Frozen 2 | Official Trailer 2

Frozen 2 | Official Trailer 2

Far away, as north as we can go, once stood an enchanted forest. LITTLE ANNA:
You’ve seen an enchanted forest? KING AGNARR:
Yes, it was a magical place, but something went wrong. Since then, no one can get in or out. LITTLE ANNA:
Woah, Papa, that was epic. ♪♪ ELSA:
What would I do without you? ANNA:
You’ll always have me. ANNA:
Has Elsa seemed weird to you? KRISTOFF:
She seems like Elsa. ELSA:
There’s this voice. ANNA:
Voice? What does that mean? ELSA:
Head for the cliffs! OLAF:
I’m gonna blow! KRISTOFF:
I got you. PABBIE:
The kingdom is not safe. PABBIE:
Find who is calling to you. They may have answers. ANNA:
I’m going with you. ELSA:
Anna, no. ANNA:
Excuse me, I climbed the North Mountains, survived a frozen heart, and saved you from
my ex-boyfriend. So, you know, I’m coming. OLAF:
That’s normal. OLAF:
Where are we? [Gasping] MATTIAS:
How did you get in the forest? ELSA:
The mist parted for us. YELANA:
Impossible! MATTIAS:
Where did you learn magic? ♪♪ ANNA:
Elsa, get out of there! ELSA:
You can’t just follow me into fire. ANNA:
Then don’t run into fire! ALL:
[Screaming] PABBIE:
Magic is very alluring. Without you, she may lose herself to it. MATTIAS:
Protect Arendelle at all costs! ANNA:
I believe in you Elsa, more than anyone, or anything. ♪♪ OLAF:
Quick question, is the whole “putting us in mortal danger”
gonna be a regular thing? OLAF:


  • Koka Jojo says:

    Wow is surprise me I wait it to watching 😄😊

  • Kylie Ren says:

    This truly seems like it’ll be a great sequel. I’m very impressed by this trailer alone!

  • Henry Gray says:

    1:36 Your parents when you were 4

  • Finnuwu says:

    petition to get elsa a gf in this movie

  • NiceToMeetMew says:

    ok but is she gay?

  • The Pinoy JUANderer says:

    My nieces and nephews are ready!!! Oopppsss so do i! Lol

  • •iiiamarix• says:

    God dammit why did she have to say epic

  • 光復香港 時代革命Passionate Chimmy says:

    冰雪奇緣2大遊行, 12.19見

  • HeadDetectiveLassie says:

    I'm really starting to think that the blond boy in the beginning is their father, and he met their mother (the girl flying in the wind) when his royal parents had him be a part of a diplomatic visit to the forest people. They fell in love, and when the magic hid her people, she chose to stay with him. It might explain why Elsa has magic.

  • 光復香港 時代革命Passionate Chimmy says:

    寧鳴而死, 不默而生

  • •iiiamarix• says:

    Here comes the six year old Elsa stans

  • CaYlYa says:

    Ok… I’m gonna watch this movie when i have nothing else to do

  • 1000 IQ says:

    Manga: Elsa is straight
    Anime: Elsa is straight
    Netflix Adaptation:

  • Buse Keleşoğlu says:

    Bizim seslendirmeler daha iyi 😏

  • i left my family in china to get 5 lines per album says:

    Just give Elsa a girlfriend

  • kuku says:

    I can't wait


    I would rather watch this than the Disney live remakes.

  • Fawwaz_fwz Ramlan says:

    The bast

  • Bruna Neptune says:

    2014: LET IT GO!
    2019: CAN'T LET GO!

  • Naomi C Mora C says:

    Yo no ser bilingüe :'(

  • Mo Pizzazzy says:

    another blockbuster❤️

  • Nuocin Clack says:

    Se ve bien

  • Social Welfare Sammy says:

    Bring back spider man or we riot.

  • Pink Blush says:

    Give Elsa a boyfriend too pls!

  • carolina ferreira says:

    From The Creators Of Moana
    & Zootopia

  • Sean NotShawn says:

    So she's going beyond the mists? Does this mean she ends up in Barovia? (10 points if you get that joke)

  • A says:

    I'm pretty sure adults are gonna be more in the theater than kids 😂😂😂❤

  • HeadDetectiveLassie says:

    I want "Let It Go" to play as a minor key instrumental in the background of, at least, one scene just as a little wink, wink, nudge, nudge to the first movie. Not in your face but nostalgic and used well.

  • Zuzzle Pro says:

    0:18 wOaH pApa THaT waS ePic

  • Alayna gnoix says:

    Elsa: You can’t just follow me into fire!
    Anna: Then don’t go into fire!
    Me: honestly, be smart

  • fajar wahyu says:


  • Zion Berry says:

    Is it just me or do the character look different

  • iris shin says:

    BRAVE anyone?! I am looking for Merida here lol

  • Straight Kids says:

    The fact that this has so many views legit scares me

  • nikandra76 says:

    Please give Elsa a boyfriend

  • Martin Leung says:

    Lol Olaf seems as cuckoo as ever

  • Maxine Lopez says:

    I cant WAITTT

  • Crysiser Rajput says:

    0:52 The kingdom is not safe.

