'Fixing Art' – Artist Rants

'Fixing Art'  - Artist Rants

so this brie has been a bit of a long time coming and I figured you know what let's read about this cuz now I got to talk about it and be honest though I'm actually kind of sick about this topic happening what does this brought upon you may ask pokemon sword and shield no no no not that I'm done talking about that junk too much of a garbage fire in this topic is it okay that's a good point but regardless I feel that this is a necessary topic and something that I really need to get talking about because I'm tired of seeing it happen so pretty much agree that Twitter's become a cesspool right I mean every website is successful I mean YouTube's no exception to that now frankly I'm not looking to play moral police and frankly I find the job to be well one of the worse that you can have especially when sometimes it can make you look like a scumbag so let's talk about Nessa I think I've already talked about her that I'd like the character and many others do as well I mean the loads of fan art that came out is just amazing but of course you've got those people the people who act like the moral police and acting like they know how they can fix a design one such example is this now the artist who did this claims that Nessa is now no longer hyper sexualized and her back makes sense oh no a design of a character has sex appeal why does that need to be fixed seriously can female characters no longer be sexy or appealing anymore I mean the same thing is happened before take a look at Xena break chronicles for an example of that with especially with Pierre and how some people actually resized her breasts but getting back to necess in sweet aching consideration at her design has a swing motif to it essentially when you consider that she's the water-type gym leader and that Pokemon has done this before with such other people like misty and Marlon it is an impossibility that her outfit is actually playing to that especially when it's supposed to be more sporty one look back at her gym has obvious water motifs to it and I don't know it just makes sense to me Plus no one seemed to care when other gym leaders were made to be sexualized have you seen Marlon and while I don't personally agree with the change or who are back because once the stylistic choice to draw the character design that way and to I don't fully agree with the change or I think it's not possible especially when it's a stylistic pose now while I don't agree with this that doesn't mean that I don't think the artist doesn't have a right to change the art well I do take issue as people claiming that the design is fixed and that they did a better job than the actual designer oh and claiming that the people behind you our and I quote backer and they're horny bullshit again cuz this is the first time we've seen this no no no no remember a few months back when we got the design for the new persona 5 character Kasumi well another artist add a skirt to Kasumi steep costume all good however when you decide to spout your ideology and then refuse to talk to people about it that's just asking for trouble in that regard not only does that ignore the context of you know Kasumi being a gymnast and that the outfit is taking elements from a leotard but it also ignores the fact that outfits are based on what the character believes to be a rebellious force to be and I think the perfect way to sum this up is what my girlfriend once said I admit it's a good-looking design but I wouldn't say it's fixed as a woman in an artist I say you can draw the human body and not have it be sexualized the original design is perfect balled her gymnast background what are women no longer allowed to wear leotards fellow animate Christie she's a pretty good artist so it begs the question who are you to say that the design is flawed art is probably one of the most subjective things you can critique it isn't something that can be easily determined to be right or wrong I think one of the issues I take is that we can't even have a discussion about this as in the case of Kasumi here we can't even have the discussion about art and choices simply because the character is 15 and because the artist doesn't want to have a discussion about it because they proceed to feel like they have a moral grandstand I'm sure there's gonna be some people saying what's there to be discussed and today I'd say thanks man thanks for proving my point people are way too sensitive nowadays sure for you to block people who are intentionally insulting you and aren't actually trying to make an argument but art is a fluid