Friends React to EXO – TEMPO // 엑소 // Musicians Reaction to KPOP

Friends React to EXO - TEMPO // 엑소 // Musicians Reaction to KPOP

hey what's up you know me you're already here that's why I'd like to tell you about me because you wouldn't be here if you didn't know what was going on look probably Austin and he's uh he's an amazing dude he really is and we don't have to tell the time to tell you like right now everything that's like so amazing yeah that's all stuff – um but you know now the trade-off is he wants his k-pop and then he could tell you about like whatever he wants tell you about ep10 grab my balls he can tell you about like a song he was checking up like what every once so I believe in this off with the song that got me into k-pop okay and it's EXO don't mess up my tempo and I don't know much more to say about it I'm not I'm just I cleanse you don't think it's better that you don't yeah five seconds tell us something my bands call Universal side check it out we're on Spotify you if you knew how intoxicated we were that's impressive Jesus I'm drunk God knows yeah yeah I could see that yeah whisk away yeah great and if you need me to Paul I've been outside of the keyboard but I wish she had a pulse button in his hand if you see your balls cuz you want to say something smack me yeah we have to we have to fall that sounds like fun [Applause] so tell me tell me why they all do English though life for the course is that just a game I think that's a kpop thing okay so this is the first time I've listened to kpop right so like I haven't heard any I mean like I like I've seen one video I couldn't even tell you anyways it's just okay it's just it's just listen everything it's not it's cool I like it I think I feel like it's marv relatable because I obviously I don't I wish I did I don't speak Korean it's almost I don't know like I hear all the like I see the dance moves and I hear the pitches and it's great but I don't understand the words until they get to the chorus don't mess up my tempo so it's kind of funny I'm like it makes me think of when I was in Japan with my mom and we went to this play oh that's right yeah yeah so we went to this play he was in Japan and we have neither miss speak Japanese unfortunately because you know we're dumb American tourists but like thankfully thankfully is like a slapstick kind of comedy so we like we could understand the like plotline so it's kind of like that I'm like all right I'll see you I see like I understand boy pants I get it I get it in there like ridiculous the course is clearly like I assume it's gotta be about the dancing you know it's gotta be like what's funny is this is the first thing that got me into it when I knew it by anything which is of course like it's a video so people can write that I wish it actually I would say about every two months I go back and watch my reaction to this video really because it's the video that got me yeah and I didn't know anybody and right now I actually know I know every how many people are in this group at this point probably nine nine no god that's crazy 88 maybe I mean that's a lot though it's Charlie twelve what did the Backstreet Boys have 0-5 Doug Feith oh I think five yeah I think five is the magic number for people in the 90s yeah one in this group is a murder of either Hierro it's dude it's like that an RPG game everyone in this group is like a heist at yeah but they're either a murderous rapper yeah dancer or a singer or a family a few things actually because all these guys seem like they can dance all right let's start yeah I get that I get that I just up oh yeah it seems like can you just plug it back in yeah except we're gonna find out I mean you're on this bike too so yeah we'll find out if I worst case we'll just go to that head nothing continues yeah no and that's what I tell you it is like that's the best yeah I mean they even like dude look like it yeah you know you can hear the golden helmet kind of thing okay hold on we're talking to ourselves for a second this is still you know us here what we're talking to each other is that this is the thing I used to I used to which is that like what it doesn't matter if this fuck's up because we're doing this right it turns out if it turns out in the morning and all this footage is dead yeah we're just trying to do it anymore I'll just I'll just come back yeah let's do more I just do more yeah so like we're kind of going like well we're just here for this is fun yeah we hope it's here don't mess up my tempo maanteeeca I don't know the words but it's a melody yeah [Laughter] [Laughter] oh gee first half with this first happen what are you gonna still slow it up for me and they split up is the actual entire song is in a three structure if they or it's like slow medium fast and when he says don't slow it up for me to go into his eyeball this dish or go back up to that is just don't say that they were actually in clearly all them good dance yeah like negatives in the bank but they're all I clearly they're just their scenes that yeah show like yeah rappers sing or whatever but like but there is just felt like hyah his strong dancer you know say in my favorite