Fall Reflections Painting, Wet on wet, Oil

Fall Reflections Painting, Wet on wet, Oil

Painting With Yovette, Fall Reflections, Oil Hello everybody, I want to welcome you
back to Painting With Yovette and today I have a very special guest! This
is my husband Carson, I want to introduce you to him.
You’ve seen all the wonderful things that he makes for me, I mean he just
makes a lot of stuff, but he really helped support my my my art habit and so
anyway, so this is Carson. Say hello Carson! Hello Carson! Anyway I just want to tell you thanks
for all the comments that everybody makes on her YouTube site. You’ll never
know how much time and effort goes into what she does so that you guys can enjoy
just a few minutes of her. Anyway you take care of things. Thank you Yo for the
introduction. Yeah I thought you all might really enjoy seeing the man that’s
really behind all this stuff because without him there’s a lot of stuff I
couldn’t be doing, because he does my lighting, he does all these, he makes all
these wonderful gadgets for my painting, and he supports me in just every way
possible for art so you just had to meet this guy! Okay, you take care now. Well anyway, I’ve been wanting to
introduce you to my husband for a long long time, so now I’ve done that and I’m
very happy about it! So anyway, well let’s continue with
today’s lesson. Well today is about all fall colors. This is such a gorgeous time
of the year so I just thought we really need to paint something in fall. So all
I’m going to do is, I’m going to start by applying the liquid white across my
canvas and I’m just applying a very thin coat, and while I’m doing that I’m going
to give you the supply list. Okay I will have all these supplies listed in the
description below, but let’s just run through them quickly. I have a two inch
brush, I have two of the 1 inch brushes, I have a filbert brush, a fan brush, and a
liner brush. And for colors I have titanium white, midnight black, Prussian
blue, sap green, alizarin crimson, dark Sienna, Van Dyke Brown, cadmium yellow,
yellow ochre, Indian yellow, and bright red. So basically that’s all the colors
except for phthalo blue and phthalo green. And I also wanted to show you this.
When I’m cleaning my brushes this is just a plain old wastebasket, and inside
I have these one of these greater racks that you can get from bob ross, and when
I’m cleaning my brushes this is all I’m doing, I’m just beating the brushes like
so, and because I’m using my large two-inch brush, I also have just a just,
it’s just a plastic bucket that I got somewhere, and inside is another grate,
and this will be filled with thinner, and then when I clean my brush I just go
back and forth like that, and all that sediment drops to the bottom it works
fantastic! Well I hope this is going to turn out to
be just a darling picture, and as you can see I have all my liquid white applied,
and all I did was just make sure that everything was covered, nice even thin
coat, and I say thin because you don’t want it very thick. So I’m gonna, and I
realize you’re not going to be able to see all of my palette because my camera
isn’t wide enough, so we’re just you’re going to have to trust me on the colors
that I talked to you about. So I’m going to start out with, and this is my brush
that I did the white with, I’m going to pull down some Indian yellow and tap and
tap and tap. And I want to start out in the sky and I want to crisscross my
strokes, and I’m just making a lovely yellow sky. This is one of the fall
colors and it just just gets beautiful as the colors go on. Okay
now the in the sky I’m going to crisscross, and down here I’m just going
straight across, I’m not doing any crisscross. So again I want to take that
yellow and tap tap-tap, and across here probably right about in here and I hope
you guys are gonna follow along with this one, if you don’t follow along I
sure hope you do it later because you’re gonna like this one I
think. It’s simple and yet it’s not. I don’t know, some some paintings come
easier than others. Okay and then without cleaning my brush I’m going to go into
some red, just plain bright red and tap, and I want to go up here in the sky, I’m
going to come underneath the yellow crisscross strokes, and come down towards
the center and you see it’ll become later and later
as you get lower. And once it gets lighter then you can start going into
your yellow, and just sort of blending that in, just blend it blend it. Those
colors get so pretty together. Okay again into the red tap tap tap, and let’s go
down below, at just above the yellow but below the other red and this time I’m
just going straight across. Up towards the center and as it gets lighter
I’m also lightening my touch, then I can come down into the yellow. And then
that’s just blending those two colors together and you can do a slight
crisscross, see how I’m doing that? Just to blend those two colors together.
That’s easy enough isn’t it? And next I want to go into still the same dirty
brush, this time I want to go into a little, I want to, first let’s move this
yellow, I don’t want that there and let’s move the red, I don’t want that there. Okay now let’s go into some Prussian
blue, now Prussian blue is very strong so I’m
not going to take a whole lot. And tap-tap-tap, and let’s go into some
alizarin crimson. I’m making a lavender color. And your lavender may be different
than my lavender and that’s okay. A little more blue little more crimson and
I’m just brush mixing. Brush mixing makes wonderful colors and it’s not always
the same everywhere which just makes it even nicer. So this time I want to go up
in the sky in the corner. Oh that’s a pretty color, and I want to do the other
corner, let’s go down down to this corner, and this corner. Okay I think I want to add just us oh
just a little more crimson to that because that’s that’s very bluish
purplish and I want just a little more crimson. You don’t have to do this. If you
want an all blue sky that’s just fine! You can do an all blue sky, and I’m just
criss-crossing and coming down slightly into the yellow going into the sides. I don’t want to go away in, I just want
