Get Over It | Elevation Church | Pastor Robert Madu

Get Over It | Elevation Church | Pastor Robert Madu

are you ready for the Word of God now me
too I feel like we’re so blessed this morning because we’ve got Pastor Robert
Madu in our church bringing us the Word of God this morning he and his wife
Taylor live in Cedar Hill Texas he’s a part of the teaching team at Trinity
Church most of the time he’s traveling the world though preaching the gospel
sharing the grace and love and mercy of Jesus and we’re blessed because this
isn’t his first time he’s back with us so could you help me welcome Pastor
Robert Madu back to the pulpit this morning oh good morning Elevation Church come on
do you have another praise our a hallelujah on the of you come on can we just take 10 seconds across every location come on let’s give God the best praise that we’ve got hallelujah oh come on this is the day that the Lord has made
let’s rejoice and be glad in it are you excited to be in God’s house
today I’m telling you I am espresso elated to be back at Elevation would you do me
a favor before you take your seat across every location I want you to look at
your neighbor whichever one you like the best and just get in their face get in
their personal space and just say neighbor come on don’t be afraid to talk
to your neighbor come on say neighbor I waited all week to sit next to you now
see if they really meant it see if they really meant it come on give somebody a high
five show them some love you can be seated oh thank you worship team it feels good
to be in God’s house today man I am so honored and privileged to be here for a
couple of reasons as Chris mentioned this is my second time here on a weekend
and I kind of have a rule I have a rule as I’ve been traveling that when you
come to a church like the first weekend you’re still kind of in the guest category
you know people don’t know you but if you come back the second weekend
then you’re just straight up family okay so I hope you know I’ve adopted myself
into the Elevation family y’all are stuck with me I’m your cousin from the
great country of Texas so it’s gonna be good today it’s gonna be good especially
because I just came back from Israel I was in Israel
two days ago I feel extra anointing so I was in the Holy Land of Israel now in
the Holy Land of Charlotte and I was walking around Israel it’s pretty
significant to think that what happened on that little parcel of land through Jesus
turned the world upside down and then walking in here today just to think that
just 13 years ago what God has done through this church what started has now
reverberated around the world what God is doing here at Elevation
and come on how many of you know you are blessed favored and straight-up spoiled to
be a part of this church come on if this church has ever blessed your life you
ought to give God some praise this is unbelievable
tell you right now the grass is not greener anywhere else okay if it is it’s
astroturf it’s not real this right here this is real and God had to have
somebody special to steward this to lead this and my wife and I we so love and
appreciate the life and the leadership of Pastor Steven and Holly Furtick and
anytime I got the mic at Elevation come on I’m gonna give honor to where
honor due would you help me thank God for your pastors come on for their vision for their hearts
to serve y’all could do better than that across every location come on make some
noise for your leaders Pastor Steven is undoubtedly one of the greatest
preachers you will ever hear and not only that he has really the relational
equity to get anybody behind this pulpit so it is my honor to be here today and
I’ma preach I feel like preaching today I feel like preaching from Genesis all the
way to the maps in the back so it’s gonna be good would you stand with me to honor
the reading of God’s Word and across every location if you got a Bible would
you wave it in the air like you just do care come on some of your Bibles are
glowing thank you for charging up your Bible today I want to look at Matthew chapter 15
today Matthew 15 I want to look at verses 21 through 28 Matthew 15 we’ll start at
verse number 21 and we’ll land at verse number 28 when you’re ready to read it
why don’t you say yeah you need some time to find it say holdup
that was a lot of hold ups I’ma give you a moment Matthew chapter 15 starting in verse number 21 look at what it says it says leaving that place Jesus
withdrew to the region of Tyre and Sidon and a Canaanite woman from that vicinity
came to him crying out Lord son of David have mercy on me
my daughter is demon-possessed and suffering terribly Jesus did not answer
a word so his disciples came to him and urged
him send her away for she keeps crying out after us and he answered I was sent
only to the lost sheep of Israel the woman came and knelt before him lord
