Fun with Las Vegas Street Performers Part 5

Fun with Las Vegas Street Performers Part 5

but everyone I'm here with Superman what everyone wants to know is how long does it take to do your super hair like five minutes that takes five minutes the whole day I mean it is a little curlicue can I can I so you're you're a transformer I am yeah I am the original one Las Vegas is first generation one transformer let me ask you this I've always been curious about transformers are you pre-op or post-op headlights holy holy sheep oh my god this guy's real this guy's the real this is not a suit holy crap I've got I got a little man-crush here going – you shoot webs and indigo there should as I'm just wondering as a man if you've ever like you know had a problem with shooting your webs prematurely sometimes it happens to us all doesn't it ain't going back to living that old life no more you're you're not gonna believe me but I have an outfit exactly like that at home I do no really I just I put it on and I stand in front of the mirror and I look at myself and I I I sing I feel pretty oh so pretty

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  • This Week in Gambling says:

    Streets of Sin City – Superman & Transformer Edition – We're on the Vegas Strip for this edition, having fun with performers dressed up as Superman, a Transformer and more!

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