Dimension 20 Live

Dimension 20 Live

– [Announcer] For you. (crowd cheers) Now, without further adieu, it is my deepest pleasure to
introduce your Dungeon Master, Brennan Lee Mulligan! (crowd cheers) (grand orchestral music) – [All] Hoot, growl,
hoot, growl, hoot, growl, hoot, growl, hoot, growl! Everybody, thank you for
comin’ to the Bell House! (crowd cheers) It is so wonderful to be
here, in New York City, the greatest and best city
in the history of the world! (crowd cheers) And I mean that. Did everyone, just real quick, I just wanna say, we’re
so excited for this game we’re about to play with you all, tonight. Thank you so much for coming,
it means the world to us. And a heads up, if you
haven’t seen season one of Dimension 20, (audience laughing) Fantasy High, number one, I’m so sorry, this evening will make little to no sense. (crowd laughs) So, spoilers ahoy. We’ll try to keep it a
little spoiler light, but, you know, canon is canon. (crowd laughs) So, without further
adieu, we’re gonna bring our wonderful cast out here, one by one. Please, put your hands
together for Siobhan Thompson! (crowd cheers) – This is wild. (crowd laughs) – Oh my goodness, I see
there’s Bill and Hallariel, right in the front row! (crowd cheers) Oh, I love it. – Amazing. (Brennan laughs) (crowd laughs) – Oh, there’s a Riz over there. Hi, Riz. Oh, that’s wonderful. Oh, and there’s another Riz
that said, “Hi,” over here. – [Siobhan] Wow. – Wonderful, without further adieu, please welcome to the stage, Zac Oyama! (crowd cheers) – Yeah! I’m so excited, I sat on my iPad. (crowd laughs) – Worth mentioning, Zac took
three wrong trains, today. – [Siobhan] Today. (crowd cheers and yells) – [Brennan] Good. – It’s confusing, it’s very
confusing, I don’t know. (crowd laughs) – [Brennan] You just gotta know your way around, that’s all right. – Okay. – Without any further adieu,
please welcome Ally Beardsley! (crowd cheers) – What’s up? (laughs) – [Brennan] Ally, how ya doin’? – Oh, I’m great, I just
had a big glass of hot tea. (crowd cheers) Shout out, tea! (crowd cheers)
(Brennan laughs) – Shout out the concept of tea. That’s wonderful. Everyone, we are so thrilled to have our very special guest playing his very first Fantasy High character. Please give it up, from
Polygon, Brian David Gilbert! (crowd cheers and yells) – I don’t even go here,
very nice, thank you. (crowd laughs) – I love this, I love
that everybody, right now, is looking at the animated version of your character, behind you, and doing the Pepe Silvia, making the math work in their head. (crowd laughs) – Yeah. – 100% Brian, thanks for coming
and playin’ D&D with us. – Of course, thank you for inviting me. – [Crowd] Aww. – Oh, it’s wonderful to have you. (Brian laughs) Guys, I’m really sorry, we had a mistake in the information for the show. We incorrectly listed the
cast as Siobhan Thompson, Zac Oyama, Ally Beardsley,
and Brian David Gilbert. That’s actually inaccurate
and I’m sorry to say, because the cast is
actually Siobhan Thompson, Zac Oyama, Ally Beardsley,
Brian David Gilbert, and Lou Wilson! (crowd cheers and yells) True, that’s true. That’s true. – Wow, wow. – Can I just say, that Lou had a cold brew that made him crazy and
then, just in the back, he just swished some
cold brew in his mouth and spit it out, like he
was at a wine tasting, (crowd laughs) because he didn’t wanna get more high. – Yeah, I’m on one right now
and now I’m on another one, because my D&D parents are
watching me from the front row. (crowd cheers) I’m going to make you proud. (Brennan laughs) – Wonderful. Well, I’m so sorry, we don’t
have a big illustrated Fabian. The art would also be
incorrect, ’cause you’re down and eye, my man. – I am down an eye, but don’t worry, someone’s going to get fired and everything’s going to be great. – It was a wonderful surprise, today, that you’d be able to make
it, so that’s wonderful. – Yes. (crowd cheers) – Wonderful, well,
without any further adieu, we should get started. (crowd whoops) – I’m using my laptop, because
I don’t remember any spells. (Brennan, Ally and crowd laugh) Playing a wizard is very hard. – Yeah, yeah. (laughs) All right. – [Lou] Can I have a pencil? – Oh, pencils. Sorry, it’s a little
home gamey here today. (cast laughs) Here we go. – [Brian] This part’s exciting. – Yeah. – [Siobhan] This is the stuff we edit out. (Brennan laughs) – Cold brew, cold brew hands? – Cold brew hands. – Without any further adieu, we return to the world of Spire. (grand orchestral music) (crowd cheers) A world of myth and fantasy,
where dragons roam the sky, although, notably, one
less dragon than used to. (crowd cheers) Over the vast plains
and mountains of Spire, we arrive at the wonderful
town of Elmville, yay! (crowd cheers) (upbeat music) Little back story, if you’re
turning in for the first time. Elmville is in the nation of Solace, it’s a nation that’s a
little bit modern than the rest of the fantasy world around it. It’s got diners and high
schools and skate parks and a whole bunch of stuff goin’ on that’s just a little
bit out of the ordinary for a world of high fantasy. We see Elmville, it’s a beautiful day. It is, I would say, late
October, and we arrive at the Aguefort Adventuring Academy. (light percussive music)
(crowd whoops) How lovely. It’s late October, the
year following the events of season one and we see that the campus is alive with activity,
it’s early, early, early in the morning and we
go to an area that we didn’t really get to visit in season one and, as we follow these students, again, even before the first bell has rung, we arrive at the theater department. (crowd cheers) The theater department
is awash in activity, people going to and fro,
sets are being built, you see the Aguefort
Adventuring Academy is having a 24-hour theater festival,
where a play is written, auditioned for, cast,
rehearsed, and performed, all in one single day and
so it’s early in the morning and I would just be so delighted to meet our lovely lad, Hargis. (crowd cheers) Brian, could you go ahead
and describe Hargis for us and what he’s doing behind
the scenes, right now? – Hi, I’m Hargis, guilty as charged. I’m a theater kid, I’ve
been in every play, since I came to the Aguefort
Adventuring Academy, or I’ve been involved in every play. I mostly haven’t been
cast, but I have been building the sets, so, very excited. (crowd cheers) I have been on stage twice, but, mostly because we had a pulley broken and I had to go lift it up myself, but my feet were still
seen, so I think that still counts as doing something. (crowd laughs) – Hargis, you’re back stage right now. The play that was written
for this is called, North Side Story. It’s a play about, (crowd laughs) it’s a really wonderful
play about two rival tribes of frost dwarves
in the frozen north and a pair of star crossed lovers, from each barbarian tribe,
Barcazz and Dordara. (crowd laughs) It’s a really beautiful
play, it’s a musical and you had your audition
for it, last night, right after the play got written and it didn’t go super great. It was a little bit
rough, but we’re waiting, the cast list is gonna get
posted at any minute now. But, you’re just sort of
busy working on stuff, there’s a lot of ice
effects that need to be made and frozen north scenery. What do we think that Hargis is workin’ on here, backstage, as he’s building? – I’m imagine he’s just buildin’ more stalagmites for, big ice things, very dangerous, perhaps, for a high school theater production. (crowd laughs) – Yeah, the director of this, so Ebria Dwimmerwaithe
is the theater director, of the overall school. The director for this is a junior teacher, named Mr. Pepper. (crowd laughs) Mr. Pepper is an aasimar,
who’s like a young, he wants to shake up the
theater department here. (crowd laughs) So, he has a lot of flying
work on pulleys and ropes and a lot of stalagmites and stalactites. (audience laughing) So, that’s not great. But, you see that, so you’re making your 15th stalagmite, you’ve
been here since like 5:30 in the morning, you got here extra early. You hear a noise of
cursing from behind you. On the scenic crew, on the carpentry crew, a freshman has joined. She was at Oakshield Middle, last year, and this is her first year at
Aguefort Adventuring Academy. And you hear, “Ah, light by the beards “of my fathers and my father’s father!” (crowd cheers) And you see this scrawny,
somehow tattooed, at 15, dwarven girl
wearing a skater beanie and she’s got a full blonde beard, (crowd cheers) braided rings. She’s got a power drill from home and it’s got an enchanted mithril drill bit and it just fully went through the plywood with a (imitates explosion)
of divine dwarven power. (speaking gibberish) (crowd laughs) And cracks the thing in half. She turns around and says,
“It’s not my fault that “the four by four was made
of some flimsy elven plywood. “A four by four should be made
of wrought steel and iron.” (crowd laughs) – I don’t really agree with that. I’ve had this lucky four by
four with me at all times, I’ve been trying to find a
place to put it in this set, but I haven’t decided yet. (crowd laughs) – You’re, (audience laughing) you’re sort of a sad boy, aren’t ya? (crowd laughs) – I know I look stony, but the inside is the heart of an artist. (crowd and Ally laughing) – You see, indeed, you
are holding your magical two by four, your lucky two by four
actually has the name Lucky written on it in sharpie,
with a bunch of flowers and different things, all
in different color sharpie. ‘Cause we all know, nothing can
be still at a theater party, for more than two seconds,
without sharpies coming out and drawing all over whatever it is. You see that Torek walks
over to you she says all right, there’s a
little thing waiting here for you, at the school, a
little package or something like that, and she holds
the package for you, that you remember getting shipped here, instead of home, ’cause you
were a little embarrassed about it. It’s a little potion of charisma. – [Crowd] Aww. – It’s supposed to last
for a full 12 to 16 hours and it’s supposed to, if you did get cast, it would be something
that would maybe make some of the jitters go away. So, you see a little potion
in a box, waiting for you. – Maybe I should have used this during last night’s audition. (crowd laughs) – Well, I guess you’re
something of an optimist, although, you seem quite miserable. – No, I just, no matter
how many rejections, I believe that I just haven’t found the right part for me yet. (crowd cheers) – You see this wonderful
little potion in front of you. – I decide that, I’m looking
around, no one’s gonna see me take this, except
for my dwarven friend, so I decide to just chug it, right then. (Brennan burbles) – [Brennan] You take
it and you immediately feel both of your eyes burning,
just (imitates searing). (crowd laughs) – Pre-workout. (Brennan, Brian, and crowd laughing) – Torek looks up and says,
Hargis, you don’t look too good. And you look in the mirror
and see that your pupils have totally dilated to
take up your whole eyes. (crowd laughs) You normally work with your
phone, over on a safety table, away from where your
doing your work, just to keep your focus on whatever’s going on, so there is a little
notification on your crystal, your crystal is beeping with something. – [Brian] Oh no, I check it, I guess. – The potion company
has sent you an e-mail. (crowd laughs) It looks like there was
a problem with shipping, and they accidentally sent
you a potion of true sight. – [Brian] Okay, mm. – [Brennan] Which is really
