Does Steven Seagal’s Aikido Work? • Martial Arts Journey

Does Steven Seagal’s Aikido Work? • Martial Arts Journey

Does Steven Seagal’s Aikido Work? That Aikido is not an effective martial art
is becoming widely known. In the past it was easier to hide this fact,
since there was no world wide web and also functional martial arts were not yet on the
rise to go toe to toe with other martial arts and prove their ineffectiveness. Yet some Aikido practitioners while they do
agree that it doesn’t work to a certain extent, many still claim that it’s just
some styles that are ineffective and take Steven Seagal’s Aikido form of Aikido as
an example of an effective Aikido version. Whether that is the truth or not, in this
Martial Arts Journey video we will be taking a look at whether Steven Seagal’s Aikido
Really Works? The first question we need to ask is Why Do
these people consider Steven Seagal’s Aikido style more effective than that of others. I’d like to point out, that probably the
way Aikido is portrayed in his movies has a big influence on people’s perspective. It is very direct, brutal and distinctly different
from the aesthetic and almost “polite” versions of Aikido, which sometimes is difficult
to imagine in a realistic violent scenario. Having all this violence in Seagal’s performed
Aikido moves on screen definitely makes a better impression on many people. His movie techniques also include a range
of punches and kicks, which are oftentimes left out majorly from many Aikido styles,
once more making them look less effective in comparison. Of course, movies are movies, and what an
actor can do in a choreographed movie scene, does not mean he will be able to perform all
of it in a real life setting. That is why we need to take a closer look
at how Steven Seagal performed his techniques off the movie set. When comparing most Aikido videos that show
Steven Seagal’s Aikido demonstrations, there are still visible differences from regular
Aikido that you would mostly see online and in various Dojos. Seagal’s techniques look more direct, powerful
and more energetic than most Aikido demonstrations. One of such examples, is the entering straight
with an arm towards an attacking partner, while stepping to the side of his attack. While it is not exclusive to his style, it
is less seen in other Aikido styles and many Aikido styles perform it in a much gentler
way, which again makes it look less effective. He also occasionally demonstrates a neck choke,
which is once more a step from regular Aikido and seems to be a step towards a more functional
version of the art. There are also some visible, fast paced hand
deflections that he uses against various attacks, and also some kick defense, which both tend
to be rare in other Aikido schools, yet again making his Aikido style look superior. Having all these details in mind, it is no
wonder that many people see Steven Seagal’s Aikido as the effective version. Yet as Matt Thornton, a famous figure in the
realm of functional martial arts once told me: rougher doesn’t mean it is more effective. In truth, while all these distinct elements
of Seagal’s style definitely make it different and looks more impressive, it doesn’t really
still answer whether his style is effective or not. That is why we need to ask further questions
– of which most import – how to distinguish a functional martial art from a non-functional
one? One of the best phrases I heard I heard dedicated
to doing this is to: “Look not at how the master applies his techniques, but watch at
how the attackers attack”. This is a great principle, which can be applied
to any martial art and it’s demonstrations, so let’s apply it to analysing Steven Seagal’s
Aikido. If you take a look at any demonstration performed
by Steven Seagal – past or present, and you focus and analyse the attackers, you will
soon discover that there is pretty much no resistance offered by them. While the techniques performed by Seagal look
more efficient, generally the attacks of his attackers not only look pretty much the same
as in regular Aikido, such as lounging towards him with both arms extended, or grabbing his
offered hand, but they also apply the same principle of attacking with almost no resistance
whatsoever and they fall in the same prearranged ways as in infamously done in any regular
Aikido style. And while some would say that: “You have
to fall, otherwise you will get injured”, having personally practiced Aikido for more
than a decade and also training in functional martial arts such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and
MMA, I can tell you as a fact, that while this logic applies to a few Aikido techniques,
in most of the cases, the idea that you have to fall or you will get hurt, is simply just
a myth. You can easily find a way to resist many Aikido
techniques or spin out of them, and they will cause you no harm. One more major flaw seen in Seagal’s demonstrations,
is that the punches are mostly done in the same manner as in most Aikido schools: by
throwing the punch and leaving the arm sticking out there without retracting it, to – let
the him perform his technique. Any functional martial artist knows that an
effective strike consists of retracting the punch and it is simply unnatural to leave
the arm sticking out there after striking, what even an untrained attacker wouldn’t
do. In Aikido, sticking the arm out after a punch,
implies that a master is supposed to catch the fist mid air as it is in motion, but again,
any real fighter knows that it is almost impossible to do it in reality and thus all of these
techniques which rely on this are completely ineffective. Even if you see a combination of punches that
Seagal defend from, after a couple of strikes are thrown, the attacker just stands there
without offering any live resistance, waiting to be thrown, and all Seagal really has to
do, is to know how to defend against a couple pre-arranged strikes and then to apply the
same static technique without any more difference. With all of this observed, it appears, that
Steven Seagal’s approach to striking defense is not really that different from a regular,
ineffective Aikido style. Some may argue though that sometimes demos
