hello can you hear me how's everybody doing let me just adjust the microphone a little bit it's a bit far away and then press this button yeah that's my face there we go how's everyone doing hi guys can you all hear me okay can you all see me hey you can hear and/or see me good hello mr. bone breaker hello back Stearman err hello thick boy Dorinda the whole Bundys the whole bunch of you here and hello to all of you how's everyone doing today good good good good you're all saying hello I've gotta love that stream delay gotta love that Thank You Senor moppy I was keeping an eye on all your alliterative suggestions rest assured I will take some of them on board I have at least three or four alliterative stream titles in the bank for future ones but there were some good suggestions earlier so I may well pick and choose bits of those as well to incorporate cool yeah well we're back and it's gonna be a bit of a short I know normally stream for like 5 6 7 hours I do an art stream not intentionally I just keep going and then realize wait maybe I should probably eat and sleep there's a bit of a shorter one because I have a video releasing tonight so I have to do prep for that as well but I have a few spare hours afternoon so I thought why not just jump on for a bit and get get some more of these guys done we didn't get any done yesterday I was waiting for the wasp man all day but he came and he took the wasps away so yeah no more school oh yes school holidays have and/or are starting that's that's exciting here in the UK I may start next week I think oh wait a minute it's Friday it's Friday so technically yeah that means they start today at the end of school which is kind of around now oh that is exciting cool yeah yes the accelerant did come yesterday the wast man does sound terrifying the worst man was lovely he made the wasps go away and I can't thank him enough for that so yeah we're gonna do some more math work today we were doing coloring and shading intermittently I have both to do I have lots of everything to do well the new video I'm not gonna premiere the new video now I'm premieres are fun but I'm gonna save premieres for really big releases I won't do them for everything because they actually mess up your analytics analytics doesn't monitor premieres in the same way that monitors everything else so it's actually I'm actually I don't have a lot of data for out of darkness that I would have had if I'd released it's a regular video because I did it as a premiere which is like a hybrid livestream and video and YouTube doesn't quite know how to monitor those yet because it's quite a new feature what was I saying talking about premiers and wasps and watched premieres Oh yep so we have coloring and shading to do anyone have a preference we can either we jump over to this screen yeah we can you the colors and stuff so we have mangle here to color and I've got loads to color mainly to cover I've got these little character pictures to color as well like color and shade these they're quite simple it's foxy seem to color as well alternately we can shade something like this scene which is all coloured but has no shading on it so do people have a preference I I can tell every time I ask questions like this it's almost entirely 50/50 but I'm gonna I'm gonna ask anyway we shaded last times I think we should color first okay that makes sense that's a good argument that is a very good argument links color color I'm seeing more cloud see more color than shade not seeing any shade color color car cool okay I am very tired because I was up very late last night walking on tonight's video coloring is far less taxing on my brain so I agree with that wholeheartedly let's color something let's color these guys these guys be nice and simple to color yeah okay it's pretty much all color I see one shading sorry case I think you've been outvoted he has a non ender hand oh you're right yeah whoopsie I'll have to fix that at some point you are correct that sounds like my idea of a nightmare vacation I'm afraid that Stearman err yeah I'm not a good Walker the Netherlands seemed lovely and I'd love to visit the Netherlands but I wouldn't like to walk that much I would rather yes kevin maloney welcome thank you uh subscribing yes I have noticed yeah thank you for wanting out that Fox he has a non endo hand there I did forget that I keep making that mistake I keep having to correct that on every Fox you drawing I do am i planning on doing a new song is that is that a trick question I'm a music channel this is a song we're working on now and I've got another song coming out tonight which we've been talking about I've always doing new songs I'm working on mic 3 right now and I have like ideas for another 10 I always have new songs in progress right oh yes I was gonna copy this image use it as a color palette right oh yeah I keep forgetting to give foxing around their hand every foxy drawing I've done I have to go back and correct it I forget guess I just paste this in here oh I didn't think I made this image this is a small image these guys a much higher res than the other guys in this scene use that for colors safe picking the same colors again manually scale this image size is this oh it's still 4k it was big okay so that other one is just very