helpful, if you’re in a dungeon and wanna see through
illusions and stuff, but not necessarily great for
smashing a performance. – No, not quite. So, no charisma bonus for me, today? (Ally laughs) Okay. – It’s a big no, that’s a big
no, on the charisma bonus. You hear a kerfuffle
and a hubbub, from out, in front of the stage. People are shouting and yelling, it looks like the cast
list just got posted. – I’m out there, immediately. (crowd laughs) – You rush out, all the
theater kids gather around. You see that there is this
gorgeous tiefling senior. His name is Carrie Zatriel. He’s got a little flop
of hair, purple skin, big purple horns. He’s the kind of theater
kid where he’s got a deep v and a scarf, you know what I mean? (crowd laughs) He’s got the triangle. (Ally laughs) – Yeah, I know. – You see they go like, “Oh,
Carrie, you got Barkazz.” And he looks over and he’s
like, “Wow, I can’t believe it, “another leading man role.” (crowd laughs) – That should be annoying,
but I am enamored. (audience laughing) – You see Carrie looks
over at you and he says, “Hey, Hargis, fingers crossed.” – I can’t say anything, I’m pretty sure. (Ally laughs) – You see that the other
lead part, of Dordara, has gone to Iris Clark. Iris transferred here,
this year, and no one knows too much about Iris. You see everyone going like,
“Iris, you got the lead” and start clapping, as
you scan down the list, you don’t see your name anywhere. – ‘Kay. – [Crowd] Aww. – But, you hear a voice
behind you and they’re like, “Congratulations, Iris, way to go” and you hear a voice say,
“Ah, thank you, thank you, “I do so appreciate all
of this adoration from “my fellow teens.” (all laugh) – Mm, mm. – Floating about four to
six feet off the ground is a 20 foot diameter fleshy orb, (crowd laughs) with a huge central eye, a
giant fanged maw in the middle of it’s warty slimy flesh ball body. And normally, this thing
would have tons of eye stalks on it, but instead you see
it’s got a matted and wet glittering blonde wig. (crowd laughs) – Oh no. – And you see that this
is not, Iris is a triton, she is like an underwater
and you see, or, at least, you think that’s what Iris is and you see that Iris
goes, “I am so delighted. “Tonight will be a show to remember.” – [Brian] Oh no. – And you see that Carrie
goes, “Super happy to play “opposite you, Iris. “This is gonna be great.” – [Brian] Always the professional, Carrie. – You hear the other, you’ve never seen, Iris is supposed to look like a triton and you see that the
kids start walkin’ away and they’re goin’ like,
“Man, I kinda thought Iris “might get it, she’s just so talented “and, what can I say, she’s
got two arms and two legs “and is a person.” (all laughing) – Uh, oh. Oh no. Okay, this is good. – Go ahead and make a
deception check for me. – Okay. I got 19. (crowd whoops) – You see that Iris turns to look at you, with her one giant unblinking eye and goes, “Tough break, Hargis.” (crowd laughs) – I’m trying to keep composure, right now. There’s always next year. – I wouldn’t be so sure. (cackles maniacally) And she floats out of the
auditorium and is gone. What does Hargis do? – Hargis, first, feels like that’s exactly what the last theater
teacher said to him about, (all laughing) but, Hargis knows better
than to stick around here. He wants to go find someone
that could potentially help him. Because, he’s the only one who could see this Iris, literally. – So, Hargis goes to
find someone to help him? – [Brian] Yeah. – Incredible. Do you think he’s looking
for another student, authority figure? – I think he’s, I mean, he
doesn’t have the strongest posse, but he’s trying
to find someone that has, at least, recognized him, so that way, he can tell them about
this thing goin’ on. – You find Torek back stage. Torek’s pretty hardcore. – [Brian] Okay, yeah. – She looks up and says, “Right, well, “there, there,” pats you on the shoulder. (audience laughing) – You’re a very good friend. Real quick, so, if you see a person that other people say has arms and legs and they
do not have arms and legs, (crowd laughs) do you say that, do you
mention that to anyone or do you just keep that to yourself? – I think kinda answered
your own question here, haven’t you? (crowd laughs) Are you sayin’ you need help? – Yeah, I would say I need
help, right now, thank you. – You see that Torek looks up and says, “I know where we can get help.” (crowd laughs and whoops) We cut over to a bedroom, over in the Strong
Tower Luxury Apartments. (crowd whoops) (Renaissance music) Lying on her bed, early in the morning, getting ready to go to
school, maybe with a wonderful, magical denim
jacket, over on the chair, (crowd whoops) is the elven oracle,
herself, Adaine Abernant! (crowd cheers) Adaine, you are receiving
a call, on your crystal. This is some sort of,
you look at the number and you don’t recognize, it’s an unknown number on your crystal. – [Siobhan] Mmm, yeah,
I’m not gonna pick it up. (all laughing) – Don’t Emily Axford me, on the live show. (all laughing and clapping) I said it, I love you, Emily. (crowd laughs) You see the call comes through again, and again, and again, and again. – All right, I pick it up. (crowd laughs) Wow, first day of school
and, again, it’s crazy. – You see that the phone displays an image of a beautiful elven ambassadress. You recognize some imperial
magistrate of the elven army. You see that the woman,
here, introduces herself and says, “Greetings, Adaine Abernant. “I am Kalari Halminmamnum.” (crowd chuckles) – Hi, I’m in my pajamas, good morning. – Ah, the time difference, you get it. (crowd laughs) – Right. – As you are well aware, an
armistice has been reached between Falinan and the nation of Solace. We would really super duper
like if our oracle came back. (audience laughing) – Look, I do hear you, I do, but it’s the first day of sophomore year and I really, really wanna make a better impression than I did last year and I feel like showing up,
on the first day of school, is probably a step to doing that. – Right, right, counter point. (crowd laughs) The elven oracles have long dwelt in the Chapel of Stars above the Hill of Trees in the bowels of (speaks gibberish). (crowd laughs) – Right. Yeah and that sounds really nice, but my friends are here, so. – Okay, I get that
you’re a teenager, but– – [Siobhan] Do you? (all laughing) – You hear a knock at the door, and a voice outside
says, “Hey there, kiddo, “Jawbone out here, (crowd cheering) “I got pancakes and, “I mean, the whole deal of pancakes “is they kinda, you gotta get to them “in the first five, 10 minutes, “or you’re not really gettin’ the full “pancake experience.” – Yeah, I’m so sorry, but
there’s pancakes waiting for me, so I gotta go, bye. – [Brennan] We can supply
you with many pancakes! – Have fun being an elf! (audience laughing) – Opening the door, you see your wonderful legal guardian, Jawbone. (crowd whoops) He’s got his cardigan, he’s
got a little pride pin, (crowd cheers) he’s a got a little T-shirt,
he’s got a little T-shirt that shows a picture of a
werewolf clawing open the T, you know that graphic T,
where a werewolf is like ah! And then, it just says,
the speech bubble says, caring rules. (crowd whoops) And he hands you a big plate,
pushes his spectacles up, and says, “How ya feelin’, Ad,
on your big day ahead of you, “so that’s nice.” – Yeah, I’m so glad you’re
wearing the T-shirt I got you. (crowd laughs) – I love it, I love it. You know, there’s a lotta
attitudes around werewolves, they’re mean and they’ll bite ya. – Yeah, that’s not been
my experience at all, except for one time. (crowd laughs) – And again, very cool
how you handled that. – I think so too. – I would say, on the
spectrum of how people react when I’ve bitten them and almost cursed them with
lycanthropy, getting me a job and changing my life forever,
very far end of that spectrum. (crowd cheers) You see that, as you go
out to the breakfast table, to eat your breakfast, you
see there’s a big thing of real, actual syrup there. It’s like a big thing of
gnomish syrup, mined from trees. And you see that as your pouring
it, you begin to look into the maple syrup in front of you (crowd laughs) and your eyes go white and
a vision emerges from the maple syrup, a sweet
smelling sticky vision. (crowd laughs) You see Jawbone starts
kinda prancin’ around, goin’, “Oh God, do I have to, should I put “a leather strap in your
mouth, how does this work?” (crowd laughs) And you get a vision of
Aguefort Academy in flames (crowd gasps) and you see, at the front of it, a young goliath with a beret, (crowd laughs) with a burning hole in his chest and fallen and dead on the ground and you know that, (crowd laughs) for the record, it’s things
that may yet come to pass, may yet come to pass. And you see, the vision appears to you and you know that if the goliath falls, so falls Aguefort Adventuring Academy. (crowd murmurs) – You know, I feel like the elves wouldn’t need my prophesies anyway,
since they are very Aguefort specific, in general. (all laughing) (crowd whoops) – Jawbone says, “What, you
gotta Aguefort problem, “should we go there now?” – Yeah, do you know a kid, who’s like really big and wears a beret, just like a huge rock man, child. – Oh yeah, he had to
get that custom ordered. They don’t sell berets in that size. (crowd laughs) Yeah, he’s a sweet kit, he’s a little shy, but I know he’s got a song in his heart. – [Crowd] Aww. (Brian laughs) – [Brennan] You know how I know he’s got a song in his heart? – How? – ‘Cause everyone’s got
a song in their heart. – Jawbone. (Brennan howls) (Siobhan howls)
(crowd cheers and howls) – All right, let’s get you– – Just tryin’ it out. – Let’s get you kids to school. Adaine, would you mind
walkin’ down the hallway, and just knockin’ on Tracker’s door? – Yeah, I’ll wake him up. – We cut over to, (crowd whoops) We cut over to Tracker’s room. (smooth rock music) (laughing) ♪ In a warm embrace ♪ – Oh man. Oh wow. So, sitting on either end of the bed, Tracker is there. She’s got her classic, sleeveless,
three wolf, moon shirt, little flop o’ hair and the undercut. And you see that she’s got
a big pin on the shirt, that says yes with a big
exclamation mark on it. (crowd cheers) She’s sitting on one end of the bed, talking to Kristen Applebees. (crowd cheers) What’s goin’ on with Kristen, right now? – Oh, well, I’m just hangin’
out with my girlfriend. (crowd whoops) Yes! And my weird religious, racist parents are nowhere to be seen. (all laughing) ‘Cause Tracker and I started dating so we moved in immediately. (all laughing) (crowd whoops) – Jawbone is kind enough
to have you guys here. As a legal guardian,
there was an early time, when he was like, we have
a room down the hallway, for you to live in, if you want. – And I would set an alarm for five a.m. and I would go back to that room. (Brennan laughing) – So good. – You see that Tracker is talking to you and, basically, saying, Kristen, I think a lot of the reason we’re
not getting a lot of people to these early sermons
for the Church of Yes is, (crowd chuckles) you’re so visibly annoyed by your own god. – Yeah. (crowd laughs) Yeah. I wanted to talk to you
about that, Tracker. You know, I started out
believing in God Helio and, obviously, I don’t think that’s true, and then we landed on this religion, where we’re worshiping
a giant yes, in the sky, but it just looks like a Buzzfeed sticker. (laughs) I don’t know, I think this year at school, I’m just gonna focus on finding meaning. I had a dream where I was praying again and it felt so good, but