can be different from the way the art is practiced in the school, that is why it is still important
to take a look at his teaching methods, to really find out whether his style is effective
or not. One part that I was impressed with while watching
a documentary about Seagal in his youth, was footage of his black belt tests. While the flaws mentioned before when techniques
were performed with a cooperative partner were still the same, one part of the tests
stood out – and that is when he had three resisting attackers grab the testy with full
force and to try to push him down to the ground. Such a method of pressure testing definitely
resembles the realm of functional martial arts, where a practitioner has to perform
his techniques against people who do not want him to have them applied, and that is where
real application appears. Unfortunately, while I really respect the
fact that Seagal had his students go through such an experience, they also yet again showed
some of the flaws of the teaching method. While it is important to address that attackers
would not use strikes, still the movement and techniques performed by the student would
change dramatically from how it would be trained in regular training and many trained techniques
would not come up in such a pressure tested moment. As it is said, you fight how you train, if
the training is very distinct from how it is actually applied in a pressure testing
situation, that is one more bad sign, usually showing the lack of effectiveness in the training
method itself. While training all the time with live resisting
opponents as in Seagal’s documented special part of the black belt tests, would very likely
raise Aikido to a more functional level, unfortunately it appears that such training method would
be rarely used in his teachings and the rest of the training would be mainly focused on
the regular Aikido methodology, where there is no live resistance and full cooperation
between attacker and defender in performed techniques. This flaw can also be observed in unique footage
where Steven Seagal had a chance to coach a legendary MMA fighter Anderson Silva. Despite the fact that the context was MMA,
most of the times Seagal would still present the training methodology of Aikido, presenting
the same flaws of logic while asking Silva to keep his punch hanging at the end of it,
which would never be done in MMA setting. And probably the reason for teaching this
way was not due to goals of efficiency, but simply because that is the only way those
presented Aikido techniques work. Even in cases where Seagal would ask Silva
to do a faster, retracted punch, Silva would then stay standing without any following movements
and offering no live resistance, until the technique was done unto him. Yet again, any functional martial artist knows
that you fight how you train. Any technique can look effective under coordinated
circumstances, yet in order for it to work in a real fight, the technique has to be tested
in sparring setting against a live resisting opponent. Unfortunately, in the training session between
Steven and Silva, while many static techniques were introduced, no live sparring and pressure
testing to apparently has been done, and relying on my personal Aikido and MMA experience,
I will be bold enough to say, that there was no sparring or pressure testing – because
those same presented techniques would simply not have worked under real pressure, which
functional martial arts are based on. It is no wonder that that the training between
Seagal and Silva was a one time thing. Professional MMA fighters always seek to gain
an edge in their fighting game and they grab everything that works. If Seagal’s teaching method would had been
a game changer, I am quite sure we would have seen many more coaching sessions between him
and other famous fighters. One more important thing to note, is that
what works for Seagal himself, does not yet mean it will work for his students as well. Steven is a big person and it is only a myth
that size does not matter in martial arts, and that it’s only about how well you perform
a technique. Otherwise we would not have weight classes
in MMA, BJJ, Judo, Boxing or any other functional martial art. Using your size and weight alongside your
technique to throw a person is a huge defying factor whether the throw will be effective
or not, and in most cases, Seagal is much bigger than who he is demonstrating his techniques
against, yet again making it look more effective, but in reality leaving a big gap when the
same is expected from other students of his style. Whether Steven Seagal is a good fighter or
not, that is another question to ask, and it could be proven only if he would get into
the ring to fight against another actual fighter, who would be offering live resistance. Until that is done, we can only speculate
whether he is. Yet to answer the question whether Seagal’s
Aikido style is effective or not, we may have just the right amount of information to come
to a conclusion. Is his style more effective than most Aikido
styles? It could be. Especially having in mind that some live resistance
Is offered at least at the black belt tests to train a practitioner’s skills under pressure. Yet is his style different enough to be named
a functional martial art? Probably not. While it is definitely different from regular
Aikido, the fact it still follows pretty much the same training methodology and relationship
with alive resistance like other regular Aikido styles, it is not enough to make it effective. And while it Looks better and more impressive
than most Aikido, how a martial art looks, does not yet say much about how actually effective
it is when faced with a real attacker. Unless a practice is constantly pressure tested
and the same techniques are applied again and again on a live resisting opponent, even
the best looking martial art will never become real. Do you think Steven Seagal’s Aikido is effective? Let me know in the comments. If you liked the video, click the like and
subscribe buttons. If you want to know more about Steven Seagal’s
negative past, click on the video in the corner. This was Rokas and I wish you to own your


