• no name says:

    Dam that’s some real words “you love the idea of me “

  • Draco Malfoy says:

    fucking derek

  • A.J Johnson says:

    He's such a pussy. Can't even ask for attention from your wife. And then cry about it. 😂😂😂

  • Jailah Wilson says:

    they obviously love each other, but I don't think they were in love with each other. There are many people who are able to separate their work from their personal lives, but she wasn't able to. Even when she was home, she committed her time to working on things for the kids and working several jobs to do things for them. She wasn't wrong to do that, its inspirational to me all the lengths she went through for the kids simply because she knew it was what needed to be done. Like she said, nobody had to ask her to do any of what she did, she simply did it. However, she neglected him. You may not see it that way because she showed support to him when he needed it, she asked him to spend time with her and the kids, she put in minimal effort to me. She loves him, but she loves the kids more. She doesn't need him. She can provide for herself. She can have fun, be happy, work hard, and live life with her kids. In her future, I can honestly say, she doesn't really see him, she sees the kids she is helping. She sees them succeeding and graduating and living life .

    Yes, Marriage is give and take. Marriage is compromise and talking things out and being united. However, what is she getting from him that she doesn't get from the kids. They make her happy, they give her a purpose, they give her unending support and they believe in her to make things happen. They trust her more than they have ever trusted anybody and she knows this. This is why he left. yeah, they might have been able to work it out, but neither of them would have been happy.

  • Bryan Garcia says:

    I mean she was taking on a more dominant role in the house and he didn't like it, not to mention he didn't pursue what he wanted to do in architecture.

  • Rachel Hernandez says:

    1:05 very good acting

  • SolarHiker25 says:

    She obviously deserved much better from the get-go. Red wine makes a far better husband.

  • Angel truth says:

    when you try to help people it take alot of power from you, that's why many people mind their own business.
    You can't help someone if they don't want to help themselves or level up.

  • Prince 4000 says:

    i wouldve stayed

  • Puja Phuyel says:

    Derek Shepard ❤️❤️❤️

  • Anna says:


  • Timothy Wong says:

    Patrick is about to becoming a MGTOW

  • Timothy Wong says:

    Go MGTOW. This is why Hillary Clinton loss the election.

  • VEGA says:

    this movie is so good at making you hate every character who is against Ms. G.

  • agenttheater5 says:

    2:28 Why would she have to choose? If he really loved her, would he ask her that? My mum's a doctor at a university, her work takes up a fair bit of her life but she's worked for it and loves her job and still makes time for me and dad, and my dad would never ask her a question like that because he respects her and admires her.

  • agenttheater5 says:

    I'm sorry but I still just see this as sulking. Rosa Parks married Raymond Parks for love and years afterwards she became a figure for the civil rights movement. It caused problems in their marriage due to stress from the publicity, the death threats, the fact that they both got fired, and a lot of other things, but in the end, they managed to work it out and he stayed with her and supported her. He stayed married to her until he died in the 70s, and she opened her speech for the Million Man March in 1995 by honouring him. If he could stand by her even when the movement became just as important as if not slightly more important than her marriage, why couldn't this man?

  • Cutiepututie 18 says:

    why did he break up with her

  • 0TheVegan0ThatCould0 says:

    Fuck. Him. Selfish asshole. She shouldn't have to choose. She supported his dreams, but once she gets one, he gets mad. Let his bitch ass leave. A real man would have supported her and wished as hard as she did that all her hopes and ideas came true. She was doing good work and didn't deserve this.

  • Cece Harris says:

    I never realized Patrick Dempsey was in Freedom Writers wow

  • TheCordova001 says:

    One more thing : notice how she explains her passion for those kids. She says that she finally finds a sense for her life, and her husband is not a part of it. He, for his part, is not looking for something, he just wants to live with her. Lots of persons working in the social fields have the same personal issues : they deeply need to feel useful, and are so uncertain about it that they crave for it, and just reject the persons who truly love them, because a person who loves you obviously needs you, it's too easy. They need to work hard to deserve love. I think that the movie doesn't show completely the personality of the wife at home, but I completely understand the husband whose love has been replaced by the love from the students. No, you must separate your job and your personal life, especially if you're having lot of human contact in your work. Keep in mind that your energy, love, attention, are limited goods. If you give everything outside, nothing is left for your family once you're at home. I hope my advices get noticed and help someone out there. Good day 🙂

  • TheCordova001 says:

    To those who think that Mc Dreamy is a d*ck, a selfish husband who's just looking for attention, just notice his answer : "NO". It's not because a lake of attention. He obviously loved his wife, but his wife just loved his presence, the "idea of him". He put his wife on the top of his priorities, and wanted to live with her fully, but she put him in the second or third place in her priorities, after her job, and students. She was not living with him anymore, she was just living for her students. He felt unnecessary for her, and it's a basic need for a man to know that his woman needs him and needs his protection. She was doing her things, not even asking his opinion or point of view. This scene shows exactly the great mess the majority of modern couples are living today : they may love each other, but one of them is so engaged in his career, dreams, friends and family, or even children, that he forgets how much he needs his/her partner, and how much his/her partner needs him. Love is here, but there's no respect out there. It must be very hard to need someone who doesn't need you the same way. We musn't let the outside world, whatever it is, steal the intimacy of our inner love.

  • MrJdtjose says:

    love this scene

  • Desirée Rodríguez says:

    Soooo why did he break up with her???

  • Gera WallStar says:

    this is so sad

  • Multifandom Videos says:


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