I don’t wanna pray to Yes, maybe, I’ll try CrossFit. (crowd whoops)
(laughing) Or pheromones, I don’t know. What do people worship? (crowd laughs) – So, I just feel like,
if we’re trying to avoid the cult thing, CrossFit is a bad call. – [Ally] Yeah, yeah, you’re right. You are right, I don’t wanna be branded. – But, you know, maybe
there’s something else in the horizon. You know, Kristen, you love questions and maybe that yes, shouldn’t have ended with an exclamation point. (crowd chuckles) – Wait, yes? (crowd whoops) I like that. – Maybe, we can work with that. We’ll see, I don’t know. And you hear a knock at the door. – Uh, hi, it’s time to go to school, hi. – Oh, great, you can come in,
you don’t have to be afraid. – No, it’s okay, I’m– – Jeez, we’re not doing, what,
you think we’re having sex five minutes before leaving for school? – No, I don’t think that. I just, I don’t wanna go,
it’s like privacy is good. – Come in and be an ally, are you an ally? – Yes, yes, I’m an ally, I’m an ally. (crowd cheers) I come in, but I’m like– – [Ally] You come in and we’re both naked. (all laughing) – Did you just take your clothes off? – We’re fully havin’ sex, get out! – This is your body stuff,
being naked has nothing to do with having sex, this is who I am. – Thank you, thank you. – This is who I am. (crowd whoops) – Good, I’m an ally. – You guys get ready to
head to school, together. You all pile into Jawbone’s car. He takes off. We’re gonna cut over,
it’s a beautiful morning, the early dawn light. (light ambient music) – [Crowd] Aww. – Very sweet. At the Thistlespring Tree, (crowd cheers) we see Gorgug gettin’ ready for school. (crowd whoops) And you see that beautiful sunrise. Your parents have both
made a little breakfast. You see that Digby and Wilma
both look at you and say, “Another big year,
another big year, kiddo.” – Yeah, I started doing morning pages. (all laughing) – We think that’s great, it’s so good. We love that you’re doing morning pages, we love that you and Zelda seem to be gettin’ along so well. (crowd whoops) And we love that so far, this year, you haven’t died and gone to hell. (crowd laughs) – I would say that those are, pretty much, my highlights too. (Brennan laughs) – You see that your lovely,
sweet, little gnomish parents kiss you on each cheek,
they have to climb a little step ladder, kiss you on each cheek, – [Crowd] Aww. – climb back down, and you
see, look out the window, and waving down, at the
bottom of the little driveway, you see Zelda Donovan. You guys each take turns
getting up extra early to walk to each other’s house
and walk each other to school. – I open the window and
pretend not to see her and then just go. (all laughing) – You she goes (laughs and groans). – I just gulp. – So your parents say,
“Well, have fun at school, “today, and again, if you or
Zelda ever have any questions “about bodies, your bodies,
each other’s bodies, “how you’re changing,
how to treat people–” – I don’t have any more questions. (crowd laughs) You have been very forthcoming
with the information. (crowd laughs) – Absolutely, well, that’s the thing is, sometimes we might not be
at the house or we might be out making a delivery,
so that’s why we have the binder and you just
refer to the binder and there’s a glossary. (crowd laughs) – This is such a big
binder, it’s thorough. – It’s a big world and
you need a big binder and for a kid with such a big heart and you go knock ’em dead, kiddo. – [Crowd] Aww. – Thanks, Mom and Dad. – You head to school with Zelda. Zelda looks at you, while
you guys walk side by side and says, “Hey, your parents
are good, they say anything?” – They didn’t say anything at all. (Brennan and crowd laughs) They’re just happy that school’s starting and it seems calmer than it has been. – Yeah, it seems way
calmer, which is, honestly, awesome, because, you know, because, it means there’s more time for feelings. (crowd laughs) – Yeah. – [Brennan] Do you wanna
listen to music on the walk? – Sure. – Cool. (sings in gibberish) (crowd laughs and whoops) You guys walk to school together
and have a lovely, lovely– – [Zac] She’s kind of like,
keeping step in that same– – Yeah, she’s a little goat
person, so she’s way down here, you guys walk side by side,
like the earbud’s stretched on the string. (crowd laughs) You guys walk along together, you guys get to the
Aguefort Adventuring Academy and she says, “Hey, I have a free period, “during your barbarian section. “Are you guys doing the
wrestling and throws, today?” – I think that’s the section, yeah. (crowd laughs) – Oh, I could just come and– – Can I roll a perception check? – [Brennan] Yeah. (laughs) – Oh, I got a 17. (crowd whoops) – So, number one, let’s
just clear up the obvious, and this is old information to you. Neither you, Zelda, nor
any visible person here, is your dad, number one. (crowd cheers) Number two, you see that
she just is excited to come, she has a free period and wants to come watch you hurl people into stuff. (crowd cheers) – Oh, if you wanna,
well, you’re not my dad, but, also, (crowd laughs) if you wanted to come by and
just check out the class. – And, honestly, Gorgug, I
just want you to know that, a lot of people think I’m weird. No matter how many times you
remind me I’m not your dad, I don’t think you’re weird. (crowd laughs) – Oh, to be honest, never crossed my mind. (crowd laughs) Yeah, if you wanted to come
by and just check it out, I’m gettin’ pretty good
at throwin’ people. (Brennan and crowd laughs) – God, you’re so confident. (laughs) And you see Zelda squeezes
your hand and walks off, into the school. We’re gonna cut over. (crowd whoops) (applause) We cut over to Seacaster Manor. (crowd cheers) Out on a clay pitch, surrounded by topiary and beautiful fountains, on all sides, we see Hallariel Seacaster in
a beautiful, floral kimono, arms crossed, staring sternly out, heavy bags under her bloodshot eyes, watching the halfling maid, Cathilda, in a whirling dervish of daggers, (crowd whoops) fighting Fabian Aramais Seacaster! (crowd cheers) What’s Fabian gettin’ up to. – I mean, of course, Fabian and Cathilda are goin’ hard at it, working hard to earn the affection of his mama. (crowd laughs) That he might, somehow,
convince her to stop dating Gilear. (all laughing) – You see that Hallariel
says, “Pick up your back foot, “back down, lower your posture, “get your body closer to the ground, “up, listen, Cathilda is
one tenth of your weight “and she is running the course with you. “Keep that sword up.” – Ma, you have to give me a second, I’ve been working hard to
get ready for the new year, and, of course, I’m still plotting that mission to save Aelwyn Abernant. (crowd cheers) – You see that Hallariel says,
“Oh, my sweet darling boy, “my baby boy, you want
me to go easy on you?” – [Crowd] Oh! – No, that’s not what I’m saying, mama. – Do you think the elven
army will go easy on you. Do you think the elven
arch mages, who are keeping Aelwyn imprisoned will go easy on you? – [Lou] No, mama, I do not
think they will go easy on me. – You see, Cathilda pats
you on your leg and says, “Right here, Master Fabian,
if you intend to kill, “as many elven soldiers as you can, “you’re going to need
to listen to your mother “and that’s sad. “I’m so sorry.” – Thank you, Cathilda. (crowd laughs) – You see that Hallariel
says, “Well, Fabian, “it’s time for school
and I suppose you should “be on your way to that
Adventuring Academy. “You’ve earned a half ration of kippers.” (crowd chuckles) – Mama, please, I need a full ration of kippers before my first day. (crowd laughs) – You see that Hallariel
looks over, looks at Cathilda, and you see that Cathilda looks and says, “Right you are, Mistress
Seacaster, I’ll make sure it’s “a half ration.” Hallariel nods, walks into
the manner, Cathilda turns and says, “I’ll get you a full ration.” – Oh, Cathilda. – She says, “It’s all
right, you’re mother, “to my knowledge, has
never been in the kitchen “and has no idea–” – That’s quite right. – “What a full or half ration, it’s “completely arbitrary to her.” – My mother said she
was going to make pasta, last night, and pulled out a frying pan. (crowd laughs) Just a straight frying pan,
and put it in the microwave. (laughing) – [Brennan] Oh, truly, it is a new day, here at Seacaster Manor. – Yes. – [Brennan] You get ready for
school, you go to the garage, and there is The Hangman. – Oh, yes. (crowd cheers) Oh, Hangman, how are you feeling, today? – Sire. (crowd whoops) A new year beckons, I long
for the new academic calendar. (crowd cheers) Let us ride unto the gates of hell, with a new core curriculum. (crowd whoops) – Hell yes, Hangman. I put my hand on the Sword of Seacaster and fix my eye-patch just right and take a moment before
I rev the engine, hard. – As you are just about to peel out, Gilear steps right in front of you. (crowd cheers) Fabian, (stammers) – I’m not giving you
another ride, lunch lad. Take the bus or something. (crowd laughs) – Fabian, trust me, I am
so utterly terrified of you and I would never want to impose. It’s just that, my car’s
engine is full of bees. (Lou and crowd laughs) – What? Your engine is full of bees, Gilear? – It makes more sense, because a bunch of honey got in there, first. (crowd laughs) And that’s what attracted the bees. – Oh man. The fact that you’re
spending the night, now, truly, nothing makes me more mad. – Fabian, I know that
I am not your father. – Fuck no, you’re not. (crowd laughs and whoops) – Yes, you usually remind
people who your father was, right after you introduce yourself. (crowd laughs) And I think that’s wonderful. The thing is, this. Most of the time, when
I try to catch the bus, there’s a series of puddles and potholes, on the way there and,
I swear, they tend to, somehow, shift in the ground. I never am able to guess where they are and I usually miss the bus
and I’m vice principal, now, and, if I could just hop on the back. You must know it diminishes me, as much. (all laughing) – We’re going to do this one last time, because I love my mother, dearly. Then, truly, truly, truly,
truly, truly, never again. (crowd laughs) And, while we’re on the way, you’re going to explain to me how
honey got in your engine. (crowd laughs) – So, now your mother has been kind enough to give me a yogurt subscription– (crowd laughs) – I told her that was a terrible idea. – And it’s the really nice, gnomish stuff, and it has a little pocket of honey, built right into the thing, and I thought that my car had a front storing truck, but it was the engine, so– (crowd laughs) – Get on the back of my motorcycle, you are not going to
talk, the entire ride. I’m going to drop you off two blocks away, and you can walk the rest. – [Brennan] That is more than fair. (all laughing) – Oh, I hate this. (Brennan laughs) – Fabian takes off on The Hangman, giving the vice principal
a ride to school, and you guys– – Stop holding me so
tightly, loosen your grip. – Fabian, I would loosen my grip, my hands are incredibly weak, and I shall fly from the motorcycle. (crowd laughs) – All right, all right. (Ally laughs) – [Brennan] You stop two blocks away, Gilear gets off and says, “Fabian, your mother
and I have been talking. (crowd groans) “If we were to–” (Lou imitates engine revving) (all laughing) – Away! – You peel away. You guys arrive on the quad. We see Adaine, Gorgug, Fabian, Kristen, all arrive on the very
front of campus, together. As you guys all, you
guys all see each other. (crowd whoops) – Hey.
– Hi. – Hello.
