France honours South African Ndebele artist Esther Mahlangu

France honours South African Ndebele artist Esther Mahlangu

so more accolades for Salaf Candela artists estimate rank with us afternoon she's been bestowed with the French order of Arts and Letters the 83 year old is considered a national treasure and has devoted her life to sharing her cultural heritage with the world Kylie Kamala is attending that honors ceremony Kalika and Islamic angle finally honored by the French this afternoon well certainly that's right Samba Gillick just a short while ago the prestigious award was given to her sir there was a great deal of joy because I mean her relationship with France has always been a fantastic one so it goes back to 1986 when she was busy painting in middle back in Pomona and of course she was discovered by some French artist who took her work and it's got exhibited in Paris so it's a very long-standing relationship but also more importantly the French ambassador to South Africa Christophe for not he's leaving after serving his term certain beginner I'm just gonna try to do something that might be very enormous ly hard to do dr. Milan was right here with us but she's currently eating her food but I'm just gonna try to interrupt her in boozy booty dr. azouz orange and I'm sensing Abba begginig is there a layer so the nephrons challenging Baba must become or 1986 Gabbana and Gucci while Sebenza a metal peg so once upon a muff I'm a French I desire Paris it's happy BAM bajalia with you Susan difference in Goma Hanover's together photons Amla pan and India Co he's a friend giving you is a media pair of autumn some some low I were more to and walk about vocal awfully well camera for them but we about thirty tumbles ever be any Franklin Thomas in France meketa owns a palette with number one bulimia Kathy : but we are give us two widgets if una Bobby Eric I'll never forget kind Babu's have an analysis a photo mama can cook on dramatic Oh same news Emma every child a revision in our fear Allah much is he who is targeting him but to reveal a pic in our occupation veneer and a time since a blanket buttons are imagine cutting but they will difficulty event akan menjadi Alistair wanna watch a Tito my name's Ahmad who my family but what you finally give francium koala I'm a koala evolved only in C and just before C Hamburg where a doctor or Latina come to my aid system on landing ancestor banza it silly advice Minnetonka Kevin elisa loi enemy analysis cobb ostraka martini element and under meaning god – monogamy – monogamy agenda home remedy before essential oh I wanna vote on e yellow Carnegie foodie City Sarah we oversee full medical Bobby bacala terrible Rob Ivana is kawaii and when amigo 83 was a servant's andaman sea humbly purchase a servant Jung's America me a break avail example of a well certain beginner there you have it but also let me just try to squeeze another legend we have another dabeli artist as well who has really worked so hard in showcasing than the Baylor culture that dr. mckubre nicer doctor thank you so much it was his journey ANCA so Xue Shan Shan is you know by in develop ultra now has been showcased throughout the world because of dr. s departure self you are a legend in your own right I said we are very proud to be affiliated to China s Cornelio gc7 Salam 7z scissors paper doll hospital food is an abundant Abacha who would be born would t7 service miss Ellen option Eva your key in divine pomelo so today we are very proud of our code esta dr. Asthana modulus of on Alicia Amma friendship so loco person that would team up among a Matata see Bobby lapel Allah is la Amanda villain obviously unstable Z possible owner Obama ma dr. lo who was born in Alabama vizago would you finally was 7z who's an above of an enlarged and just before we let you go dr. Ouma T my goomah artist robber sutala like a mega ohm mean just for a longevity so not see me born booty monument in changshan Baba Batra latina see corner he filled in your music so bang upon L and jagged good eye a musical we appeal rock who mouserings of us miss Ella Louis Stevenson Philippa Oh Johnny Pappa London ba ba ba home music must to answer to a saleable and I'll wait d bourguignon can devastate a hospitalist corner salsa Campbell a Maserati Shaya she presented it is related South Africa mucho dinero Finnell abominable cattle are PO Barack Le Pen Billy monitor to put'em Samba music in J endo yuck salah el koala cop s coco estimation goo Goo's allah the business e imperial cooper a Apanui vovinam trance is a pilla performing for Nevada by traveling the busy seasons ago he appeal all right thank you so much and that's not– dr. sir Sam big leader you have it's a very interesting battery of advice there from dr. McCoy Bonnie but also more importantly it's been such a fantastic day of celebration not only just a best ill day in as far as Air France is concerned but also honoring some South African artists but also more importantly giving it to dr. Mullen were given of course the very incredible role that she has played over the years so by all accounts a it's been such a very exceptionally wonderful day here in Pretoria but also as South Africa is beating farewell to the French ambassador ambassador Christophe for now so back to you Tim beguiling


  • Solomon Ndubane says:

    Wow mom Esther Mahlangu, we love you greatly umama wesizwe, uyibekile induku ebandla mom Esther. You are a legend you ladies. Mpumalanga & the country is very proud of you ladies.

  • xolaniras11 xx says:

    Its good to see our nation being recognised

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