Disney Star Wars is NOT Canon – Unofficial Fan Fiction and how Artists Own Art

Disney Star Wars is NOT Canon - Unofficial Fan Fiction and how Artists Own Art

hey folks David Stewart here Disney Star Wars is not official Star Wars Disney Star Wars is not canon it's fan fiction it's time to put put it all together everything that I've been talking about lately and really the last couple of years if you go back and watch older videos on this particular subject no nothing that Disney releases is official Canon and I'm going to hopefully convince you that now before I get to Star Wars I want you to imagine something I want you to imagine you've saved up some money and you bought a ticket to go see Metallica the legends live you haven't seen them yet you're so excited you got to finally scrape some money together maybe a hundred bucks in go see a Metallica live you get your ticket you go to the arena you find your seat lights start to go down after the opening act plays you start hearing ecstasy of gold oh you start hearing the intro to one of your favorite songs maybe it's like battery or inter Sandman or something and the band comes out and starts playing and you start scratching your head because you're like they look different than when they're pictures on the website maybe they cut their hair or something like in the 90s you look a little closer and then then the singers start singing you realize it's not James Hetfield you look close to you like that's that's not James Hetfield what happened and as you look closer you know maybe you get your opera glasses out and you look this band is not Metallica there's no one in the band there's no Kirk Hammett there's no Lars Ulrich no James Hetfield no one in the band that you're used to used to seeing no Rob trullo and so you're you're like what's going on you go to the promoter and you're like I paid to see Metallica and there's some other band on stage what's going on and they're like oh that's Metallica and you say no it's not and I think the average consumer would look at that and say that is not Metallica that can't be Metallica because Metallica is the people that are in Metallica and so this example is a I don't know a basic analogy proof of what I call trademark now whenever I talk about intellectual property a lot of people that watch get confused I think between me talking about the concept which is what I'm going to be talking about in this particular video and me talking about the legal execution of such ideas such as trademark copyright and patent I'm not talking about the way that the law actually executes these or the way it's figured out in court I'm talking about the concept because the law is there to reflect certain concepts so this basic concept is that Metallica is made up of the artists which are in Metallica you can't separate the trademark from the people who are in it in this particular case and I would actually say in virtually all cases you can't you can't separate them I think people have been trained to think of them as separate but I don't think you actually can there's some fuzzy edges here with Metallica right the trademark of Metallica who is Metallica well we've had different people in the band over the past almost 40 years at this point because you had you know ron mcgovney the original bass player of course he quit Dave Mustaine was kicked out so now you're at 50% of the original artists then you've had Cliff Burton who died you've had Jason Newsted he quit core course Kirk's been in the band since 1983 so that's a long continuation of one three artists that make up Metallica and then of course Rob Trujillo has been in the band now for quite some time like 15 years so at what point does Metallica stopping Metallica well at the very least you're going to expect James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich to be in the band if those two aren't in the band is it really Metallica anymore and if nobody none of those guys are in the band it's definitely not Metallica so you have a clear black section in a clear white section and maybe the very slightest hint of gray where crosses over it's like what do you have Lars in the band and not James it doesn't sound right it's not really Metallica James like the main guy who writes the rights most the music you know you might have a very sliver of grey there but in reality most of the time it's black and white you wouldn't expect say Judas Priest to call itself Judas Priest if there was no members that you're used to seeing in Judas Priest left in the band in fact I think the only original original member that still tours is he'll I think Rob Rob Halford was not the original singer and he actually spent some time out of the band and he had Ripper Owens doing vocals for a couple of albums I think and then he's of course he's been back in the band KK downing left the band although I think he's a legal member one of the original members and Glenn Tipton can't tour anymore because he has Parkinson's though he participates in recording so what you see on stage with Judas Priest is some gray fraction of what you might consider the classic lineup but you might still say oh I know that that's Judas Priest there up front with it what if we go back to Metallica and you go you go to the tour promoter and you're like hey that's not metallic and they're like that is Metallica those four guys paid Metallica for the rights to perform as Metallica they bought the trademark of Metallica from Metallica you as a consumer would probably say well that's not Metallica it doesn't matter what the legal finagling happened what contractual signing-off of rights happened that isn't Metallica and it can never be Metallica and in fact if you were to sue for false advertising you might actually have a case despite the fact that the current group known as Metallica has transferred their ownership at the very least like the court might order them to do corrective advertising and say we are now you know to inform consumers that this version of Metallica contains a separate set