  • David Clements Clements says:

    Steven Seagal
    The master of the cheeseburger and fries .

  • matreyia says:

    Being such a big person, he can afford to be messy and just rely on his mass and muscular strength as opposed to sensitivity of balance, opponent commitment and change of direction. So if a small person tried his stuff…he would die.

  • Marlon Brando Brad Pitt says:


  • Buick 401 says:

    None of them work! They are arts. Not to be used for street violence. Scenarios never work in real life so violence and intent are the only tools needed.

  • Marlon Brando Brad Pitt says:


  • Marlon Brando Brad Pitt says:


  • Marlon Brando Brad Pitt says:


  • Marlon Brando Brad Pitt says:


  • Marlon Brando Brad Pitt says:


  • Marlon Brando Brad Pitt says:


  • M U says:

    Me: whats your style?
    Steven: my style? Its the art of pushing and shoving without fighting✌️

  • Jiyukan says:

    Nobody not in the federation of Steven Seagull (in the US) considers his Aikido effective. He actually does not even do Aikido. In my federation he hardly wold pass a first dan examination, and most likely not in Japan either. He is an ACTOR not an Aikidoka. He got his gradings for promoting Aikido not because he is good at it. Unfortunately many of his students think he is/was good at it and promote his bullshido.

    And you, Rokkas: unfortunately have no clue about Aikido either. Does not really help to mostly practice from a book and having no teacher 😛

  • Marlon Brando Brad Pitt says:


  • Jiyukan says:

    Well, just to give you a few hints. Catching a hand in air is not impossible. Because: you don't aim for the hand but for the elbow or the shoulder.
    Secondly a full committed strike, you don't pull back. You can't.
    Thirdly: you make a movie about striking and pulling back and don't see that the attacker is actually either pulling back or trying to do so: fail.
    Then we see you again doing Aikido and you do it all wrong … you step back and because your Uke know s you want to do Ikkyo he keeps his hand stretched out … wow. And now you claim that never happens in real life. Out of context argument.

