DRAW & CHAT WITH ME! ✍️ Procreate Cartoon

DRAW & CHAT WITH ME! ✍️ Procreate Cartoon

hello it’s Alice so I thought in today’s
video I would show you the process of me drawing this couples portrait and
initially I was going to keep it at real-time I was just gonna not edit it not
speed it up anything like that turns out I’ve got three hours of footage so I
have sped it up I hope that’s alright and I have asked you guys for a bunch of
questions and I thought I’d talk over it if you can’t be bothered to listen to me
feel free to mute it and just watch the video that’s fine I won’t take offense
but yeah I’ve got to answer a bunch of questions if you don’t already follow me
on Instagram go over and follow me it’s just my name followed by an underscore
and you can ask some questions next time but yes let’s get straight into it so a
lot of the questions I was asked were asked wasn’t asked I will also say I’m
not going to chop this audio so if I stumble on my words it is what it is but
um yeah I get asked a lot about the Commission’s that I do so the main one
is how to go about getting them so I’d say my first Commission’s weren’t paid I
guess they were like self initiated so the first kind of portrait drawings I
did I did off my own back I did people I followed on YouTube and Instagram like
people who I aspired to be like or who I looked up to and I took their photos and
drew them in my style so that was a fun way of kind of getting some practice and
as well if that person saw my work it meant that I got a little bit of
recognition I got some feedback which was really really nice and then mainly
the rest of my Commission’s came from University so it kind of depended what I
put out there but if I asked people online or whether they were wanting a
little image for their YouTube banner or whether they want a couple’s portrait
then generally people came to me with their ideas so in the beginning I kind
of just put it out there I said on Twitter I said on Instagram and on facebook look this is what I’m doing do you want a drawing hit me up and that is
generally how I began getting commissions I suppose I was in a
fortunate position that I already had some sort of following but I mean I’d
built that up from the start I’d not really kind of just that that following
didn’t just happen it was my following so I did have an
audience to speak to but the power of the internet is great like you have
thousands of people on you on your fingertips within your fingertips within
your reach I don’t know but basically you can speak to a lot of
people if you want to do so I’d recommend if you are looking to get
Commission’s of your own to use hashtags and just kind of interact with people
within your community practice as much as you can and just be like engaged with
the kind of work you want to do look at what other designers are doing and see
if you can adapt yourself to work to their kind of level I guess because a
lot of the time I look at other designers and I feel like I can improve
and there’s always room for improvement so by doing these Commission’s I feel
like I’m practicing my work and and evolving at the same time but also don’t
feel discouraged if you’re not earning a lot at the beginning because that’s just
the nature of it it takes some time and it’s quite a fun thing to do as a bit of
a side hustle I think the fun wears off a little bit when you start having to
force yourself to draw that’s my worst nightmare so yeah someone actually also
asked what like how many Commission’s I do per month or per week I think it was
and I don’t really do many at all I like I just said I think doing them too often
takes the fun out of it and I’ve always wanted what I do to be fun as much as
possible so I only do Commission’s when I have the time because they aren’t my sole
income like commissions bring me a very small amount of my income
if you watched a video I did like couple of months ago it was all about like
where my income comes from and I did a big pie chart I’ll leave it linked in
the description and on screen if you’d like to watch it but you’ll see from
that that I don’t get much of my money from Commission’s which means they kind
of take a back seat and they aren’t my priority so for that person who asked me
how many Commission’s I do in a week it differs so when I was drawing this
commission you’re watching now I had three in one week which was quite a lot
because that was me trying to fit that in between my regular work I suppose if
I wanted more I could kind of ask and reach out for some more but I’m quite
happy doing them as and when because I don’t want them to lose their fun
because for me Commission drawing was just fun and I kind of wanted to stay
like that someone has asked how to start getting noticed in the design world
again hashtags just use hash tag because I really should get involved with the
kind of like inktober trend that’s happening right now and there’s a bunch
of creators have made templates with like different prompts and every single
day you do a little doodle that is related to that prompt annoyingly I
never seem to have time in October so I’ve never actually done one but I feel
like that’s such a fun way of kind of finding other creatives and possibly getting your work shared because a lot of the time the people hosting them these
inktober things they will share their favorite entries so it’s kind of a fun
