• Carlos Campos says:

    Please, say the narrator to talk clear, not like speaking like he has a chewing gum in his mouth…
    And why is so hurry?
    This is not like Madonna or Jennifer Lopez stupid news and stuff…

  • DiamondHead5 says:

    George Gershwin never became good at reading music? Really? I understand that not only was he good at reading music but also great at writing musical notation! Did he not do the notation for Porgy and Bess? George was also a student of Charles Hambitzer, who assigned him pieces by composers such as Chopin, Liszt and Debussy. Good music reading skills (and virtuosity) are needed to play all of these composer's works. At 15, George Gershwin was also hired by music publisher Jerome H. Remick & Co. as a song plugger, because he was proficient at *reading music*. Moreover, when George Gershwin composed the Rhapsody In Blue, he wrote (and notated) it for two pianos–this was of course, before Ferde Grofé orchestrated the Rhapsody for Paul Whiteman's orchestra and the famous concert An Experiment in Modern Music. How could George Gershwin have done any of these things if, as you claim, he had little skill at reading music? Could you be mistaking Gershwin for Irving Berlin? Despite not knowing how to read music, Irving Berlin wrote some of the most beautiful and enduring popular songs of his time.

  • The Grand Master says:

    A revolutionary in American Music taken too soon. Great video!

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