FIFTY8 / The Art of Consciousness Episode 2

FIFTY8 / The Art of Consciousness Episode 2

Do you know where you are? I am in a dream. I think there may be something wrong with this world. Something hiding underneath either that or there’s something wrong with me? Hi, this is Billy Rood from FIFTY8 Magazine and thank you for watching the Art of Consciousness. These films are a curation of scientific insights with the study of the unseen which is spiritual knowledge in order to integrate with the mastery of will to create a unified individual in consciousness and energy. By understanding the eternal masculine, which is consciousness and the eternal feminine which is energy, we can create a perfect union of a world of warriors who are governed by love that transcends time, dimensions and space. Consciousness and energy means a dream with power and intent. The body is the first thing we must take on in overcoming our past role and character, this personality. The body is the equipment that awareness wears and we make the body work according to our will. With this instrument we create something out of nothing, in every moment. The seven seals in the body are duplicates of the seven levels of consciousness and realizations. The seven understandings are those of reproduction and survival, fear and pain, power, felt love, expressed love, God seen in all life, and God I AM. But most of us have given our power way to the needs of the body. Which means we’re on autopilot a looping reality. Dreams mean everything. They’re the stories we tell ourselves of what could be, who we could become. Have you been dreaming? Imagining yourself, breaking out of your modest little loop? Taking on a bigger role? We are recreating and reimagining the same pictures and thoughts to our spirit. Which creates the exact same movie everyday. Which means we only know how to survive, eat, sleep and gratify the body like an animal. And this reality is also created to bring out these animalistic instincts and behaviors to keep our energy in our first three seals. The first three seals of the body is also where disease manifests from. The first seal is associated with the reproductive organs, sexuality and survival. The second seal is associated with pain and suffering and lives off of disease guilt and shame. Feeling good and procreation, and pleasure is the most powerful stimulant in the body which sits in the first and second seal. Something’s happening to me. When I lose control…bad things happen. But it feels good. The third seal is associated with power, control, tyranny and victimization. These beings live off whatever it takes. Whatever it takes. Even in power exists the greatest seduction. This is conscious awareness, power control, tyranny and victimization. This kind of mind then produces pictures and thoughts, which commercials saying don’t you want to feel good? Don’t you think you want to do this? Because that wouldn’t make you feel good and we can then continue on with this production? This kind of mind then endorses the ego which then creates a selfish being. One who is only concerned with self. This universe is finite its resources finite. If life is left unchecked, life will cease to exist. It needs correction. You don’t know that! I’m the only one who knows that. At least I’m the only one with the will to act on it. They are self-involved, self-centered and create self-pity. Every thought they send to their cells is to fulfill the needs of the body. They are selfish. They only care about how they look, their hairstyle, how they smell, taste, and feel. The body becomes their identity. They live off the hormones of stress, which is a chemical addiction to limitation and bondage. Which causes them to believe that they are the body and exist in linear time. This is what causes individuals to begin to only function as materialists. You’re a man looking at the world through a keyhole, you spent your whole life trying to widen that keyhole to see more, to know more and now on hearing that it can be widened in ways you can’t imagine… you reject the possibility. I reject it because I do not believe in fairy tales about chakras or energy, or the power of belief. There is no such thing as spirit. We are made of matter. Nothing more. You’re just another tiny momentary speck within an indifferent universe. You think too little of yourself. Oh, you think you see through me do you? Well you don’t! But I see through you! This altered state of consciousness is only concerned in feeling good without the awareness of being greater than the body. They play a dramatic character full of chemical addictions of emotion with defensive programs to protect their comfort zone. The thoughts and pictures then sent to that divine director is only about survival. Which is a condition and limited. We must seek to be unconditional and unlimited. When you work to survive and constantly focus on how you look it, equals a lesser mind. A boring, uninspired character. Which creates a lack of focus and a degeneration of the body, rather than the regeneration of our spirit, the mind. Your body is a magnetic resonance to your consciousness, your mind. Who are you? The better question is who you? So where is your mind? Is it in your first energy seal? Your second energy seal? Or your third energy seal? The first three seals are there seductive and above those are the marvelous, the divine. Every energy center has a whirling vortex that comes out like a tornado and impregnates the quantum field around it. It is this field, according to its energy that makes magnetism occur in one’s life. Whatever you are in your energy, you magnetized to yourself. Which is a complement of their nature. Sexual energy attracts aspects of sexual selves. The fourth seal energy attracts divine love. If you won’t let go of your traumas and past, the dramatic role that you played… you are forbidden beyond this door that opens up in the brain to experience other realms. We must go