of artists but in the other set of artists that made up Metallica because consumers expect Metallica to be those four guys so I think that there might actually be even the legal case who knows this has never really happened with bands because there's no social acceptance for bands continuing without key members or without any members remaining even something like I think the Beach Boys went on without Brian Wilson that's one of those little gray areas it's like well there's still original guys but not Brian Wilson you know and I think there was a conflict John Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revival where they were suing him for playing his own songs that he wrote there you know just a complete clown world when you actually get some of these things in the court but you're going back to this social proof this social idea that people understand that Metallica means those four guys now what does this mean for Star Wars well Star Wars is a lot more complicated there's a lot more fuzzy edges simply because when you make a movie there's so many more people involved in the making of that product than with an album you have not just the directory you have a screenwriter you have producers executive producers you have visual artists like Ralph McQuarrie who designed the set pieces design the costumes you have special effects supervisors you have people working on the special effects you have composers like John Williams do you have producers like Gary Kurtz a lot of these people have gone from the crew that makes Star Wars and then of course you have the actors a lot of these people have disappeared from the crew that has made Star Wars over the years so how many of them are required for them to have you know Star Wars be Star Wars well the hint I think is actually in the movies themselves I think they actually admit this subtly though people don't necessarily interpret this as such when the credits roll when you see force awakens this is based on the characters you know at the in the movie based on characters created by George Lucas based on meaning it's not official they don't actually own those characters in a metaphysical sense they can't because they're creations of George Lucas and you actually cannot separate creator and creation it's like separating God in his creation when you create something you're like the God of it you own it forever and nobody can really deny that you created it and so if people can deny that you created it they can't really own it and say to their creation either so the act of creation inherently binds it eternally to the artist and they admit this which is why it's listed there based on characters by George Lucas more lots more than characters based on stories created by George Lucas universes everything right and so the right there you have the key member which is George Lucas the guy who wrote the original screenplay back in 1974 275 follow through wrote and produced the original movie and then has has directed three more movies after that created the stories for every single movie up to that point that's George Lucas George Lucas is the key member the only person I think that's remaining from the original crew besides the actors is is John Williams and John Williams has a big contribution to Star Wars I don't want to underrate that but again when we ended up in kind of those gray fringes anything without George Lucas you're missing the core of creation and they actually admit it by saying it's based on it same thing actually with James Bond so I heard that they're making a they're turning James Bond into a black woman now people like James Bond's gonna be a black woman no James Bond will never ever ever ever be a black woman that is a literal impossibility because James Bond is exactly as in Fleming created him to be he is no different he has no other no other person can come in and pervert that creation from him and subverted nobody can do that it's a it's an impossibility they these this is unofficial fiction and indeed most James Bond movies are unofficial fiction because what did they say on them based on double-oh-seven created by Ian Fleming he's no longer here I know he was involved with some of the screenplays and things like that but he's he's not part of that this is unofficial fiction it's fan fiction so what's the big difference maybe between say force awakens and revenge the set what's the difference between this one that's absent the creators and this one that has the creator so we could even go one step further and say like Road one Road one has literally nobody involved in it no John Williams either in fact it has themes by John Williams based on themes but you know it contains music that John Williams wrote which can't be unrolled you can't you can't sever the music that he wrote and say it's somebody else's music it's impossible you have to give credit where credit's due and say yeah I'm using the Star Wars themes by John Williams because they're inherently part of the Star Wars what's the difference between this two between this and say you know that Darth Maul fanfiction film on YouTube well as if budget well budgets a big one right two hundred million dollars is a lot of money to make a movie it's no more official though well the big difference is Disney paid George Lucas by buying his company Lucasfilm they paid him several billion dollars for the privilege of suing other people when they want to make an official Star Wars movies so their Star Wars movies are unofficial just like any other fan made film the big difference being that they can sue other people who happen to make them they have paid for that legal right but and at the heart of it they still haven't made it their creation it can't be their creation it could never be now force awakens could be JJ Abrams is creation but it can't be Star Wars because it's not George Lucas and it never will be they've paid for the privilege to sue people or maybe on on another level too you could say the big difference between Disney Star Wars and fan fiction is that