to just sort of going on the edges here, and way down here. And just blend softly softly softly
blend blend blend blend, and your corners are always darker. And I want to wipe off this brush now
because this is very thick, I want to lighten it up a little bit, so
that’s all I’m doing is just wiping off some of that extra paint. Now it should blend easier. Yes that is
much much much better. I like that! Okay and then you have plenty of that
purplish color on your brush already, so just let’s go on this side,
let’s tap in here. See you’re just bringing some of that purple into the
into the red and the yellow and maybe a little bit here. Just blend it in, soft very soft, and
let’s just add, I just want to touch barely, let’s go into maybe a little bit
right here right into the yellow. I like that! And maybe right here, a little bit into this pinkish color,
blend lightly lightly lightly. See, and it just looks like kind of little clouds.
It’s not our traditional big white fluffy clouds, it’s just just lightly. Okay, I love that! Now that’s our underpainting. So I’m going to set this brush aside, and next I want to grab my filbert
brush, and I want to go into the same the same purplish color, get this
straightened up a little bit here for you. Let’s see I want to go into, again
we’re going to do the lavender, so I’m going to go into a little alizarin a
little more blue, and this time I want to add a bunch of
white, because I want this lighter, because this is going to be distant.
We’re just going to do a little mountain. And let’s just, if this is Center right
here, I’m going to go into the red and just a little bit off-center to make a
little point. Oh that’s, I want that lighter yet, because that’s still very dark. There that should be good. Okay let’s try
this, oh yeah, much better. Okay just come in and you just make your little
mountain however you would like. This is how I like mine, and let’s go off the
other side just like so. And just kind of fill in underneath, but not real heavy
it’s going to be light. Okay now what I want to do is set that
brush aside for a second, and remember I told you I’m going to use my beater rack
well that’s so I’m gonna do right now. Okay just to knock the excess paint off.
Now I just want to come down, I didn’t clean the brush, I just knocked the
excess paint off, and bring that down and lightly come across. Oh that’s gonna be pretty! Now see how
nice that red, that pink kind of comes through? Okay set that brush aside, now
this time I want to go into a little more a little deeper color, same thing
but I’m going to go just a little bit darker,
this time let’s have something coming in from this side. How about over here. And don’t worry too much about getting
paint all the way out to the edges because we’re going to have trees in
there and so the trees will cover up whatever you do here anyway. See, now that’s a little bit darker
and yet is kind of that little misty feel? Set that brush aside for a second
and go back to the one-inch, excuse me the two-inch, bring that down, just kind of smooth it out a little bit. Would you guys like to know how I met my
man? Oh, tell you what, once upon a time a long
long time ago, about 42 years ago to be exact, I was a barber, a men’s hair
stylist. And Carson happened to come into the shop one day because he had missed
his appointment with his regular barber. And so I was the one that was going to
get to do his hair. Okay first of all we’re gonna go back into even a little
bit darker color now, a little blue purple, a little more, yeah I think that’ll be good. And this
time I’m going to make one more little hill maybe over here.
I want more purple, more alizarin. So anyway this guy comes into the shop, and
I’ll tell you, we looked at each other, and it was like hmm, we liked each other
right away! And and so we got to talking and we just mixed and mingled, and gosh
for several years we just had a really nice friendship, where we just talked and
he helped me through a lot of difficult situations, and I just I thought he was
just really such a wonderful guy! And as it turned out, years later we got married.
We’ve been married for many many many years now. He’s the joy of my life!
I just adore this men, and he still to this very day makes me cut his hair! He
will not let me, he won’t he won’t go to anybody else. So darn anyway, let’s move
this out just a little bit more here. There I like that, okay. So what I want
to do next is take my 1 inch brush and this time to this purple mix here, I’m
just going to add some black, I just want to darken this color, and tap, tap into
the brush. A little more black, actually we can add some blue and purple. So I just want a very dark dark dark
color. This is going to be grass. Okay let’s just go ahead and start way back
here, and I’m going to tap right in, now you can make your grass any way you want
it, I just, I just thought this is the way I’m going to have mine. And sometimes I’m skipping a little
space, a little area, tap tap tap tap, so this isn’t the final step because
we’re still going to highlight this color. But I’m sort of making this little
dip here which I thought that’s kind of interesting, and let’s go in here, now
this is going to be a little bit of land, and let’s go in maybe a little over here, yeah that’s good. That’s great! Okay now I
want to clean the brush. Okay I turned off the sound while I cleaned the brush
because that’s rather noisy. So anyway I want to scoop up this pile, I’m just
gonna put it up here just for the time being, and what I’m going to do is add
just some bright yellow right there, well a little more than, that okay, and just
bring this down. And this time I want to make some grassy
area. So I’m going to go into this yellow, and I’m tapping and I also I want to add
some white to that because some of that’s pretty dark. And I want to have
first of all just one area that’s lighter so I’m going to go into the light, and
here I have some liquid white. And on my paint, some paints are different but mine
is really really really thick, so I’m going into a little liquid white, and
that just softens it up a little bit. So liquid white on my brush, and light
yellow, tap and let’s just go right up here. Snd let’s go into more yellow now and