– Hello. I don’t wanna freak anybody out, because it is the first day,
but I did have a vision of the school burning
down and everything being a huge disaster, so if you see a giant rock boy, who’s wearing, what looks like, a girl scout vest, but with
badges that he made himself, just let me know, ’cause he
has something to do with it. – Hi. – Hi. (crowd laughs) – Hey. – Adaine’s in a weird mood. She was spying on me, this
morning, when I was having sex with my girlfriend. – [Lou] Again, Adaine. – Spying on you? – [Ally] Peeping tom. – This is not, I would never. – So, you are as freaky
as your sister, Adaine. (crowd cheers) – I’m not like her. – My parents gave me a book
about this kind of stuff. (crowd laughs) It’s called voyeurism? (crowd cheers) (Ally laughing) – C’mon guys, this year
was gonna be different. (crowd laughs) – You’re right, you’re right. I have a lot of goals, this year, too. I’m gonna find a new religion. (crowd laughs) It might be my old religion,
with new punctuation. (crowd laughs) – [Siobhan] Okay. – You guys all look out and see, first of all, all of you guys
are very excited for school. I will just say, for our wonderful
friends who are not here, you guys know that Fig
had to take the week off, ’cause she’s featuring
on a track for another pop star in fashion city. (crowd whoops) Congratulations, Fig. And all of you guys got,
individually encrypted, invisible ink letters from Riz, saying he had to go in to deep cover. (crowd laughs) (Ally laughs) – [Ally] Checks out. – Yeah, no one got any
more information on that, and that’s fine. (Brennan laughing) – I feel like, maybe, if we put
all of the letters together, there’s an extra level of clues, but that really feels like a lot of work. – I mean, do we have to? – I don’t know. – I’m fine just leaving him be. – [All Cast] Yeah. – I give everybody a little metal flower. (crowd cheers) – [Ally] Aww. – I go to punch Gorgug in the stomach and pull back, what is that called, when you fake a punch? Why can’t I remember that? – You just said it, fake a punch, yeah. – Okay, I fake a punch. (chuckles) – Don’t make me freak out. (all laughing) – You guys see, striding
quickly across the campus, to you, out in front of the main steps, where, last year, at this
time, Gorgug and Fabian did fight and Adaine
did walk down the steps, with a giant orb, and
Kristen did see The Bad Kids, and wanted to join them
for the first time. You guys see, striding
across the campus to you, is a giant goliath, wearing a beret and Torek Railgrinder. Aye, ’tis these miscreants
who tread in the halls of my fathers and
my father’s fathers. – [Ally] Whoa. – [Lou] Oh, okay. – Oh, you go here, now, wow. – Aye, I am a freshman,
sworn to this school. (all laughing) – Are we gonna get bullied by a freshman? – Yeah, you’re really intense. – No, no one is gonna get
bullied by a freshman, because, I’ll tell you
right now, freshman, you meet me at a high
place and I’ll drop yo’ ass just like I did at the mithril factory. – Oh will ye, now? – I will. – [Brennan] Oh, will you, now? – I very much will. – Well, I’ll tell you this, right now I will be in the place
you least expect me, and, from now on, that
place will always be at ground level. (crowd laughs) (Lou and Brennan chuckling) – All right. – [Brennan] That’s right,
ya little jumpy boy. – Okay, jumpy boy, all right. – [Brennan] Yeah, that’s what I said. – Okay. – Hi, I’m Adaine. – I’m Hargis, it’s nice to meet you. – [Siobhan] It’s nice to meet you. – You might know me,
because I’m a very big man, who wears a beret around school. – Yeah, that’s definitely the only place that I know you from. (crowd laughs) Definitely nothing horrifying. – Lovely. You four have performed murder before, is that correct? (crowd laughs) – No. – That’s correct, we have
all, separately and together, killed many people. – No, no, no, I don’t believe in murder. I believe in peace. But, you’ve been around murder. – You’ve very much blessed
me and given me strength to murder, though you may
not have murdered, yourself. – Yeah, yep. – Also, the philosophers,
those guys definitely murdered a bunch of people. – Yeah, okay, there’s a
lot of blood on my hands. (crowd laughs) But, I’m working through that. – Great. – Torek looks at you and
says, “Are ye havin’ a crisis “of faith, again?” – No, I think I figured it out, this time. Yes? (crowd laughs) – Right, you know that faith is a synonym for conviction, right. – Yes? (all laughing) – You see Torek says, “Right,
look, the tall stone boy, “he said that he saw
something rather dodgy, “in the theater department,
so I will take my leave. “I have a craft to play. “I will craft a set, unlike any other set, “glittering with clear
exits and entrances. (crowd laughs) “May this set stand for a 100, 100 years, “until the next production
needs to be moved out “and we get the flats out.” – I was gonna say, isn’t
it a 24 hour festival? – Right, what’s your deal again? You’re the orc that invaded the land of my fathers and my father’s fathers. – I didn’t do it. – Yeah. – Hargis, these are the ones,
and I’ll be watchin’ ye. And she dips on to her skate board and she shreds outta there, back to– – I definitely don’t think
that we’re allowed to skate in school. I don’t think she’s gonna
get in trouble for it. – Who’s going to punish her, Gilear? – Right? (laughs) Oh, you’re right. – You see a sweaty Gilear,
still walking through the parking lot. (crowd laughs) – Hey, it’s your dad. – Shut the fuck up. – Hey, Fabian, forgive me, if
I’m overstepping, right now, but, did I just catch some
clear chemistry happening, between you and one Torek? – I’m not goin’ to lie, I’ve
never found a beard so sexy. (crowd cheers) I’ll tell you, jumpy boy is, I don’t know, something in me was hot. – [Ally] That was flirty, that was flirty. – I think it’s good you like this dwarf and definitely nobody
else, so that’s good. (all laughing) – Oh, Aelwyn. – You guys see Hargis in front of you, who is the person from your vision and Hargis, you stand
in front of these kids, that you know have done murder. (crowd laughs) – I don’t mean to intrude,
I’m sure you are all very aware of the theater department, everyone loves it here, right? – What? – [Lou] What? – Okay, well, the cast list, 24-hour, well, I’ll catch you up,
the most important thing is that the leading lady is floating and has an eye, a big
one, and is also, probably going to do a very bad thing. – Are you, is this, are you
writing the play, right now? (crowd laughs) – No, and I also wanna put on the record, it’s not because I’m jealous,
that I did not get cast, that I’m trying to after the leading lady. I know that sounds like it, but we do need to murder her, yes. (crowd cheers) – Can I roll a perception check? – [Brennan] Yeah, go ahead and
give me a perception check, or insight, whichever one you want. – Oh, insight. Interesting. – [Brennan] (laughs) What did you roll? – 16. – 16, you believe Hargis
to be telling the truth. Although, you do see there is, what is Hargis doing, at the moment? – I mean, it doesn’t
really show through, much, but I definitely am very worried, but not for any particular reason. I think it’s just pre-show jitters, but I’m not gonna be in the show and it’s also, maybe,
there’s a bad person there. (laughing) – Just to check in, this
big tall boy has come up and asked us to murder a person? – Yes. I would say no, because I
do try not to murder people, especially on school
grounds, but, like I said, I did get a, you know, I saw– – [Ally] Can you point
her out, where is she? – Can I point her out, is she around? – [Brennan] You can go and
try to find her, on campus. – Okay, well, we could
go back to the stage. I bet she’s rehearsing her lines for the show later, tonight. – Great, we don’t know where that is, so you’ll have to show us. – Yeah, I figured as much, yeah. Don’t worry, we can go in the back door, ’cause I have the keys,
’cause the theater teacher thought that that would
make me feel better, again, about not being cast. (crowd laughs) – Wow, there’s a whole
theater on this campus? – That’s incredible, where is it? (Brennan laughs) I know the Bloodrush field and
then the main academic hall. – [Ally] Oh, I could draw it. – I could draw a map
of most of the school. – You guys go, with
Hargis, around, see the brand new, state of the
art, Bloodrush stadium. – Hell yes. – And you see, out in front,
who’s putting the beautiful new touches on it, is
Gorthalax the Insatiable, who looks, (crowd cheers) and says, “Oh, there’s my guy. (Lou and Brennan grunting) “Good hustle, good hustle, good hustle. “Truly excellent hustle.” – Good to see you, Coach, how are you? – [Brennan] Oh, I’m– – Did you have a good summer? – [Brennan] Summer was excellent, ya know, we got a boat, so we were out on the lake. We were doing some grilling, it was great. Oh, and I had to pop back
to get a box of my stuff. Your father sends his best. – [Crowd] Aww. – [Brennan] He’s havin’
a ball, down there. – I’m sure, is he still sailing around? – [Brennan] Yeah, he got
pulled apart, arms and legs, by some sort of chain monster. – [Lou] My father? – Your father did, but the chain monster, that was controlling the
chains, brought the arms too close to his head and his
arms stabbed him in the head and then he stitched himself
back together with chains. He’s doin’ great, he looks great. (crowd laughs) – Oh, that’s my papa. (crowd laughs) – [Brennan] You see that
he says, “You headin’ off, “over to the theater department?” – Yeah, did you know there was one? (crowd laughs) – Oh, but, now, c’mon, gang. It’s important, when you go
to an adventuring academy, that you be well rounded, you know? We wanna support athletics and this year was the Bloodrush stadium, but largely because they
put a Hellmouth there and it got cracked up all
the terrain, last year. – [Lou] Right, that’s right. – So, we wanna try as best we, you know, next year, it’ll be
the theater department. And, hey, I don’t know if you know this, but a lot of the best Bloodrush players actually were performers
and were ballerinas, so that’s something. So, let’s get interdisciplinary,
all right, how ’bout it? – No, I’m good I’m good. I’m fine with the skills that I have. – All right, well, you take care, yeah, the theater department’s
right around the corner. You look and see the theater building is a little worse for the
wear, there’s an old mural. It’s one of those things,
where there’s a big statue of a dancing bard, that
has a full birds nest, on the shoulder, you know? It’s been here for a while
and you go around the back. As you walk around the back you see that, wearing a black tie and
a white button up shirt, is Mr. Pepper, who’s the
aasimar theater director. Mr. Pepper is only part
celestial, so he’s got a halo that kind of flickers, like
a neon sign, over his head. (crowd laughs) And you see he’s smoking,
out behind there. Oh shit, shit, shit, shit. Hey, hey, hey, kids,
Hargis, how’s it goin’, pal? – It’s goin’ all right, I’m just bringin’ my four friends in to
help with the set pieces. – Ah, okay, so these kids are, I don’t recognize them
from the scenic crew. Are they okay to be back there, or– – Yes, should I roll a deception check? – [Brennan] Yeah, roll a deception for it. (crowd laughs) – Yeah, that’s a three. (crowd laughs and cheers) – [Brennan] Okay, Hargis, I’m gonna– – [Siobahn] I cast Friends. (crowd cheers) – Okay, go ahead, roll a
charisma check, with advantage. Here we go. – That is a 16. – Sure 16 says, Hargis, I can see visibly, on your face, that you don’t believe what you just said. – I’m workin’ on the
acting, so (chuckles). (crowd laughs) – Hargis, look, I don’t
like that you lied to me, but even more than that, I
don’t like how you lied to me. You gotta come from a place of truth. How would a person behave,
if they really wanted to sneak four friends into
the theater department. – Do you mind if I try to
inhibit a character, right now? – Sorry, you say inhibit a character? – I’m not that good with, you know– – Inhibiting a character is actually the opposite of inhabiting a character. – That’s why I didn’t get
cast, I guess (chuckles). – What does Adaine say to Mr. Pepper? – Mr. Pepper, I’m sorry, we’re
just really interested in, maybe, joining the scenic
department, so we’re thinking that maybe we can just inspect it, sir. We would be really
interested in doing that. – Wow, all of you are
interested in theater? – Honestly, I kind of am, I’m gonna try new things, this year. – Yeah, me too, I’m taking
anti-anxiety medication, now. – That’s awesome.
(crowd cheers) Yeah, absolutely. – It’s pretty cool, that you
got your meds figured out. – It’s important to be
open about your medication. I tried three, and now, the one I’m on is working, it’s good. – Off in the distance, you hear (howls). So, he says, well, if you
four have felt the call of, (crowd laughs) – [Lou] What is that? – [Ally] Is that a bird? – [Zac] I’d love to ask you a question. – Yeah, what’s your question? – What were you doing? (crowd laughs) – It’s theater, it’s alive,
it’s vivid, it’s real. – [Zac] What are you grabbing? (crowd laughs) – Raw emotion, I’m grabbing.
