Dreams of a Digital Artist – Renee Robyn

Dreams of a Digital Artist - Renee Robyn

my work is best described as the definition of a kid that grew up on video games and fantasy novels what really pushed me into shooting photography full-time was a motorcycle crash I got hits off my motorcycle and when I hit the ground I was run over by a vehicle I spent five days in the hospital and I spent the next six months learning how to walk again I could have let that accident destroy me but you can't do that because life doesn't stop when you stop photography was that one thing that I could do all the time and it was the one thing where I wasn't in pain it's one of the many reasons why I do a lot of composite artwork because I couldn't get anywhere I had to be able to bring the world to me composite images it's just taking multiple shots that were taken in different locations and you're putting them together into one piece it can be very demanding it is very complex the elements of color there's elements of texture those foreground and background elements the pose expression one about shooting backgrounds it's very much about being in the moment and bringing myself through the artistic process it's really about seeing the potential of what is in front of you so not seeing everything for what it is but for what it can be I love being able to look at images that I create in the studio like sell to Travel Channel and see how I'm gonna do this there you go and when I'm in the studio I have control it's a little bit more sterile but in that it's very creative when I create shots and create images I look at it and I work on it until I'm absolutely in love with it it's this almost obsession you just have to open up your mind and let the image speak to you for that moment and for those for those hours I live in that world and I can do whatever I want I'm the master of my universe sitting in front of the computer being able to communicate that through post-production it's the ultimate drug it's the ultimate high I think the underlying theme in my images is leave no rock unturned try as many things as possible I just love to create images I love photography it's it saved my life in so many ways and I think the only justice that I can do is to explore it is fully and in depth as possible yeah I still ride I rebuilt the bike that I crashed when I ride nothing else exists there's just the present moment the next curve the next bend it's very free and it's the closest that I can get to slime that actually being there I want to live my life in every facet possible and I know that whatever time I wind up leaving this world that my little book of lights dented and scratched and absolutely crammed full of memories because I saw the world not for what it was the moment but for how amazing it could be you


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