very big okay there's still big enough fine that's fine I can deal with that we'll the snap song be big enough for a premier I think it might be but I'm not gonna say that for sure depends how much I like the finish product but possibly yeah it's a big fully animated video so probably probably big enough for a premiere but we'll see when the time comes like I say they do mess up your analytics something awful music as well let's not sit in silence my favorite is foxy which makes it all the more acceptable that I keep forgetting to give him the right hand as always audio levels fluctuate wildly over time doing new streams and let me know if I'm too loud if the music's too loud or too quiet either way let's do Freddy start with the oh gee Freddy shall we I really wish I didn't hear a minute any it's a bit quiet perfect I'm seeing perfect and quiet okay well we'll go a little louder put up just a smidgen it seems to be 5050 between two choir and music is good so I put out like 5% man is a stinkin pain the joy of a cartoony style if you've been here for coloring before increasing the shape yeah the camera will have much more head to head office visit this awkward angle this is the best I can do I'm afraid for this sort of drawing style of streams yeah there's like a cutout on the camera there's cutting out this area here because there's just shelves full of random rubbish right there you don't want to see I need to get like a big bit of green to put in front of them which I don't have currently this green screen right here but it ends here and there shows hello Morgan Johnson good morning to you too I do have the discord up as well by the way if you are a patron I have the patreon discord room open so if you want to talk to me more directly that is also an option for folks who do that sort of thing favorite game by valve Oh tough one they don't have a huge catalogue to them I really like portal t at tf2 and left for dead so I'm not sure why favourable to Portland bottle – is a package deal hey cool breeze I thought my glasses yeah I haven't I haven't have time to look for them either clear in the house somewhere I don't know luckily I don't need them much at the moment because they're for outdoors mostly the downside to doing like a fill method of coloring if you do get little bits in like tight corners it's don't like feeling friends while the bpms of my songs I mean I have a lot of songs I don't know all the BPMS to heart I don't know most of them actually I can tell you that tonight's is 159 BPM I think I remember correctly the 150 or 159 tonight is 153 well is one of them there are a lot of songs yeah what card I got the one ventolin into a lyric asthmatic sorry edible I mean I'm at work as well if that's any consolation I'm also at work just aimed at private screenings IDF – in years though the drone glitch trap yeah glitch trapped is drawn though Ashley he's one of the few characters that I did entirely off stream not by intention baireddy so happened that he is drawing we're all done I wasn't dreaming we have drawn glitch trap with Sharpie is going to be in the video for his drawings antlers they're not easy to show put it that way because he's gonna be all glitchy with his bitch trap so he's gonna be soft half drawing but off they'll be a lot of effects on him as well so the drawings that look very good because they are dependent on the call the guards that's my job to capture the nav you won't be hard this maze is made with a charge it took three weeks to erect this part I genuinely didn't expect this done now did you correct this path trap set our videos are really Pleasant spaghetti you're nervous but I keep on forgetting there chef in the king brigade with the culinary skills do you view flambe it's a shame that after you taste my blade you won't have space for my polonaise this is how you have to behave I'm trying to challenge the start nice one corner dropping in with the palms have adorned having Delta unrelated I have not done anything Delta in religion to new home this will be a fun number I'm truly versed in turning all the universe asunder I also have a specialty and I'm like a spelunkers puzzle bubble in the top of you dream dr. reality and ghazal all the stuff in between you'll be befuddled when I mastered in battle the sieve if the shuffle and I will do this on your screen put in trouble to see you try and task you with the WD to take the tumble and do crumble in trouble to breathe a bit in the nozzle to the scuffle plus a couple of beams about to be loud enough to muffle your screams tear to your death would be her welcome experiment led to her times very fine little beelined is like a multiverse if a parallel dimension except my command but when it comes this bidding fire as the matter in hands can almost do that one from memory almost what games did I play other than Sonic is a kid I've had a lot of real-time strategy stuff command & Conquer I was big into when I was younger and also the Sims it's all games I don't play much these days a lot of top-down stuff yeah platform why stuff like sonic ratcheting plank was big into Ratchet and Clank when I was younger my pronunciation you don't need to go to school animation it's a great benefit to have if you are able to but many great animators