– Looks like you’re trying to grab a lot of stuff. – Hargis is over on the
side, just practicing every move that he’s doing, as well. (crowd laughs) – See, Mr. Pepper says, “Listen,
we live in a humdrum world. “We live in a world, where
it’s dragons and magic “and sorcery, but on
stage, you can be anything. (audience laughing) “On stage, magic is real,
realer than the world here, “where magic is also real. (crowd laughs) “That’s what theater is.” – [Siobhan] Mm-hmm. Yeah, we’re interested in that. – Oh good, well, the four of you, I would never stand in your way. Hargis, after you, and
hey, I’m really impressed, that you went out on a limb and brought these kids here. Good on you. I like to see you making a move, Hargis. Way to go. – Thanks, so much (chuckles). Does that get me extra points
towards the next audition? – Don’t say it out loud, just
let it happen, organically. (crowd laughs) Just let it happen, organically, Hargis. When you push the flow, you
have a motivation and a goal, let it be subtext, you know what I mean? – Okay, yeah. – Text is not subtext,
okay, Hargis, great? You guys walk into the scenic department and you guys look out and
see lots of sets and costumes and things being made and brought and, indeed, you do see it’s
the little break, right now. It’s a little water,
food break and there are a group of theater people
that are out there talking. On the stage, you see
that there are a number of young cast members and
musicians, people like that, and then there is Iris. The four of you see a
beautiful, young tritan. She has webbed hands and little fins on her calves and her elbows. Sort of aquamarine greenish skin and this beautiful silver
highlights, blonde thing. Everyone here, make a perception
check, if you’d be so kind. – Oh, Nat one. (crowd gasps) – Fabian, you’ve never
seen a more lovely woman, except for Aelwyn Abernant, in your life. – [Siobhan] I got a nine. – Nine. – [Zac] I got a 12.
– [Ally] 20. – 12. You got a 20? – Not Nat, but 20. – You look up, Kristen,
you know that’s a wig. She’s wearing a wig, so
it’s a long flowing wig and you guys see that she is talking to some of the other cast members, here. They’re going, but, like, I
mean, you’re playing Dordara, opposite Carrie. Do you think there’s gonna be a showmance? Do you think there’s gonna be, something could happen,
I know it’s 24 hours, but it’s gonna set the tone
for the whole rest of the year. You see Iris, sort of, laughs. You see the orb, the eye orb. (crowd laughs) You see that Iris, you guys
all do hear this voice, though. You see that Iris goes, “Well,
should a showmance happen, “who would I be to stop it? “Perhaps Carrie has walked directly “into my line of sight.” (laughs maniacally) And you see someone else
goes, “Iris, you’re bad.” (all laughing) – See, here’s the thing. You said that she was a
floating, one-eyed person, and I see a standing two-eyed person, with an accent. – [Lou] Who is absolutely gorgeous. – I’m unclear, did she make a joke? Was that a joke? – [Lou] The line of sight thing? – Sure. – [Siobahn] The line of sight thing did have the cadence of a joke. – [Zac] It sounded like a joke. – Is it a theater thing,
that we don’t understand? – Oh, that’s probably what it is. – No, we don’t have inside jokes this early in the
production, later, maybe. No, that, hmm. So, this morning, I did some
drugs, but they were normal. (crowd laughs) Long story short, I can
see truly, right now, and I am looking at her
and I know what she’s supposed to look like,
but I do see that she is something much more frightening. I don’t know if, I’m not magical at all. I was wondering if, maybe, one of you could confirm this, for me. – [Lou] Could we have a quick team huddle? – [Ally And Siobhan] Yeah. – We’re just gonna, one second. – [Siobhan] One second. – [Ally] Just one second. – I get it, yeah, for sure. – [Zac] Just one, quick, second. – I really love, where
did you get these bad, I’ll ask you later. – [Brian] Mkay. – What the fuck? (crowd laughs) – [Zac] I know, right? – Are we? – He’s dripping with charisma. (crowd laughs) – [Ally] Yeah. – I’ve never seen such a
natural actor, in my whole life. That’s what the huddle was about, right? (crowd laughs) – Gorgug, I hate to tell you,
he’s not very charismatic. – What? – But, if you think he is, that’s nice. – Okay, well, you guys do your thing. – Look, charisma comes in many
different shapes and forms. – I was gonna say, Iris
sounded evil, right? – [Siobhan] Yeah. – In that way, where
evil people always say a half joke and then laugh,
just as long at it, afterwards. Like it was a full joke. – [Zac] Yeah, like they’ve got a plan. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Yeah, like they’ve
been saying jokes but, everyone around them is
too afraid to tell them they’re not funny, so they laugh a lot and then that catches on and
they just do it themselves. – Yeah, no one will let them
know that it’s not funny. – I just feel like you’re all jealous, because she’s so attractive, all right? (crowd laughs) – I mean, again, I did
have a horrible vision, where this kid was dead and had a burning hole inside of him. – And your 100%? I mean, I’m down, I just had to check in. – Look, there is only one
of this kid in this school. – [Lou] Oh, I believe that. – You guys look over and see, again, that someone is going like,
“You have to talk to Carrie, “’cause there’s a kiss. “Are you gonna do the thumbs
over the mouth, stage kiss, “or are you gonna really kiss?” And you see that Iris goes, (chuckles) “Well, if I’m being honest, I have to say, “Carrie has caught my eye.” (laughs maniacally) And you see that one of the students says, “It’s almost a reference to
the thing you said earlier.” (audience laughing) – I lean in, and I’m like,
I’m sorry, I know I’m not in the huddle, but I’m
really good at listening from the sidelines and I’ve been, (crowd laughs) I know it’s hard to believe me, but you, literally, did
just watch me try to lie and I’m very bad at it. So, when I say, I think
she’s an actual monster, I want you to trust me, there. – Can I cast Detect Magic on her? – Absolutely, Adaine,
you cast Detect Magic. You detect powerful magic
emanating off of Iris. Not only from her tritan
body that you see, that could just be the fact that she’s a powerful sorceress with magic on her, or something like that. Her wig is a magical item. Her wig is some kind of
magical artifact, you think. – Well, she is wearing a wig, which is very suspicious to me. – Do you ever notice how, sometimes, hot people have a weird voice? (crowd laughs) Like, they’ve never had to struggle, so they put on some weird affectations. – [Ally] Yeah. – [Siobhan] Yeah. – What’s happening, right now? (audience laughing) ‘Cause, I don’t know
what we’re talking about. (crowd laughs) – To be honest, no idea, either. – All right. – [Siobhan] Kristen, don’t
you have Detect Good and Evil? – Yeah, I was just tryin’
to do it on my own, first. – [Siobhan] Right. – I’d say 97% good. – Again, I don’t understand how everybody is so much hornier than I am. – Hey, maybe, you’re asexual. (crowd cheers) – I could be, I don’t know, I’m 15. – [Ally] Yeah. – You guys hear a voice behind you, from a series of stage curtains, say, “Of course, either would be fine.” And you see that Principal
Aguefort steps out, from the curtains. (crowd cheers) Students, of the Aguefort
Adventuring Academy, it is I, Principal Aguefort. I was asleep, standing
up, in these curtains. (crowd laughs) – I was wondering what those
shoes were, right there. (audience laughing) – Ever perceptive, Gorgug. – Yeah. – Perhaps, the most perceptive student, in the history of this school. (crowd cheers) – Were you talking to me? (crowd laughs) – Well, normally, I sleep here, because the noise of the
hammering drifts me off into deep REM sleep. I guess, I’m just weird, like that. What are you kind students talking about? – We were thinking about
joining the theater department, for fun. (Brennan laughs) – The theater, home of the people who couldn’t get anywhere else. (all laughing) – Did you just wag your finger at Hargis? – I did. No, that’s just a bit of received wisdom. In actuality, everyone knows, that theater is a very worthwhile pursuit, because, after all, theater gives you the skills of improvisation, the ability
to put up a false front. Some of the greatest
illusionists, in the history of the world, were,
themselves, theater majors. Of course, they, along with everyone else, were wasting their time. (crowd laughs) – Wait, are– – For neglecting the
only worthwhile study, and I’m gonna say it on three, and I want everyone else to say it. One, two, three, – [All] Chronomancy! – Friendship. – Pretty good. Are you planning on
murdering someone, today? (crowd laughs) – [Zac] The day just kind of started. – [Siobhan] Yeah, we just got here. – You kinda snowballed and now, yeah. – You know Adaine. Adaine has to kill someone
on the first day of school. – Hey, come on. – [Lou] What? You did. – Bloodthirsty Adaine. – [Lou] That’s a fun
nickname, for this year. – Can I cast detect good and evil? – Yes, you go ahead and
detect evil and good. You see that waves (warbling)
emanate off of Iris. You don’t sense undeath, you
don’t sense fiendishness, but you do detect a faint
sense of something malevolent, echoing off of Iris. – Can I cast detect
good and evil on Haggis? – [Brennan] Hargis? – Hargis. – You detect evil and good on Hargis. Hargis, what does Kristen get back? – It’s just very bland,
when it comes back. (crowd laughs) It’s, I guess, good, but,
kind of, in the way that a knock-off T-shirt is good, in that, you’ll wear it sometimes, but it’s not your favorite thing in the world. – I like this guy. (crowd laughs) – You see that Aguefort
turns to you and says, “Well, I will say this. “Whatever you must do, must be done, “and it would hardly be another year “at the Aguefort Adventuring Academy, “if there wasn’t some
murdering on the grounds, “on the first day.” – I just feel like, as the principal– – Yeah. (crowd laughs) – I’m not a member of the
faculty, in any way, but– – [Brennan] But, what? But, what? – it just feels, a little, irresponsible. – (chuckles) My sweet Gorgug, are you gonna tell my fucking
business in my school? (crowd laughing) No, no, no, ’cause, help me out, here. – [Zac] I’m listening to my, I’m hearing– – Help me out. Up on the, when you walk
in, through the front door, what does it say up on
the front, above the door? – It says Aguefort Adventuring Academy. – Oh, it doesn’t say the fucking
Gorgug Adventuring Academy? – It does not say the
Gorgug Adventuring Academy. – We’re just watching Gorgug get roasted. – Remember this, my boy,
you are a great hero, but nobody fucks with a wizard. (crowd cheers) Aguefort out, and he does this
and falls directly backwards, hits the ground and falls through it and dust goes everywhere, boom! (Zac coughing) – Wow. – I feel like I fully
forgot my place, there. – Yeah. – Hey, we’re all trying new things, today. – Okay, so what do you
guys think is going on? – He just did a teleport spell. The rest of it was flavor. (Brennan and crowd laughing) – No. – Oh, okay. (crowd cheers) We truly just got a lesson
in stepping outside of line, but, Adaine, would you be
willing to cast Identify on that wig, it seems to be magical. – Well, I have to be able to touch it, to use the Identify spell. – We’ll get you there. (crowd laughs) I’m gonna go talk to her,
because I’m also very curious. – [Siobhan] Okay. – Maybe, Hargis could do some acting to– – I thought you’d never ask. (crowd laughs) – Yes. – Iris doesn’t know me,