help me she said and he replied it is not right to take the children’s bread
and toss it to the dogs yes it is Lord she said even the dogs
eat the crumbs that fall from their master’s table and Jesus said to her
woman only Jesus can get away with that by the way woman you have great faith your
request is granted and her daughter was healed six months later I’m tripping wrong
prescription let me read that again her daughter was healed three days later
oh no my bad her daughter was healed at that moment it’s almost like what she said in verse
27 activated the miracle in verse 28 at that moment I want to preach across
every location today not long about six and a half hours I’m playing just using
this as a title get over it get over it would you do me a favor look at your
neighbor for the last time and just say neighbor I know this message is for you
come on let’s pray father thank you for your word across every location speak to
our hearts today Lord let us leave different than the way that we came in
in Jesus name everybody said amen you may be seated in the presence of the Lord get
over it you know I really hate to preach before I preach but just just watch this
real quick watch this hear me God will often use
desperation to push you into your destiny in fact watch this desperation
is the door that breakthrough walks through oh I’m gonna say that again
desperation is the door that breakthrough walks through some people
wonder how come I ain’t got my breakthrough yet sometimes cuz you
hadn’t got downright desperate enough for God to do it in your life because
desperation will open up doors that complacency will keep shut I’m telling
ya I’m traveling people will often ask me Robert where’s your favorite place to
preach your favorite place to preach and to be honest I struggle to name a place
because I want to articulate to them that the effectiveness of preaching and
ministry has little to do with an address or a destination of a place but
everything to do with the attitude and the disposition of the people that
are in the place come on I would rather preach in a basement with
three desperate people then to preach in the Bahamas with thousands of bougie
stuck-up people who act like they don’t need God to do anything in their life
but if you give me some desperate people miracles will break forth if you give me
desperate people signs and wonders will start if you
give me desperate people the atmosphere will shift and change and God will show Himself strong and mighty when you’re
desperate hey that’s a good sermon clip right there it’s actually a good sermon
it’s a good sermon at least I thought it was I thought it was until after I
preached that message I did what every confident secure and emotionally healthy
preacher does after a message I went online to read the comments underneath
that message now in full disclosure most of the comments 90% of them were
positive you know comments like good word oh that blessed me preach bro there were a few
fire emoticons but but those aren’t the comments that I have saved and
snapshotted on my phone that I want to read for you today but now remember in
that snippet in that snippet that was not the whole sermon I said and I quote
I would rather preach in a basement with three people who are desperate for God
then to preach in the Bahamas with thousands of stuck-up bougie people who
act like they don’t need God to do anything in their life that’s what I
said in that clip that was not the full sermon okay now what I was clearly
saying is that as a preacher and a pontificater of the gospel that a
meager but eager audience in a basement would be preferred over a large apathetic
audience in the Bahamas my juxtaposition of the Bahamas and the
basement was solely to compare/contrast a magnificent environment with the
mundane environment I was in no way shape or form trying to denigrate
Bahamian people or basement people I just needed two words that started with
the letter B but let me read the comments for you it says in your message
pastor you mentioned the Bahamas stating that it has stuck-up and bougie people
how can a pastor say those things about a country have you met everyone in the
Bahamas very distasteful of you to make those statements as a Bahamian I am
offended and owed an apology next comment pastor you have greatly offended
a large group of Bahamian’s with your comments about the Bahamas next comment
and my favorite the expression on his face when he made that comment about my
people tells me everything I need to know that was flesh coming through not
God watch it again and watch his expression closely hash tag apology
required urgently next comment wow just wow sad that he used this platform to
offend hundreds and thousands of people oh there’s about a hundred more comments
where that came from that’s the edited version right and the irony is there was one dude he
tried to cancel my ministry from coming to the Bahamas started a campaign on Facebook
