Fender American Performer Telecaster Hum

Fender American Performer Telecaster Hum

[Applause] hi I'm Jim within stuff music.com and I'm here today to do a demo of the Fender American performer Telecaster with a humbucker the Fender American performer Telecaster hum finished here and satins surf green the neck is maple with a modern c-shape rosewood fingerboard 22 jumbo frets 25 and a half inch scale nine and a half inch radius fender classic gear tuners and a synthetic nut the body is alder with one master volume one master tone 3-way blade pickup switch grease bucket tone circuit push-pull coil tap our performer double tap humbucker in the neck and a Yosemite tele single coil in the bridge this guitar comes setup with nine gauge strings and includes a Fender gig bag get yours today at n stuff music calm alright and we're back after the technical specs of the guitar let's take a look first at how I have the amp set today I'm going through this deluxe I have the volume a little south of 4 actually a little south of 5 I'm sorry the treble on 6 the bass a little south of 5 and the reverb between 2 and 3 so we're gonna run through some clean sounds and some over driven sounds and before I start I'd like to pull it point out that this humbucker is splittable on this guitar with a push-pull like I said in the specs right there so we'll also be hearing that let's give a listen first to the neck humbucker everything wide open here we go take tone off a little bit here's a tone all the way off [Laughter] let's take the volume down a little bit so you can hear the sweep alright let's take it to the middle now actually I'll tell you what let's keep it in the neck and on here's the next split neck humbucker next split okay now let's take it to the middle here is everything wide open humbucker and bridge okay let's listen to the next split with the bridge voyage here is the bridge wide open here's the tone off a little and the bridge you there's a volume back a little in the bridge and everything wide open all right let's hear some over driven sounds I'm using a noble's odr mini for the overdrive sounds in this video here is the neck humbucker wide open and I had the pedal set pretty neutral everything's pretty much straight up and down so I'm not coloring the tone very much with the pedal here here is the next split volume off a little so it cleans up pretty quick while I'm up all right let's take it to the middle here's the middle with the humbucker it's wide open here's the next split with the bridge here's the volume off a little bit well I'm back up all right here is the bridge wide open it's another volume back a touch here's the town off a touch you [Applause] [Applause] okay that was the fender American performer Telecaster with a humbucker you


  • Four Owls says:

    I tried these out, they are mainly sourced from Asian/Chinese materials and assembled in the USA. They felt kind of cheap and I didn't like it. Compared to the USA Professional, or even a Baja Tele, they weren't as good. I walked in the store ready to purchase, and was disappointed but yet glad I didn't buy unseen!

  • wdsmith23 says:

    Shame it's poly.

  • Nick Brylka-Mee says:

    Great guitar , great review

  • bluehappyscrap says:

    Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!πŸ˜€πŸŽˆπŸ˜€πŸŽˆπŸ˜€πŸŽˆπŸ˜€πŸŽˆπŸ˜€πŸŽˆπŸ˜€πŸŽˆπŸ˜€πŸŽˆπŸ˜€

  • mailvilla says:

    May 16, 2019: Hello, questions for anyone here. (1) when you pull the knob control pot knob up, does the humbucker become a single coil as good as the traditional lipstick single coil? (2) With the humbucker as a single coil, and you select the center switch position for both pickups, do you get a really nice punchy quacky Telecaster sound? (3) With both pickups single coil, do you get 60 cycle Hum? With just the bridge pickup is there a lot of 60 cycle humming?

  • diesel828 says:

    I just bought the yellow or "vintage white" one three days ago and I'm thinking of exchanging it for that surf green and rosewood fretboard. So nice.

  • Alex Noire says:

    What a perfect demo!

  • bentleyblues says:

    Thank you very much for a very informative demonstration one of the best I’ve seen for this new guitar

  • Paul Tamo says:

    Went to local music store with the kid, he tried this one: Fender American Special Telecaster, Maple Neck with Bag – Black, and the exact one shown above.
    while he loved them both he dug the sound & tone of the Performer Tele – plus the looks – surf green! And so it's here at home! Nice Axe! πŸ™‚

  • Gerard Cortes says:

    Would love to see one of these in Olympic white or blonde with that rosewood board

  • Jon Oz says:

    The demo was, uh… semi-sexy.

  • kckennedy55 says:

    I made a comment about the Tele sounding "thin" to me. This was just my opinion and I was being honest. For you guys who responded with some thought about why the guitar would sound thin, I do appreciate your comments. As a musician, it helps when someone clarifies what you are hearing. To me this us what the comment section is for!

  • David Bastow says:

    I think this demo is really good; nice sounding Tele!

  • cathytai says:

    That sounds and looks great! And I'm not normally a 'new guitar' fan…although it sounded more 'Tele' in the first few seconds of intro than later in the demo….?

  • Bob Aldo says:

    I really like your reviews. You go over everything, instead of right away going to distortion and pedals.

  • Jude Miller says:

    I guess we're not gonna talk about the faces

  • Rahadimas Samiaji says:

    Looks its gonna be cool to play some extreme brutal metal with it

  • OldGrowthRedwood says:

    Really don’t understand 9’s from the factory .

  • AkiraSpectrum says:

    I've played this exact model in a local store and it is one of the best Tele's I've played. Felt absolutely amazing for an intro-USA-level Fender Tele.

  • kckennedy55 says:

    To me it sounds thin. Not enough body overall. It sounds balanced. Just a little thin. Just my opinion. I like it. I think it works well. Just not enough guts.

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