this is thicker that’s fine, maybe a little bit of green, just to change the
color a little bit, and I’m just tapping tapping. Maybe even a black. Now leave some spaces in between your
grassy areas. I adjusted my my camera so hopefully
my head will not be constantly getting in the way this time. I was really
disappointed in that last video I did because my head just kept popping back
and forth in the way, so very aggravating. Okay just tapping in that grass. Okay I’m going to call that good, that’s
fine right there, and next we’re going to be doing trees,
and so I’m going to just wipe this excess paint out of my brush. Okay and I’m going to move this yellow
up here, because we’ll be using that in just a little bit. Matter of fact let’s
move all this yellow up there. Okay. Now I want to go into all these dark
colors, let’s go into black, blue, green, alizarin, how about Van Dyck Brown, and
just sort of make a big pile here, we mean we’re going to need a lot of paint
for this. Okay mmm yummy! Oh, okay, now with this
pile you notice when we were doing the grass, all my strokes were tap tap tap
this way with the brush flat. This time we’re going to go with the brush
horizontal, or vertical, horizontally, yeah, no vertically, sorry. Vertically yes
up and down, and so so when we do that would put the brush in no I want you to
keep your handle straight up, because you don’t want to just fill this bottom end
of the of the brush with paint, so keep the handle straight up, bring your brush
through and notice how I’m pulling the paint down, just pull pull pull,
I’m not going right into the middle of that pile, I’m just going on the outer
edge of it. Okay, and if you look here you can almost see, maybe you can see, I don’t
know, can you see? No I don’t think so, huh anyway it’s like little bushes in there,
so when you come down here, what was I doing here, this one, yeah pull pull pull,
when you turn your brush upside down, and let’s just go here here here, and you’re just making
trees. And I want you to leave some spaces in between your trees, you don’t
want just a ton of trees, you know just a thickness with no, so that you can’t see
any sky or anything. Okay let’s do that one more time. Bring
it down, I want to come up a little bit more here, yeah, that’s better. I like protrusions in
the trees, see how they come out a little bit, because then you can make some
little branches in there and that’s pretty cool. Okay and I want to come
right across here we’re still going to continue with some bushes here, maybe
that one goes a little higher, and we’re going to come down, pull pull pull,
let’s go to the other side, here, and when I’m, see I’m touch push push, I’m
touching first and then just a little push, I’m not sliding my brush, and I’m leaving those spaces. I want that one to come a little higher, and I would think I would like this one
a little out here. So you can arrange these anyway you want them, but this is
just a way of, the way I decided. Okay pull, and we need to go down into the water
some. Now this is going to be a great lesson on reflections! I wish I didn’t have so much glare
on here, it’s really hard for me to see this canvas, and what I’m doing. Let’s see,
I do see one thing here, I want that right there, yeah perfect!
Okay set that two-inch brush aside because I think we’re probably pretty
much, oh no, we’re not either done with that.
Let me turn off the camera for a second again because I’m going to clean the
brush. Okay I’m back, brushes all got all the extra paint off of it, and now what I
want to do is, we’re going to start reflections, and so put your brush, let’s
start right in the middle here, put your brush in, pull pull pull, wipe it off, hold and pull straight down
if you can, so I don’t always pull straight down but that’s what I need to
do. Okay and then wipe it off, make sure you get that extra paint off of there, and then just slightly lightly lightly
bring it across, and look how that makes reflections. Isn’t that gorgeous? Okay, and I’m going to set that brush aside
now because now we are done with the one inch brush, I want to grab my knife, I’m
going to move all this dark off to the side. This time I want to go into some some
dark sienna, and bring it down, and some white, bring it right down over the top,
scoop scoop scoop and down. A little more white right up here. There. I want to,
now there’s dark underneath here and white on the top, so it is going to come
out kind of pretty. So I’m grabbing a little roll and let’s just start over
here, we’re going to make a tree trunk. That white didn’t come through at all!
Let’s do a little more white. Hmm well okay, that Brown is too dominant
so we’ll just take pure white because this is almost like a birch, okay, and just wherever you would like a tree
trunk, just go ahead and drop one in. And this can be thicker. There now it’s starting to come. That’s
what I was looking for! Okay let’s go into the other side, now that’s looking good! Okay. Wipe the knife off, sure go through a lot
of paper towels don’t we? That’s okay that’s what they’re there for!
Now for the pretty fall colors. Mmm. Okay let’s take our one inch brush, and let’s
see I’m going to take on a newer brush because, you know brushes once they get
worn a little bit they don’t make us pretty a bushes but I think this one
will make prettier bushes so we’re going to do with this one. I’m going to remove
this paint, we’ll just put that up there, and this
time I’m going to bring in my Indian yellow because we’re going to use some
of that, we’re going to definitely use the cadmium cadmium yellow, definitely,
we’re going to use red, and I need to get some ochre out because I didn’t put that
on, didn’t have enough room for all these paints on the palette. Som this way I
can play around a little bit more, gives me more more space to work in. Okay so we
have all these pretty colors. We’ve got Indian yellow, got cadmium
yellow, red and ochre. All right, first thing I want to do is,
see my handle with this little gizmo here? It’s a little, where the, were the
metal wraps around the brush, I want that up right now. I’m going to dip into my