is Chanyeol was I didn't know when I saw this but he's not a rapper boom they first started rapping use the first guest star to rap okay that's for y'all that's for y'all he's shin acapella bitch all the time are you ready for cappella so ready dude I was expecting did you hear that did you hear that did you hear the spring then like the old R&B nineties – yes that's what they're doing yes yeah I love that kind of though because like I mean like when I grew up on that oh please I mean like that's kind of like it's funny it's funny it's like when I say I grew up on that I mean like yeah I'm gonna well I mean like well like it's not like my dad or my mom introduced me to it I mean my mom introduced me to a bunch of different music my dad interested me though John and like Billy Joel and all these other crazy thing right but like that kind of would randomly show up on the radio right and I would just with it yeah I was all about it even though I was like I was like six years old seven years old so I didn't know any I didn't know what they meant right so the first time I heard the first time I heard without me by aiming the first time I heard without me with him and him he's like no you idiots dr. Dre is dead he's locked in my basement I thought I pictured a real doctor in a lab coat that's it dr. Dre I had like this visual image in my head and he was a doctor and he was just dead in the basement I had no idea who these people were cuz I was too young it's like it's like listening to genuine do they listening too potent like when you yeah yeah a bachelor that's good I'm just telling them so we don't realize to like context online is that there was no point earlier I told you that he was stinker no that was not mentioned he's a Greeson fantabulous singer he's got a beautiful voice and that's why he's singing right now super drunk with me I am I'm pretty wasted we did not tell you at all and anyone here here's the cool part god there's no one here that doesn't want to be here cuz this video so long right the only people who are here at this point yeah they wanted to see it they wanted to see it there I don't understand through almost in plays bass he's really good at it but he's also a fantastic singer and you just solved that like we didn't you actually saying so I sing tonight my buddy my coworker Brad it was it was a super random spur the mother thing by sanctity whiskey Butler Stapleton with who with my buddy Greg what is that work upon it was just a random spur the morning after a fest finish like so after the mainstay in Spanish I just did it after camp on the porch but it was fun I love that song to you I love Chris did yeah he actually also he's one of the reasons I've kind of been getting back into countries because he's got such a killer voice I actually okay to be fair to be fair we're both pretty intoxicated calls to be fair that I also warned in this moment would come yeah we're the end and like 7% of the people even the ones who love I've turned it off they're already gone it's God yeah but I said do you want to play rock-paper-scissors people upstage all right ready rock-paper-scissors huh I don't know if you pink I don't know if you pick scissors I picked paper so that's so you have to you have to guess that that's up to you you know I hope you play it honestly what you play again ready all right here we go best two out of three how much throughout their better three that's the rules that spread on shoot all right I'll shoot if you've made it this far in the video on shoot Rock Paper Scissors shoot all right if you did rap I beat you then we could go out of three if you did you beat me and you don't need to keep watching so what do you do what you gotta do promotion oh yeah check out my band Universal side we don't eat that anything not don't say money humors aside let me check it out no they're not going to and I'm not going to you know the question is tell them the specific go listen to this song on this thing or go watch this video on this and listen to AB secretion er that's our most popular song on Spotify a executioner I say I say pretty good on it he does a little bit a little bit a little bit just a tiny bit time yeah that's pretty good people love it yeah that's what I was gonna do all right now shout out to Steve do we still watch this D video is I was waiting for as the Austin area you just like didn't down as I trying to feed him so like yeah that's the song it he was like house of light I was like doing that's a laugh a lot like why did you not recommend oh god alright let's do this we got like 20 seconds less we got lots of choice are the songs over yeah no it's yes but I wanna know so they're motorcycles out of his eyeball did he have the Infinity stone he got that cute yeah here the he had the space cube yeah I'm gonna stop that over there I don't I this is the funniest part is just you just gotta be real I have no idea that the anything broke whatever socket uh unless unless I see you later in Korean the other boy out that way oh that's Austin Austin is uh he doesn't have speaker in and then my Korean is terrible like I'm sure it's just humbling yourself it's better than