Disney's Art of Animation Resort – FULL TOUR

Disney's Art of Animation Resort - FULL TOUR

hi everybody its ginger with marvelous mouse travels and today we're going to continue our tour of Disney's value resorts with Disney's Art of Animation Resort themed after some of the most popular Disney movies ever made this Resort has a lot to offer guests including several options for accommodating larger families so come with me as we check out this awesome property having opened in May of 2012 art of animation is the newest of Disney's value resorts and as the name implies the theming of the resort is all about the creative process involved in bringing some of Disney's most beloved animated tales to life we'll begin our tour here at animation Hall we'll tour the main lobby building as well as the food court before walking out these back doors to check out the Finding Nemo section of the resort as well as the big blue pool which is the main theme pool on property then we'll turn in this direction to tour the Cars section of the resort then we'll make our way over to the Lion King section and finish up here in the Little Mermaid section the main lobby at art of animation is laid out almost exactly like the main lobby at pop century which we toured in an earlier video however instead of having a wall full of memorabilia art of animations Lobby features a wall full of concept art from popular Disney films guests check-in and concierge is located directly to your left as you walk through the front doors just to the right of the doors that lead out to the big blue pool you'll find the pixel play arcade [Applause] the chandelier was themed with black and white drawings from the Little Mermaid cars The Lion King and Finding Nemo at the opposite end of the hall from the pixel play arcade you'll find an area housing computers as well as another area which houses an ATM as well as a fuel rod exchange station this is the exit to the bus stop and up on our left we'll see the main shopping and dining venue inside hey it's good to see you part of animations retail location the ink and paint shop also participates in a package pickup delivery system where you can buy souvenirs in the parks and have them delivered to your resort for free [Applause] there was a good selection of art of animation branded merchandise including a hat Christmas ornaments as well as some art prints to purchase and take home with you to remember your time [Applause] the food court at art of animation is landscape of flavors and it offers a lot of really great options for quick service dining the pastry options at this resort were particularly special in fact we may or may not have tried several different things out of this case most of the options that you see here are Disney Dining Plan snack credit eligible which is a great deal she's really nice after enjoying that delicious cupcake we decided to walk out the back doors of animation hall to tour the Finding Nemo section of the resort the Finding Nemo section is comprised of two buildings which contains family suites but can sleep up to six guests it's also the home of the largest theme pool on property the big blue pool is elaborately themed and features a splash area as well as a pool bar the size of the buildings that face the big blue pool elaborately decorated to look just like a scene from a movie also a big part of the theming or the talking and somewhat territorial seagulls from the movie besides of the buildings that face away from the pool are also beautiful and future drawings of characters here we can see pop century as well as the Disney skyline or station Finding Nemo family suites for a great option for larger families because they comfortably accommodate up to six guests they feature a kitchenette a fold-down double table bed a double sleeper sofa a separate master bedroom with a queen-size bed as well as two full bathrooms this billboard for Radiator Springs marks the entrance to the car section of the resort the theming in this particular area is absolutely incredible and you truly do feel as though you've been transported to the middle of the movie you can even pose for pictures with some of your favorite characters I love that even the sidewalks are themed to look like roads you it's at the end of this road you can see the cozy cone motel the theming here is so immersive that my daughter was actually a little afraid that we lost our way one of the neat features of the cozy cone pool here in the car section are these private cabanas that you can sit under if you want to enjoy some time out of the Sun here we have another view across our glass lake where you can see the Rubik's cubes from the 80s buildings at pop century if you'd like to see the video of our stay in the 80 section of pop century we'll put a link to that in the top right hand corner as well as in the description below the puns on the side of Lightning McQueen were pretty great I love that even the lights and the hallways are themed the car section of art of animation also features family suites which are set up exactly like the family suites in the Finding Nemo section at this point in our tour we've come from the car section back across the main pool and we're standing at this point looking back at Animation Hall you'll see the camera panned to our right to lead us into the Lion King section just like the other sections of the resort the theming of the Lion King section is immersive I couldn't get over how lush the landscaping was it's worth noting that the Lion King section of the resort is the only section that doesn't feature its own themed pool however it's a quick walk from the pools in the Nemo section or the Little Mermaid section and in my opinion the great theming more than makes up for the lack of a pool here again from this point we can look back across our glass lake to see the 50 section of pop century the interior of the Lion King buildings are just as highly themed as the exterior and they also feature family suites which have the same setup as those in the Finding Nemo and car sections panting right from The Lion King section we can see the Little Mermaid section of the resort which is my personal favorite I love The Little Mermaid it's my favorite Disney movie and stepping into this part of the resort really does make you feel like you're stepping into the middle of the film we love seeing all of Ariel's treasures peppered throughout the property I love how it looks like King Triton is looking over Erik shoulder here speaking of King Triton this huge statue pays homage to Ariel's slightly overprotective but very loving father there's also a huge statue of the sea witch herself Ursula and of course we can't forget Sebastian overlooking the pool we can see a statue of Ariel herself the theming around the pool and on the exterior of the buildings as a shout-out to the under-the-sea musical number from the film this vantage point gives you a great view of the layout of this section of the resort and this view shows you how close we are to pop century in fact it's a quick walk from The Little Mermaid section to pop century unlike the rooms in the other three sections of this resort the rooms of the Little Mermaid section are standard rooms featuring two double beds as well as one bathroom with one sink these standard rooms are offered at a lower price point than the family suites however the attention to detail and theming is just as excellent I love how the inside of the bathtub looks like Ariel's Grotto I hope you've enjoyed our tour of Disney's Art of Animation Resort as you can see this is a great value option for families both large and small and like cops century art of animation will one day benefit from the Disney Skyliner system giving just one more option for transportation to guests at this resort again I'm ginger with marvelous Mouse travels thank you for watching