out there didn't professionally trained they're self-taught so it's by no means the only way in it will take a lot of dedication and practice to learn to animate to a professional standard off your own back but if it's something you're dedicated to doing then all power to you on a budget all you really need to animate is is flipbooks most rudimentary software these days can do it you can make basic animations and easy to get all cheap anymore like flipnote studio and have people people do my one tip if you're learning which is animate whilst I'm learning and I say this every stream because I get this question if extreme is the animators survival kit by richard williams is a brilliant book by a brilliant animator and it's basically the bible for people learning to animate so yeah the animated survival kit by richard williams that's my number one tip to anyone who wants to animate GIMP is free I never use GIMP I don't know how it was for animation then great yeah the smoothies been confirmed for quite a while it got not canceled but it was being produced by a big studio I thought it was which is about 20 busy the Fox or some big big film studio we're making it and then they pulled out of the project so the film went quiet for a while and then it got picked up by a new bloom house I think bloom house which is a smaller studio but they were dedicated horror studio and they've made a lot of very famous horror films on like a big budget not they're not massive budget but they're very well known for making great horror films on a lower budget and now it's with them so yes the flash film is a thing that's in production a little baby boy yes I am a human the flaps are that's what we're doing here today well we're letting the video for it we're not making a song right let's color cheek anyway Trey ought to board our reactor the boat this Sailor Jerry Victor game I'll send his captain to the Morgan then it's time to keel the Hogan wanted express so boring big red bully of again that a fortune power thirst you slope Redemption might want with a ball of awful tempting cold-hearted slash in my dog advice of a slice with a call cadets in don't be blue none personal demons II but I mostly just do eggs to all I did 90 it looks good I've not seen the first film I wanted to I never go into seeing it but yeah the trailer protector – does look good hiring is it can be listened to my own songs on the loop called a loss screaming I am learning all the lyrics again – all the old ones I forgot to mention the Ocean Spray I mean why Ocean Spray specifically I mentioned a hundred different drinks in that song most of which were some sort of brand name come on don't be gentle here senso who stopped it from dead on the drive keeping the basement there waiting you'll find to catch you home take from this place to end the line you make a sacrifice spend after the nobody home that's a good point Connor yeah it's a very good point hello Danny Boy no what is that you can't stay thanks for stopping in all the same welcomes of frustrating it's going to be weird cutting corners is just how you achieve remember I see the same photo as her eyes burning open the font library that's not creepy I'm always freaky but I wasn't particularly late last night there was a minor crisis with the video I'm releasing this evening footage I recorded for it turned out I didn't realize was corrupt until the last minute so I had to record it all again I finished edit modes of effect work on the footage as well that's half the fun of releasing a video is the last-minute crunch you know it's the birthday boy why are you buzzing at me phone you want from me better be important it's nothing apparently there are no notifications is it buzzing for the fun of it and my watch you design daddy do you feel pretty but every time I open up some children well Cynthia with the color for a book you're gonna write in most people tend to write the book and then deal with the cover later the book is normally done long before become good bye Lily thanks for tuning in farewell for now around don't have a motivation for making YouTube videos well aside from enjoying doing it it's also my job and how I pay my rent so wanting to be able to eat my head primarily my motivations beyond that I just don't feel good about myself if I get to the end of the day and not done something creative the whole day not made something and YouTube gives me the chance to be making something all the time all the time that's what my songs and videos vary so much in terms of I don't want to have a style I don't want to have a specific thing I'm known for doing but I like to do something new with every project I do because it keeps things interesting my thoughts on the live-action Disney remakes you know what I've never seen they look pretty well made the originals I'm not against them I can see why the market and they make a lot of money people say that the common complaint I hear a lot about Disney doing like and remakes is that they're just doing it for the money right and that's fair enough that's a fair enough critique but if they're doing it for the money that means they must make a lot of money and if they make a lot of money it means a lot of people are going to see them so in theory a lot of people are