subject in personal interpretation is a major aspect and you shouldn't just disregard other people's thoughts and opinions especially when you come off as so morally grandstanding and ish and I find the whole fixing other people's art to be really disrespectful in some regards especially when it's delivered like this it gives us a whole egotism filled with are better to you this is how it should be done again you can disagree with how an artist draw something or criticize them but you should dogpile them and that leads me to the reason why I felt the need to actually make this video so there were two artists and they both drew nests one is known as Merriwether and the other and I'm fishin going to butcher this Naruko again if I get this name wrong remember you listen to the guy who somehow mispronounced kakyoin in his video talking about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure you know you're getting yourself into when you click this video so both of them post a picture on their Twitter showing Nessa you may be wondering what the hell is wrong with these pictures it's because of its a lighter palette for their skin it's because they use the lighter palette for her skin and apparently this is white washing and these two artists aren't good for it this artist can draw however they like and I think that's great but acting like they have a grasp of color and value and that this is an accurate portrayal of her skin tone it's just not correct her skin is lighter here oh wait you serious let me laugh even harder thank you for telling me that this artist is not good because of that I didn't realize there were rules to drawing and coloring a character for fan arts that you have to draw them exactly the same and they must be 100% correct the original source material it's not like creative liberties are a thing and it's not like the artists themselves do experiments and messes with the skin tones all the time I mean last I checked NASA's hair doesn't have red in it but there it is as far as that didn't show up on your radar like you're more than welcome to criticize the piece all you want that's perfectly fine but don't act like there are rules and guidelines for what people can and can't do with their art you don't even have to like it but seeing people going after the artist for something that spread eclis a non-issue is honestly disgusting like what does one piece of fan art going to do it's not even official art if it was you'd have a point that this would be a bigger issue but isn't going back to fixing the art well this person does have a right to fix the art I use that in quotes for criticism even though I personally think she did a terrible job and then actually the actual skin tone you threw out any actual credibility you have when you respond to an artist with I'm not profiting except putting in your place first English learn it secondly putting in your place that's the most selfish egotistical thing I've ever heard thank you / – these critics not everyone has to fall the same way of coloring especially when you take into account pastel and color theory most these people don't actually seem to know that and you know what the funniest thing about this is because these people decided to make this into a bigger deal you've got people who are actually doing this – Nessun out just to troll them I honestly find it amazing that these people are doing it just to piss people off I actually remember this happening a while ago with marina from splatoon and there's actually a good video by Mrs easy who talks about this I'll link in a description but it's a short video like this one so give it a watch and I'm gonna say something that I found really interesting from that video but add a little bit to it edit part all you want criticize art all you want if your intention is actually a help the artist that's perfectly fine but if your goal is to oh I don't know belittle the artists using it to grandstand your moral superiority or in some cases shame the artist for doing something like this congratulations I now think you're a moron besides it comes off so if you don't know what actual whitewashing is especially when there's this right here even though this possibly is just a troll just to trigger people again so what do you guys think I want to talk about this since I find this bit of an issue and that trend I keep seeing especially on Twitter and previously on tumblr I would love to hear what you guys have to think about this and tell me what you think of this new series artist rants among the common and remember to examine your fandom thanks for watching