  • mars base says:

    Seeing as how you have Aikido experience, I defer to your opinion but from my analysis of different martial arts over the years, it seems to me that, although Aikido as a self defense system may be lacking in a real world fight, there seems to be some techniques that would be a welcome addition to a more well rounded fighting style. Do you think? 🤔

  • IngloriousRO says:

    I like steven seagal

  • Ed Paradis says:

    Steven segall used Hapido in his strikes. I found Steven demo lacking and boring and his teaching useless when I met him when I took Aikido. He really was just one dimensional.

  • john mousoulis says:

    Bloody hell, Rokas!! You will be the judge of whether Seagal Sensei's Aikido is effective or not?? Have you ever watched your own videos?? Do you actually think that Aikido is ineffective? Do you actually believe that what you are doing in those videos is Aikido? You are one of the most incompetent Aikidoists I've ever seen… No technique, no principles whatsoever!! You say you have studied that for more than a decade? well, let me tell you something, I already have more than twice your experience in Aikido and still counting and I can tell you one thing… You don't have a clue what Aikido is and not only that but you also used to have your own dojo! Seriously now??? The only reason that you failed so miserably every time you tried to test your Aikido is simply because you have no skills whatsoever, you never learned Aikido and that's a stone cold fact, perfectly obvious in your videos!!

  • Stephen Guy says:

    People can say what they like about aikido But the fact is no one can overcome any asalent when being attacked if you STOP in the middle of your moves. I don't care what you study if you stop your practice you will get hurt in a real fight . would you stop running if you were in a track race ? No
    You wouldn't so why stop in the middle of a fight. Why would someone believe that when you practice any form of martial arts
    That it has to be as real as real can get that's good to have but at the end of the day what are we talking about here. We are talking about
    Doing things correctly makeing sure that our students know how to do the moves and motions and footwork that is applied in the technique were teaching them and makeing sure there safe and last but not least that they fully understand that what I teach you here is for you to practice but its up to YOU to make the effort to do it right because if your practice is wrong and I try to correct you and when you get home and to practice with a friend and your still not doing the moves right and not following through your motion and practicing your stances or footwork then one day someone mugs you and you come in the dojo.
    Situ. What happened to you
    Studend: got mugged.
    Sifu. Did you not have the chace to defend yourself.
    Student. Yes but when I went to use the move. And I knew what to do I but I got countered in the move. Then I was on the ground and he beat me and took my money.
    Sifu. Why did you get defeated.
    Student. Because the art doesn't work.
    Sifu. Wrong you lost cause of you.
    You did not practice the right way like I told you to do giving the assalter time to counter your move
    Because you stopped in the middle of your motion it seems as I've told before not to do that because when you don't practice the whole move then when you use it it fails cause your no longer in motion . the whole point of the practice is to get you to be aware of what your doing to where it comes natural to you so that when you are attacked like just now you can be assured that you will be calm and ready with confidence to follow through with your defence.

  • Shannon Lewis says:

    Can't it just be for fun? Moreover, fight sports need real fighting training no matter what – go Box, MMA BJJ, or MT. Its important to remember Taekwondo spinning kicks used to be laughed at in UFC and Judo techniques were also regarded as a sport, not a functional martial art – now things are different. So if Aikidoka trained with constant live resistance maybe – maybe, a functional combat "Aikido" could emerge but it wouldn't really be traditional-Aikido then either per its precepts.

  • jules Lachney says:

    The simple answer is no.

  • LAX Traction says:

    If you’re living in Japan studying martial arts obviously aikido there’s hop keto they use those moves and hop keto that clothesline move they use that in hop keto hop keto is a very dangerous martial art

  • Know All says:

    If he was so good why didn't he fight JCVD at Stalone's house? Word was that he sit his pants. And one time litteraly shit his pants after a choke on a movie set by a pro Judoka. Well anyway Aikido is mostly just watered down Jujutsu grappling.

  • k1j2f30 says:

    What the Hell, when did Segal swallow a bathtub?

