Food Art! 42:CHIP CUT APPLE! Sprig Barton Fruit and Vegetable Wood Carving Practice

Food Art! 42:CHIP CUT APPLE! Sprig Barton Fruit and Vegetable Wood Carving Practice

Ooh Yes, It’s another Food Art with Sprig
Barton! We’re making chip cuts in our apple today.
First we make a V shape pattern doing 2 stop cuts
straight down, straight down, and then an angle with a relief cut.
down, down, relief… clean that up!
Oh, Good Girl! Yeah!
So that’s all this apple is going to be is wood cut practicing
If you want to practice your chip cut and you do not have
a piece of beech or whatever it is that you want to use
I know pine is common and soft, what is there that is a bit harder than pine?
well, its good to practice on an apple! If you don’t have real wood, try this!
It’s quite impressive too! Wow, look at that!
Who would not be impressed! With this awesome apple!
Wow! Everybody together: Awesome! Awesome!
Yes, OK, Keep going! let’s make some more chip cuts!
Sometimes while you’re doing this or while you’re watching me do it…
You can just relax and let your mind wander wander into the recesses
and remember things from the past why do we make chip cuts?
why did they use to do it in the old days… What is old days….
ooooooooooooooh. this is really, really, really interesting,
isn’t it. yeah.
ohh and we’re going to do the whole apple can you possibly watch the entire thing?
well, I’m going to speed it up so don’t worry. It’s going to get fast!
Maybe faster than you can see. this right here is 3 times speed.
and here we go! 30 times speed!
Look at that knife go! Look at that, ooh so fast!
Oh so perfect! and Awesome!
Yes, it’s food art at its finest! and can you tell which apple in the picture
behind is this apple?
actually, this apple is in the picture behind itself!
which one is it? which one is it? I don’t know. I don’t remember!
but, it’s there Yeah,,,,
It’s there oooh so that was a fun food art, wasn’t it!
Awesome! OOh why don’t you click to subscribe
or to watch another one or just CLICK, Click away! Awesome!

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  • Allen Goodman says:

    Haha,great vid. (I watched it all,btw) 😉
    Before learning to carve wood,I use to carve apple heads and let them dry into old men with wrinkled faces. You can do a Google search for apple head dolls for more info. Also,if you want to try your hand at woodcarving,may I suggest some good northern basswood. 🙂

    ^ l l { ll

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