into our mind and we must name what is concealed there. Because if we don’t, then it becomes an animated threat to our perfect health and mental balance. It holds back our evolution and those who fear are always afraid to look at the cost to our chemical physical self. Remember you played a part extremely well, but now it is time to play a much grander and more beautiful and honorable one of esteem and courage. We are consciousness and energy in our bodies chemically and most people are addicted to chemicals in the body. This chemical greed. I lost sight of what was important..I lost… I lost so much… I’m sorry that I didn’t see it sooner and… I’m not as evolved as I thought I was. We should have a desire to be so clean that no thought of greatness has to grow through a dark contaminated web, denying us our own potential to experience life. This is the conqueror, the warrior within us, the Holy Spirit, the Divine Director and Architect. You’re stronger than you know… You could control what’s inside you. Harness that power to create whole new worlds. Turn dust into water, Water into life. It’s your destiny to become something greater. To evolve into the greatest force in the galaxy. You should never be addicted to the feelings because if you are, then you don’t have any new thoughts in your life. That is why you feel so empty. so shallow and are filled with such meaningless in your life. We have to drop this box and envision concepts purely, completely and divinely without analyzing them. For how can anything become pure and Godlike if it is constantly judged and ridiculed? This means that nothing excellent can come into your life without first measuring it against your sexuality or the cost of your sexuality. Many people will never be healed because they are addicted to be taken care of and feeling special to other people. To being a victim.
Many people will not give up this power because it is a life that buys them all the material gratification in the world. If this is the first time you have heard these concepts, then it shows you haven’t pursued anything outside of your survival, your face, your lust, your food, your home, your fun and games, your selfishness. You need to become more aware and you need to be more than your self involved cells. If you have never thought of these possibilities it goes to show how limited you are. There are many wonderful and amazing things that are being created every day and the only reason you’re not a part of them is because you never took the time to contemplate and realize them. It shows how unconscious you are and that you want to have chemical joys and satisfaction and are not willing to learn anything or engage your intelligence. Do not become artificial and hypnotize yourself into more illusion. There is so much more to you than you know. Not just pain and anger There’s good too. I felt it. When you can access all that… you’ll possess a power, no one can match. People like myself and others are creating a new future. We are here to become greater than war, disease and death. Because we know what we need to become to defeat it. Death is a failure of living. Nothing is worth not experiencing greatness and Godly potential. So let’s give up these games and addictions to chemicals and become non-chemical, spiritual beings. Do you know we can cure diseases by understanding the genetics that caused them… But the question is, can you cure the source that made them? The chemicals that exist in disease can be changed if we change the mentality so that the chemistry changes. Love changes the chemicals in our mind, the chemistry in her brain. Love makes us better than we thought we were and evolves us. Because of love, it can change and become so great that we allow growth, joy, and beauty to flower in us. This transformation is what is beautiful in life and in nature. So, how do we raise our energy from the low to the high? From the root of our being, to the crown? We have to develop a mind with an ability to imagine and attain knowledge so we can put it together in building blocks of unlimited creativity and then become that unlimited thought. It is very difficult to move energy from the third to the fourth seal because the heart is dormant and is atrophied. It hasn’t evolved. It needs being nourished with thoughts of love and joy, non bias, non judgment and non prejudice. Once it is activated, it will create a pulse, a shudder, and a surge of energy that awakens and livens the consciousness. When you are in a state of creating, you forget about self and you express your divine consciousness without time. When we become present in that moment when we are creating, we become at ease and pure in mind. We become selfless. When we leave this selfish state and become pure awareness, pure consciousness, without fear and observe our reality, our movie in bliss. This then creates a new level of mind, a new possibility and an endless imagination. Then you hear a new voice, rather than the limited voice, the chemical of the body. I feel as if I’m seeing it for the first time Is there anymore…? But in that solemn silence, is heard the whisper of every sleeping thing Look, look at me… Come wake me up For still here I be… The seat of the soul is the sixth seal, the pineal gland. Which is the psychic center in the brain.
