Film Student Marco Gonzalez on the New Media Composer

Film Student Marco Gonzalez on the New Media Composer

the new media composer looks absolutely incredible I was I was mind-blowing especially just because I've gotten used to to the version of Abbott that I'm currently using and I have a lot of experience with it and I feel very comfortable with it but once I saw this avid I knew just almost immediately this is it like this is gonna be huge I definitely see the new media composer being a complete game-changer for me for how I I think it's just gonna make everything a lot faster a lot easier I think the new UI is just a lot more user friendly they were targeting was the younger generation and obviously it's somewhat of of that generation it's something that I'm really excited for even though it's a completely new UI it looks like something that I could I could pick up and just start working with immediately just because although it's new it's still a bit and I've it's fantastic and they have an amazing program and so I'm really excited to use it the things that I'm really looking forward to about the new media composer is the live timeline I think it's really gonna going to help with with the editing workflow especially when it comes to effects editing and when it comes to color correction it's gonna be a lot easier to be able to do those things while having playback and so I think that's a really great feature that the new media composer is gonna he's gonna bring then what's great about avid is that everything is customizable and this seems like a UI that offers so much more versatility when it comes to customization the old media composer before obviously was fantastic but the new media composer really looks like it's it's updated and it's really going to offer a lot more versatility and an options for four different education

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  • Greg Karpinski says:

    I love the idea of this new Media Composer interface but can't get over the fact that in 2019 you would release a video aimed at professionals that is really poorly shot, with even worse keying and very average editing. As a professional editor it think it's actually embarrassing for a mammoth like Avid to release a video of this quality. Since Avid is the standard perhaps you should hire a half decent videographer who will light it nicely and a half decent editor who will make it look good. This definitely doesn't give professional confidence.

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