liquid white, don’t know if you can see this, I’m going to dip into my liquid white so
I’ve got quite a bit on there, and then let’s just start out with plain yellow.
So I’m going to pull my brush through the yellow, see all those little bushes
in there? Okay, turn the handle so that that little Ridge is down, and let’s go
up here to this first tree, let’s start out here this probably the yellow would
be more prominent right here. Well that’s picking up a lot of green.
I’m going to tap the brush a little bit. This time I want to go into, let’s go
into a little yellow ocher, and that needs a little softening, so a little
liquid white, let’s go up here, and I’m going to work back and forth on
these two, rim up for loading, rim down for painting. Okay?
tap-tap-tap, just to get the, knock the most of the paint off the tips, let’s go
into more yellow, and add a touch of green, oh that’s pretty! Mmm-hmm, a little more of that, maybe a little more green, and now let’s go into some how about
some red. And some ochre, and now I’m just playing
back and forth on these colors. And this brush did not turn out to be
the best brush, I thought it would be better than this but it’s not. Let’s go
over here, and into some red, Mm-hmm,
and I want to mix this up a little bit because I do want some of this reddish
to be up here in the top, just not all at the bottom. And we’ll have some up here, Mm-hmm Okay let’s do a little ochre and red,
these two make a pretty color, and also the yellow and red makes a real pretty
color. Let’s do a little of the yellow and red,
oh pretty! Getting too much paint in my brush, you
can tell when you’ve got too much paint because it starts to get globby, so you
just tap it out. That breaks up all the bristles again. Let’s do, we haven’t done
an Indian yellow let’s do a red and an Indian yellow over here. And how about just pure yellow, and tap that really well. Then set this liquid white down for a
second while I do this, okay. I want to go back into my big brush, oh and
first, let me get some of this here, I don’t want a lot of paint on my brush, so
this that’s why I tapped it out. Okay, so we want a little bit of color down
here. And, let’s also have some down on this
side. Okay now with the 2 inch brush, just
wiping it, again start in the middle, bring down, try and get some of the
yellow, and the oranges and those colors, and come all the way down, and very
lightly, I’m just I am barely barely barely touching. Barely touching. Ok come across, cross the other way, and that’s good. Okay now I want to take
my large knife, and that’s something I forgot to mention in my tools, my supply
list, is that you are going to need a large and a small knife, or one size or
the other, which, whichever one you like to work with. Various things for
various things, but anyway let’s go ahead and we’re going to just put in some land
right now. So pull this paint out pull your dark brown flat and get a little
roll of paint. I think you can see that, and we’re just going to start bringing
some land in, and I’m just barely barely touching, just enough just let the canvas
pull off whatever amount of paint it wants to pull off.
I just hardly have any pressure at all Now this is, I’m bringing this land out
into the water, see, just barely touching.
See how I’m holding my my knife? then if I put my finger here, that’s gonna make a
big dent, and I don’t want that so, okay, I want more land out here, and you could have a lot of land if you
wanted, or just a very little bit of land, it doesn’t make any difference, it’s all
up to you, however you want to do it. Okay, wipe that knife off, and this time, let’s go into some, first
of all let’s scoop all this up, put it up here, because we’re not going to use that
anymore. Okay. Go into some dark Sienna and spread it
out, go into some white and spread it out, right over the top. See that pretty marble? Whoo that’s Purdy!
Grab a little roll of paint and just very very lightly, just go over the dark
brown that you did. I can tell it needs more white, Let me get some more white out here
because mine is about gone. Okay, pull it out, Okay, just lightly lightly, Mmm-hmm pretty! And there. Wipe that knife off, and go into a little
bit of that liquid white, I’m just getting some on the knife here, not too much, and, just make little lines, little water
lines, I don’t know if you can still keep
seeing me? And that’s it! Simple fall colors, my Reds
didn’t turn out nearly as nice as I had hoped they would but. Oh, I almost forgot
this little step! I wanted to make a little bird, and so, well actually a couple
little birds, so let’s just go into some dark Sienna, and all I’m doing is putting
a little thinner into, no, I’m sorry, Van Dyck Brown not Sienna. You could do
either one but I’m doing Van Dyck Brown. Just set that, I’m going to set this down. The way I do a bird is, I steady my hand,
I come down, and let’s do them kind of low, let’s do one right about maybe one
here. Okay? Let’s do another one, maybe down
here, and how about one over here. There! That’s all, just a couple of little ones. So something I wanted to mention, if
you’re not secure and doing your Birds you could always wait until your
painting is dry, and once your painting is dry you can add Birds,
you could add tree limbs, branches, you can sign your name, you can do anything
after it’s dry and that way if it doesn’t turn out, you can just scrape it
off and start over again. I’ve done that a lot of times so I know. But anyway, well
maybe I’ll just go through and do some touch-ups on this later and show you how
I do things, like once this is done, I may want to touch up some things, and so I
might show you how to do that, at a later time. So anyway, well I’m sure glad you
came to join me today and I really appreciate that! I’ve got to think about
what I’m going to do next month, I just don’t know. I’m thinking, I know I’ve got
a request for red candles, I’ve got snow scenes, a lot of requests, so I’ll just
have to think on it and decide, and if you have an idea, why don’t you write it
down below and in the comment section and let me know what you might like to
see. So it might give me some great ideas for next month. Okay thank you. Bye bye