  • OMEGGA says:

    I love how people are more concerned with someone fucking up a characters skin colour in a comic book than actually wanting the games to be fixed lmao. #BringBackNationalDex

  • Jakob Sprague says:

    Bruh. You made her thicc

  • Jakob Sprague says:

    U know what. I just noticed that All of Alpha Sapphires man bosses are now black instead of white. I don't remember if the grunts are tho

  • Herman Cillo says:

    "female characters can only be sexy if they are approved by the feminist overlords who will control our lives shut up shut up obey."

    A lot of this supposed exploitation of women talk is literally finding something to be angry about and aiming vitriol at anyone who disagrees in any way shape or form.

    What are the most dangerous things you can say right now are the words "I disagree" in the presence of an activist.

  • Dipper Jr says:

    As a black teenager(because apparantly that matters to people) I actually like how white nessa looks.

  • Nathan Is a Mouse says:

    Character is normally light-skinned, but drawn dark this time = progressive and WOKE
    Character is normally dark-skinned, but drawn light this time = WHITEWASHING WHITE SUPREMACY GRRR

    Because to these people, dark skin = good and light skin = evil. It's racism, plain and simple.

  • Herbie Tea:3 says:

    i do agree you shouldn’t go after the artist
    but i will say (and i’m just stating how i feel about the lighter skinned nessa drawings, i do not wish to get into arguments or be rude), that many artists do kind of lighten the skin to make it look “more pretty”, and that idea that dark skinned people can’t “look good” with certain color palettes is racist in itself, since from what i know throughout history lightskinned people have always been seen as the “prettier” variant of poc.
    I do love how you presented your arguments though, and i completely agree with you on everything else!

  • Khori the Boardwalker says:

    Here's the thing.

    I'm perfectly fine with clowning on someone with a moral superiority complex. They're the fools and are seen as such in their actions.

    What I am not okay with is legit whitewashing to get even more people angry or to "prove a point.", You're just the opposite end of the scale, just as bad, if not worse. It's not proving a point, it's just being the same asshole that the fool was trying to stop, giving them credibility.

  • mattstat716 says:

    "HeR sKiN iS lIgHtEr!!!1!"
    Oh my god, who. the hell. CARES.
    Politely shut your mouths, and move on. You're not 'superior' because you 'fixed' (wasn't 'broken' in the 1st place, you're not even the original artist so please gtfo) someone's artwork. You're not above everyone else because you slightly changed the lighting in paint.net or some other program. You ARE however, an idiot who thinks they know better than the original artist does. It is not your artwork, you do not get to 'fix' people's artwork. You can, of course, give criticism about the artwork (Politely. Don't go 'OH M GOD U WHITEWASHING RACIST TRSHMAN EEEEEEE-'.) and actually, you know, be a decent person?

    It's not that hard. Stop 'fixing' people's artwork. Start fixing your attitude.

  • Robinski IV says:

    Light skin Nessa is hotter anyway and makes more sense since she wouldn't drown since she wouldn't have as much melatonin weighing her down.

  • Alice Sheep says:

    How many times must Go be spit upon?

  • Alaya 1020 says:

    Once i saw this vid im like" aww shit here we go with ppl being assholes( aka the ppl who complaininf how ppl color nessa

  • Too Superior 2.0 says:

    Twitter is an extra painful cesspool.
    Especially the SJWs.

  • Homegrown Freak says:

    When people use highlights and it's a lighter colour and it's labelled as white washing

  • Rupert Driggs says:

    I like finding really bad ocs or just badly drawn good concept designs n drawing them again w my buddies to 'fix' them though we dont post thoughs or trash the original artist so oop

  • crypto457 says:

    You’re kidding right? Right? Please? Please tell me it’s a joke (cries)

  • Nathan Higgins says:

    Sexualization is more than just appearance. Their posture and mannerism matters as well. As long as there is an excuse for the character to be dressed in that manner (maybe not even) their attire can be non-sexual in a vacuum.

  • Brandon Lewis says:

    I find it funny on twitter actual black people are basically saying we look lighter depending on certain things. I'm not joking I've seen it.

  • thevioletskull says:

    Arguing for or against changing skin colour of a character in fan art is hard,cause you could argue that the artist should of have used that skin colour but you could argue that the artist has a right to change skin colours of characters because it's there art but then again you could argue that that's not Morley right,then that person argues that they'er being too sensitive. This could go on forever.

  • stupid Cupid says:

    so Im getting a new kitten (or two) tomorrow and I plan to name her Nessa (the second one will be named Gotharita)

  • UnbreakableJames says:

    Oh god I remember that crap when it happened with Marina. The worst part with that iirc is that I think there actually was official art with Marina sharing a very similar shade as the "white washed" fan art, making it more obvious what a nonsense argument it was. But honestly yeah them and those who think a character showing any skin or sexuality needs to be covered to "fix" them are greatly annoying, though completely expected considering how much of twitter seems to think of themselves as infallible moral guardians.
    Though the "fixing" sexuality in art is quite ironic since the people saying they fight on behalf of women seem to also hate women who have big breasts and seem to be have a nice big hard on for telling them what they should be allowed to wear.

  • Pau E says:


    "HIRE ME NINTENDO!!!!!!"