fan fiction is made by fans banned fiction is made by people who like Star Wars and and Disney Star Wars is not made by people who like Star Wars it's made by corporation so this brings me to another thing about corporate IP corporate intellectual property ownership candid corporation owned artistic creations the answer is no and it's because they're not people corporation is not a person so a corporation cannot create anything only people can create things so only the artists that are employed by the corporation can actually create anything that could be interpreted as art so the fact that the corporation legally holds the title the the trademark rights to Star Wars and holds the cot you know the past copyrights to the past movies that doesn't change the fact that they still as a concept can't create any art they have to hire artists to do it they have to hire JJ Abrams and a fleet of special-effects artists and costume artists to create something that they're going to call Star Wars so at the end of the day a corporation really can't be viewed as owning anything artistic because it's impossible for it to create art it must hire actual human beings to do it and those human beings are done what's called for hire they do it without any legal legal ownership over what they're what they're creating at the end of the day which is very sad that's kind of like artistic slavery if you think about it where you're creating something you don't own the product of your Labor's in a metaphysical sense but I would say that they do that you know JJ Abrams owns force awakens whatever I may think about it it is his creation and whatever it happens to be based off of or unofficially part of Star Wars it's still something that is bound up in his his artistic vision so anyway that's the big concept can this be applied to other stuff absolutely so you have Stan Lee Steve Ditko Jack Kirby created comics all of these you know comic book characters that were created by these great artists and writers in the past they are unofficial at this point so Thor no Thor is not a light women never will be right can't be Iceman is not gay either because the people who created these characters have moved on from them yes Marvel is still paying artists to create new things based on characters created by Steve Ditko Jack Kirby and Stan Lee but those things are not official because you can't separate Stan Lee from his creation spider-man will always be a spider-man it was when Stan Lee and Steve Ditko made him when they conjured him out of the abyss and and made a story with him that is how Spiderman actually is and so once those guys are no longer attached to it it's kind of like seeing a band without any original members of metallic you know see Metallica with no Metallica members in it it's maybe they may be playing Metallica's music they may be emulating Metallica style but they can't be Metallica it's actually an impossibility now the thing is a lot of people don't view things this way and I think that's because they've been trained to and they've been trained to think of spider-man as some marvel property owned by this concept beast called Marvel Marvel Comics Marvel Comics is not a person so it can't be an artist and it can't create art you keep buying things like Batman comics even though all the creators involved in Batman have long since moved on it's all unofficial or fan fiction now it doesn't mean it's a bad thing so here's the last thing I'm gonna say it's not bad damn fiction is not bad it's not evil it's not bad to make unofficial continuations of things adaptations but if you were a fan you should absolutely not accept these as a certain or permanent or anything like that you should be free to not buy things which are unofficial you shouldn't feel bad when somebody happens to use the finagling of corporate IP ownership to subvert and destroy things that you things that you love because the things that you loved cannot be destroyed ultimately that's the thing that you have to remember is that some company turning James Bond into a black woman doesn't do anything to the original James Bond it can't it sits in a possibility you could say well this is this is stupid and not true to the original material which is absolutely correct and you can not see the movie and convince other people to not see the movie which is also a correct thing to do but you don't have to feel like James Bond has actually been turned into a black woman he obviously cannot be because only in Fleming could have turned him into a black woman and Ian Fleming did not do that so that is something that we could change with our mindset and should push forward on it starts from things that are very unambiguous like say a band but it can be applied to almost anything so Star Wars Disney Star Wars it's not canon guys it's unofficial it's fan fiction view it as such treated as such talk about it as such including not treating it as anything that needs to be paid attention to or be thought of as official and anyone that says it is official they're incorrect right just as they'd be incorrect about Thor being a woman or anything else like that once you separate creator and creation it's completely unofficial it's a fan work it's something like that be I going to see you go see a deal hologram you're not seeing do that's obvious but all of these things are like the deal hologram they're just continuations of something which has already passed on from this earth and that's it so thanks so much for watching don't forget to Like comment and subscribe something that you can do if you want to is you can buy my books my books are mine and I really enjoy writing them they are an expression of my artistic vision and I hope you will like them as well crown of sight is the technically the latest one but voices of the void is coming out you can pre-order that right now at amazon.com if you're on my mailing list or you jump on my mailing list you will get that one for free it's 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  • Geekdom101 says:

