Gammon Theological Seminary – Writers Retreat

Gammon Theological Seminary - Writers Retreat

we're excited here at gammon Theological Seminary the Christian education program as we get ready next week for our third retreat which is the writers retreat which will take place July the 22nd through 25th it's a four-day retreat and we're excited about the professional authors that are going to be here with us to lead our workshops the writers retreat is for those who like to write and for those who want to start writing but have been procrastinating so the retreat is going to be on how to get started meet other writers how to be creative how to get published how to finish your writing what about getting grants for your writing different kinds of writing how to choose your cover overcoming writer's anxiety so this is exciting because you'll be able to meet authors editors and get feedback so our schedule for next week which will start on Monday first workshop leaders dr. Daniel black his workshop title is am I saying it right Precision's and exactitude in the art of writing or Stevens his workshop is the power of poetics the way imagery language and symbolism enhances our stories then on Tuesday morning at 10:00 we have our own president Dean Ken Walden who will be doing a workshop on writing from within then in Tuesday afternoon at 1 o'clock we'll have miss Vicki Jones from vhm publishing company which she will talk about how to get published then Wednesday the 24th we'll have dr. Eric Moore at 10 o'clock and his workshop is if it works using finding tools to help you write and write well then Wednesday afternoon at 1 o'clock we have Reverend Amina McIntyre who will be doing a workshop on pick up the pen and write the importance of journaling and creative writing then on Thursday morning at 10 o'clock we'll have Reverend Cynthia Jackson whose workshop title is writing and self-publishing then to close us out on one o'clock on Thursday afternoon we'll have Reverend dr. Karen chive she will be doing a workshop on writing as a spiritual practice so we look forward to you signing up you can go on our website to get the information or you can even call and that's four seven zero three five five one one four oh and my email is BB e in in e fi eld ed gammon – ITC org

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