mine I was gonna die I was gonna try to copy you but honestly I'm glad I didn't because you know I'm terrible you're just going to be like southeastern people should be speaking through a by the way you say yeah yeah but we're um I love y'all I bet he loves you too promises it's been fun I enjoyed it it's not crazy it's pretty great it's pretty much it was pretty fun okay oh yeah I don't actually save this usually on videos okay I intend to do like another one with you like right now yeah yeah fallen for you guys probably 5 to 7 hours from now that's fair no energy in publishing yeah I intend to go pee outside off the porch and we're gonna see you with this silly ass room guard no supercops bar but there's nobody there's no one means it doesn't it like we're just chillin just like honestly like I think about what I'm on YouTube videos and if I make it past a certain minute I'm amazed and this is like been a 15 minute long video meet Ben ad-libbing pretty Soho yeah it's like 80 minutes and my thing is also I think all says we have a person and I get to all say this I use this to you if you think he's not beautiful UHP juice turns out they whatever like math you're running isn't correct but yeah we're gonna go and hopefully come back exactly beg him to come back because he has like a life to get to and all I do is just sit here talk to y'all this is fun oh man there's never done this before you said I'm glad I'm on the show is it not fun it's super fun oh it's super fun tonight no I mean like it's new it's exciting its new I've never talked to the internet and dare I say not you know I'm not stroking myself bro you talking to it you talking to like at least a couple thousand Tammy that's why I keep waving am I good is that because right it's actually more fun who loved me for me I think I got things for you is anyway it's like it's actually worth fun just say oh my god this is ridiculous yeah than it is to be like go check out my thing yeah exactly you're just like really yeah yeah no stadium of people on that note we need to pee in the backyard oh my god yeah all right all right all right we'll see you I love you I love y'all 100% and and it's got an expiration on over a certain percent of you certain percentage of you are probably having a really shitty day and that will not last do it in one eye last your will get better in a day or two or maybe a week dude it might be a month or two but don't don't don't let me let me say this actually I was thinking about this year's something mindfulness it's not a Monday it's not Monday it really seemed it it's not my baby when I'm thinking about it yeah my this is something I think about mindfulness Mondays watch yourself time you know it's best piece of advice and I think I've ever gotten a graph like this I mean when I got from when I used to see psychologists for a little bit and I'm very open about it always because I think it helps people's experiences and their personal understanding yeah watch yourself talk you know like when you are beating yourself down you're saying I'm not good I'm a piece of and beautiful all these things yourself your your uh your subconscious takes that literally yeah so I mean I do it I do it myself it's really helped me when you're like that when you're feeling like that and you're noticing you like that if you're self-aware you gotta just realize that you're saying those things yourself and try to switch the dynamic so like what I do for myself is I like when I catch myself and I'm saying like oh man I feel like I'm a piece of I say no no I'm not a piece of I'm actually working really hard and I because I'm comparing myself to other people I see on social media like you that that gives me a skewed vision of where I'm at do I love you yeah I love you too brother I'm gonna join this a lot but no mind phone mindfulness man is it's the key so you were telling the story a little bit earlier about one of your viewers that was having a shitty day and you were giving her a personal shout out of Canada who butt up yeah man I think it's all love yeah and we didn't get to a BCS ship which is another band but a big message which is I found really inspirational I feel like digging through the stuff because it's like it seems so you know Pablo got me on the surface right uh but the only fantasy doing this watching a message of and not just watching they already did it there a good way to the totally hand of love yourself dude I mean like it's it's the thing yourself here's the thing as a person who's this is a ridiculously long video so we're like talking to like 0.05 percent of people at this point value each other yeah exactly we target each other's point maybe three at this point but like for real it sounds dumb like it does it sounds like it sounds like ugh sounds no no no I mean like the love yourself stuff it sounds cliche all these things does but you have to but no but like well the thing is is that like it's just like it's cliche because it's been taught so many times right is a resounding truth between like that's what that's the thing about cliches you're like you have to look at it like that you have to look at it and understand