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  • Jo Fröhlich says:

    Hi Yovette, a super painting! My english it´s like a beginner, but I can understand easy your instructions, I feel you always very happy with painting and—-I like your laughing! All the best to your husband, I think he make the camerawork! Really great! This was also my Job more than 35 years. All the best together!!

  • Art By Pavan says:

    Superb Video , really liked it alot

    Well done very nice artwork 😊👌👍✔🎞🎨

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    Hi Carson nice to meet you

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    Very lovely and beautiful colorful scenery! I admire your beautiful colorful pictures. Your husband and you are very sweet and very happy couple. I always love to see or watch the shows Thank you for bright my days! 👵🏼🤟🏻🎨❤️

  • Patricia Christian says:

    Again, I always paint 3 birds as my trademark On almost all my painting pictures I do think 3 birds as Trinity in One I like that!👵🏼🤟🏻🎨

  • It's Fun to Paint with Lynn Harris says:

    Hi Yovette, another thrilling paining. You gave me some good ideas for a class. One thing you could do is, after this is dry come back and how how to add a little mist over the land.
    It was so nice of you to include your hubby! He looks marvelous and you two are a treasure and inspiration to me!

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  • Angie Nevarez says:

    Thanks 🙂

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    My husband is also helping and supporting my interest in painting!

  • jenny narvaez says:

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  • Dorothy Radley says:

    Hi Yovette, after watching your video where you add touch ups to this painting I thought it might be a good idea to watch this too. I am so glad I did. I used to paint in oil over 35 years ago but I became disabled in my mid 30s and I wasn't well enough to paint anymore. In the last couple of years I have felt able to get back to painting. It's not easy for me so I just do a little then leave it and get back to it when I can. I used to paint in the 'old' way but since then Bob Ross happened and oil painting has taken on a new perspective, which I am grateful for as it seemed to make oil painting easier, or so I thought, however it's not as easy as it looks. Thank you for your in depth explanations which is helping me a lot. I do follow you when you have a video out and have watched older videos too. Thank you for your down to earth approach to painting and clear explanations. Hugs from England xxx

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