Fender American Performer Stratocaster vs. Professional

Fender American Performer Stratocaster vs. Professional

[Laughter] you [Laughter] hey guys welcome to another episode of focus on sound here at reason sounds I'm Adam I'm Jack and we're back after a couple months without doing a focus for sounds video a focus on sound video and today we're bringing to you a pair of wonderful stratocasters from fenders American lineup current moment we have the American performer here and I have the American professional and it's very nice candy apple wet it's very pretty especially with the Rosewood neck this really it's just a pretty instrument and so is this of course both beautiful bar Charlotte we thought would be particularly useful for you to hear side-by-side comparisons of two very close in the lineup sort of yeah positioned guitars from from Fender so this is the American performer strat it represents the entry level into the American line of guitars from Fender yeah super cute ah amazing value for money no American round yeah American craftsmanship you've got oversized headstock which is really nice you have the old sort of vintage style tuners where you sort of poke the string through the top and then design a cheaper fan not averse to either those lazy and string changes chaos fair enough thumb pick up so that choice wise we have three Yosemite single coils which sound wonderful very balanced sounding pickups with a push-pull on the second tone knob here which allows you to basically include the neck pickup in whatever position you've got so you can do neck and bridge you can do neck and you grab all three it's an F connect neck and neck lift neck so upon my lap is the American professional which is just a fantastic guitar you can't there's not more you want from a strap so proper workhorse is probably yeah best Fender of being as a standard since God knows Arnold well very it sounds amazing especially with these pickups the Tim Shaw designed live Iman pickups aren't amazing very balance because they've got different kind of set of anti magnets and just yeah sound wonderful I'm a straight guy I have a twenty year old a minute standard yeah you would never guess with you I'm a 20 year old American Standard and I bought the v mods because I loved how they sound in the professionals and they really are fantastic very very polished high-end yes very rounded sound very pleased yeah you there's like not piercing ever which I love another key difference between the two is that this is a screwin arm here anywhere this just pop said you know it's just wonderful that's an innovation feeling playability wise these other guitars are a little bit different yes I have a modern C shape which is a little slimmer on this neck and I have a modern deep v-neck you do indeed and the frets different we've got jumbo frets on the performer series that's what narrow to which I prefer why people say it's easy to bend with you know jumbo frets in hey is to someone but I just like feeling that little bit would often yeah it's got a nice little crown on the on top of the front of the fret really does so ABS today we're running through a beautiful pair of 68 reissue silver face deluxe reverb from Fender just beautiful and sound fantastic miked with as usual a pair of SE v 7 series dynamic mics blended in with a little room signal for a pair of se 5 small diaphragm condensers next up we're going to show you through some sounds two pickups each 5 positions on both struts going through that the same outfly yeah [Laughter] [Laughter] go what do you think about these guitars I like them both very much I think this represents great value for money if you like the aesthetic this is gone silent slightly more retro aesthetic to it the assemblies are definitely a different character entirely I feel to be the vimana it more spiky spiky yes it's an up the slight upper mid sort of bell bell like tone to the neck on this one I feel you know I find this is a little bit more rounder so I'm a bit more clear but it's a little bit of a price increase and then it in comparison right so it's one to think about and also it's all subjective at the in the day somebody might not like the size of this neck in comparison to this one because this is a lot thinner a little bit easy to end cuz there's your frets but for honest sonically this one feels a bit more sounds very cliche to say it but a bit more sort of vintage voiced voice because that looks like that sort of mid-range thing going on whereas that so polished the high end is so it's me you still get some of that pirate so that old thing is it not very smooth yeah horrible when you go on a bridge bit cover that act no you don't do that but no no that yeah yes they sell yeah very this this is a guitar that last you a lifetime yeah for sure hundreds and I love this thing that's what this right yes with that but yeah no I get it yeah this is special I like these a lot we're not allowed to in for any bias clearly no they're both brilliant they make your choice at the end of the day it's going to be some people that think that's gonna be great people would think for more of the rocky indie crowd and if that thing would be killer yeah all right we're a little bit more obstacle in thinking of sound I don't know I think I feel like if you like a studio musician that's your go-to oh yeah feel like rocker you know more about any sound you might get might go with this one a bit more yeah that might cut through life path I think you probably don't see yeah there you go live stadia okay buy one for each exactly so we hope you found that video helpful guys hopefully a chance for you to hear the two side by side if you enjoy these videos please do feel free to subscribe to our channel below and I'll make social media links appear here where active on Instagram Facebook and please if you are interested check out the regent sounds website there's a no bus going past we carry these guitars on our website and install so check out region sounds calm if you're interested and we hope to see you in another video soon 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  • Μελής Γρηγόρης says:

    The one of the two guitars is GUITAR, the other just tries to be…….

  • esdel1955 says:

    Great playing, guys! Both guitars sound awesome in your hands. Having said that, I recently bought a Pro and returned it. I’m getting a Performer HSS with maple fretboard instead. The Pro is great but it’s not quacky enough for me. The Performer sounds more like a Strat to my ears (even the HSS with the split bucker). I haven’t received it yet but from what I’ve heard here on yt, it’s the perfect Strat.

  • Kiirozu says:

    I'm looking to buy my first electric guitar, coming from acoustic guitar, and I have my eyes on the AM Perf RW AW. Been looking at the pro series aswell but I can't really justify a rough 50% price increase on my first electric! Both sounds fantastic, too shabby the perf doesn't include a hard case. Been thinking to get a Boss Katana 100 amp for it, do you think that'll be good enough or do Fender have something better in the same price range?

  • hatch707 says:

    Well i'd be happy with either of these guitars especially with one of those amps….

  • suereed says:

    That was fun.

  • cheesefrogsnail says:

    To me the performer sounds more "straty" than the pro if this makes any sense…

  • Jonathon Rankin says:

    Great playing guys. When I first learned to play guitar I played a strat then switched to Gibson, I'll be getting a strat sometime this year and I think I might get the performer strat. Thanks for the video guys.

  • Roy Siegenthaler says:

    Awesome vid, thanks guys! Would love to hear the performer vs. pro tele comparison, after you already did the players comparison.
    A bit of constructive criticism: the comparison works better if one of you plays on both guitars on the neck pickups, one on middle, and so on.
    Love your channel, fantastic playing!

  • Nikoo033 says:

    The one feature of the performer, that we didn’t hear in the comparison part of the video, is the possibility to blend the neck pickup with the others using the push-pull tone knob. This is one feature which would finally make me decide to buy a strat as I have always found them to sound too thin.

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