DOES THIS MAKE ME AN ARTIST? – My First “Real” Painting

DOES THIS MAKE ME AN ARTIST? – My First “Real” Painting

Today I’m finally going to become a real artist. That’s right. I’m going to be doing- Doing a painting on canvas. I’m excited. And scared. But as excited as I am to get started I need to do a little bit of research, and I’m going to be doing that with the sponsor of this video, you guessed it, Skillshare. At least with Skillshare I can make some well-informed garbage and mistakes. Isn’t that right Sock Kasey? Alright Sock Kasey, tell me what makes Skillshare the best online learning community with over 25,000 classes in art, design,
(The Sock is being talked over.) Illustration, painting, food, you name it?
(The Sock is still being talked over.) Is it true that you have unlimited access to any of the classes with their Premium Membership?
[The Sock] Yeah! I also heard that the first 500 subscribers who click a link in the description get a free two month trial. Wow It is seriously convenient having all the information I needed to start my acrylic painting on canvas in one little package thanks to Malcolm Dewey. He talked about materials composition color and yet I still managed to create garbage. Trying a new medium is so much easier with Skillshare because I know what the heck I’m doing. I mean, I still have to practice but at least I’m informed. So let’s get to painti- Oh, Sock Kasey… You’re still here? [The Sock: Very funny.] So before I got painting I needed to sketch some ideas because before you start painting you need to know what you’re painting first. So going into this. I knew I wanted to do something with maybe a little bit of a background. I really wanted to create an environment. just something with a mood and nature, and something mysterious because that’s what I really like about paintings. I like if you go in a somewhat realistic way and then you just add an element of mystery or an element of… mystical, magical- Oh, fantasy, I think fantasy is the word I’m looking for. So just something everyday normal nature with just a little bit of something that just makes you look at it and go “Hey, what’s the what’s the story here?” Because as you guys know with my art, I’m always looking to add a story or just an element of Storytelling or- I just- I just want something there that makes you think, you know, “What’s going on?” Not just you know some trees and grass and think “Hey, look there’s there’s planet earth being… nature and stuff.” So I started off with a variety of ideas and honestly what I ended up settling with was the most easiest or I guess the simple idea because this is my first acrylic on canvas painting and honestly, I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m really new to the medium. I’m not a professional by any means I am definitely a newbie. And although I do want to end up painting all of these ideas eventually, I just thought it would be the easiest to go with the easiest one because like I said I don’t know what I’m doing and if I push myself to do too complicated of a piece right off the bat, I think it would scare me away from the medium and so I sketched all of these ideas. Again all kind of, you know, revolving around nature and just having a few elements of mystery, like a creature or someone going on an adventure And yeah, I really want to end up painting a lot of these later. I’ll probably do all of these off-camera at some point because when I did get down to painting the one that I did choose there was just a lot of pressure to, I don’t know be on camera and it was scary. So I had all of my ideas all nature-based. They all were kind of on a simple side. But again you know ,as I said five thousand times in the past minute, I didn’t want to push myself too hard with a new medium because I didn’t know what I was doing. But I was excited. So I narrowed them down to the easiest to more complicated or questionable and I chose which sketch I was going to go with. Once I chose which piece I wanted to go with I decided to add a few additional details or try to narrow it down with what I wanted to do because I wasn’t really a hundred percent on board with, this like, wormy creature going up this tree. So I thought maybe just creating a more detailed yet also civil creature on the tree would be ideal, maybe like a dragon, and then later I thought well “Maybe if someone was climbing up the tree and there was a dragon like peeking down onto the tree that would be really interesting and then we could see like a dragon in the background.” And then I also did a little bit of color mock-up and then I was ready to jump in. So when I started I thought I would pencil in what I was going to do and as I was penciling in the one thing, which was the tree, I realized “Oh right. Acrylic is super opaque. It’s not transparent and once I paint over this sketch I’m not going to see anything.” And when you paint you want to start off with the background and work forward because you are painting things on top so you’re layering things, and if you start with things near the front of the image, you’re going to have to work around What is on top. So… I did start off sketching. Thankfully, I just did the trunk of the tree and I realized “This is… pointless.” So I started off by sketching this gradient of a sky and later on you will notice that the color of this gradient background changes because I completely do the gradient background and then I painted a tree that I absolutely hated. So going into this acrylic painting, there was a few things that I really wanted to embrace about this being a different medium than what I’m used to. So like watercolor. With watercolor I am able to do line art which- I mean you can do line art with acrylic, but I really wanted to embrace the strokes of the painting and just seeing the texture and maybe being a little abstract. So when I started off with the tree, it just wasn’t turning out how I liked and I hated it so I completely repainted over the tree with another gradient and… basically started over. Which kind of sucked but honestly I did like the more dull sky colors, and I did want a more rough and brushstrokey gradient.
(🎶Dance Kasey, Dance.🎶) So I did get that result by doing it over, but my god, the gradient sky took the absolute longest. So I was kind of bummed about we’re having to redo that but I guess it was for the best. So painting the gradient sky took the absolute longest time because, you guys, I don’t know what the heck I’m doing. But honestly I was really happy with the result of this really simple sky gradient. So I was ready to move on to the tree and I mounted my iPhone on top of the easel. So this is what you were looking at This is just a really silly view because honestly you guys I don’t know how to record a canvas painting. So if there is any particular view that you found the most useful or the most interesting or just the best view, let me know the time stamp because I was really experimenting with all sorts of views.
