Gel Print Fabric on Wood Artist Trading Card – June Hashtag Challenge #ATCAD2018

Gel Print Fabric on Wood Artist Trading Card – June  Hashtag Challenge #ATCAD2018

hello everyone its Shel C from Paper
Octillo studio and today I’m sharing with you my first atc for the special hashtag
challenge that Peck Robinson and I are having in the month of June all you have
to do to participate is to make an artist trading card each day that’s two
and a half inches by three and a half inches any anything that you want no
prompts and then just post it on any social media of your choice using the
hashtag hashtag a TC ad 2018 we did this last year and a lot of people have fun
with it so we’re having it again this June so I wanted to play with something
different and that’s what I plan to do for my 80 season June and that’s really
what we’re encouraging is everyone to get out your stuff try some different
techniques some ideas that you might have had an ATC is very quick to make it
small and it doesn’t have to be super elaborate it’s a good way to experiment
and play with some of your art supplies that you’ve been hoarding so I had this
wooden piece that I have a whole package of them there’s you know eight or ten of
them in there I think they’re supposed to be little wooden flag banner type
things that you could decorate and then string on a string to make kind of like
a you know a banner or bunting or something like that for that they’re
just rectangular inexpensive cut wood and then I also have this box of
leftover pieces of gel printed fabric and I use these in a project and these
are the leftover pieces I decorated a canvas bag it’s not on my channel it was
something that I made for a gift but I had gel printed all this this fabric
it’s a lightweight cotton and I had before I gel printed it I I fused on the
back of it some stuff called Heaton bond which is a fabric
adhesive that you can sew through so it’s a really easy way to attach pieces
that you can then applicate around to keep them on sorry my voice is being
weird and so these are the leftover pieces that I had had done this with so
this is just another option for your gel plate you can print your prints on
fabric and use them in fabric collage or art quilts or something like that
I follow another channel stitches by Julia and she’s done some things like
that in fact I’ll link a video below that
just in the description box below from one of her videos where she had applied
some of the techniques that I use for paper painting into her fabric applique
type of project and she made a really cute Lana pillow it’s just adorable so
basically all I’m doing here is I am taking these pieces of gel printed
fabric and I’m cutting them out and then fusing him to this wood piece the wood
piece is just slightly smaller than an ATC I wish it was exactly the size but
it’s maybe a sixteenth of an inch smaller than that but I figure it’s
close enough for my purposes and this is going to me be my day 1 June 1 our ‘test
trading card for the challenge so I cut out different pieces trimmed fuse them
to the the wood using an iron and this stuff melts really quickly it’s it
doesn’t have to be super hot and you just need to give it some pressure in
order to make sure that I don’t get any of the gluey stuff on my iron I put a
piece of shop towel in between so that I wouldn’t get glue onto my iron I started
out with a blue piece and a blue and green piece put those on I wanted that
little little fuzzy edge so as I’m trimming I’m letting the fuzzy
edges show I’m like rubbing my finger along them so that this little threat
show not real long or anything then I trimmed out another piece of a purple
print to make some branches and then a different green print to make some
leaves and then now I have a red and orange a yellow piece and I’m cutting
out a bird this is a very simplistic this is not anything that’s you know
super great it’s it’s a simple bird simple branches but I just I wanted to
try it I wanted to see what it would be like to put this type of a fabric image
onto a piece of wood and it worked great it I don’t think there’ll be any
anything I will need to do it’s it’s on there it’s stuck on there it won’t peel
off and it’s um I don’t need to seal it or anything unless I wanted to have like
a glossy finish off on it I don’t need to seal it or anything like that it’s
just it’s done once I’ve used it on there so then I decided that I would
need to you know just make it a little bit more interesting so the first thing
I did was I took some white gesso watered down and I I was feeling that my
leaves weren’t standing out enough from the background the background piece
that’s behind there I could have just covered the entire thing in the blue and
that’s probably what I should have done but I was trying to be all fancy or
whatever and so I end up even adding a little bit of blue to that white gesso
and then painting around my leaves to exclude that background make it make it
pushed back a little bit so that the leaves would stand out in the foreground
a little bit more and then I went around the edges of the wood with my leftover
just so she just you know paint the edges of the wood one thing I didn’t
mention is there’s a couple holes drilled in this
I covered them before I put the fabric on with some washi tape just so that I
didn’t have this weird indentation and you can see that on the back I will
cover the back with something probably another fused piece I’m imagining I just
didn’t get to it at this point wanted to get this video done so that I could tell
you about the hashtag event that I want everyone to participate in so I need to
give this video up so then I decided needed more illustrative dimension you
know how I am so I got out some pencils this is us to build a pencil but then I
switch to inktense pencils because I remember that inktense pencils are
permanent once they’re dry they’re water soluble until you activate them with
water and then once that water has dried they’re permanent so these are actually
pencils you could use on fabric you could use it to enhance your your fabric
collage and then once they’re dry they’re permanent so you would be able
to wash this or whatever ever you know thing like that if you’re doing it on
fabric I’m doing it on wood I don’t intend to wash it but I got out my
entity oh man inktense pencils in order to add my details so I added some red to
the bird to like kind of indicate where there might be some feather lines and
then I added some green around the leaves and then some blue shadow
underneath the branches you know stuff like that that you would do with the
paper project it just happens that this isn’t paper so it has a very different
texture and as you look at the close-ups at the end you’ll see that it doesn’t
look like like paper at all it’s very you can see the threads in the weave of
the fabric this was an off-white very pale piece of 100% cotton
like quilting fabric not heavy it wasn’t canvas or anything like that
I have gel printed on canvas as well but the this project I used a lightweight
cotton something that you would use in quilting so then I added some white
highlights using the white pasca pen and going around the edge to make a little
bit of a border with a dark inktense pencil which turned out to be green I
thought it was black I knew sometimes you can’t tell then I
decided that bird needs a little bit of a plume or something on his head so I
drew that in with my acrylic pin paska pen which is an acrylic that I decided
to add some more red darker red shading around and just make the bird a little
bit more dynamic it’s not a perfect bird it’s very whimsical and then I decided
to glue on a word or phrase from my Tim Holtz chat stickers you’ll see me using
a lot of these during this ATC challenge all month because they’re perfect for
this the perfect for tags and ATC s and I happen to have three different things
of them so I’ll be using them so I hope you guys join in the hashtag ATC a day
2018 event and that everyone has fun making their ATC’s be sure to give me a
thumbs up leave me a comment see right here subscribe if you haven’t already
and share if you want to that’s it for me bye bye you


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