thank you very much Trevor Chi excited for his bags he's cheered 100 I really want them before San Diego comic-con yeah I think they're trying to I'm not sure exactly how that's all going to roll out but yeah be cool to see a bunch of people all wearing or sporting the same sort of backpack we've been helpful if I had Superman actually kind of looking down a little gray in here as to us multiplied later the full value of shadows that we've all said our time she into now if one we're doing a or painting of this you see the benefit of doing a rough using a digital device feeling aggressive I'm not sure why big chunky Thanks okay hey frame this up Justin right kind of where I'm at this over here I don't know that seems good let's see what happens if I close out let's go back in there and see what a time lapse yo looks like double zero has subbed Eddie B demon has Risa thank you for your support past two months right now and later year before thank you very much for the chair appreciate it see you later quick-draw and variably there's a section earlier in all this where it looks better shofu show fukamachi hey how you doing Jerry male Jose got to go to Costco with the wife I'll rewatch later see you guys see ya this time laughs is it doing it real I hope it's speeding it up not with speeding the time line post one of the time lapses on Instagram through Instagram TV because it's gonna be longer it's running two and a half minutes right now still not it's almost done got about a fifth left this part goes fast that almost looks animated dark turn is correct yes it's gotta hurt Kibby bradshaw why do you always have Superman kill Batman and your fix cuz there's so many Batman stands you know I'm one of them of course a Superman he can fly through the son of a son can't be Batman okay hey Kyra hiko got her mod Prime in the house okay that's done so let's put it up to three and a half minutes all right but you can't see can you see it's kind of the camera doesn't do it justice but in on my screen there's a luminescence here to the red which it's hard to see but it looks pretty cool I think that's kind of the fun part of working digitally you can see there's a lot more variations than what you're seeing on the on the screen the screen is very blue and white and black there's a lot of stuff going on but anyway like I said I'll post it later all right let me properly crop this so the audio ish all right cool all right I want to thank our mods Kirikou and crispy egg roll and poop kid for being here today room undrew for a my coming to France in time soon unfortunately not so my next shows obviously say do comic-con in about two weeks and then after that is after that will be Fan Expo Toronto and then New York comic-con and then Baltimore comic-con alright so please thank the mods on my behalf if you could there's this weird light thing going on over here I know that's from this anyway I do have a Cintiq fiddlesticks I thought I would just try this because you can actually see my hand moving on the screen and operating the menu and stuff like that and it's a lot easier to set up then on my Cintiq that's right over there name of the pen is the Apple pencil comes with the iPad pro this is the iPad pro 12 inch model I believe and we're gonna go raid someone else but before that I could take a couple questions I'm a little not tired but I did just travel yesterday I got home in the evening from Puerto Rico Puerto Rico where I went for a Dan de Diez wedding got married this July 4th I missed out on on the crazy earthquakes here in California sorry I'm not I don't have any of the anxiety that some people seem to be carrying with them and it's funny I lived in the Bay Area in the why don't I live there in the I'm getting my mind is joining up like I lived there I moved out of the Bay Area right before the big earthquake that happened during the World Series I was on a plane leaving San Francisco to go sign some prints in Toronto and I remember the pilot coming on the radio I was kind of half asleep that night saying that was a huge earthquake in San Francisco and the Bay Bridge had fallen into the to the water so am I sort of hazy dream addled mine I envisioned the whole thing collapsing but it was just like a small portion but still I keep missing out on big quakes so I'm very thankful for that alright so here we're gonna go but anyway yeah so I had that trip which was awesome but you know troweling does take something out of you and but I did want to stream because next weekend I most like who will not be streaming got to go do something with the family but I will update you all on the discord channel and if you guys don't know what the discord channel is the mods will direct you there it's basically a companion piece I guess to this Twitter stream which is you know live streaming YouTube has the recorded streams vza on youtube has the edited streams and discourse really where people kind of share you know their plans and talk about the stream and this pretty cool community actually about 4000 people that are into comic art in pop culture so i would recommend checking it out and we're gonna go over aid a friend of mine this guy's super talented he is a working pro I'm happy to see that he's on Twitch screaming it's Stephan Sajak he did some amazing Aquaman covers he's doing a painted project for us yeah so please check that out we're gonna go raid in a couple seconds thank you guys for tuning in I appreciate it and again thank the mods and I'll see you guys soon alright take care I'll see you at the Stephan's stream


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