    But does this mean that all subsequent authors of comic book works isn't 'canon'? ex. Spider-Man stories written without Stan Lee or Jack Kirby.

  • Kajetan says:

    I like this way to see it. People have to stop clinging to these IPs like a religion. It makes you vulnerable.

  • Earthman99999 says:

    How about calling SW ep. 7 and 8 all just Chewbacca having a bad dream? It's like I want to call the JJ Abrams Star Trek movies all a bad dream as well. That Into Darkness movie was an abomination because that was not Khan. The only Khan was Ricardo Montalban.

  • Neo says:

    What this is also saying to me: If you want a british spy to be a black woman(for example), you have to make a new one.
    Come up with your own original ideas for once!

  • Motherfucker Jones says:

    Basically what Nile Rogers does with Chic.

  • Maintenance Renegade says:

    What he's discussing here is why I would never take the characters or events from my 5+ year long tabletop game I ran and continue them with a different set of players or insert them into a different GM's campaigns within the same setting. I've been the primary creative force in the thing but there's at least two and possibly even three other people who have enough artistic ownership of the thing themselves that they have to be present, involved and positively engaged with any further proceedings or it's just not legit.

  • Rew Rose says:

    It's like the Ship of Theseus
    Or like that one bit by Michael Davis and his axe which was owned by George Washington 'only the handle and head were replaced'

  • Randy Whitelock says:

    I remember Episode One. It looked like Star Wars, had Star Wars music, had themes like Star Wars, but it was actually just a wet fart during a George Lucas fever dream that I wasted a day waiting in line for. Whichever god made Jar Jar Binks should be ashamed of their creation.

    George Lucas intended 9 episodes in his canon. The new episodes are the last 3. Period. I mean, it's literally episodes 7, 8, and 9 of the canon. There are no more movies covering those episodes or his vision. Deal with it. 😎

    Lucasfilms was cool, if you liked Howard the Duck. Was the Howard The Duck movie part of the Howard the Duck canon or was the god of that movie taking unrighteous liberties with the comic book?

    Solo is cannon. Han said he did some stuff, he did that stuff, it had Chewbacca. What more do you want?

    On that note, was the Christmas Special canon? It probably had more people from the original than the Disney films. Did that stuff really happen to Chewbacca and his family or was that just fan fiction too?

    Where does one draw the line for your argument defending this mass distributed, corporate Hollywood space opera we call Star Wars?

    I mean, it's really not as artistically pure as you want it to be. Sorry.

  • MaaronK42 says:

    Disney Star Wars is to Star Wars as The Book of Mormon is to Christianity

  • jaxxstraw says:

    As a rock fan, I find it an interesting issue of when a band is not a band. For instance, I've been a Hawkwind fan since the 80s. For a very long time, the only original member (with various original/early members coming back in and out for a bit) has been Dave Brock. There are indeed various (one in particular) Hawkwind ex-member bands playing Hawkwind music, on some occasions with more original/early members than the actual Hawkwind. Now it's entirely possible that Brock might retire soon as he is getting quite old; if he gives his blessing to the other current members to carry on, is it still Hawkwind?