right, we’ve not met before? – No, you’ve not met before. – [Brian] Perfect. – Okay, Hargis, what do you need? Any props, any lighting cues, that I can go run up to the booth? – To be honest, I’m just thinking
about my motive, right now and, you know, I think that’s all an actor really needs, right? – Cool. – [Zac] Wow. – All right, what’s your motive? – To figure out if we
should kill her, I guess. (crowd laughs) – All right, great. – [Brennan] All right, wonderful. Hargis, give me a performance check. – So, I actually have a Feat for acting. (crowd cheers) I have no charisma,
but I do get advantage, when I’m pretending to
be a different person. – [Brennan] Okay. – So, I’m gonna take off my beret. I’m not gonna leave it far,
I’m gonna tuck it into my vest. And then, I’m going to puff out my chest and then walk over to
pretend to be a teacher. But, first, I’m like, don’t worry, guys. You see, my voice, right now, even now, I am effecting it, to be higher than my normal goliath voice. I am very good at accents. – [Zac] It’s like a different person. – And then, I strut right over to Iris and I say, hello, my
name is Professor Bargis. (crowd laughs) I’m gonna– – Oh boy, do I– – [Zac] He’s doing it, he’s doing it. (Brennan laughing) – I’m gonna, I’ll roll. I’ll roll, now. (crowd cheers) – [Brennan] Okay, wait, wait. What was the first roll? – [Brian] That was a five. – [Brennan] Okay. – That was a Natural 20. (crowd whoops) (Brennan yells) – [Ally] That’s incredible. (crowd cheers) – [Crowd] Growl, hoot, growl,
hoot, growl, hoot, growl, hoot, growl, hoot, growl,
hoot, growl, hoot, growl, hoot! – All right, so. – [Ally] That’s crazy. – Oh my God. (crowd laughs) – [Zac] I think, he’s really doing it. (all laughing) – Just before that happens,
I look over to Adaine, and I’m like, this
school is going to burn. (crowd laughs) – What does Hargis perform? Is he performing a– – I’m just saying, as Professor
Bargis, as we all know Professor Bargis to be
in head of costumes, my friend over here
needs to touch your body, to make sure they can
measure your costume. (crowd laughs) – Perfect. – This is a normal way to, for costumes– – I’m friends with the professors. I’m just one of those kids
that’s friends with professors and I don’t have a weird body thing. People are saying that, but it’s not true. – You see that Iris looks at you. First of all, as you say
this, Iris narrows her eyes, but, you see they narrow
weirdly, like more in the middle, than towards either side. It’s like. You see, she says, “Oh
yes, I, a fellow teen, “am well aware of the normal practices of “school and youth, and such.” – It’s just a masterclass,
these two actors. (crowd laughs) – I will say this. As you say that you are Professor Bargis, you see that Carrie is over in the corner. He’s sitting in one of the
seats, in the front row, just talking shop, with
Mr. Pepper, about his lines and he’s sitting in that chair, so cool. Just like, leg up, and
scarf out, and one arm over, like, so cool sitting. – I’m doing my best to
not look over there, ’cause I know it’s gonna
throw my whole composure and this is the first time in my life, I think that I’m actually
getting through to someone, so, I’m like. – You see that, in the
middle of your statement, you see Carrie whips his eyes, turns and full puts a hand on Mr. Pepper’s chest and is like, “What?” (crowd laughs) You gotta honor a Nat 20. You see that Iris says,
“Well, if it is, in fact, “normal for teens to
place hands upon bodies, “then, who am I, with such
a regular body, to say no? “If you find that my body
leaves your hand wet, “it’s because I’m a tritan,
you know what I mean?” – Yes? (crowd laughs) (crowd cheers) – That’s right, Adaine. – Adaine, I can tell you what that means. I don’t have to, but. – [Ally] Is that in your book? – Yeah. (all laughing) – You see that Iris says,
“Now, as a normal teen girl, “I am going to let you touch, “what you said, any
particular part, my head, my?” – Yes, the head, because that’s
the only thing I can see, at this point in time, so. – All right, so, in a totally normal way, I’m going to dip completely
sideways, so that you, and you see what’s happening
is the spacial dimensions, between a 20 foot round orb monster and a five and a half foot
tall teen girl illusion makes for some interesting
spacial dynamics, so you see this orb rotate in space, scratching the theater
floor and everyone else sees a poorly rendered
video game character, this tritan teen go
like, ah, super normal. (ticking) (crowd laughs) And go full sideways, so that you can touch the top of her head. – When I touch her, is it
like a normal teens head? – Are you touching her hair or– – [Siobhan] Yes. – The hair is normal,
just very wet, with slime. – Oh, it is wet. That’s cool. – Yes, I am very beautiful,
and very sweaty, that’s fine. Every body is a good body. – Yes, no, I agree. I cast Identify and I pretend to be, maybe, measuring it, or something. – Cool, you measure it and do something, and you cast Identify. (crowd whoops) Ah, this is another use of, I didn’t know you were gonna
cast this spell, so just imagine, behind me, (chirping). Ah, this is another use
of the Identify spell. Hello, Adaine. What would you like us to Identify, today? – Hello, what’s up with this wig. – Ah, the Wig of False Appearance. This wig was crafted by Elven hair smiths, in ages long past. It grants the wearer the illusory power to appear as another, especially one so charming and beautiful. The wig gives powers of
charming and mind control, domination, and the ability
to control the future of people’s choices. – I put my fingers in the
wig and try to pull it. (crowd chattering) – I see what she’s doing,
and I’m like, oh no. – You pull the wig off (whooshes) space and light, (warbles) boom, and a
massive beholder appears. (crowd cheers) You see–
– Why? Why can’t they ever just be hot women? I hate this school, sometimes. – You see the beholder looks at you and she grins, doesn’t have ears. She grins a big toothy grin and says, “Ah, young wizard, it
seems you’ve snatched “my weave.” (crowd cheers) – Guys, I think, we might
have to murder somebody, on our first day. (crowd laughs) – You have trifled with
Occularia, Queen of Sight. It seems my plan has been thwarted, and now, to kick things off, I’m afraid, a little early, I’d hoped to
get you all in one theater, together, but, it seems
I’ll have to do this the old fashioned way. (laughs maniacally) It seems, I was gonna say
this later, when I looked like the tritan, but I was gonna
say beauty’s in the eye of the beholder, so,
just imagine, everyone. – Right, no, I see that it’s a joke, now. That does make more sense. – Do you see what happens to people, that aren’t supposed to get them? – Yeah. – I swear, I’m funny! Everybody, roll initiative. (crowd cheers) (intense percussive music) Oh boy, hell yeah. Okay, entering into combat,
did anyone get above a 20? – [Lou] No. – Did anybody get a 15 through 20. – I got a 17. – 17 and what’d you get? – I got a 17. – Cool, cool, cool, cool. 17, Gorgug. Who got between a 10 and a 15? – Me, 13. – 13, 13 for Hargis. Who got between a five and a 10? – Me. – Oh, what’d you guys get? – I got an eight. – And I got a nine. – Awesome. So, first to act is going to be Adaine. – Oh, uh. (stammers) Oh my God. I am gonna keep it old
school and I’m gonna cast Tasha’s Hideous Laughter. (crowd cheers) Just, as a reflex. I’m not even thinking about it. – Incredible, you go ahead and cast that, and, I believe, there is a
Wisdom saving throw, there. – [Siobhan] Wisdom saving throw, yes, 15. – All right, we’re gonna
roll for this beholder, Occularia rolls Wisdom. Your DC on that, Occularia
rolls a natural two. (crowd cheers) – So, she is prone and
laughing, and can take a Wisdom saving throw, at the
end of each of her turns. – She is prone and can
not take actions, or– – And the spells are complicated, these are the things we cut out of the edited show. Incapacitated and unable to
stand up, for the duration. (Brennan whoops) – All right, so, here’s
something interesting about beholders, they are
condition immune to prone. – [Siobhan] Well, fuck me. – But, she is still incapacitated. You see, Occularia goes,
“I promise I’m funny!” (laughs maniacally) And she can’t go prone, so, I
think, she just rotates, like. (hollers) – Like a screensaver? (all laughing) – Cool, incapacitated. Next to go, is going to be Gorgug. – Gorgug is seeing this spinning eyeball and that is kind of funny, but, overall, hearing someone saying,
“I promise, I’m funny,” makes him so mad, he goes into a rage. (crowd whoops) – Hell yeah. – I think, Gorgug’s just gonna attack. – [Brennan] Go for it. And you roll with advantage,
because, she’s incapacitated. – Okay, so that’s like a 28. – [Brennan] 28’s gonna hit. (crowd whoops) – And then, I’ll just keep attacking. – [Brennan] Yeah, go for it. – All right, then 27. – [Ally] Crazy. – And, then, I got a third
attack, right, if I frenzy? – If you wanna, well, bonus action. Wow, remembering the rules,
live, is way more stressful. (crowd laughs) You have to use your bonus
action to fly into the rage, so you can’t frenzy on the first turn. – Okay, I’ll just hit it twice, okay. – [Brennan] Awesome, go
ahead and roll your damage. – That would be, that’s a,
doing math live, that’s funny. – Doing math to Bill and Ted
music, very rock ‘n’ roll. – It was 10, and, now this is 17. – 27 damage, Gorgug runs up. (grunts) And you see that (grunts)
this poisonous green gas (bellows) rockets out. Occularia says, (hollers) “I, somehow, still find this amusing.” That is, now, going to be Hargis. – All right, first thing, I
pull the beret out of my vest, and I say, Occularia,
you are not the only one with a reveal. My name is actually
Hargis, and I put it on. (crowd cheers) (audience applauding) And then, I grab my lucky four by four and I just swing it at her. (crowd cheers) – [Brennan] Go ahead and roll an attack. – That would be a, yeah, 28. – [Brennan] Ooh, 28 hits, damn. – And then, so many dice, all right. That would be (mumbles). Okay, 13 and then, I also have, I can hit again. – Oh, with what? – [Brian] I’ve got second attack, ’cause I’m high enough,
as a brute fighter. – Gotcha, yes, go for it. – Extra attack, okay, cool. Do I have to roll again, for the d20? – You have to roll, again, to hit, yes. – Okay, still gonna hit. That’s a, yeah, 26. – [Brennan] Ooh, yeah, roll damage. – That would be a 11. – Hell yeah, you grab Lucky,
the 4×4, and you run up. Boom, bam, and bat this
monstrous beholder. You see, she says, “Oh, come on. “All I wanted to do was
get everyone in the theater “and kill everyone and
zap a bunch of eye lasers “at Arthur Aguefort and take
over the school and burn it. “I feel like no one’s seeing
where I’m coming from.” (crowd laughs) Incredible, Fabian, that’s you. – Can I start by calling
for, through consciousness, calling for The Hangman. (crowd whoops) – Sire, let us sunder the
floor boards or that stage, such that no theater kid may
ever get attention again. – Hell yes. (crowd laughs) Fantastic, I’m then going
to, for shits and gig’s, do a weird front flip,
off a piece of scenery and attempt to stab Occulara. – Go for it. – [Lou] Should I make a acrobatics? – Make an acrobatics check, for me. – Oh, that’s gonna be
21, or, excuse me, 27. – [Brennan] Ooh, 27, great. Let’s go ahead, you draw
the sword of the Seacasters. Let’s go for it. – Great, here we go. Attack, with advantage? – [Brennan] Yes, attack with advantage. – All right. Here we go, 18. – [Brennan] 18 hits? – Great, and 16. – [Brennan] 16 does not hit. – All right, just once. That’s gonna be, oh, math is hard, 12. No, more than 12, no, less than 12, 11. (crowd laughs) (crowd cheers) (Brennan grunts) – Slash, bam, so, ax, four by