  • Frank Eppe says:

    Yeah…I had a few street fights too. Funny enough the assailants all ran at me with flailing out stretched arms. Off course, as good as I am, I read their intention, grabbed their wrist and did the classic "windmill" circular motion. They all did beautifully executed summer salts and lay down motionless. Fuck I am good and weigh 600 pounds….

  • Nick c says:

    I love ur videos can you do one about combat Hapkido

  • John Casillas says:

    Steven Segal is a bad example of aikido specifically yoshinkan aikido (hard style). there's a way to practice that's what you are judging. just because you earn a black belt only means you are ready to start actually learning how aikido works. 99% of this video contains fake aikido (aikikai soft style).

  • Shawn Cicero says:

    It works on his wife and young kids in dojos

  • ronisworld2 says:

    Very well explained!!

  • Mohammad Sahil says:

    Since you have a decade long experience in aikedo also practised MMA and jui jutsu, u r the legit person to comment on effectiveness of aikedo, real fights are much like MMA fight, therefore MMA is definitely effective in real fights rest all martial arts look fancy, I practice boxing, even though it is some what effective but most of the times u end up grappling then it sucks

  • Ernesto Cebreros says:

    Heeey asshole.he is a fat fake.
    Always dressing like a fucking
    Old lady .i wiil kick his fat ass
    Realy easy..inclu ur ass .steve fat

  • Skelars says:

    Better you study first aikido, til you become a Black Belter then combine it whatever martial arts you have now

  • Michael Cass says:

    Well never know the answer because Steven has only ran his mouth but never proved anything and is now too old to do so.

  • Alfonso Zambrano says:

    Every one knows Steven it's a fraud

  • Jon Clarkson says:

    Aikido is a gay martial art.

  • Jon Clarkson says:

    If you want to learn to fight take up boxing. Not this gay shit. It'll get you killed on the street. And they wear female dresses? LMFAO.

  • Jericho Beach says:

    Men should never wear dresses under any circumstance

  • Jericho Beach says:

    Are they wearing ass pads under the dress so it hurts less when they get thrown on it?

  • David Salesa says:

    It seems like you do not know anything aboutMartail Arts.Steven has several more moves than you or anybody will ever know.

  • Hari Govind Varma says:

    It works rly good….if the opponents attack position is similar to that of a handshake

  • ciscotiger says:

    In a police setting where you have to use arrest control techniques, Aikido principles applies and works on passive resistence and people without fighting skills. Ground and pound is against department policy….

  • The mentor says:

    I personally think it can work as supplement technique u can pul l one or two

  • Anthony Eusebius says:

    Really ignorant about the man. Seagal trained in detroit and traveled to Japan. After gaining mastsr he opened his own school in a bad part of town. He constantly had gang members wanting to challenge the "round eye" his skills are legit. Those challengers were left unconscious on the front steps. Just to get the 5th degree master level requires the ability to stand multiple are like a frog living in a well thinking you know by that small circle of sky that you know the whole universe. Sad really sad.

  • Ryan Pumpkin says:

    Aikido has good throws and good foot work, movement, deflection etc. As with any martial art, it must be supplemented with other martial arts in areas where it's lacking. I think it's an excellent style actually.

  • Merle Bump says:

    It looks like WWE. the guy just puts his arm out and then does a flip. Oh, yeah…Seagal really flipped his opponent with barely any movement

  • M K says:

    Whatever the case may be, he succeeded in entertaining all of us with his fatkido

  • troy wilson says:

    Japanese Aikido is a defensive martial art..only to find out if Segal's aikido works…ATTACK HIM!!!!

  • Ulfhedinn Norsk says:

    That knife fight on 1:20 is hilarious 😂. WTF

  • Ulfhedinn Norsk says:

    Steven Seagal best throw is the one he does to donuts, throwing them right into his mouth!