something okay why is it a cliche because it's been sad somebody's and stuff what's because it's been many times you know it said so many times people got tired of it why was it said so many times because it's true this is true you know those kinds of things like when you would eat just think about it you like really just I mean like and here's the beautiful thing is because we're talking to people across the world obviously that's how this whole thing started every culture has their own sayings like their only know the ones I grew up with right you know like I'm sure they're there's some wonderful Korean sayings I mean they're I mean it's the whole world we're talking I mean hundreds of countries you know that all have their own culture and all have their own sins and like their own cliches but like the point is that you know well the point is first off we're drunk and talking and we've had a really long video but secondly that uh you know like it really is something that is something to consider likewise is a cliche what is the what is the central purpose behind it yeah what's that that social nugget of truth that y'all I mean they can all do it sir it's their five times to this long because some of us we just get uh you know like we talked about this you know every like year or so because we bump into each other that way is that like both busy people no yes no like there is some real sadness to existence yeah absolutely and there's a real constant bitching about your but then another your clients like it's not as it's like okay we do we're all gonna die yeah but we actually have we actually have people that love us and that's four dude like that's right right now do you tonight yeah that's why have you here yeah yeah also I was just I mean I've got to follow up on that dude I mean like they're good I mean like again it's kind of a cliche but I mean it is it's just a stray cliche but I mean the same time like you have to have balance life is just balance so that it is you can't just have if you have all the good times you don't appreciate good times my professor said I still want a video couple back and my professor past but he's amazing is all sunshine makes of Destry mega which is all in all you had all day was just sunshine all day it would be dehydrated desert yeah be desert because you have to have rain to that's easy that's beautiful you can trade away that's the crater I'm not playing music which i think is also good intramural – it's like everyone's focused on playing well yeah it's like sometimes if all you do is play well that's the equivalent of all sunshine yeah you need to actually have inconsistencies in your plane intentionally what do you need to also just I where I just need to have feeling in your play yeah you know I mean like honestly like even like when I play shows on on tour I sometimes I don't feel like I played very well but at the same time when I look back at some of those shows I think about like well first off the recording usually sounds better than I thought it did there's usually that but secondly it's also like man that I mean like I used that sadness and I fueled it through the song you know hundred percent and sometimes that creates I mean some of the most beautiful look at the del well with about the beautiful music you tell is was this song has been let me tell you right it's something that's like the least academic thing ever is about the piss in month we got to go so we had to go but we're gonna talk it on the next video yeah and I love y'all don't buy yo you gotta see you later in Korean anyway yo and that's Austin I'm not gonna try to say what he just said because I was gonna miss I I'm not sure what make sure you look we're gonna figure out something whatever you know Spotify I hope you check it out for something before you leave and figure out what you will want to put below yeah yeah yeah cuz we're in the future right now this light you name them okay that's fun yeah it's fun it's too poor time-traveling and from the future this is a very genuine amazing amazing I mean you can't make this up because this is my first time ever doing it so this is why it's 20 is it 26 minutes 26 minutes long you've been talking to this camera for 26 minutes let me also put the context those do you all that I know Josiah allegis aiya he knows just SIA we were just there we were it just lives were nature's hanging out with them we're all together and we've managed to meet some really good people and I'm I'm really happy to have Austin hearing and it's super legit I think I appreciate you having maybe that's it like we're let's just do this cuz it's gonna be fun I'd be fun he's probably what's gonna run out I'm not 11 I want to go to Waffle House we're not gonna do that I want to go to Waffle another video but I'm doing if you come to America go to Waffle House seriously you say experience in the south you should drink to Levine the more you do that you should drink tea in the morning and then you should go to Waffle House let's say goodbye and to get back on it I love you guys you're welcome to business fun bye hi bye


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