The views on this video just keep changing because I just had no idea how to film or the best view or what to do. I think my main focus was not recording from the right side because I was scared that my right arm was going to cover up what I was doing. I’m just so used to doing very small 8 by 10 Illustrations with watercolor and my arm covers up like half of an 8 by 10 illustration, but then later on in this video I do record from the right side, and because I’m working on a 24 by 36, my arm barely covers up anything because this is a huge canvas. So lesson learned. So yeah. Let me know if there is any particular view. Give me the time stamp and I will try to keep that in mind for future paintings, because I’m definitely going to be doing more paintings. Recording aside, I had an absolute blast painting this. There were a lot of struggles. I learned a lot but overall, I had a lot of fun with this. And for my first painting I’m not super mad about it, but also it looks like something you would find in a high school painting art room. Personally, obviously because this is my first painting on a canvas, I never took any traditional painting classes in high school or even in college. So this is actually my first experience painting something so big and especially painting anything acrylics. My first experience with acrylics was painting over thrift art in a video a few weeks ago. So that’s my first and only experience and then I decided to just jump into this 24 by 36 painting situation and I tried to keep it a little abstract. I know it kind of looks like I tried to shoot for realism, but realism was just not my goal. I wanted to see if my sort of cartoony and simple style translated into acrylic painting and I think the combination of wanting to play around with texture of the paint and brush and also gradienting that I don’t normally do made it look like that I was trying to go for a realism style, which is not what I was going for. So it makes it look like really bad realism, when in reality I was still trying to go for that simple illustration style that I do with watercolor but also trying to embrace texture. So things got a little weird looking which is why I restarted the painting because it just looked like a really bad attempt at realism which isn’t what I was going for. So I restarted and followed the sketch as closely as I could but also trying to embrace that texture and things were looking good. However, with all of that said, I think in the future with this really heavy bodied acrylic I do want to work more abstract. So I think when I was trying to embrace my illustrative style with acrylic painting, especially this like heavy bodied acrylic painting, It just wasn’t working out. It was really hard to get fine strokes, even though I added a thinning agent to it. It was still just really thick and gloopy and hard to do what I wanted and I think in the end, I just need to embrace this really thick bbstract chunky painting that you get with acrylic. And that’s exactly what I want to do in the future I want to do a few portraits maybe with my OC’s or maybe me my husband and my cats, but I want to work with shapes. I want to use the pallet knives more to just apply chunks of color and shade and just really embrace this whole painting thing. I really want to work more loosely, which is very unusual for me because with my watercolor illustrations I’m very controlling and I like things to be clean and I use a lot of line art to contain shapes, but I really just like want to let loose and embrace this whole painting thing. So hopefully between now and my next painting I am going to do a little bit more experimenting and just try to get as loose as possible and embrace this whole painting thing. Though I will say one detail I absolutely loved about this particular painting is with the black dragon figure. I went through the body and did different strokes to represent scale textures. So you can’t really see it through these faraway shots, but close-up I try to show it. I use the strokes of the painting and the texture of the paint to create scales. Which is something you can’t do with watercolors. So I really enjoyed that and it’s something that I want to play around with in the future and overall I just wanted to play around with vague shapes and strokes and not make a super clean Illustration like I would with my watercolor. In the end I do think that the tree itself was too thin and fine and with this sketch It was a lot thicker and took up more room of the canvas, so there is a lot more blank space in this canvas. And just overall. I think there’s a lot that I needs to work on. So there’s just, like I said, a lot of blank space. That’s very boring. If there’s one thing I could add to this painting it would definitely be a mountain in the background but because I already painted on the tree it would be such a pain to paint the mountain in the background. So I don’t know, lesson learned, I guess? In this sketch it was definitely zoomed in a lot more, so that’s definitely something that I need to work on. I think I was just really nervous and I made a lot of mistakes. So hopefully in the future I can overcome that fear. But overall I think for my first acrylic painting it wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great either. And yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed this. Let me know on camera locations because I just don’t know what the heck- I don’t know how to do it. It’s- This is a new thing both with painting and recording. But yeah, overall, I feel okay about this. [Music] And there you go.
There is my very first acrylic painting. I don’t think it was so bad… I mean, thanks to skill sharing things were probably easier. Make sure you click the link in the description if you want to get your free trial and I will see you guys in the- And what? What? This lil- This little guy? You want- You want this little guy? I mean if you really want one I’m giving one away for free. Click a link in the description, and I will see you guys in the next video. Bye. [Music]


  • AS says:

    A tip for working with acrylics is to do a tonal layer first, as in dilute the colours and plan out the darkest areas and the lightest areas roughly using the colours you plan to use. Learnt this in RISD and is one of the most helpful tips I ever learnt

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