four, rapier, ba, ba, ba, ba. Coming across again, and again. Occularia screams, “Ah, this sucks.” Kristen, that’s gonna be you. – Okay, I know exactly what I wanna do, but first, I wanna get
her eye and be like, you seem really driven. Where do you find this passion? – I guess, cruelty, and my delight in it. – Okay, that doesn’t really
sound like it’s for me. I cast Spirit Guardians. (crowd cheers) And I’m really curious
about who’s gonna be there. – Have you, in your heart, changed? – In my heart, I have changed to, yes? – Rather than the philosophy professors, a fleet of spectral philosophy students. (crowd cheers) – No, call it off, call it off. – Sorry. You see that there’s a
person, there’s a 19 year old spectral entity, who
runs out and goes like, “Honestly, I feel like,
if you haven’t read the “Fountain Head, you absolutely should.” (audience laughing) – No. All right, god dammit. – You see a boom, you summon
Spirit Guardians, forward. Does Kristen take a move action, do you move to close in, with Occularia? – I think I move a
little bit further away. – Oh, okay, sure. So, you’re not gonna
close Spirit Guardians in, ’cause, it’s centered on you. – Oh, yeah, you’re right,
yeah, I will move forward. – Awesome, great, so, you move
forward, um, buh, buh, bum. Occularia’s gonna make
a Wisdom saving throw. Occularia does not make it,
go ahead and roll damage. (crowd cheering) – Excellent, that is 13. – A 13 damage, hell yeah. So, Occularia’s taking a lot of damage. (Ally laughs) Don’t let anyone tell you
initiative’s not important, initiative is very, very important. You see that one of these
ghostly students runs up and goes, (breathing heavily) “I’m tellin’ you right now, this beholder, “if that’s even really
what it is, is part of “the hegemony of corporate,
I know corporations “are responsible for this.” – [Ally] Okay. – I’m positive. I’m positive. – I just wanna apologize to everyone else. It feels like I came to the party with three horrible people. (audience laughing) – [Zac] These are your friends? – No, no, no, God, no, no. – You see Occularia is going
to, can not act, on her turn. Who’s gonna make a will saving throw. Will saving throw, what’s
the DC, on Tasha’s? – [Siobhan] 15. – Succeeds. – [Siobhan] All right. – And you see that Occulara
says, “Well, well, well, “it seems, that you had
your fun, but, now, it’s “time to get this party started.” (howls) And, like, rave lasers shoot
out of all of her eyes. Let’s see how fast you can all dance, to a new show tune. (laughs maniacally) That one was about
theater, and not eye stuff. (all laughing) – See, when you have to explain the joke, it, probably, means it’s not funny. – Hargis says, I got it, don’t worry. (crowd laughs) – Hargis, you’re not
on her side, all right? – That’s gonna be Adaine. – I would like to cast Ray of Sickness, as a 3rd level spell, which is a Constitution saver, 15, or higher. – Constitution saver of 15, or higher. Occularia succeeds. – Okay, well, fuck me. I’m gonna run and be
not right next to her, so I won’t die. – You see that Occularia,
you hit the Ray of Sickness, bleh, this vile green
stuff hits Occularia. She opens her beholder mouth, and says, “Ha, now that I don’t have to
pretend with that cute shit, “anymore, I can just eat this stuff.” (gurgles) Swallows all the gross bile and says, “This is exactly my shit.” (laughs maniacally) – I, actually, throw up,
a little bit, because that was very gross. (crowd laughs) – Roaring in to the
theater, The Hangman skids, next to Fabian. (crowd whoops) Sire, we are, oh, this lady seems rad. – She is not, she was very hot. Now, she’s a big eye. I don’t know, we’re just
kind of rollin’ with it. – Again, better than you dating my sister. – When I date your sister,
we can talk about this later. – Gorgug, that’s gonna be you. – Okay, okay, so, where’s the wig? – Adaine’s holding it. – Okay, and is it evil, do we know? – It looks pretty– – Are you tryin’ to
try on the wig, Gorgug? (crowd cheers) – I’m looking around and
I see all this stagecraft and these thespians. Something’s kinda cool about it. – [Brennan] Does Gorgug
wanna put the wig on? – [Female Crowd Member] Do it! (crowd cheers) – Gorgug, you put this beautiful wig on. In that moment, what does
Gorgug most want to look like? – A bunch of gnats. (crowd laughs) It’s a big eye, right? – It’s a big eye! (crowd cheers) (audience applauding) So, a cloud of gnats, wearing
a beautiful blonde wig, holding a battle ax. – Wait, does each gnat
have it’s own wig on, or are all the gnats wearing one big wig? – Are they holding it with– – [Woman] Tiny wigs! – The people have spoken. – It’s a storm of tiny wigs. (crowd cheers) You see, Mr. Pepper
looks at this and goes, “Avant garde, I love this.” (crowd laughs) – I have become tiny gnats. – Awesome, that’s a
free object interaction, to grab the wig and put it on. You’re welcome to take your turn. – And then, I’ll just attack. – [Brennan] Go for it, yeah. – 24, and then, another 24. – [Brennan] Hell yeah. You hit both times, and
you can frenzy here, if you want. – Okay, that’s, 19. That’s 23, and then, I’ll frenzy. Nat 20 on the frenzy. – Oh my God. (audience applauding) So, you’re gonna roll
three d12 on this last, so, each one’s one d12,
plus damage, and then, so, you’re gonna roll
five d12, all together. – [Zac] Sheesh. – I got, you need another one? – Can ya give me some d12s? (crowd laughs) – [Brennan] Here we go. – Okay. – Oh my God. – 20, 30, 32. – [Siobhan] Wow. – 32, oh my God. This cloud of gnats muscles up, (buzzes) charges, Occularia says,
“How do I dodge this?” (crowd laughs) – [Zac] An eye’s greatest fear. – Ah, boom. You slash through Occularia’s maw. Fangs go flyin’. (grunts) Horrifying slime blood
scatters across the stage. A massive blow is dealt to Occularia, and she reels backwards,
floating across the stage. We move to, oh, sorry, at
the end of Gorgug’s turn, Occularia will take her
first, legendary, action. – [Crowd] No! – I am going to need,
I’m gonna roll randomly, for this beholder’s eye beams. Adaine, what I’m gonna need you to do, is make some kind of saving throw. The effect number 6, on
the beholder eye list, telekinetic ray. You need a DC 16, strength saving throw. (crowd chattering) – Here’s the thing, I
rolled a 17, but I do have a minus two to strength. (Brennan laughs) So, unfortunately, that is a fail. – Incredible, you are restrained. Your speed has become
zero, attack once you have advantage, the
creature has disadvantage on Dexterity saving throws. So, that is restrained. You see that, Occularia
lifts you up, into the air, telekinetically, this blue ray
hits, from one of her eyes. And she says, (chuckles)
“My dear, you shouldn’t have “made me laugh so hard.” Whoom, and flings you up, into
the rafters and scaffolding, up above the stage. It is now going to be Fabian’s turn. – [Lou] Oh. – Oh, sorry, no, Gorg, uh, Hargis’ turn. – Okay, so I have Powerful
Build, which means I count as one size larger. Could I grab one of these eye tentacles, and try to throw her toward the stage? – Yes, you absolutely can, go for it. (crowd whoops) I’ll tell, oh, yeah, what
is your athletics roll? – My athletics roll, that would be an 11. – Beholders, here’s the
thing about being buoyant. Occularia’s only got a plus zero, so she has to get an 11, or higher. Oh, my screen. That’s a 15, I’m afraid. – [Crowd] No! – Hargis goes up to grab. That’s one of your
attacks, which is a shove. – Okay. – So you, (grunts) try to wrestle her. She says, “Oh, you’re a fuckin’ weirdo. “Stop grabbin’ my eyes, you weirdo. “God, no wonder, this kid can’t get cast.” (crowd yells) – [Zac] My God. – Go ahead and make your other attack, it can be a shove or a regular attack. – Okay, well, for some
reason, up until this point, I’ve been hearin’ weirdo and
rejected, for my whole life, but, hearin’ it from this big eye thing really is puttin’ me on edge,
so my affect is breaking and my goliath, actual
voice is coming through. And I’m like, I just haven’t
found the right part for me! And then, I grab on, (crowd cheers) I grab Lucky, as hard as I can, and I try to bat her, toward the stage. – Incredible, go ahead,
and make your attack roll. I would say, maybe, this
is your action, sir. I would say– – Yeah, that’s okay, it’s a nat one. – [Brennan] Oh, no. – He’s doing it! (crowd laughs) – You see that, Carrie looks
at you, and, as you drop, and go, “Haven’t the right part, for me,” you see, Carrie goes, “Hot,” and then, (crowd whoops) and then, you whiff, and
Carrie goes, “Vulnerable. (crowd cheers) “Also, hot.” (crowd cheers) I would say, this is a
big turn, if you want an Action Surge, on
this turn and go for it. – Yeah, I think I’m
gonna go one more time. – [Brennan] Go one more time. – Yeah, hearing Carrie
say, also, hot, it’s like, all right, yeah, okay, I’ll go again. This one would be, yeah, that’s a 26. – [Brennan] That’s gonna hit. And you also get your extra
attack, on the Action Surge, so roll again. – For real? – [Brennan] Yeah. – Okay, all right. – [Brennan] Fighters are good. – No, that one won’t
hit, that’s only a 13. – [Brennan] No worries,
go ahead and throw damage. – That would be a 12. – Awesome, you see, so you, whoo, bah, and Occularia spins towards the stage. Carrie nods, he’s like, yes. You see, at the end of your turn, Hargis, Occularia’s going to hit
you, with an eye ray. We’re gonna roll, here,
see which eye ray this is. Number two, paralyzing ray. Give me a Constitution saving throw. – Ooh, I got a lot a constitution, ’cause I have Brutish Durability, which gives me an extra d6, so, not great, but, that would be, 9, 12, 18. – DC? – [Brian] Yes. – 16. (crowd whoops) You see, Adaine, your
eyes go white, as you look and see this laser,
pointed right for Hargis’ chest. (burbles) Laser hits, ah, and Hargis,
you’re new found confidence, you strengthen your stance and
are pushed across the stage. Why isn’t this working? (blows raspberry) And you see Mr. Pepper, once
again steeples his hands and says, “Oh my God,
he really is doing it.” (crowd cheers) I knew– – He said that to a big cloud of gnats. (crowd laughs) – I told them, Suzuki
Method was worth doing. (crowd cheers) You guys gotta know, when I
make fun of theater kids stuff, I’m making fun of myself. (crowd cheers) The theater. Guys, you successfully save. Fabian, that’s your turn. – First, I look over at
Hargis, this new Hargis and I say, I like you. And, then, I start to run,
parallel to The Hangman, and then jump onto it,
and then jump off of it and stab Occulara. – Go for it, roll your attacks. – Great, here we go. That’s gonna be a (warbles) 25 and 17. – 25 hits, 25 hits, 17 does not hit. – All right. We’re gonna go 10. – 10 damage, awesome, great. Are you doing Action Surge, or no? – Fuck it, I’m very jealous of how cool, and the emotional, how
much damage Gorgug did and how emotional Hargis’ turn is and so I’m like, okay, what’s my thing? (crowd laughs) Maybe, if I attack it, again,
something cool will happen. This time, can I do a
acrobatics check, ’cause I run up a stalactite, back
flip, and try and stab, over my shoulder? – Absolutely, go for it. – Okay, ooh. Lemme. Oh, wow. It’s only gonna be, that’s 10, acrobatics. – 10 acrobatics, you
successfully run up a stalagmite, you break it in half, and you
see, Mr. Pepper goes, “No!” (all laughing) You complete your acrobatics
check, make your attack rolls. – Great. All right, that’s gonna be a nat one. (crowd gasps) Oh, and a 15. – 15 does not hit! – Oh God, I am not
looking cool, right now. – I’m gonna say, Fabian,
you run up a stalagmite, you, in your head, are like,
