Falcon/Winter Soldier Show Adds John Wick Creator/Writer

Falcon/Winter Soldier Show Adds John Wick Creator/Writer

let's go off to another thing off the top here and that's this we all been talking a lot lately about the upcoming Disney streaming service Disney Plus for many good reasons not only is it launching later this year with the first live-action Star Wars television series in the mandalorian being show run by Jon Favreau of course who just did Lion King so that's if that's not enough to get excited about they're also going full throttle with their MCU stuff we got Loki we got Wanda vision we've got a Hawkeye thing but one of the shows they got coming then maybe is getting the most people talking is the Falcon and Winter Soldier series now of course we got Sebastian Stan coming back for that we've got Emily VanCamp is coming we got Daniel Bruhl is comfit coming of course Anthony Mackie is there as well well another little piece of news just came out today about that that will probably get a lot of people very excited according to the reports right now they've just added to the creative team of this you know Falcon in Winter Soldier series they've brought onboard Derek Kolstad who is the creator and writer of the John wick films this is basically what they're saying here the folks are at Marvel this is from our friends with Joe Blow the folks over at Marvel are hard at work on their new slated limited series around characters in the MCU with perhaps the most eyes on the series centering around Bucky Barnes last Winter Soldier Sebastian Sam and Sam Wilson / Falcon who is also the recently anointed Captain America by the way I disagree with that I don't think endgame necessarily anointed him the new Captain America I think he just gave him the shield but whatever the six part series from showrunner director Cary Skoglund who of course comes from the ham maids tale is moving along well and as the team grows it just got some additional firepower in the writers room in John wick creator writer Derek Kolstad who may want to add a few good dogs to the story which of course I would never be opposed to this is big because I think for anybody maybe not anybody I think for the majority of people who are going to be excited about a falcon and Winter Soldier show are probably also I'm just guessing John wick fans so you're gonna take the creator and writer of John wick add him to this mix to somebody who does a great job on things like the they're putting together a great team both in front of the camera which is what we've been focusing on mostly and they've been putting together this incredible team behind the camera as well I think this is exciting doesn't guarantee it's gonna be a great series no nothing does but I think if you're a fan of this material I think if you're even remotely looking forward to this show I think this has got to be considered a coup I think this has got to be considered big news and very exciting what directions of the may go and I also think it speaks to the fact that they're gonna put an emphasis and get make a priority on the action of the series because you're getting somebody who knows how to set that up I think this is fantastic Aaron am I being too optimistic about this is this really not a big deal or I know how do you see it I want to watch this yesterday I am so thrilled about this I've seen John wick the I've seen the first John wick at least five times thank you Tom Dagenham my husband super fan oh but we love John wick movies I think that adding him as the you know as such an integral part of this storytelling is so powerful to a story that we already are excited and familiar with I mean first of all I could watch Sebastian Stan just do nothing and I don't mean that and I don't mean that because he's absurdly handsome I mean he has such an in such an interesting look about him that even when he's not saying anything he's saying so much so I think he's a powerful actor I love Anthony Mackie he's wonderful and everything that he does and the addition of these creative forces is just incredible and I've seen every episode of The Handmaid's Tale like 17 times so I just think there's nothing wrong with this at all and I'm ready for this to come out immediately Chris you hear about this what's your reaction to it I'm so excited about it and having the John wick director makes so much sense what is lurking or brighter excuse me writer what is Bucky if not captain's puppy you know it all makes sense it's gonna be so fun I'm so excited for this show I'm so excited for more agent 13 and to know more about her it's gonna be really really fun to to have her in the mix there Sharon Carter and I also I'm gonna politely disagree John he definitely was given that mantle of Captain America yeah yeah I don't see it I think so I I just don't see it he's he can't he just he's he doesn't have any superpowers I don't think he can be and I know he was in the comic and all that kind of stuff but I don't care about that anyway maybe I'm dead wrong about this question is guys how do you feel about this is this something worth getting excited about like we are or maybe we're like over emphasizing this a little bit too much what do you guys think jump down the comments section below and let us know your thoughts


  • MetallicNole says:

    I wonder if the rumor about john cena as usagent is true.