  • Uhhh says:

    I am sad we did not want to really see or acknowledge this when we watched Steven as kids, but even when you watch his old demonstrations now it is so painfully obvious.

    They run at him, stupidly, in a predetermined or completely rehearsed manner. He applies minimal force. They throw themselves for him. Technique "demonstrated", not by any means Used or proven by way of that demonstration to be at all Viable in a fight.

    Great points such as watching the attacker.

  • Kon Hishamaru says:

    Steven Seagal is the type of guy you want to put in his place.. again and again and again because he just never can learn 😂

  • Christopher Holmes says:

    This is a rehearsed dance……Segal is 6ft 4 and about 285, put a guy his size kicking his legs and dropping some bombs……This karate has been a fraud for 50 years now…..It's another way to beat people out of their money leading them to believe they can take on numerous attackers at once. Until you come to youtube and watch the mma guy get beaten to death in Brazil

  • DOBER DANE says:

    I guess they will have to remove it off of Batman's official mixed martial arts skill-set.

  • Alex Bass says:

    Hahahah!!!  OK .. Japanese destroyed US car industry – now more Toyotas are sold in US than Fords.  When Japanese do something it works.  So … when Japanese perfected Aikido, believe me it works.  The problem I see is that most Americans do not learn Aikido from the Japanese, they learn it from some American. So … that's like learning Japanese from an American.  LOL.  Go find old Japanese sensei and pray he accepts you as student which is what happened to me.  Anyway … Aikido works just fine when learned from Japanese.  It's like shooting a gun accurately – it all depends on who is your teacher.

  • Roddie Lumsden says:

    All pre arranged fighting dosnt work in real life the only true fighters were the bare knuckle no rule fighters of the nineteenth and eighteenth century's

  • paulus saulus says:

    Steven seagal trows people like sticks. Its a hoax. It not work in real life.

  • Li Kris Han Kung Fu says:

    Just look at this mans general health and presentation ! All these big mouth you tube celebrities claiming to know what martial arts is all about P-lease LMAO 😂

  • Juan Acevedo says:

    Seagal sucks he's a fake and a liar

  • Amdrew turley says:

    Sensei ,man ,stop doubting your style aikido is a mixed martial art

  • David Rosales says:


  • Steven Watson says:

    You'd have had a better chance in your mma fight if you'd used jkd's concepts of staying just outside of the pocket and the rest, think Jones…

  • Kęstutis Stugys says:

    Yuri Boyka would win. He is the most complete fighter in the world.

  • Bo S says:

    I've trained in Brazilian jiu jitsu with several guys that had black belts in aikido. One was a third degree black belt in aikido. There were two things each one of them said. The first thing you learn in aikido is to go for the nuts and what they've learned doesn't matter if you have no ground game. Which is why they were taking BJJ.

  • Desmond Dixon says:

    Stupid people got no brains to understand nothing.

  • Amulon Leo Zarraga says:

    Seagal is charged of rape 2 times.. and a big time .liar! he mock van damme and chuck noris and bruce lee. let see Seagal vs royce gracie, the video of Seagal all the guys they don't resist they just grabing Seagal that's it in reality its different I preferJUDO is effective that aikido.

  • Samuel Gonzalez says:

    In a real fight you don't have time to move that slow and people have two arms not one

  • Geese Howard says:

    Your breakdown is uneducated and weak. You have zero understanding of what you are talking about. What a joke.

    Zero understanding of Seagal’s deflections, and never grabs punches out of the air. Actually, that’s you projecting. Because it’s how YOU do Aikido.

    It DOES NOT MATTER if the Uke leaves the punch out or not. Completely irrelevant. Just because Silva leaves his hand out (because he thought he had to) doesn’t mean Seagal needed it.

    Seagal – when he was in shape and training in the 1980’s – was very different than when he was fat and not training much (late 90’s and after).