to cancel my ministry from coming to the Bahamas and the irony is I would love
to preach in the Bahamas I would die to preach in the Bahamas I’m gonna keep it
100 I would leave y’all right now to go preach in the Bahamas
I mean Ballantyne is beautiful but it ain’t the Bahamas I just found it funny
interesting and to be honest quite sad that some people missed the
transformational truth of an entire message not because it could not be
comprehended but because they were offended
ladies and gentlemen brothers and sisters we are now living in the age and
the era of offense have you noticed that it seems like everybody everywhere is
perpetually offended about everything all the time everybody is now offended it is as
if victimhood has gone viral and being easily offended is no longer seen as a
weakness in your character but is now your constitutional right to be offended
oh you got a right to be offended oh that didn’t offend you oh I’m offended for
you it’s like we’re no longer living in the USA we are now living in the USO
because everybody is in the united state of offense
everybody’s offended men are offended women are offended the millennials are
offended the baby boomers are offended democrats are offended republicans are
offended the atheists are offended the saints are offended the New Orleans
Saints are still offended you know we’re supposed to be in the Super Bowl right we were supposed
to be vegetarians and vegans are offended oh come on you heard about this
right there’s a group there’s a contingency of vegans that are offended
right and they are now calling for the removal hear me of meat-based
metaphors they want a ban on phrases like bring home the bacon
they are rallying for less offensive and more health-conscious phrases like bring
home the broccoli animal rights activists have jumped on the same
bandwagon backed by PETA they feel that some of our commonly used phrases and
idioms are offensive and are actually encouraging animal cruelty phrases like
you’re beating a dead horse and you can kill two birds with one stone should be
removed and replaced with less offensive ones like you’re feeding a fed horse and
you can feed two birds with one scone that is a for-real article I see some of y’all judging
and you laugh you’re like oh come on vegans animal activists get over it
that’s silly understand it’s silly to you but is
serious to them so so serious that some of these animal activist actually got
arrested they were arrested because they were going to steak houses with speakers
and they were playing the sound of slaughtered cows at these steak houses
and when the managers came out and said no hold up y’all can’t do this y’all
gotta move I had to they refused and got sent to jail they got arrested it was very serious to them and this is the variability of offense
that an offense that’s silly to me might be serious to you and an offense that’s
serious to you might be silly to me and I don’t care who you are under the sound
of my voice every single person has something some offense some touchy
subject that if the right person on the wrong day when you forgot to pray you
hit that button oh you’ll find yourself in a jail cell
right next to the animal activist oh what do we do with our offenses our
offenses you remember that game operation that board game this is
before fortnight you had these board games and there was a patient on the board
game you had to get the tweezers you had to get like his heart or his organ
but if you hit the wrong spot the patient on the board game his nose would
light up and turn red that’s you that’s me
all of us have offenses that if the right person hit it
your nose would light up like Rudolph what do we do in a culture of offense my
text is in Matthew chapter 15 but in Matthew chapter 24 offense comes up the
disciples privately come to Jesus and say hey Jesus how can we know the end of
the age how can we know when you are coming back you’re gonna return and
Jesus gives them a litany of things he says let no man deceive you many will
come in my name saying I am Christ and they will deceive many
he said nation will rise against nation and Kingdom against Kingdom there will
be wars and rumors of wars and earthquakes in diverse places and
diseases and pestilences and when you’re reading Matthew 24 you can get lost in
the suspense of the earthquakes and the diseases that you’ll miss Matthew 24
verse 10 where Jesus says oh and then many will be offended in other words
Jesus says one of the blue’s clues for my return is that you will be in a
culture in a society of offense in Luke 17 not Matthew 24 Jesus brings up
this issue of offense he calls his disciples and he says to the disciples
let’s look at it he says to the disciples he’s talking to the disciples any
disciples of Jesus okay about four of you good to see you
and look what he says to the disciples he says it is impossible it is