I’m Fabian Aramais Seacaster. – I’m Fabian Aramais Seacaster. (crowd whoops) – And, in your mind, you’re
fighting in a real frozen North, with real stalagmites. Your foot goes straight through
a paper mache stalagmite. – Fuck, ow. (laughing)
(clapping) – You see that Carrie goes,
“Oh my God, I know that kid. “He’s that kid that
couldn’t jump on tables.” (crowd cheers) – Oh, wow. – How did that get out? – [Lou] Truly, how? How? – [Ally] I told a lot of people. – Oh, my. – At the end of Fabian’s
turn, last legendary action, Occularia is going to hit
the gnat cloud Gorgug. – [Zac] Face me. (crowd laughs) – With a one, Charm Ray. Give me a Wisdom saving throw. (crowd groans) – I’m immune to charm. (crowd cheers) – Oh! – I got Mindless Rage. – Yeah, I mean, fuck me, right? – You can’t hit, that
which you can not touch. (all laughing) – She hits you and goes,
“Would you be so kind, “as to give me my wig back?” – I think it looks better on me. (crowd cheers) – All right, that is going
to be Kristen’s turn. – Okay, great, I would imagine that the, my Spirit Guardians are there. – Yeah, Spirit Guardians
are, she’s gonna make another wisdom saving throw. What’s the DC on your spells, sorry? – Oh, lemme tell you. – [Brennan] Back of the sheet, up top. – 16. – She fails, takes damage again. – Hell yeah. Okay, so, they attack? – [Zac] Oh no. – [Brennan] Yeah, 3d8
damage, go ahead and roll it. – Yeah, let’s do it. – [Lou] Oh, do you need another d8? – I do, baby, thank you. All right, that is 10, 14. – 14, oh my God. Ocuularia is lookin’ ba, you see that Occularia is
like, can’t get Gorgug, one of your ghosts, doesn’t
run up, it walks up, slowly, and goes, “We don’t,
like, what is my red?” (crowd laughs) Like, what you see as red,
and what I see as red. – Don’t gimme this perception shit. – No, but, if you really think about it, (inhales loudly)
(blows air loudly) – [Ally] No! – And the smoke (bellows), ghostly smoke, from a, fuckin’, philosophy
grad student’s spliff, burns Occularia’s face. Ah, you don’t know as
much as you think you do! (crowd laughs) And you see that the stoner
goes, “Fuckin’, exactly.” (crowd laughs) (crowd cheers) – Kristen, your friend’s suck. – They’re not my friends. – Awesome, Kristen are you,
you have a Concentration spell active, are you doing
anything else, on your action? – Yeah, I’m just gonna attack. – [Brennan] Awesome. – Yeah, right? – [Brennan] Yeah. – I’m gonna do a Divine
Strike, with my staff. – [Brennan] Cool, hell yeah. – Oh, wait, lemme roll for it. That, my friend, is not high. – [Zac] Pretty good? – It is, let’s see, 14? – [Brennan] 14’s not gonna cut it. – Okay. – You (swishing) whiff, with your staff, do not hit, but you see the
same Spiritual Guardian. He looks at you and says,
“But, here’s the thing. “We live in the timeline,
where you didn’t hit, “but that doesn’t mean,
right, if you think about it?” – [Ally] No. – At the end of Kristen’s
turn, Occularia will take her full first turn. – [Zac] First turn? – These are the legendary actions, baby. She had Tasha’s Hideous Laughter,
she couldn’t do nothin’. – Oh. – This is, now you’re gonna get it, I’m not up here, gettin’ my ass kicked. – [Ally] Oh. – I’ve taken no damage. (all chuckling) – [Brennan] Okay, everyone’s– – Yeah, I’m fine. – Get ready for these status effects. Gorgug, are these all, okay. Hargis and Adaine are each
getting another paralyzing ray. Each of you give me a
constitution saving throw. – Okay. That would be a 21. – Success. – Is me getting a nat
one really bad, on this? (crowd jeers) – Occularia– – Does it make it worse? – It doesn’t make it worse. – [Siobhan] Okay, then, I got a nat one. – Occularia dismisses
the telekinesis on you, paralyzes you, and you fall 80 feet. (crowd jeers) – [Siobhan] Cool. – [Zac] Is she, oh, nevermind. – You take a full– – [Siobahn] Oh, that’s so many dice. – 13, 14, 19, 23 points of damage, as your completely stiff body
wham, hits into the stage. And the, boom, that’s, oh, what’s your hit point total, right now? – I’m at 36. – [Brennan] Okay. – [Brian] Hargis says, I’m glad I didn’t put stalagmites there. (Brennan and crowd laughing) – Gorgug, you get hit,
with a petrification ray. I’m gonna need a dexterity saving throw. – Okay. I got three? – [Female Crowd Member]
Advantage, you’re raging! Advantage, advantage, you’re raging! – [Zac] Oh, yeah, but I don’t have– – Advantage on dexterity
saving throws, you’re raging. (crowd cheers) – You fuckin’ nerds. (crowd laughs) – From, hey, when we do the next season, can you guys all come to the studio? – [Siobhan] Please. (crowd cheers) – Thank you, great, great, great. – Please, be good. (Siobhan laughs) So, this is a five. (crowd laughs) – So, you see, you see that
Occularia hits the cloud of gnats. Gorgug, in reality, you feel your body, (imitates rocks clunking) turn to stone and a statue
of Gorgug rests on the stage. Everyone else sees a hovering
swarm of stone gnats. (crowd laughs) That, I’m gonna say,
collapse on the stage, in a pile of sand, wearing
blonde wigs, basically. (crowd laughs) Gorgug, you are stone. – Oops. – Oops. That is the end of Occularia’s turn. Adaine, you are paralyzed,
it is your turn. – [Siobahn] Is there anything I can do? – Nothing you can do, so, at
the end of your saving throw, go ahead and make another
constitution saving throw. – Another constitution saving throw, okay. No. – [Brennan] Not gonna do it? – [Siobhan] I got a seven. – A stiff Adaine is still
there, a stone Gorgug is there. Occularia goes, (laughs
maniacally) “It seems, “you’ve caught my eye.” – You already, I can’t
say anything, but you– – [Brennan] Everyone, let me have this. – [Crowd Members] No! – I thought that this would happen faster, and I only came up with a few eye puns. (crowd laughs) You see that, as Adaine, that turn ends, that’s gonna go back to
be Gorgug, you are stone. – [Zac] Yes, I am stone. – On fail begins to turn to stone and is restrained. Must repeat to the end. Oh, you have one other turn,
before it takes effect. You must repeat the saving throw, at the end of it’s next turn. On a successful the creature
is petrified, fully. You have one more, with
advantage, dexterity saving throw. – Okay, right now? – [Brennan] Right now. (crowd cheers) – Oh God. (crowd laughs) That one’s a eight. – Okay, so this is your last one, before you are stone forever. (crowd murmuring) – Oh, that’s a 21. (crowd cheers) – End of your turn. The sand reincorporates, Occularia goes, “No, you were meant to be stone!” – To be, or not to be. – [Ally] Oh, no. – Hargis just points at
Gorgug, he’s like, yes! – [Ally] Gorgug’s gonna join theater. – Incredible. At the end of Gorgug’s
turn, legendary action. Kristen, give me a wisdom saving throw. – Okay. Interesting, that’s a five. I’m gonna use Human Determination,
to roll with advantage. – [Brennan] Cool, go for it, roll again. – That’s higher, is 17. – You succeed. (crowd cheers) – [Ally] Fuck yeah. – [Brennan] Hey, maybe, I
read this wrong, before, but, weren’t you kind of
into me, when we first met. – A little bit, yeah. – [Brennan] Do you wanna be charmed by me? – No, what? I’m searching, right now, okay? I’m in a vulnerable position. – You hear a cry, from
the wings of, “Actually, “she’s spoken for.” (crowd cheers) Tracker runs out, from the wings. (crowd cheering) – [Ally] Babe? – Tracker runs out, deals
10 points of damage, with her claws, full wolf form, leaps up, on Occularia. That is now going to be, that was Gorgug. Hargis, that’s you. – All right, Occularia’s
lookin’ real bad, right? – [Brennan] Real bad. – Okay, I’m gonna pick up
one of the stalagmites, and then throw it, right at her eyeball. That’s my plan. – [Brennan] Go ahead, and roll. – Okay, that would be a, sorry, a 27. – [Brennan] 27 hits. – But, before I do it, I
say, I’ve always considered myself more of a dramatic
actor, but if you’ll excuse the joke, it’s curtains for you. (crowd cheers) And then. (crowd cheers) – Now, that’s funny. That’s very funny. – It’s funny, funny. (Zac laughs aggressively) – Those gnats are dying. – Okay, go ahead, and we’ll
say, roll your second attack, but we’ll make it this one moment. – Okay, cool. That would be a 22. – [Brennan] 22 hits, roll
damage for both attacks. – I can re-roll a one,
because of my whatever thing. – [Brennan] Yep, go for it. – Mmm, it’s still a one. But, so that’s 10, for the
first, and 14, for the second. – [Ally] Yeah. – [Brian] 24. (crowd cheers) (audience applauding) (crowd cheering) – [All] Hoot, growl, hoot,
growl, hoot, growl, hoot, growl, hoot, growl, hoot, growl,
hoot, growl, hoot, growl, hoot, growl, hoot, growl! (crowd whoops) – The stalagmite hurls across the stage. You see that Occularia
opens her fanged maw. You wouldn’t dare. (yells) The back of the maw, lasers everywhere. I am ruined! I was gonna take over this high school, from the theater department! (crowd whooping) – [Ally] Me and Tracker, just
dancing in the strobe light. (crowd laughs) – I’m laying down, with my,
still trying to get my foot, out of the stalactite. Oh God, this is just like,
fuckin’, tables all over again. Aw, fuck. – You see that you have
defeated Occularia. You have saved the school. (crowd cheers) You stand here, heroes
of the school, once more. And Hargis, you stand astride the stage, your newfound confidence. – [Ally] Wow. – You see, in the silence of your victory, Carrie stands up. (clapping) (all clapping in unison) (audience applauding) You see that Mr. Pepper
stands up and says, “Well, great, now, we
don’t have a Dordara.” – I know all of Dordara’s lines! – [Brennan] What? (crowd cheers) – Sorry, I wanted that to
look cooler, when I came up, but, I do just wanna
let you know, I know all of Dordara’s lines, ’cause I
looked at ’em all, last night. – You see Mr. Pepper
looks at you, and says, “You wanna play Dordara? “Hmm, a little gender-bent casting. (crowd whoops) “Very avant garde!” (crowd cheers) And you see that Carrie
goes, “For what it’s worth, “I think, it’s inspired. “I’m all about it.” You see Carrie goes up to you and says, “Hargis, I know you’re the
right person for this role, “and we should have a talk,
’cause I’m kinda thinkin’, “no thumbs.” (crowd cheers) – I wouldn’t even have to act. (Brennan laughs) – You see that, Hargis, you
turn to look at the four heroes, here, that helped
you discover Occularia. You four guys see another
first day of school. This is another page in your
very hardy tones of adventure, at this point, but you
look and see the brand new confidence here, with
your new friend, Hargis. – [Crowd] Aww. – You know, Hargis, you’re
pretty good at murdering. (crowd cheers) I mean, clearly, your
passion is here, but, something to think about. – Yeah, and I don’t know what
the no thumbs thing means, it sounds really dirty. (crowd laughs) So, you’re very welcome
in our friend group. – Oh my God! – I could look it up, I
could just search by thumbs. – [Ally] Yeah. – Or, no thumbs. – You see that Principal
Aguefort walks out, and says, “Ah, I went to go get some
tea, and, it looks like, “this all worked out. (crowd cheers) “The art of a true wizard is to hang out, “knowing that your students
will get out there, “and just fuck shit up, all the time. (crowd whoops) (audience applauding) “Well, young, Master Hargis, “you have some lines to practice, “and some Frenching to do. “I shouldn’t say that, but I don’t care. (crowd whoops) “And as for the rest of you,
I think another exciting year, “of mayhem, shenanigans, and
full blown arcane violence “awaits us.” (crowd cheering) – [All] Hoot, growl,
hoot, growl, hoot, growl, hoot, growl, hoot, growl,
hoot, growl, hoot, growl! – That’s all, for Dimension 20, live!


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