    From Disney.LMAO

  • - Chinnu says:

    Disney: Releases the trailer.
    Other channels: 10 things you have missed in the "Frozen 2" Trailer.

  • Lara Lucky says:

    I wait for 6 year!! 😭

  • Randy bobandy says:

    I can see Disney can still come up with original ideas

  • Marta Isabel says:

    omg i love Elsa, she is such a boss queen !

  • 普通にYouTube好き says:


  • priyanka shivani reddy says:

    Eagerly waiting…….

  • mega arwin says:

    Im fire and im water,kau memberi ku kuasa!

  • Smita Thekkepat says:

    The story is still a mystery, my take is that the gentleman voiced by Sterling Holloway is the king of that Fall city, and something went on between these 2 cities…

  • 病入膏肓 says:

    Let it go~

  • Moondoria says:

    0:35. She’s a lesbien. Deal with it Anna.

  • Victoria evbuomwan says:

    Y the hell is this so epic

  • COOLPEAK says:

    I can’t tell someone gonna die

  • Ji Hu says:

    What song will be this time? I still listening to let it go.

  • deathmoverz says:


  • Sahar Zaka says:

    0:29 this part♥♥ and background girl voice

  • Krycec Spender says:

    Why there is a nigga in this movie ?

  • This and That says:

    They should animate the pewds minecraft series, it's better than just remaking everything

  • En Ming Hee says:

    Anyone else reminded of a Western? I mean you got a girl breaking her first bronco (the Nokk), solitary figures in an immense wilderness, native tribes, and a troop of cavalrymen on patrol.

  • Anthony Gladiator says:

    Why did she say "epic" only gamers can say that

  • Josephine Sutanto says:

    Elsa : "There's this voice.."
    Me, an intellectual : she's a parseltongue

  • Nic Name says:

    1. So are Anna and Christoph still a couple or…
    2. This movie actually looked epic. I'm down

  • sm0ke says:

    Still haven’t seen the first one yet

  • насвай коваль says:

    Great treiler

  • s2conD D says:

    That Olaf run would be epic on 3D

  • ضحگڪہۧۿۃَٖ ٌ says:

    Elsa:parts mist

    nick fury:l'm here to talk you about the avengers initiative

  • Sarthak Atul says:

    Hope this is not a godforsaken musical.

  • Iana Edrianne Awayan says:

    Ohmygod. I have literal chills. And it's coming out on my 22nd birthday!!! BEST. BIRTHDAY. GIFT. EVER. 😭😍💙

  • XVIRUSTV says:

    Where is….If Frozen 2 was a horror movie trailer?

  • Red Girl says:

    Disney movies are getting better with time

  • Neon Sunset says:

    Ah,so it was their mom. Not their dad like I thought.

  • Nikendra Chakma says:

    i am very excited to see frozen 2🙂🙂

  • Jean Beatrice Andres says:

    If their mum really had powers then I'm really hoping they're still alive on some deserted island waiting for rescue :'(

  • luzanira yin yang says:

    Chega me arrepiei.
    Anciosa pra assistir .

  • Mod Dbled says:

    Ohmygod. I have literal chills. And its coming out on my twenty second birthday BEST. BIRTHDAY. GIFT. EVER. two

  • Kuba. says:

    0:24 This music was in Cinderella trailer from 2015

  • colors of world says:

    Plz help me grow my channel

  • TheRustyRebel says:

    Help me reach 20k s u bs ❤️

  • llsjk.97 kim says:

    Lisa must see this

  • Julie Castro says:

    We have a new line up for AVENGERS people. Ice Girl

  • Preasia Wilfred says:

    Where the hell is my jack frost?

  • Loolah Wright says:

    Thank god it’s not a trailer for a remake. I’ll take a sequel!

  • million mill says: 98 😀

  • Shifaz Afthar says:

    first part of this movie came 6 years ago 🤔

  • TH Production Wensleydale says:

    Looks like the first film we learnt about the characters and what they can do. Now we are going to hear the whole story and maybe get some answers. I can't wait to see the film.😄

  • Ian Joseph Prelligera says:

    Who is looking forward for a bunch of song of Frozen 2?

  • Danah Shin says:


  • Nurhan Azhari says:

    Fire? Hmm sounds like a teaser here. Anyone care to explain?

  • Jimin’s Voice Is Higher Than My Grades says:

    And I oop—

  • ahmed ahmed says:


  • Edmar Medes says:

    Fuck, this is beautiful

  • Sadia Shirin says:

    I am so excited 😃

  • varsha sharma says:

    At 1:26 it reminds me of mario

  • I'm Morty says:

    Above and Beyond in this trailer is alot more magical than Cinderella's trailer.

  • تو تو says:


  • QaffeiN TV says:

    They say epic 0:19 that a epic gamer win y’all

  • Wan Cak says:

    Entah apa yang merasukimu

  • Henrik says:

    2:03 Whats the name of the song? The on that a woman is singing. (The 3 second clip)

  • mitchell smith says:

    Is the narrator Alec Baldwin?????

  • Charlotte Dawson says:

    Honestly I wish Frozen 2 was about Anna discovering her fire powers, that would have been so cool.

  • bree mc says:


  • T.O.B.C Dolla says:

    I think Anna’s going to get powers

  • sri lela says:

    That's so wonderful

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