enjoying them so who we do criticize if people like them enough if they are profitable Disney and there's obviously enough people out there to warrant making them because people clearly want more so if you look at that side of it well fine they're not for me but if they're for someone out there then I'm angry that Disney are making them they don't change the originals will always have the originals then it wouldn't be to a new copyright copyright takes over 50 years to need renewing also making a new film based on other people think the cupcake just about perfectly obscures the text on her bib which is good just the outermost corner I'm going to say now guys and I say this every stream if you're asking me if I'm going to do a song about a game just based on pure statistics the chances are there are thousands of thousands of games and I can make one Solomon so statistically the chances of me making a game about the song about noob nd I probably will end up doing a new bendy song because they do well on my channel I enjoy making them but I am sick of them right now after spending solo and out of Darkness I'm enjoying not making baby songs so whether I'll do a dark revival song right away I don't know I will see Chiqui down funny much more than I will ever have time to do we're talking of my discord last night about the Batman Arkham games mr. bone those but I'd love to do like a Batman villain song for the Arkham games currently that's the ones on my mind right now that I'm like only that was don't do the song on my breath it needs to be loud Natsuki sweet thank you series deep and brooding Monica's brains and beauty so many clubs to revel sad kiss is just the father's since Laird no no I'm not there's a lot to do I'm going away and I just over a week I'm going away for like three weeks so this is gonna be a way off yeah this is gonna be a while before this project he's ready to go it may well even end up being there'll be another song between between this tonight song and this song I know what my next song after the flop song is gonna be but if this project takes long enough the order may switch again and that song made before the fast song but I'm excited to do that one that's gonna be a fun one because it's one I've been requested a lot I don't normally do requests but when I get a lot of the same requests I may consider it and this one I've never heard of I got so many requests I looked into it they looked fun thank you good old-fashioned Flying V it's almost festival time could say we're cutting it fine tests may seem laborious I wonder what if we try but each day that passes by is tearing Vegas from my mind but my favorite characters from games I've made songs about specifically I mean House was a lot of fun if you mean favorite characters I've played or just characters in general from those games for the characters to play which would be House of Jamison they were both a lot of fun to do and I really enjoy about doing character studies or any sort of songs goodbye backs demo now thank you tuning in you'll be watching good to know am I using eye dropper for the color yeah I dropping them from this port right over here well from over here and on hockey should I hold this button down and it come with our dropper except when I need a new color in this case Bonnie's tongue doesn't have a color assigned to it and that throwing over there featuring with instrumentals good question all different people I get them from various people some of them are made custom for me by folks some of them I buy from producers who license them out escalator does a lot of my instrumentals and a lot my earlier ones he did jay-z jbz beats there's no one specific instrumental person but I guess the one who's done the most of them would probably be escalator he's ever done most of my original backing track if not practically all of them what it's Frost punk about frost punk is a city builder at the end of the world you have to build the last city on earth if an eternal winter descends and you're trying to defend against the cold it's very good the frost Punk is it takes so long to play a round of it playing emission take like three four hours and you don't want to drop in drop out I want to do it as a session you forget you use the article now you've mentioned gonna see it probably I'll see it I see goodbye case thanks to to the ends farewell for now friend time really flies me stream it does not feel like I was dreaming for now innocence innocence we thrive okay the ordinarius there's no answer to that question really so there's no like this is how long rasam takes to rise I have an idea for a song together a few weeks on vocation should be seeking is the trainer my mind just lead pieces on the ceiling let's can steps next with the calories running for some take stamina actually now we'll see what they mean by a methylene you were nothing to measure my family calculus enter the hazardous category practiced and measured and planted fatalities even the deadly janitors after me the massacre sanitary simple practically on a roll on this honor roll tragedy won't be home after a home to go back to grant or a graduate a little cold covers my two favorite colors are orange and purple which I guess the both work warm colors so now I like the