This sixth seal has its own control, its own hookup to the frontal lobe. Which allows the brain to receive a model an image and put it right in the third eye. In order to become a master and miracles your energy has to come from the upper four seals. Which is a fifth level mind. In order to activate those upper seals we have to develop and bring about a lifted and advanced mind to re-imagine it. To become enlightened is one who is pure in their consciousness and is manifested in Spirit in mind. They use their brain, body and emotions to change themselves from the desires of conquering, achieving goals, controlling others, victimizing themselves and only thinking of survival and conquer their body, personality and genetics. Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind… Therefore as winged cupid, painted blind. …you knew Shakespeare? They give and are a beacon of love with all life. They are less in the body and more in their mind They do not play characters or roles. They become love. The body is the temple of Spirit and if you are uplifted and unlimited then that is the feeling of Spirit. If you are tired, hungry, bored and in pain or suffering, that is your body. Which means your Spirit is in your body. Which creates a mind of duality, polarity and suffering. A binary and dualistic mind. So you must develop your mind to become sharp and to be able to reprogram the body as the fully empowered director. Rather than unconscious, selfish director. Most of us have been trained to oppose and not to criticize ourselves as we have programmed this body with specific chemicals of a stasis of equilibrium of comfort. But when you oppose, it generally indicates there you have some vested interest which you desire to protect and that is not using the mind to critical examination True criticism lies in trying to understand the full significance of thought without the interference of defensive reactions. That is why we have to encourage ourselves to reach beyond the boundaries of these programs in the body, the prison of these chemicals and thoughts, this selfish behavior. You cannot count the possibility of thought, it is endless… and the utility of the brain, has the capacity of unlimited mix of brilliant pictures called thoughts. Think of the one place you’ve always wanted to see… Now find it your mind’s eye and feel it in your heart… There is an unseen creator of your reality always looking and watching those pictures and thoughts of a moving stream of conscious possibility, in your brain. And today is one of the possibilities you created in the stream of endless possibility. You are the creator of your movie, your reel your reality. What message are you sending? Your brain is the architect, the producer of your film…. What scenes are you bringing forth? Your thoughts are your crew. How are they supporting your vision? Your emotions are the actors in your film. What emotions does your cast express? Your consciousness and energy are the divine director we must become to inspire all these moving pieces of your real. You’re the creator of your reality. What message are you sending? And love creates the magic, the special effects of your film, your dream. Remember the internal picture of thoughts and images are entertaining a God behind your eyes. These teachings are comprised of pieces and levels of consciousness to cause certain parts of your brain to fire so it can deliver an uplifting thought. We have been living in a limited reality. Each of us creating not-so-great films You are lying, I never hit you! You are tearing me apart Lisa! Why are you so hysterical? Do you understand life? Do you? This is knowledge to become remarkable.
To inspire with unlimited potential and possibility. To put in front of a divine element within us, that we all possess, but cannot see. Your thinking, creates matter. Which creates a lucid flexibility in your brain that leads to an altered change in your life. You are here to define yourself outside of matter instead of surrendering to it. The human beings tragedy is that we accept our limitations, our blindness, the chemical body. We must rather evolve ourselves for a higher principle and desire to become that. Whatever the mind dances upon, are you willing to surrender your life to learn how to be great and unlimited in thought and belief? Are you willing to sit and engage your mind and focus because you want to focus? We must develop the art of willful thought and observation and become consciously aware of the brain’s creative power in action. To alter the thoughts in the head and present the environment what the thoughts were. That is truth. The truth about you The creator of your reality, your life, your destiny. To be a light to the world is to be greater than your astrology, your followers, your fame, your youth and sexuality. All thoughts are reality and if they are not developed now they’re going to be your destiny because all thoughts are power. What we want to learn is love so we can invoke our Holy Spirit. But first, we must represent this truth that is represented with our brain. This is where it all begins In order to love ourselves, we have to go into our darkness and start identifying what is in there. If we are aware of it, we have power over it. Learn to design the architecture of your personal mind by dynamic creative and free thought. The brain and consciousness are one which creates Mind. By understanding our own mind, our own consciousness, ourselves… We can release this controlling network a prison of limitation and re-program it to an unlimited and open network of endless potential. Let’s evolve and reach new levels of thought and possibility together. To direct a new dream and write a new reel. This is the Art of Consciousness. We used to think the Earth was the center of our solar system.. It was only a few hundred years ago that we found out that the Sun was the center… In the grand scheme of the galaxy there’s still so much, we don’t know… About our place in it and what may lay beyond… Which is why we need to keep learning… Because even though it feels like we are at the end… it’s only the beginning…


  • Angela says:

    Wow…just wow! Powerful insight, Billy! I sincerely enjoy how your videos reveal so much truth. "Know THYSELF." Abundance, Health & Prosperity to you. 🙃

  • G Hearn says:

    I am a Healer and that's how healing work's.. You feel the emotion and then you imagine what you want to see happen. That's how you heal others and your self. That was out standing well put together. I will show this at my group. thxs.
    Love You .

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