  • Paul Estep says:

    Sam needs to stay being Falcon & Bucky needs to be Captain America he has the super soldier serum in him

  • EvanDizasterous says:

    Technically, Cap doesn't have any powers either. He was given a concoction, Sam was given a suit.

  • pizza says:

    i like how endgame ended with sam not feeling worthy of taking up the cap mantle. would love to see this show start with bucky assuming the role, but ultimately going to sam by the end of it

  • D.C. Stranded says:

    While the Endgame movie does imply he's the new Captain America the thing that's making me think he isn't is the fact that they're calling the series "Falcon and Winter Soldier", if he's the new Captain America why don't you just call it "Captain America and the Winter Soldier" then?

    And if they try doing something where he's questioning himself whether he should be the new Captain America, I don't know man that sounds like it could be tedious, either stick with it or don't

  • Johnny82Utah says:

    so pumped, Winter Soldier is now my go-to hero that Cap is old man cap. Also it should be Bucky as the new Captain America, as it's always been Captain America and the Falcon

  • Michael Cullen says:

    This show could be the Lethal Weapon of the MCU.

  • Ivan Osorto says:


  • I don't get likes says:

    Daredevil: Am i a joke to you?

    Kevin fiege: No you're just cancelled

  • Mr. Manager says:

    Because when I think of John Wick, the quality of the writing is definitely the first thing that comes to mind.

  • Colonel Arkham says:

    Endgame was about proving Iron Man and Captain America’s initial judgements about each other wrong, with Cap stating that Tony wouldn’t be willing to sacrifice himself for the team, and Tony telling Cap that his powers were the only thing that make him special. Cap proved this wrong by lifting Mjolnir, therefore Sam doesn’t need powers to be Captain America.

  • Official Filmilen says:

    Falcon and the Winter soldier will be a good comicbook show

  • Sam MacLean says:

    In happy they got the writer of John Wick to write for this show I do hope action looks amazing too

  • Christian Alonte says:

    John seems to be forgetting that Steve Rogers didn’t become Cap cause of his super strength, but because of his heart and his leadership. So if he passed the shield on to Sam, then Steve must believe he has the same qualities to be worthy of Cap

  • Christian Alonte says:

    John seems to be forgetting that Steve Rogers didn’t become Cap cause of his super strength, but because of his heart and his leadership. So if he passed the shield on to Sam, then Steve must believe he has the same qualities to be worthy of Cap

  • The Drawing Board says:

    Marvel: "Spared no expense"

  • Luke Boylan says:

    I want bucky tp get with Sharon Carter now just because i think it would be funny

  • CODeReDX says:

    This the only marvel show i will watch on the service

  • Tulepeeker says:

    Damn, I really have to get disney+

  • Scary Dari says:

    Captain America or not, please let my dude get an upgraded suit

  • Imperial Spy says:

    Jon falcon is given the shield so he can do whatever he wants with it henceforth he's given the mantle even if he probably won't be as good as Captain

  • stormking989 says:

    Falcon doesn't have any powers in the comics either when he was the new Captain America. How is it so hard to believe that the mantle of Captain America was literally passed on to him?

  • Charlotte Haggett says:

    My excitement for this has gone through the roof. Hope it delievers 👌🏻

  • MCU Spider-Man says:

    Yes Marvel Yes This Show is gonna be Badass

  • Ben McDonald says:

    Imagine if this show ends up having the same fighting and stunt choreography as John Wick, that would be amazing

  • M Mmc says:

    Yes!! Winter Soldier should get the action scenes he deserves! The Russo brothers started it so let the good, exciting fights continue. The Soldier always says, 'it always comes to a fight'.

  • Ryan M says:

    Falcon is the new captain America. This is confirmed by Anthony Mackie himself

  • Joe Babicki says:

    Did anyone else get super hyped when they misread it and thought John Wick was joining the show? 😂

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