redder ended purple so yeah I guess more ones also like a nice lime green I guess would be a cold color go through such facts to find all these notebooks with an old dude with an old rule because I've hunted down through the whole school there's a gold rule pay attention if they're broke you'll get detention there's a bully in a sack with a vengeance and the Brazile is a little bit relentless show my infractions infraction that's one in Ronnie Jackson's dragon we strike back to this classroom trapped is that guru were slapping this subs gonna put me in traction man I've got no chance of passing farewell metal machine neck for Julian because I'm tough I'm still learning myself not personally no we met once I don't know very well strings yes it is called the house always wins right that's Bonnie down then the strings on the guitar that's made a rectangle which is know what to do all this three characters cows please mr. to Pentium is my father favorite flower animatronic I don't have one specifically but I like the variations on foxy in terms of what who's the most fun to draw foxy the most fun to draw along with you know Fanta foxy foxy shape right well these are colored so I guess we'll color something I'll study or we could shade these guys we could shade these guys or we could color something else I'm seeing three shades already which voice have done was the hardest to replicate Jamison was hard to maintain for a whole song it's a very bombastic jabe jonah Jameson you maintaining that for an entire song and trying to stay on character the whole way through it was tough in terms of the most difficult voice in terms of like difficulty of producing the voice would be fun time Freddie I only did him for a few lines but you know he's a real strain on the throat I can do the voice finest I don't have difficulty hello again haha is easy enough for me don't it like it's a strain to do shade shade I'm seeing more shade I was in more shades as well cool that's a shame shading takes doesn't take that long so we'll have time to shade these and may become something else afterwards as well Jeremy what we went in start with Freddy I mean damn trami most fun to do fun times ready as well he was the hardest he's also the most fun link wolf 35 gaming welcome they users driving hey goodbye Gaby Thank You Vegas see around Franco your doses in the bin history is made by those who the amazing dirt yes I am quiet the workstream this is just a chill if you want to watch me work you can and I dip into the chat and I chat here and there but I am at work right now so folks to see how my videos get made says so on screen right there in the bottom left thank I'm hey Devin Chevy but Chevy frighted that's Freddie shaded I do things by the book if you want the truth my friend will you can buy the book man see the freaks of had their day how old was I when I made my first song I mean I was writing silly little songs for years I started learning guitar like 12 around then my first proper full song properly when I was like 15 16 though the Dalton for this lets me look a little bit of shading where his brows crinkle and your brow but your ride isn't the great who did the femaleness who did the female who did the female vocals in this song the squiggly day that's enough we'll get a stake in this cipher you know one number one – come on the Kumi right boxtrolls that the ring on I got your green with shop Thank You LaRon II appreciate that we're very close now to come to the end of this child forgot to mention that I really like Bioshock yeah you'd find the key take long-living out of darkness oh that's tough actually to say I feel like they took about the same items of like total hours you know I think for the keys probably did take a bit longer than our darkness there's a lot more good across the memo we fight you I can lean around this monitor it sort of covers up my other monitors had to see what's on the screen of what I lean right way around to see that corner of the screen Thank You spider on my fault could you make that donut being a dad yeah you can now take it is a style of Joseph my old house have French windows I'm not French and on those French windows with venetian blinds or not venetian either so yeah you can make that joke that bad but you trust in me one lettuce that the newbie under the sea give a little so you can bear that will be here where you are my heart could find a sanctuary if you're living in an age you're not believing you will find that you've got friends on the Oh loaf spread Thank You subscribing welcome love spread right lost chica shaded so it's funny to do now there's a Tod among stars the men the generation said to be the face of Mars I've often thought his thirst for war might one day find Ellen that he might calm down a little if he only found a friend you wonder why look like in G sad style I don't know what j-serve is I'm sure I'd look great in a music never see byamba films for a fall thanks for being here I thought it worked opportunity woods where your song maybe over me and music never fade welcome back seven running you know it's gonna get cold outside break the ice let's get stuck a ring jeepers you might kind of shock better people fish boost who's talking about stroopwafels I love good point Fat Boy I