way to be a part of a community and I get jealous every October and I still
don’t do it and there’s also that thing called draw this in your style which is
a big hashtag on Instagram and a lot of the time an artist will kind of prompt
people be like hey draw this in your style like you do your take on my
drawing and then you hashtag it you tag the person who you got the kind of
original artwork from and then you share it and that’s another way again to
practice and again to get your face out there because if that artist whose work
you kind of used likes it they might share that on their stories again
have not done this I should take my own advice really shouldn’t I do feel like a bit
of a fraud when I’m answering advice questions because to be quite honest I
feel like I’m winging it but yeah I’d say hashtags interacting with people I
follow a bunch of design accounts now who do things that I’d like to be doing
or that I look up to and it really kind of motivates me and inspires me and it’s
nice interacting with people like that someone else has asked what are the
positive benefits of freelance work and also the negatives positive wise I have
always wanted to work for myself I never ever wanted a boss I didn’t like getting
told what to do from a very young age and I’m sure my parents will agree with
that so I right from the get-go knew that I
wanted to be kind of self-employed I guess so the positive of that is that I
get to set my own work schedule I get to decide what I want to do and I get to do
basically what I want to do however it does mean it’s hard to separate life and
work especially because I work from home I’m not a freelancer that goes out and
works on different like sites or venues or you know if I was a photographer I’d
go out and work out out of my office but because I’m a designer I spend a lot of
my time in the office which can feel very very lonely I think that’s the
biggest thing of working from home and people in different industries will also
agree that working from home can be quite tricky as much as I am an
introvert I do need human interaction every so often so sometimes I don’t
realize but I’ve been in my house for like two days straight and I’ve not gone
outside so I think hopefully I can learn from this in the future but the
negatives for me is the loneliness sometimes I do get jealous when people
have like work friends and they get to go to like Christmas parties but also
the pros outweigh the cons because the very nature of being self-employed means
that if it’s my grandma’s birthday and everyone’s going out for lunch midday
midweek I can go with them I don’t have to worry about missing it
if something goes off I can rearrange things and I can make my schedule fit to
me but also on the flip side it means that I sometimes can be working until
like 10:00 11:00 p.m. I have to be very strict on myself when to stop which I am
getting better I have learnt to turn my out-of-office on on my emails so if you
are someone who as soon as your phone beeps you have to read the email I’d
recommend turning on you’re out of office even if it’s just for the
weekends it basically just emails people back automatically saying I’ve got your
email thanks for your email I’ll reply on
Monday or I’ll reply when I’m home so that is what I am doing recently like when
I’ve been away I’ve turned on my out of office and I’ve forwarded
the email on to like my manager or if it’s not urgent I’ll just
let them know that that’s fine and that helps me switch off that was a very
long-winded answer wasn’t it so suggestions for getting into a freelance
graphic design without a degree or going to uni I one hundred percent think that you
don’t need a degree to do graphic design all the knowledge you need to be a
graphic designer or most of the knowledge at least is available to you
online so initially I taught myself Photoshop I taught myself illustrator I
did go to uni but I didn’t go to Uni with the purpose of being like I want to
be a designer I kind of just went to uni because I was stuck and I needed a
challenge and I didn’t know what to do with my life
yes uni helped me graphic design wise because I learnt new skills I don’t
think I would have otherwise but it wasn’t like a necessity and especially
with like Instagram and stuff now it’s so easy for like non qualified people to
showcase their work and kind of make something of it which i think is amazing
so follow all my previous suggestions to be honest to get in into it without a
degree but if you are looking to learn honestly just google things like google
tutorials I followed so many tutorials when I was younger that’s literally what
I used to do after school and that’s how I taught myself a lot of what I know now
and even now when I get stuck on certain tools or I want to do something
I’ve never done before I’ll just go on YouTube and follow a tutorial so I find
that super super handy apologies by the way if you can hear my laptop’s fan
going crazy it’s because this video is very long so
how do you stay productive ooh this is the age-old question and to be honest I
struggle a lot I’m getting better and I think it comes with practice I’ve been
like fully 100% freelance for like a year and three months now and initially
it was so easy to just sack work off and be like oh I can do it later and then I’d
end up working until 3:00 a.m. because I put things off and I’d not prioritized