impossible that got my attention because you know when the God of the impossible
is saying something is impossible you better pay close attention what is
impossible Jesus to heal the sick to raise the dead
he’s like oh that’s easy now here’s what’s impossible that no offenses
should come in other words Jesus is saying I guarantee you offenses are gonna come
in your life it is a part of being a breathing human offenses are gonna come he
promises you that offenses are coming he promises you your spouse is going to get on
your last nerve he promises you somebody is going to send you the wrong text message he
promises you somebody’s gonna see you at Walmart about to pull in a parking spot
with your signal on and they gonna squeeze in there and that he promises
you offenses are gonna come he later says in the text
now don’t let the offenses come through you you don’t be out there just causing
offenses he says if you do that it would be better for you to put a
millstone around your neck and jump in the bottom of the sea a millstone was a
stone about the size of a washing machine he said now you don’t be the one
doing offenses he said but offenses oh they’re gonna come it is impossible for
them not to come but I’m noticing in the text he did not say that it is
impossible for you to not get offended because offenses and offended are two
separate and distinct things oh can I teach in here a little bit today there’s
a difference between offense and offended offense is what happened
offended is a reaction offense says you did it offended says I’ll never forgive
him offense Pastor Steven says is an event
offended is a decision and the power of what Jesus is saying in this text is
that offenses oh those are inevitable but offended now that’s optional so if
offenses are inevitable but offended is optional that means it
is possible and plausable for you to live your life unoffended Jesus says I’ve
got a power and a grace that not many believers tap into but it is possible
for you to live your life unoffended so the question I’ve been waiting all
week to ask you at every location I’m gonna drink some water before I ask y’all
hold on one second you ready this is the question I’ve been waiting to ask you
what is your current level of offendability I know offendability is not in the dictionary but you know what I mean how
much does it take for you to get offended and the only reason I’m asking you
is because in my own life in my own life as I was seeking God he spoke to me so
clearly and said Robert your level of offendability is too high he said I got
big things in store for you massive things in store for you things that your
eyes have not seen and your ears have not heard neither has it entered into
the heart of man the big things I’ve already prepared for you but he said
you’ll never be able to handle the big thing as long as it keeps taking the
smallest thing for you to get offended he said to me that your level of offendability is actually an indicator of the level of your spiritual maturity so what
God will often do is put your miracle on the other side of an offense so that you
will be faced with a decision to stay small where you are or to grow up and
get over it oh I’m preaching in here today I might
not get a lot of Amen’s but this is for somebody what do we do with our
offenses and when God spoke that to me I didn’t shout I didn’t clap I didn’t do
the Holy Ghost two-step I got offended I said God what do you mean my current
level of offendability is too high I don’t get offended easily oh I was so
mad I didn’t talk to Jesus for like two weeks
no I’m for real cuz you do know that God knows how to offend you
oh come on can’t nobody offend you like Jesus Jesus knows how to offend you he
can’t help but offend you it’s who he is come on he is the way the truth oh there it is the
truth and the light and the truth by nature it offends sometimes Jesus will
tick you off with the truth before that truth can transform you
he will offend you I’m telling Jesus is like spandex toddlers and drunk people
he gonna give you the truth whether you like it or not somebody get that
tomorrow I’m telling you Jesus He offends every relationship you have every
relationship you have runs the risk of offense
come on relationship is the context of offense you don’t get offended in
isolation come on you don’t look in the mirror and talk about I can’t stand what you
did to me at least not all of us come on it’s in the context of relationship I
submit to you that if Jesus has never offended you you might not have
relationship with Jesus at all he will offend you so all I’m saying is
that sometimes Jesus is offending you and sometimes people are offending you
and sometimes it’s both at the same time and that is exactly what is happening in
our text today in the Gospel of Matthew chapter 15 the Bible says a Canaanite
woman who a Canaanite woman she is a pagan to the Israelites a Canaanite