  • matrixlone says:

    Exactly 👍👍

  • Darth Stigater says:

    I think calling Disney Star Wars "fan fiction" is generous. If JJ had stayed on for the entire trilogy I could agree, but no fan could have done to Star Wars (more specifically to Luke Skywalker) what Rian Johnson did.

  • bruce wayne says:

    It should also be noted that Ben Burtt created the sound design for all 6 of the Lucas Star Wars movies. He contributed sounds for Force Awakens but was not allowed to be involved in the incorporation of the sound effects into the movie. He has not been involved at all with any of the other Disney Star Wars movies.

  • bruce wayne says:

    Good video. What would you say about franchises that had several co-creators and not just one or two? (such as the Alien franchise and Friday the 13th). Is Aliens not canon because the co writers didnt come back for that movie? Is the adult version of Jason not canon because the writer and the director of the original didnt come back for the sequels and didnt want Jason in the sequels?

  • Brekfast Libertarian says:

    Interesting question for you Dave: is King Crimson still King Crimson, even though Fripp is the only one whose remained in the band the entire time?

  • MIKEDUDE says:

    The witcher games are fan fiction but they are arguably better than the books ever were

  • Ganjiblob Flankis says:

    The band might play as New Metallica until forced to change their name to Ledallica.

  • Jerett Olson says:

    I think calling the new Star Wars movies fanfiction (or maybe corporate-fiction) it's a great way of explaining why they're different than original. I'll keep this in mind as I watch new movies of old franchises. In reality I wish these corporate entities would just let this franchise has die. Star Wars, Star Trek, Jurassic Park, and Terminator as all franchises that need to die. They all have become fanfiction movies.

    On the side my favorite 007 was Sean Connery and Rodger Moore. The new 007 movies are nothing like the originals.

    Another example determining original music group is the Temptations. At one point there was two Temptations music groups singing at the same time, but had original singers in them.

  • Rick Kyle says:

    And this is why Disney brought back Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamil… To provide continuity so the fans didn't openly revolt… Like a Palace coup, where the royal family are trotted out as props to provide legitimacy, when they are really being held hostage… To be executed, or disposed of as soon as feasibly possible… . This really explains so much…

  • Sono says:

    I think people get too tangled up on "canon" in fiction, and very often it gets pushed that only the legal owner of the IP has say on what's "canon" which to me is a disguised way to reboot what would already be done to sell it to you again (decanonization of EU/Legends). People are so quick to defend Disney since they're the legal holders of the franchise, but they didn't create it or even love it.

  • Norcal says:

    Aside from the odd comic book-inspired stories; The original extended universe (Now dubbed "Legends") is far superior to this Disney nonsense.

  • foberdud says:

    Interesting takes on the Star Wars situation David, always appreciate your thoughts.

  • tamara ns.ns.II. says:

    idk a lot of EU stuff was great (granted lots of it was crap) and it was SW and felt like SW and all was done by different people other than Lucas.
    The problem here is Disney. They're making Disney princess movies with SW makeup. They're making a corporate product going down the check list made by accountants. And to make things worse also trying to shove their political views in the process.
    Lucas himself said "I feel like I've sold my children to white slavers (sex traffickers)". And he's right, Disney will prostitute SW ip until it's shunned by everyone like an tired old whore.

  • Cazmin Keene says:

    And poof, Star Wars, in my heart, is revived. Thank you.

  • Mike Sidious says:

    100% truth!

  • slightlytwistedagain says:

    "So what's the big difference maybe between, say Force Awakens, and…" (advert kicks in with woman talking to the camera) "Little Red Riding Hood".

    That gave me a chuckle.

  • EATHER2468 says:

    So does this mean the expanded universe is fanfiction and what about star trek would Ds9, Voyager and enterprise qualify as fanfiction long after the creators are dead? don't get me wrong I hate these sequels however what makes up the properties of a film the original star wars weren't developed by Lucas alone but had several writers and editors and then there's is the release. when star wars were unfortunately sold legally product was sold.

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