  • Carol Berreth says:

    We chose AOA for our two-week vacay to WDW in May 2019 and couldn’t have been more satisfied. We were in the Little Mermaid section as there were only of us and it was perfect. The cast members at all of the resort facilities were so helpful for us on our first time in Florida. If we were to come back, it would still be our first choice. Thanks AOA!

  • maypina6 says:

    Is it all inclusive ?

  • MissPandora says:

    Great video. I wondered if you could answer a Q for me. I've read online the standard little mermaid rooms also have a fridge, but didn't see it in your video. You were super detailed I presumed you would have mentioned it if it had one. Do you know if they've removed them or maybe added them recently? I was really hoping to have a fridge. Certainly not paying +£1500 for a fridge though it's just two adults going.

  • Mary Thompson says:

    I stayed at the cars area

  • Find The Mouse says:

    I recently stayed in the Pop Century right across the lake and I actually liked it better than the Art of Animation.. Art of Animation is still amazing and beautiful in its own way tough, I really enjoyed Pop Century more.

    Also, can we get some hot tubs for these hotels?!? 😂

    Great vid 👏😎

  • Richard King says:

    This was a good overview of the resort. We are staying there in June, it was helpful to see how the resort is laid out as you walked through. And we may be in trouble with all the desserts there. Thanks!

  • Susan Daffin says:

    VERY GOOD JOB!  Thank you!

  • fancishmanci says:

    Incredible overview! Thank you for sharing this!

  • caitlynn evans says:

    im staying there this weekend!

  • BeautifulDiva1913 says:

    This video is literally the best AoA tour video on YouTube. The video is shot very well and gives a complete view of the resort as well as the rooms.

  • Chill One says:

    I want to go back so much! I miss it so much, I stayed in the little mermaid part, it was a pretty long walk back to our rooms after a long day at Disney world but it was definitely worth it seeing all the detail they put in their resorts.

  • Lauren Reid says:

    im staing inthat rasort in november

  • Winter Edwards says:

    We plan on staying here when we go. I'm so excited!!

  • AlphaTraveler1 says:

    Cool share, we have not stayed at this resort yet.

  • Buttereddog says:

    That dilivery thing is an awesome addition to the store.

  • Buttereddog says:

    Wow that hotel looks amazing. There are Disney characters everywhere!

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