woman this is years of strife years of offense years of arguing between the
Canaanites and the Israelites do you know how much courage it took for that
woman to roll up on this Jewish man named Jesus and his Jewish homeboys
after the years of offense between the Canaanites and the Israelites do you know
how much courage it took for her to walk up to him that day come on have you ever
had to walk into a room that you knew the people in the room hated you but you
had to walk in anyway cuz your check was in there whatever I mean you know how much courage it took
for this woman to walk into this room what would make a Canaanite woman walk
into a room in an atmosphere with a Jewish Messiah and his disciples I’ll
tell you what made her do it the devil was messing with her daughter and come
on when the devil is messing with your child
oh come on where the parents at when the devil is messing with your child oh
stuff will come out of you that you didn’t even know was there when the
devil is messing with your child oh you’ll find a prayer room you’re like
don’t play that music come on put on some Elevation hallelujah you get castor oil and
just start throwing it all over the room oh come on I didn’t know this till I had kids
myself my wife and I I did not know this that it’s one thing for the devil to
mess with your job it’s one thing for him to mess with your Honda Accord it’s
a whole nother thing when he starts messing with your child come on have you
noticed other people can say the same thing about your child that if you said
but they say it it’s a problem come on you know your child will make you call into
work late and say I’m gonna be late today walk right into the teacher’s
classroom and say what did you say about my child on this note
no no he’s creative you can’t teach that’s the real problem don’t mess with
people’s children I’m telling you oh your child will make
your low kick an eighth grader on the playground say I wish you would bully
my kid again so this woman she walked right into that room she said I don’t care if you’re
rolling your eyes Peter suck your teeth all you want Judas I don’t care I don’t
care I don’t care what y’all think about me this is serious I’m tired of the
devil tormenting my baby girl I’m tired of being up all night with her I’m tired
of this and I heard that this Jesus has the power to heal the sick and to raise the dead I heard that demons tremble at just the mention of His matchless name so Jesus if you’re still in the demon casting out business please I feel like preaching now have mercy on me I don’t care what y’all think about me this is my
baby girl she said Lord please son of David she’s a pagan talking about son of David oh I’m
telling ya there’s some trouble that’ll hit your life that’ll make you say whoa father God
Jehovah Jireh all your names I need you please help my baby girl she cries out
to him and Jesus hears her he hears her loud and clear but after she cries out
son of David have mercy Jesus pulls out his phone just goes hmm Lord son of David have mercy my baby
girl Jesus oh you don’t believe it it’s in the
text verse 23 Jesus did not answer a word he didn’t say and she pours out her
heart and he completely ignores her have you ever had to deal with the offense of
being ignored the offense of being ignored where did
that come from I’m so glad you brought that out there because this is how life
works an offense is actually a stumbling block its a stumbling block you’re just going
through your life and all of a sudden just out of the blue you got an offense
have you ever had to deal with the offense of being ignored where you cried
out to Jesus he didn’t say yes he didn’t say no he didn’t say maybe nothing at
all oh the pain of the offense of being
ignored is so frustrating I can relate I can relate to this woman because I have a
father a Nigerian father and I remember being a kid and I would ask my
dad like in my teens and I would ask my Nigerian
father I’d be like sixteen and I asked him a simple question I can see it like
it was yesterday he’d be at the kitchen table reading the
paper a simple question like dad I’m 16 I’m grown and there’s a party going on
this Friday at a house you don’t know with people you don’t know and I’m gonna
be back probably about 2:00 a.m. is it cool for me to go to this party and my
Nigerian father would put down the paper and look at me after I asked the
question and he will not say anything but just give me a look that you have
lost your mind and not say a word and then just go right
back to reading the paper and it would make me so mad cause he just ignored me oh the offense
of being ignored I think being ignored is worse than
being rejected because when I’m rejected at least I know where we stand
you don’t like me cool thank you next it’s fine I know you don’t like me but
when you ignore me and you don’t say anything when I send you a text message