    Also, BJJ is next to useless in a real fight. Dudes get stomped on by their opponent’s friends, stabbed by their opponent, get their heads bounced off the concrete, etc. it’s great to escape if you end up on the ground, otherwise, only a fool goes to the ground on purpose.

  • Khamis Khamis says:

    Doesn't matter what martial art you are practicing, the only thing that matters is having the warrior spirit.

  • Cpt. Ahab_it says:

    Aikido is misunderstood , and Segal does not help. What I was taught, is not reflected by him , at all. Also demos, tend to consist of people ready to take the fall, because waiting on your joint to hurt and force ,it, well, it hurts, lol.

  • Only E says:


  • Nick Richards says:

    Hmmmmmm…I've never practiced Aikido, but I've heard from reading Path Notes of an American Ninja Master by Glenn Morris that it has many health benefits as well as creating good situational awareness and flow of chi through the body.

    Also the guy on YouTube rogue warriors I think, from Chicago uses it and demonstrates its uses from a practical street fighting perspective and his own real world experience on the streets of Chicago.

    He states its strong points and weak points as a system and gives good examples I believe.

    Stevens style is a more combat oriented form that the same guy from Chicago uses called tenchi aikido I think, so its none traditional basic aikido like moreishibas is.

    I remember one demonstration Steven did on a night show where his uke was coming at him with real world type knife strikes and Steven showed how easy it was to take him down while calmly explaining what to do and why it works.

    He is a prick and a liar, but I think his skill in martial arts stroked his ego a little too much and he became a jerk.

    That doesn't mean that he still couldn't kick serious ass though.

    John leguizamo, talked about it on the Howard stern show where Steven put him in a lock super fast and bullied him for giving Steve a hard time for showing up late on set.

    Steve is also very strong because if you ever watched his joke of a show where he is a real cop, he has two big trained dogs that he's holding back with one arm each as they are told to attack.

    He's also fat and out of shape now compared to how he used to be and probably in his 50s at least.

    He wanted no part of jcvd at a party they were both at according to sly, even after claiming Jean Claude wasn't a real martial artist, but they were both drunk or drinking at the time, so maybe that's why.

    Also about weight classes: the first ufcs had no rounds or weight classes and the fighters fought multiple times that night if they kept winning.

    I watched the savate guy defeat the 300+lb sumo guy rather quickly, as well as Kenpo guy Keith Hackney win over the 600 lb sumo guy, not to mention Royce Gracie choking out or tapping out many others beyond his weight class including Ken Shamrock.

  • kristian perez says:

    No style is perfect. IMO the thing you should do, if you just want to defend yourself, is spar. Fight against a variety of people from different styles, get used to the different ways they kick your ass. Eventually, you'll develop your own way of fighting against them, and you'll end up being a well rounded fighter.

  • ThEmAdJaCkHaTtEr says:

    Aikido was used to defend againt swords, its not used for fighting.

  • Zadokel Moor says:

    Aikido is like any other art it depends on the person

  • Rusty D says:

    Aikido is like any other training. Its up to the dedication of the instructor as well as the student. Some humans bring intelligence, spirituality and a fierce desire to accel in thier training. Some recieve a black belt just for shelling out to thier instructors for a certain amount of years. Go train with the Gracie family…no freebe belts. If you want to fight professionally thats how you will be trained. If you simply want to be able to defend yourself and families, thats how you will be trained. And you will have to pay, but also genuinely be part of a family. Its all about how hard you are willing to train. Seagal is a movie star. I have never seen him in a sanctioned full contact venue. If you really want to be a well rounded scrapper. Move to Russia.

  • John Mayes says:

    He did train solders Joe rogan talked about it on his podcasts. But Segal is so cocky its a little much. He thinks hes a legend but he was still young when the ufc started. He should of fought if he wanted to prove people wrong.

  • Jose Espiritu says:

    It took 10 years for the video producer that Aikido is not effective for fighting. It seems he is the problem not the martial arts.

