Femi Kuti still composing 'fiery' music similar to his late father's

Femi Kuti still composing 'fiery' music similar to his late father's

fifteen years after his first visit to Kenya Nigerian musician Femi Kuti played an energetic sent to an enthusiastic crowd in Nairobi the musicians son of the legendary Fela Kuti practices for at least 6 hours a day and continues to reinvent his sound but the messages rebuking problems in society still remain here CG teens will kiss the neighbor with more a burst of color announced the arrival of olafemi an Akula future in the kroger festival stage the headlining act of the two day music festival held periodically in Nairobi and Fela and his band did not disappoint this festival with a mix of younger musicians they knew would be fehmi's introduction to those who are unfamiliar with his music a four-time Grammy Award nominee and a best-selling musician semi put his name has long been associated with musical excellence and with such concerts he is hoping to introduce himself to a new generation 157 years ago Femi Kuti is a son of the late Schneider Ian music superstar Fela Kuti Femi grew up learning from the legend but in 1987 he left to start his own band Femi did not want to live in his father's shadow heats I've got so many nominations in the typical after a bitch tradition famine combines African genres like High Life along with jars he has also reinvented the sound with a infusion of hip-hop but the song still retained his father's core lyrical message speaking up against societal ills and as the ever energetic musician travels the world playing his music so Fela is introducing the next generation of musicians in recent events his son has joined him on the Paige you always have to do things to develop to inspire another generation to tread the path properly what I want to see through his son the tradition of music continues a blend of talent and boldness and sincerity and carefully honed skills that never get old Lucas on our CTN


  • Breakthrough Moment says:

    He should have a better bass player. His regular bass player is much better (no disrespect to his son), but he just wasn’t able to keep up with the driving, fast-paced rhythm of this song.

  • BeHappy says:

    Femi is a legend

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