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  • whutzat says:

    Audience stocked with Dindus.

  • Grace Collins says:

    It's not the government's money, it's the people's money. Just having the privilege of citizenship and living in the US, (which I don't), should be compensation enough. It is my understanding that freed slaves were offered the opportunity to resettle in Africa at government expense and those that didn't stayed of their own free will.

  • Ron Gruber says:

    Outside of being in need your guilty liberal how is reparations a good idea in any way shape or form to anyone. We went from black reparations to gay reparations. Both of them are stupid ideas fauxcahontas wants to say well it's due to the fact that they had to pay extra taxes before we let this slide. Well I don't know how far up her deep dark stinky hole fauxcahontas has had her head but if you're a normal couple you didn't get that tax break either if you live together you also didn't get the benefits that the gays got for at least 10 years before other people did

  • wimderix says:

    Josh, you forgort Margeret Sangers abortion institute.

  • Salim Ali says:

    For those that are for reparations, they're actually mentally enslave by their own beliefs and desires. To them, they're supposedly fighting for justice, to put right from wrong, to the long gone slaves and their ancestors, which is ridiculously and to me is not debatable at all.

  • JD Woolery says:

    Where does the madness end?
    Reparations is such bullshit
    Democrats just want to buy votes.

  • Rajkumar Maharaj says:

    Which living black American was enslaved? If any is alive, give it to them,if not, don't give any. They just want free money for other people's labour.


    hear we go again yelling about the CIVIL WAR like we are still in it.

  • olderthangranite says:

    Rae Sanni is obviously household staff, for the Democratic Party.

  • CREvothegreater says:

    reparations 4 all pot smokers who were jailed over the past 100yrs!….& all the moonshiners during the illegal prohibition…..plus more!……….

  • Mopar_ Dude says:

    The ancestors of slaves have already been given reparations, compare their average annual income in the US to that of African nations. They earn 10X the amount they would if they were in Africa. What the US did during slavery was one of the darkest times in our history, but there is no one alive now that deserves to be paid for being a slave, because they weren’t. Thank you Obama for pushing the “poor victim” crap further down their throats. Of course democrats are jumping on it, they have no plan for the country, so they have to promise to give away money and free shit to get votes. Free college, free healthcare, free housing, free cell phones, free cars, free food, and on top of that, here is some money for doing nothing. Yep, this country is headed into the crapper, especially with the brain washed generations that think they are owed everything. The USA will fall and not a shot will be fired.

  • roger wixom says:

    I  agree the democrats need to pay and no one else

  • Larry Ballenger says:

    Yes we oppose reperations! And beging separations where you take your ass out of here back where you belong!

  • DJLady Jamar says:

    This young man that speaking against Reparations is a Puerto Rican… Tariq Nasheed just busted him out on his channel. (Coleman) Hughes is a Puerto Rican. He has zero right speaking on 'us' and how 'we' should not be getting restorative justice!! Just to show how deceitful he is…this mofo SCRUBBED the internet of his receipts so no one would know that he's really NOT one of us…while he's pretending to be us….while speaking on the mic saying 'we' should get nothing…..unless immigrants get it….Oooohhh disrespect. In his own words he said he stopped calling himself puerto rican and started calling himself Black so he could "finesse" the Black community and gain a foothold. Deceptive is what he is. Btw, Hughes had this information scrubbed prior to this farce of a "hearing" Please apply your diatribe argument to why the Jews who got Reparations from America(To INCLUDE Reparations money that included money from Black Americans Tax Payers who some have ancestors who were slaves to Jewish Slave Owners) even though America had nothing to do with the Holocaust and NONE of the perpetrators of the Holocaust were Americans..tell us why Jews should not have gotten Reparations since you don't think blacks who btw had the longest lasting genocide and still are suffering from the effects of slavery ..Go ahead if you dare…I'll wait..

  • Mark Garcia says:

    Why the stupid music?

  • MEET Magazine says:

    Conservatives can't think for themselves. I have NEVER heard even 1 conservative say they were in favor of reparations for descendants of American slavery. As dumb as liberals are, they're divided when it comes to the topic. Conservatives are stupid and can't think for themselves on ANY issue. Just worthless. Good thing they wont exist in the future.

  • MEET Magazine says:

    Of course you would be against reparations.

  • Manuel of San Antonio says:

    Leave it to the Demonrats to stir up racism. They feed off it. Reparations at this point insult black peoples dignity. It's a veiled attempt to buy votes. For that matter there are many Mexican Americans, gays, Japanese, and others who would like to see benefits. How low will the Dems stoop?

  • chip morrison says:

    coleman is a very bright and intelligent person, congrats to you young sir!

  • Clarence Randall says:

    another great black man and don't take this sarcastically i am 100% sincerer and not all slaves where or are black

  • Kevin Howard says:

    don't speak for me, gimmie my money. I'd still be in Africa

  • Ivan Mills says:

    Reparations are BS. There are no victims to pay reparations to. On another note, turn the music off. It's sad when you have to struggle to hear the focus of the video because of background music.

  • Jason Stanley says:

    They act as if there's a shortage of money..there's never a shortage of money under the devil's work..

  • CitifiedCowgirl says:

    He has that one right, and now they want gays to have it too.

  • anonymous abominable says:

    My ancestors were abolitionist do we get a paycheck because they risked and sometimes lost their lives to free the black man

  • anonymous abominable says:

    Evidence vocal cords don't make u human and civil rights don't make u civilized she or it puts the n in the n word

  • anonymous abominable says:

    Affirmative action was reparation

  • Odin Handler says:


  • Linda Brawley says:

    Mr. Hughes is quite the HONORABLE MAN.GOD BLESS HIM

  • Mr Redshirt says:

    Americans are already paid reparations at Gettysburg Vicksburg Chancellorsville etc nothing else need be paid and everything else is just political grandstanding an attempt to buy votes from the poor

  • mary Thomson says:

    This is, by my thoughts is good reasoning. The people who went through horrible wrongs should get the apologizes and what decisions go with it. Just like in Canada many think the various groups of native Indians should be granted back land plus still keep all the government funding that they only get. If they wish to be Canadians then it should be the same all way round. Not get land back and then everything free or 80% off. Their sec or third generations claim one or the other.

  • Timothy Walters says:

    There's no depth too low for a Dumbocrat . They have to reach up to touch bottom .

  • Christin Soriano, Jr. says:


  • Linda Rowe says:

    This man needs to come back to reality

  • Chris Campbell says:

    We paid our reparations in the civil war.if it wasn't for the over 90% white blood that was spilled, blacks wouldn't have been freed.drop it!

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