From Episode #359 – "Who will be the composer and cinematographer for The Batman?"

From Episode #359 - "Who will be the composer and cinematographer for The Batman?"

Matt Reeves posted a tweet today does he doesn't tweet a lot and when he does it's just a little bit more about his the Batman movie you tweeted this out nothing like little encouragement at em giacchino Michael Giacchino the composer hmm heart Batman what it is it's a video of Michael Giacchino filming the audience in some panel I don't know we're at at San Diego comic-con and he literally got all those fans there to chant hey Matt don't screw up the Batman and nights why he says nothing like a little encouragement Michael Giacchino also came in on the camera and says you hear that don't screw it up don't screw up the Batman which is also interesting in a way wondering if this is kind of a confirmation in a way that Michael Giacchino is going to be scoring the Batman is he gonna be the composer for the Batman now Michael Giacchino is a fantastic composer I mean I wouldn't put him in as my top favorites in terms of Hans Zimmer but seeing as Matt Reeves has worked on him before in the Planet of the Apes movies it seems to make perfect sense that he would get Michael Giacchino to be the composer if that's true it's not confirmed yet but it seems very likely in that sense I do love his soundtracks I love his new takes on star track star trek into darkness he also did many Pixar films as well composed a lot of that and so you it'll be a little bit more whimsical in his composition more than what we're used to with Hans Zimmer score and in terms of Nolan trilogy of course Batman V Superman and Man of Steel but it would probably match more of that noir type detective type of soundtrack you would come to expect whimsical lots of Orchestra I think that would actually work very well for this type of movie if this is the type of movie that we're expecting which I fully believe it would be and it kind of puts it into perspective about the type of feel of the movie that we're gonna have and it's gonna be it's I mean we still have that action pieces as well but I think just having Michael Giacchino alongside with what Matt Reeves intended for the movie it's gonna be I would say a slower movie but probably more thrilling in the sense it's not gonna be like action-packed but very suspenseful and I think that's the key that he wanted to do here so Michael Giacchino is he going to be the composer for the Batman he's really throwing in putting his hat in is if you will and I think that might be the case here but who knows until actually get some actual confirmation from either Matt Reeves the studio or whatever as we get closer to production but something came up today and this isn't and kind of a really quick response to yesterday's video literally I just did this video yesterday where I talked about cinematographer Robert Richardson was going to be the DP or cinematographer for the Batman and that was reported on the media well now on The Hollywood Reporter it states cinematographer Robert Richardson denies he is shooting the Batman the once in Upon a Time in hollywood DP admits he'd like to lens a batman or superman movie cinematographer robert richardson is denying news that he is set to shoot the batman report spread wednesday on genre moving news sites that director Matt Reeves had tapped a three-time Oscar winner for the job I'm not shooting the Batman I have never met with Matt Reeves Richardson told The Hollywood Reporter during an interview Thursday for an upcoming behind-the-scenes podcast about his latest film Quentin Tarantino's once upon a time in Hollywood I woke up this morning to a slew of text messages congratulations I didn't know you were shooting Batman I was highly perplexed he said the closest part of reality is that when Ben Affleck was going to direct I was going to shoot but I don't know how that got moved into this space the veteran DP has want Oscars for JFK The Aviator and Hugo asked later in the conversation if there was a John room he'd still like to explore Richardson responded with a laugh I actually liked the idea that I was doing Batman I was like oh yeah yeah that when Affleck was attached to him with Richardson as a DP I thought finally I get to do a Batman movie I think that would be a lot of fun whether Batman or if I've always wanted to shoot Superman he was one of my favorite characters growing up Warner Brothers the Batman story Robert Pattinson is slated for a June 25th 2021 release so couple big things here is that the blogs be lying to you yo like yah yah yah duel my teen would have said if he if he saw that and tweeted that out but the other thing is that what he was going to be the DP for Ben Affleck stew Batman oh my god what a missed opportunity since they have actually worked together I'll live by night it totally makes sense that was the DP he used literally the movie after he shot live by night and that would have made a really I think that would have been incredible stuff possibly quite possibly that Matt Reeves may actually use Michael Harrison as a cinematographer cinematographer for the Batman as he's used him or worked with him before in his previous plan of the apes movies since it seems like Michael Giacchino may be the composer as well he might just bring back the old team to actually be part of the Batman which is fine if that's the people he's comfortable with and then that's the people he's going to use and heed those people he worked well with that's the people he's going to use so be very interesting to see what more we could find out about the Batman if at all at San Diego Comic Con when a lot of these interviews are doing the interviews for different movies allowing these people are attached different projects and it came it can't come up these little tidbits that that would surface and we can learn a little bit more about different projects coming here on on and forth but yeah cinematographer Robert Richardson is not the cinematographer for the Batman sorry


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