Drawing A Study of Iron Man In Pen And The Value Of Personal Projects : Michael Warth Studios

Drawing A Study of Iron Man In Pen And The Value Of Personal Projects : Michael Warth Studios

today I want to talk a little bit about
personal projects I think having a personal project is something every
creative should probably do stick around we’ll talk more about it I started this personal project where I
was going to work on some more popular culture type stuff and in this video I’m
basically working on iron man doing the inking ever right now I started out with
a pencil drawing a quick quick pencil drawing this is a basically a five inch
by five inch square drawing based off of a photo it really didn’t take very long
I think the sketch might have taken about thirty minutes to lay out the
pencil lines and I had about an hour to an hour and a half and the inking but
you know it’s it’s a departure from what I normally do I like doing oil paintings
and watercolors and such and I do like doing pen and ink but more of a
traditional subject matter whenever I work on you know the landscapes the
still lifes the historical buildings and just just whatever all the traditional
things you know they’re they’re really they’re designed to be sold there
they’re planned out and they’re they’re put together so that I have a particular
client mind and I want to sell and and these personal projects like this
they’re really for me and it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time you
know I even I’ve talked about doing stuff something like this current
personal project that I’m working on in and I’ll let it out of the bag I’m I’m
wanting to do a lot of comic book heroes in oil and I’m going to do some pen and
ink like this one here of iron man but you know it’s it’s something I think
every creative should really invest their time and you know
sometimes just got to be about the fun of it sometimes it’s just got to be this
is what I want to do you know this is this takes me back to high school this
takes me back to when I was a teenager and I was thinking man I want to I think
it’d be fun to be a comic artist you know and I decided not to do it I don’t
want to call it a regret but you know what would have happened if I followed
my dreams and became the comic artist you know it’s really all I got today
good to have you I’ll see you next week later


  • Michael Warth says:

    If you are a creative, do you ever work on your own personal projects? What are you working on now?

  • Jeremy Roe says:

    So cool! I’d totally buy a print of that.

  • Out On A Limb says:

    Excellent item. Didn’t know the exact term. 🙌🏼

  • Raghav Art says:

    Your work is amazing and unique ! Best of luck for ur channel, much support from one artist to another👍 liked n subscribed❤️

  • Mark Bowman says:

    my first job offer out of college was a comic company. i was broke, had $600 in student loans (because banks are crooks and when you realize that life is better) but couldn't take the job because it was an ownership stake in the comic i would have been drawing. i never heard of the company again-so ultimately it was a good choice, but i always regret having to even make that choice at the time.

  • Saadon Aksah says:

    Wow! That looks really lovely!

  • Javier Mercedes says:

    Man Michael, You seem like a great guy to just sit down and chill with, no bs, just a guy with wisdom to share. love the way you shoot and narrate this. I know it can be tough to switch camera angle in the middle of painting. Keep crushing it!

  • Scott Streitenberger says:

    That is amazing work! Do you have a print of that for sale?

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