• diego herrera says:


  • DJ Ron says:


  • ElderScrolls Addict says:


  • بەرەو ئیسلام says:


  • TSBU Will And Marz says:

    Just amazing and absolutely beautiful video.

  • Paul Kervran says:

    Enfin une française dans une video DJI

  • Dylan DC says:

    So awesome!

  • Brodie Mcgregor says:

    Hey DJI, I think there's a problem with the new update for the dji go app. Ever since I've updated my drone live video will disconnect for about 30 seconds after starting it up for some reason. Not sure if you guys did know. I'm flying a phantom 3 advanced with a iPhone 6 Plus.

  • Дима Кравцов says:

    Что за музыка?

  • DMJ ME says:

    nice vid dude

  • M MOLI says:

    Yes une Française

  • RoSabertina says:

    Great video DJI 😉

  • Martín says:

    muy bueno los felicito a mi tambien me gustaria poder hacer esa clase de fotografía con el phantom o el inspire o por qué no el s6000 si me quieren regalar alguno solo mandenme un mensaje chau los quiero saludos desde argentina.

  • Rogan Brownstein says:

    Go check my pics out on instagram using my phantom 4 pro @drones_and_photos

  • A says:

    you guys really really really need to work on the drones loud squeaking noise. the Phantom 3 and under never squeaked. The Inspire 1 never squeaked. Now everything you put out makes a loud squeak and everyone I film HATES it. Make them quieter not louder. Almost every wedding we have done since the phantom 4 came out, they have to keep asking us to fly higher or further away because of the squeaking. They are all fine with just the sound of the prop wash noise, as they expected that when hiring us for the wedding. But the squeaking is what they HATE and never expected and ruined the wedding. We need to fly so high we are almost at 400ft and cant see shit in the wedding even with zoom… Makes it so we end up refunding our clients after they tell us to just land and forget it because they are so unhappy with the squeaking that pisses everyone off. makes dogs go insane, kids start crying. Its really pathetic of you to think putting a product out that squeaks so badly is acceptable. And i know its not mine because when we first bought the phantom 4 we returned it after 1 flight because of the squeaking thinking it must be a defected product. got a second, it squeaked, returned it, got a 3rd and 4th and both squeaked. This is pathetic. Fix your drones and make them not squeak.

  • Sem VD Woude says:

    frans… 0 reeten

  • Xurxo Lois says:

    Belle vidéo, félicitations pour votre travail Helene.

  • scooter mad 143 main channel says:

    i like your vids


    WoW i love it⚘……..

  • 广东人支持香港反送中【独裁必死,支共必亡】 says:

    I‘m yours , jason marz,I don't know why realize this song。。。

  • sami said says:


  • 香港市民军 对抗 独裁极权 戒严军【韩国80年代民主 光州事件 Youtube出租车司机17年最火】 says:

    DJI,给你一个小小的建议,你的channel右上角,有FB,IG,TWITTER,还有一个DJI store,DJI store是不是太暗了?太不显眼了,

  • Sivashankar T says:

    whats the background music

  • DarthSmartt says:

    Hey Dji where are the goggles?

  • 广东人支持香港反送中【独裁必死,支共必亡】 says:

    DJI,你是不是应该,开多几个国家啊,就一个DJI JAPAN,在那挂着,其他国家,你不拓展生意啊!?现在你不趁着势头上,以后其他企业无人机品牌追上来了,你积累客户fans,就难了,
    就像手机,Samsung其实比华为好吗?不,Samsung is rubbish,但是,别人就是生在了好的时代,刚好nokia垮台了,apple还没成熟出来的时候,就一家独大,当然积累了很多客户使用者fans,



    因为,你不抓住机会,你让机会溜走,以后别人会抓住机会,no mercy,对别人仁慈,就是对自己残忍,


  • nebiye sarı says:

    Oh by

  • Tsitohaina RAKOTO-Videographer says:

    Genial. vidéo magnifique. vraiment bravo.

  • Alexander Loor says:

    yo quiero un dron

  • sgtmjm says:

    Magnifique usage du drone. Bravo…

  • Reneevee133 says:


  • ISTFM Hybenice says:

    i am little bit concerned the image qualities

  • ronaldo silva crespo says:

    Completo pena que não tem revenda em são paulo

  • DRONEMAN4K says:

    Love Love Love

  • chaudhari KEYURBHAI says:

    Ye konsa dron he or iski rang kitni he thodi jankari plez…

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