  • Fozzy Bear says:

    simply if you don't fight in a way that Aikido user's hope being erratic and unpredictable you could handle Steven Seagal

  • Snoobiz says:

    So you want a 67 seven years old guy go to a MMA Cage and just fight for proving himself. Better to have a gun and shoot, faster and easier.
    Plus, Steven Seagal doesn't show aikido anymore, he mixes with other martial arts like Wing Chun or Karaté, and made its own art or bullshit if you prefer. If he is happy with this, good for him. You want to test him, go directly to him and fight. You will be so pround then to beat him up and prove to everyone that you re right … or wrong. His practice has an aikido base but in fact, i think it is not aikido anymore. And the point to see if it is effective or not, the eternal question, well ask this question to any martial arts.

  • Raghu Ram says:

    Senegl is NASAs unofficial invention

  • stan broniszewski says:

    What shocks me about Steven Seagal is how sloppy the man operates.

  • aweiserbud says:

    Lmao, all the demonstrations are to help people learn. No master is going to teach with full speed, full power… nobody could possibly learn from it. Tell me mr expert, what do you think about Ed Parker, Jeff Speakman, Larry Tatum and American Kenpo Karate? I bet my right nut nobody here would throw down with Steven 😂

  • Peter Johnson says:

    Aikido works against people with no fingers.


    Steven Seagal is an actor. His early movies are still cool. Out for Justice was a hilarious movie.


    The very best hand to hand training is taught by the US Marines. But of course, these are used to kill your adversaries. In any physical confrontation, the goal should be to immobilize and evade. Not to stand around bragging about it.

  • Haimrik Dane says:

    Hi there. I would like to share a story my kids aikido master told me. this guy crashed into sensei's car, he mas pretty mad and wanted to fight. anyway, he was a boxer and started to try and punch sensei. Now acording to my kids master he couldnt catch the guys arms cause he retracted very fast and used punch combos to keep him off balance. on the other hand, none of the punches landed. sensei dodged or defleted the punches. after about five minutes both realized they couldnt get the upper hand on their opponent and disengaged. so yes. its no an easy task to catch your adversary's hand if he throws quick jabs, but you can still defend effectively.

  • Kwee Phang says:

  • wayne conrad says:

    If I gotta chance to take him on I would use the Three Stooges style of the two fingers eye poke and a sweet Mo bitch slap. why I outa woo woo woo woo

  • Shaun Weiss says:

    You should all realize that Seagal in his early days did bodyguard work. Where restraining someone without hurting them was a little on the important side from a legal standpoint

  • BAIDUR says:

    The big question is: Who is better, Steven Seagal or Bruce Lee? ☝️😳

  • RapidFire RN4L says:

    After studying Aikido for 2 years I’ve come to the same conclusion only very few techniques actually work and those are mostly locks and a handful of short throws none of that fancy spinning will do anything, I mostly rely on my Taekwondo training for effective fighting with limited use of Aikido. Aikido in my opinion is just to look pretty but when comes to getting down and dirty forget it

  • East Afrika says:

    Martial Arts Journey, I see you going through Martial Arts to try and justify Aikido, why aren't you analysing the Real Aikido of Kazakhstan?

  • Dat Phung says:

    his Aikido works … for him, because he is a giant (around 3m and 500kg) ! even if he trained in ballet his ballet would still work in a street fight :))))

  • gumpfoo65 says:

    Aikido works against aikido and the mentally retarded.

  • Melvin Gillham says:

    There is a difference between aiki"do" and aiki"jutsu" .

  • Melvin Gillham says:

    The proof in effective arts is in real world application as you said. Truth is in the pudding. We cannot train full contact unless you dont want anyone to train with you. 🤣

  • Thomas D Harrell says:

    You are an idiot! You can’t compare what you see in a movie to real life! That is called stupidity!

  • paul davies says:

    No he’s an actor and the biggest fake going
    Watch him trying to run

  • Hank Williams says:

    He is an actor. Real fights are not choreographed.

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