EZcooldown – Cooling vests for costume performers

EZcooldown - Cooling vests for costume performers

the easy cooldown performers fest is especially designed for cosplayers larvae thews iasts fursuiters and other costume performers the vest provides hours of cooling comfort and prevention against heat stress thanks to for special PCM inserts which release comfortable long lasting cooling relief for up to four hours even during strenuous activities in high temperature environments easy cooldown vests are made out of a thin yet durable polyester mesh which doesn't add thermo insulating layers to your outfit the pockets for the inserts in the vest are placed in a very clever way which makes the vest virtually invisible under your costume the PCM inserts can be quickly activated in your fridge freezer or in ice water and can be reused over and over again activated inserts stay cold and ready to use in the cooler for at least 12 hours once activated the PCM cool at a constant low temperature of 15 to 12 degrees Celsius below body temperature providing comfortable cooling relief our new second-generation PCM inserts are specially manufactured for easy cooldown and come in two different temperatures and two different configurations the thicker four cell inserts provide more cooling power father thinner six cell inserts allow more freedom of movement we offer both configurations in two different temperatures if you need maximum cooling for a short amount of time choose the blue 15 degree Celsius or 59 degrees Fahrenheit GCM inserts if you prefer less cooling but for a longer amount of time go for the yellow 21 degrees Celsius or 70 degrees Fahrenheit inserts our second-generation PCM is a hundred percent bio-based both production and disposal have virtually no impact on the environment we also took special care to make the inserts extremely durable the vests come in three sizes covering any chest circumference from 72 up to 160 centimeters or 27 inch up to 63 inch you can easily adjust waist and height by using the six velcro straps to achieve a snug and comfortable fit you


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