whereas now I have bitten the bullet I have accepted the fact that I’m gonna
have to wake up like other people do who have normal jobs and I have set my alarm
for like half seven every single morning on a weekday I try my best to eat my
breakfast and get in my office by at least like half nine ten o’clock and
make sure I’m doing work I also a big thing for me staying productive is
writing to-do lists because I can’t keep track of everything in my brain I forget
things and then I get myself stressed out so I feel like brain dumping
everything that I need to do onto my to-do list or my weekly planner really
really helps me visualize what I need to do and then it’s also really really
satisfying to cross off those todos so having like a physical list in front
of me encourages me to actually get it done
whereas a mental to-do list it’s very easy to be like yeah I’ll just forget
about that so I think that’s the key to staying productive I also make sure I
take a lunch break even though that at first seemed counterproductive to me it
used to be so easy for me to work over lunch and just not have lunch at all
I’ve realized now it helps my creativity if I do take half an hour off or an hour
off to eat my lunch I’ll go sit downstairs I’ll get out of my office so
I’m not in the same room all day and it lets me kind of reset and recharge and
hopefully when I get back in my office I’m productive again however sometimes I
will will admit that I’m I just kind of distract myself and I never really get
back on it I need a tip for that let me know your tip for that one then the next
question where do you find your clients again it’s social media mainly so
looking on social media sometimes I think just because of the nature of why
do I share my life online there are a lot of people watching me and so for me
it’s quite accessible to get clients I wouldn’t consider it easy because a lot
of the people who do message me are expecting a freebie which is very
annoying I think people underestimate the time it takes to create things
especially for this drawing you’re watching now I didn’t realize but it
took me three hours to create which is a considerable chunk of my day so yeah I
don’t know why I’ve gone on a tangent but people asking for freebies is very
annoying so yeah I have kind of lost my train of thought where do I find my
clients I find them online for me that’s the biggest thing and then a lot of the
time it’s like word-of-mouth via online so for example I did Sophie Foster’s
YouTube banner awhile ago back when she had like brown hair and from me doing
that banner a bunch of her viewers saw it and she’d put my kind of username at
the bottom of her videos and people messaged me from the back of that so
yeah it’s nice to do word of mouth things as well what’s your favorite work food whilst
drawing Wow okay so I to be honest try and separate work and food most of the
time but if I want a little snack I do love like a nice simple packet of salt
and vinegar crisps and maybe some hummus if I’m feeling healthy I’ll get like a
bowl of a bowl a Punnett of grapes or strawberries I love grapes and
strawberries or if I’m feeling extremely naughty I’ll probably have a packet of
chocolate buttons or I’ll rummage for something in
the cupboard downstairs and just find whatever snack I can find I don’t really
have a trend I changed my mind a lot and I try and resist a snack whilst I’m in
the office because it distracts me but I mean it also works as motivation to
write so I don’t know maybe I should snack more and how do you go about
making your own website so I have two websites I have my Alice Thorpe co.uk website which I made on Squarespace I absolutely love that
website it was the easiest one out of all of them to make I’ve made quite a
few in my time and this one that was by far the easiest I absolutely love
Squarespace 100% recommend and you can find discount codes to Squarespace all
over the internet but yeah I use Squarespace for that and it is obviously
paid you’ve got to pay a small fee every single year to keep it going
and then a small fee every single year to keep the domain name so the for those
of you don’t know the domain name is the little Alice Thorpe .co.UK bit I pay for
that itself just the little word I pay for that per year it’s not much it’s
quite cheap actually and the other website I have is on Shopify so that is
where I host my shop that’s where I sell my products and I decided to switch over
to Shopify just because it offers a more professional like system in the
background like on the front of things the part that you see looks the same
really it doesn’t look anything special but the background behind the scenes
stuff for me Shopify just suited my needs more so
I’ve now moved my shop over into Shopify which in turn has cost me more money
because that’s a separate website to run and a separate domain to buy but Shopify
is great if you’re looking to sell products however if you are just getting
started I highly highly recommend Etsy because Etsy has an audience of its own
already you don’t have to do marketing generally on Etsy and you’ve got more
chance of being found on an Etsy store than you would be on your own website
because there’s more traffic going to Etsy if that makes sense next question I mean when I can find one
that’d be really helpful how do you do the pricing part it gets very confusing