  • Raphael Marquez says:

    Now a similar situation is happening with Tifa's slight redesign, except from fans of the original FFVII. They're complaining about her breasts not being big enough and tried to "fix" it by editing her design back to how she originally was, even though Tifa's breasts in the remake are still the same size as the original.

  • Jayed Skier says:

    Fuck you, racist piece of shit <3

  • Dr.PH0b0s !! says:


  • Pixuseru says:

    As an artist it fucking terrifies me if I pick the wrong color on a palette people will attack me. In all honesty these people are hurting their cause and making artists more afraid to draw characters who are chubby/poc.

  • dwite fry says:

    Things i wish people remembered, in no particular order:

    A character with an incorrect skintone that is still dark-skinned is still dark-skinned, you can't whitewash someone witout making them white and you can't race lift someone without making them a different race.
    Take a minute to see if you can tell a persons intentions when it comes to a creative decision, in this case to the other colours match for instance?

    Changing a design to fit your personal political or social views – right, left, middle, alt-right, new labour, whatever – is not fixing it, it's just breaking it to your liking.

  • starryseasalt says:

    remember 5 years ago when an artist was driven to suicide bc they "erased sardonyx's (apparent) afro" and drew rose quartz "too skinny"?
    yeah are these fucks ever gonna learn

  • LoboGuara5bruxaria says:

    People dogpiling on an artist because they don't like the art?

    That kind of reminded me of a controverse a few years ago were a group of Steven Universe Fans harrassed a fan artist because she drew one of the characters thinner than the original, and they accussed her of "Fat Shaming".

    Thius got bad enough the fan artist almost commited suicide!

  • Ronin Shinobi says:

    I really hate it when others say they fixed or improved someone art/writing. Advice is fine but when they say they can do it better, that I find that very insulting to the original artist. Just because its not in your style or taste mean that its wrong. These people really need to get their bubbles popped and open their minds in a broader aspect.

  • Sunky says:

    I'm going to add my two cents into this Nessa situation:

    1.) Why I think some people have problems the way Nessa dressed is due to the potential NSFW art she gonna have and sick of see every female characters being lewd and try to counteract it by drawing non-lewd art of her by changing her outfit. Even then, they shouldn't let NSFW art control their emotions, they should've asked questions on why'd certain characters dressed this way, yeah some don't like the design of her by the end of the day, but I don't mind sexy characters in general, but I think people don't want to see lewd art in a daily basis, but every now and then.

    2.) I know that artist want to experiment on lighting on dark skinned characters and sometimes accidents happens and artist shouldn't be dogpiled for it's but for those who deliberately whitewashing Nessa to bait and get "SJW's" off their backs, handled the situation; so poorly, that one idiot on Twitter yesterday, to think it's ok to draw Nessa (a dark skinned characters mind you) an gorilla and that is just blantaly racist. I know that anyone can draw whatever they want. Drawing characters in different skin color for preferences is one thing (i.e. Ness and Princess Daisy), but using the "draw whatever you want" card to deliberately cause choas getting away with it is just plain wrong.

    At the end of the day, both parties are at fault here. Let 2019 to be known as the worst year for Pokemon and its community and we as human beings to learn from this situation so it can be prevented from this controversy to never happened again.

  • Oli_Studios says:

    The monkey pic was too far, that's all I'll say for now

  • Phoenix Leader says:

    I personally enjoy it just answering the question to the video I enjoyed the video and I think you should continue on making a series I welcome it

  • Sora Jones says:

    there's a lesson to be learned about all this. Bring up something that ain't there and try and make it be the ultimate evil and people will drop a big pile of it on you that was freshly maid…. In a sense don't go swimming in the ocean with a blood nose. Sharks (trolls) don't care who you are. to them you are Food (target)

  • Ibe Kamara says:

    this white wash thing was already done with steven universe, they should go even farther, make her a buff, 8ft, strong arm, giant beard, white man, with a hairy chest.

    edit: and blonde to

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