Easy Paper Crafts for Kids – 5-minute crafts

Easy Paper Crafts for Kids –  5-minute crafts

Jump-start your child’s creativity with these
simple crafts made from all varieties of colorful paper. number 1. Colorful Cardboard Zoo Animals. Transform leftover cardboard into a menagerie
of animals and get ready to monkey around together. number 2. Happy Chinese New Year. Sometimes called the Lunar New Year or Spring
Festival, the Chinese New Year will be celebrated on February 16. It’s a time to honor ancestors, feast on
traditional foods, and make fun projects with classic symbols. number 3. Tube Town. Transform cardboard tubes into cute cottages
in just a few simple steps. Paint the tube and let it dry. Make two cuts to create a rectangular door,
as shown. Glue on a bead for a doorknob. Draw windows onto colored paper, cut them
out, and attach them to the cottage using a glue stick. For a chimney fold a strip of paper into a
four-sided, open-ended box, and glue it to the roof. number 4. Newspaper Snowflake. lay 9 full-size sheets of newspaper in a three-by-three
grid to form a square, then tape the sheets together. Fold and cut the square into a paper snowflake,
as you would with a regular-size piece of paper. number 5. Paper Cats. Our sleek family of construction paper cats
is the purr-fect project for little crafters. Print out our cat template, then trace it
onto a sheet of black construction paper. Cut out the pieces and assemble the cat with
a glue stick according to the template directions. number 6. Paper Ice Cream Cone. Roll textured brown cardstock into a cone
shape and secure with a brown brad. Crumble a piece of tissue paper into a ball,
and help your child tape strips of colorful patterned paper around it. Attach to the cone. Use red buttons and a little hemp string for
a perfect cherry topper. number 7. Summer ABC Book. To display a letter on each page, write the
letter on a white circle and mat with patterned paper. Separate each page with plastic index-card
dividers, and create a durable back cover by trimming the tab from an extra divider. Punch holes in the upper corners of the cards
and dividers and insert a binder ring. Tie pretty ribbon on the ring. Decorate the cover with stickers to complete
this unforgettable keepsake. number 8. Pretty Paper Fans. Cooling down on a hot day has never been sweeter! Let your children choose paper to fit their
personalities. number 9. Paper Mobile. Watch your child’s artwork twist and twirl
at even the slightest gusts when you hang paper clip art characters on this cute mobile. number 10. Fun Paper Kite. Tie two dowels (one dowel should be longer
than the other) into a cross shape with twine. Cut a notch on the edge of each dowel and
stretch a string around the kite frame. Open a map and lay the frame on top. Trim around the frame, leaving a few inches
to fold over the edges. Adhere the paper around the frame. Tie a long string for the tail to the back
of the kite. Embellish the tail with ribbons and decorate
the kite with a white paper cloud and theme stickers. number 11. Cool Shades. Match your lamp shade to your decor, for cheap. Starting at the bottom of a plain shade, simply
wrap lengths of streamer around it, securing the ends with double-sided tape. That’s all for now. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and give your
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