not gonna lie I honestly like last week I think messaged a designer I follow on
Instagram we’ve had a few chats together she’s a lovely girl
I messaged her and said not gonna lie what on earth do you charge I had no
idea if I was charging like a normal amount if I was overcharging or under
charging I don’t know I just I was confused so I messaged her and she was
very very lovely and open and honest about it she told me what she charged
and how she did it and it was really really helpful I will say I don’t
recommend going and just messaging random designers asking them how much
they charge because it is quite a personal question obviously they have to
tell people how much they charge they tell prospective clients but just having
a random person want to know how much you charge I find quite a personal
question so I’d approach that tactically if you want to do that maybe if it’s
someone you’ve been talking to for a while or they’ve answered you a couple
of times on Instagram maybe ask them then but I know personally for me I
don’t really like sharing the ins and outs of my business
like money and figures wise to just anyone you know and there is a really
good website called nuschool so it’s spelt n:u and then the word school.com I
think I think it’s .com it could be .co.UK and they have on there a
pricing calculator so it asks you a bunch of questions you fill out these
little tick boxes and it lets you get an idea of what you should charge for an
hourly rate and then at the bottom it’ll give you a figure it will tell you what
you should charge and it’ll tell you what the very least you can charge to
make some money and I don’t know it just gives you a bit of an idea I’ve used
that quite a lot and I mentioned that website a lot I find it super super
helpful so yeah definitely look into that if you are struggling on what to
charge because I I still get stuck and I I would love to have someone helping me
out with that I really don’t know how to go about it
so I don’t know we can struggle together um are your clients mostly from YouTube
or Instagram or your website to be honest most of my clients come from
Instagram which I found really interesting in the beginning because I
used to be really really bad at looking at my Instagram DMS because I just find
it a bit of a wormhole once I start looking at them I get stuck and then
hours have passed so I have made more of a conscious effort recently to actually
look at them and from there I’ve got a bunch of clients coming in which is
great so this drawing here I actually spoke to the client via Instagram she
messaged me on there and the other two I did this week were also from Instagram
so it’s definitely the majority on Instagram to be a graphic designer
should I be able to draw I mean it helps but a lot of graphic design is computer
based and I find computer based stuff you don’t necessarily need that drawing
knack because computer based stuff allows you to edit it if you’ve seen me
doodling ideas for logos you will see that I I am not very good at doodling
and drawing kind of just on pen and paper my like initial sketches for logos
are awful but the logo itself turns out pretty good even if I say so myself
so I wouldn’t say you have to draw to be an illustrator generally you have to
have some kind of drawing skill but I think it just works to whatever you want
it to a lot of the people I follow on Instagram have kind of a sketchy kind of
style they draw kind of like cartoony childish kind of drawings and they just
work so to be honest I don’t think you need to draw a but a little bit of kind
of creativity and background info about drawing definitely helps what made you
pick your designs for the soul and fire shop so I love looking on Pinterest and
I love looking at the people I follow on Instagram for my art inspiration and
then to be honest finding quotes and stuff for my drawings and my
products on soul and fire I asked you guys so I just asked on Instagram quite
a lot what would you like to see I’ll try and make it I like to kind of make
something that I know you guys would want and would like so I find asking my
audience is super super helpful so if you’re thinking of making products and
you’re not really sure where to go about it
I recommend like creating a poll on probably Facebook actually you’ll probably get
more answers on there and putting out a bunch of options and seeing which option
is the most popular and then designing that one the one thing I do find though is if
you kind of put a poll on saying would you buy this and a bunch of people will
click yes you’ll think oh and you won’t sell 1/5 of the amount you thought you
were gonna sell like 5% of it so just bear thy mind a lot of people answer and
they won’t necessarily convert into customers they won’t necessarily end up
buying that product it’s quite interesting to do a bit of audience
research to figure that one out anyway that is it that is the end of this video
that went by a lot faster than I thought hopefully you’re still awake and
watching let me know what you think of this final drawing I had a lot of fun
creating it I just now need to add a little banner a portion of text in the
bottom so yeah thanks for watching hope you enjoyed give this a thumbs up if you
did and I’ll see you soon for another one bye


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