think the original store and more fun listen but the orchestra was a fun thing to put together back Stearman our edible edible cookie is a she by the way I thought he Casey one grace that's pink that's bright pink not what I want to do whoops yeah okay I've been putting pink everywhere like where is he there we go kid if we try every day that passes by tearing pages from my mind just before of us pin if I tried for these maidens may seem kind there's something going on behind and I've been doing it again having the wrong way selected do not say okey-dokey try again Monika's my only friend he's not the same audio now at all no it's an all-new version for Angie and I guess in edibles case it's an entirely gender-neutral names as we give it a to make and she's pretty pretty feminine I think I probably give any guys called Angie so a lot little holes in this cage to plug in weather so with colors not a bit bad I think that's the bulk of them elevator it's cooking here cookie is on a bee are babies that's fine KitKat how's everyone doing yeah we are done with these at least we could do some more time is it it is our five will same out should probably get back to work on my release tonight it's pretty much done i Justi just spellcheck all the subtitles render it out make the thumbnails captions and stuff so yeah we do not going to take too much and your birthday Kika happy birthday thank you for choosing to spend parliament here with us you know it's not Thank You specific right thank you how to box that's gonna be a big job we won't do that now because about time it isn't a big color will shade it will color this the mana today because this might take too long in this foxy in as a color palette so I can Nick the colors from it save picking them again oh oh my playlist of my music was not set two loops we just randomly picked some other music by cement city to play that's no good I mean it might be good I never heard of cement city I said I had permission to be there music on stream so just a moment from the page into existence I'm back sorry but that folks brought the cake just nice of them today we have allocations change going on we're not sure who staff the Nets and we'll never know right let's color this thought and I'm already call it a day I have many things to do this evening if I want to get this video out tonight not this video phone buzzing phone buzzing with nothing to tell me I know it's not a good message okay dad keep your eyes out for humans thank you very much save gems Thank You director yeah the plus is the key to draw trapti pillow and all the other show is your determination it says glorious can be stick around I changed Fox's hand maybe maybe I Jason Oh that's foxy colored but I think we'll call it there folks I've got a lot to be getting on with the background boxes so I think that's probably a good place to call over today it's been a shorter art stream but I had a bit of my afternoon free after sorting out tonight's video and I've never got to use this evening to finish sorting out tonight's video so thank you all for joining meets with a very quiet one today I'm very tired sorry I've not been quite to talk to just normal but I appreciate you all tuning in nonetheless it means a lot I'm glad you've all you've all been here it's been fun foxy and we've shaded these guys I write something I always say I'm finishing and I noticed a missing detail happens every time yeah yeah I'm gonna do a drawn-out goodbye this one farewell and we'll start the you could buy music which someone pointed out earlier is also the what culture theme song it is indeed I didn't know that I think they start using after I did possibly even I don't know maybe they're all around but it's just from the YouTube free music library you think what culture would have their own like custom music made but no anyway right sure our folks here comes the goodbye music here comes a goodbye screen that one and here comes the goodbye goodbyes goodbye diamonds four five six Elena Tyler thank you very much for being here KitKat farewell big boy toodaloo a very Russian name less than three three two you to a friend David Moorish goodbye Spivey blitz thank you for joining me yet again Dorinda Martinez aurevoir thanks for being here the amazing der see you soon friend Nicole bait goodbye mr. bone breaker toodle-pip ski kit kat adios James jams fare thee well my friend Ricky Dicky wonderful to have you with us all the names I can see links craft there's a new Lynx craft thank you for being here friend goodbye and our BLX lifts Mary F six seven that's a mouthful goodbye friend of the real awesome super it's been a real awesome super to have you here you'll join again you promised Kit Kat ball I look forward to having you with us again I'll be back imagine Monday with a proper full length off stream I imagine I should I already say that before I do the goodbye scream but you get that on the goodbye screen today and also stay tuned because main channel is getting a new song tonight probably 10 p.m. British time maybe roughly if not then another time hopefully ten say blessed bretzel you get the last goodbye of the night goodbye share that last goodbye amongst yourself goodbye friends goodbye


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