First Months at Syn Studio Art School

First Months at Syn Studio Art School

Hi everyone. So I recently finished first
term at Concept Art Diploma Course here at Syn Studio School. Yeah, three months of
drawing. What have I learned? From my social appearance probably not much, but as Anthony Walsh, director and founder of school said on introduction, we are not
here to boost our egos. So lot of progress is not evidential and not cool/polished/whatever enough to collect likes, hearths and virtual fame. At start of the
course, school lend us powerful computer, Wacom tablet and we also got a few
starting books from the pen of Scott Robinson. So small recap: This term we
had five classes. Two of them were anatomy related. In
anatomy class we went back to roots, start from fundamentals, learning
skeleton and muscles. Personally, I struggled a lot. My classmates are
drawing without hesitation and common feedback that I got, was, that I had to
become more confident in my linework. We also sculpted a few pieces: hand, leg and full body. Other classes were more concept art
oriented. In Sketching for Production, We learned about perspective,
mirroring, drawing shadows. You can assemble a lot these days in 3D programs, but knowing how to construct object with pencil and the paper is pretty handy and
universally useful. Intro to Concept Art class brought us design thinking into the workflow. Final group project contain characters for our imaginary real-time strategy game. Here you are. My dark Muse, for dark fantasy world. So dark. And finally, Visual Reference Library with Daniel Kvasznicza. I enjoyed this class so much. All little tweaks for Photoshop, color grading, layer organization, smart brushes, constructing in SketchUp, and rendering in KeyShot. I pushed my city
environment a little bit and it all started with this photo that I took in
downtown, that for sake of novelty I rotated The end of term is sealed by
Vernissage. It is mostly for students of the school that study shorter or more
specific courses here, but with Christmas atmosphere behind the door, it is a nice place to be. It is awesome to be surrounded by my classmates, each of them with different strengths, some of them already making impressive concepts,
characters and robots. Knowing that we are all here, because we love to draw is utterly inspiring. Thanks for watching, and see you next year.


  • Lua Artiste says:

    This is well done! I love that you show us a little bit your classes and what they teach you. I can't wait to see more! 🙂

  • Anonymousartsy 99 says:

    Hi ! Thank you very much for sharing your journey with us ! I loved the parts where you showed and explained what exactly it is that you are studying to become a concept artist , it's rare to find personal reviews on schools like syn studio on YouTube ! I would like to apply for next year as a full time student to become a visual development artist 😁 would you mind if I asked you some questions ( only if you have a little time in between classes 😁) keep up the grind and I hope you get to achieve your goals !

  • Rahul Raj Debnath says:

    Hello would you kindly make a video on where you are staying in montreal, and how much time do you spend in syn studio daily and your routine. And is it true that you can manage a job after completing the diploma course at syn studio?

  • emmanuell89 says:

    How many hours a day is the school per ?

  • VetikArt says:

    Is there a lot of students from other parts of the world? How do they manage to balance work, homework, and school?

  • Coline says:

    Really cool to see how syn stydio's concept art diploma is like! How much hours do students generally work everyday? Is it very demanding in terms of homeoworks for students to become good quickly?

  • Xuan says:

    Hi! Thanks a lot for the video! Are you planing on making some more about Syn Studio?
    I would love to see one where you go over the portfolio you used to apply to their program, to give us an idea of what they ask exactly.

    A couple of questions: Does the school organize meetings with representatives of game companies located in Montreal, or art directors?
    Did you see students finishing the program and then being hired shortly after in Montreal?
    And finally, have you noticed any students over 30, maybe even close to 40, around the school?

    I'm an "old" dude (I'll be 35 in a few months), self-taught for the past few years, while keeping my regular job in a totally different field to pay the bills and also my art classes.
    I would love to move to Canada, specially Montreal. While a good portfolio could convince game studios, it might be trickier to convince the immigration services without any diploma nor experience at my age.
    So I've been thinking about maybe trying Syn Studio's program, simply to get an official diploma there, and then a work visa: looks like it's the cheaper school in Québec with that kind of program, and 18 months is not that long which in my case time is essential: it's a shame part of our society think you're a "senior" once you're around 40, but it's unlikely I'll have the sufficient funds to pay for the school before a few more years.

    Thanks a lot!

  • Ved Sarkar says:

    I am Currently at waiting list 11 for this program!!!

  • Dan Casti says:

    Hi! An awesome video that just increases my excitement to study there. Can I ask you a question about something that I'm not clear about? Is there a period of vacations or rest between terms? You know, to find a job or something like that because as I understand it, while you're studying, there isn't enough time to work. Thank you!

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