and you don’t respond at all to the text and you one of the crazy ones that got the
notification where it says read you let me know you saw it didn’t say anything ever dealt with the
offense of being ignored wonder God do you see me do other
people see me I think about David who wasn’t even invited to the party when
they were looking for a king he was completely ignored the offense of being
ignored is so pervasive in our culture today because we live in a society where
everybody has this incessant need to be noticed have you noticed like don’t you
see me and it can be difficult to deal with the offense of being ignored he
said not a word if that was me oh and I came to Jesus and said my baby girl is
being demon-possessed and he ignored me oh that’s it
I’m over it I’m over oh that’s cool oh no that’s cool I see you didn’t ignore
blind Bartimaeus you didn’t ignore the one with the issue of blood yeah they posted
all they’re miracles but you ain’t got time for me no it’s fine
no it’s cool you a good good father yeah right you’re a jerk I’m over it
not this woman she kept asking please please please you know how crazy you
look to be persistent when he didn’t even say anything but I’m telling you
sometimes there’s power in your persistence I don’t know who this is for
but you gave up too soon don’t stop keep pushing keep pressing she said please I ain’t leaving please she was
persistent and she didn’t get a response out of Jesus but
she got a response out of his disciples this woman kept going to the disciples get
annoyed they’re like oh this girl Felicia is not gonna leave obviously don’t worry
Jesus we got you Jesus I want you to see what the disciples say they say Jesus
here’s what you should do send her away for she keeps crying out after us somebody caught it send her away she
keeps crying out after us really disciples where in the text did she cry
out after you you can’t do anything didn’t nobody say your name they
don’t want you see this is the problem with some people that hang around Jesus
sometimes they get it twisted you think people want you no I want Jesus he’s
the only one that’s got the power to change the situation
matter of fact if you move out the way I can to him the disciples represent the offense of
the institution the church disciples clearly demonstrate for us that
sometimes the greatest offenses we occur are not necessarily from Jesus but from
the people who bear his name people who represent him have you ever dealt with
an offense in the church the disciples come on the disciple you’re the very
ones who were rejects and outcasts then Jesus reached out to you and now you’re
rejecting people because you’ve been around Jesus a while and your Instagram
followers are blowing up now you think what do you do with the offense when
you’ve been hurt by the institution of the church or people in the church and
you’d be shocked at the people who are not in any of the locations today and
some of the people who are in them who are still wrestling with the heart of
the offense that came from somebody who beared
his name and if I could just speak to you just for a moment can I tell you
this I’m not saying what they did was right I’m not saying what they did was
okay but can I tell you this never project the nature of man onto the
character of God never project the nature of man onto the
character of God just because they forsook you
he’s not gonna forsake you just because they were wrong it doesn’t mean God is
wrong can I also say that God has this uncanny way of also using the church to
heal your church hurt so don’t leave stay planted and this woman she didn’t
leave she said I’m gonna stay and because she stayed God spoke I don’t
know who that’s for today but God told me to tell you if you’ll stay he’ll
speak don’t walk away if you stay he will
speak but you might not like what he says look at what he says to her he says
I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel let me translate it for you girl
I ain’t here for you you are an outsider I am here first for the children of
Israel I’m on a mission I’m on an assignment this is the offense of
insignificance can you imagine how she felt he said I am not here for you
you’re not my focus right now my focus is actually on the lost sheep of Israel
the offense of insignificance and let me teach you just for a moment y’all good
because offenses are like lenses okay anytime you have an offense with
somebody it’s like a lens would you come up here what’s your name Lito
would you take off your glasses real quick see let’s say I got into it with Lito I like you bro we had an offense we had a
falling-out the moment the offense occurs put them back on lenses
offenses are lenses I see it a certain way you see it a certain way you
always see the offense from your vantage point that’s why when you tell the story
they’re always the villain and you’re the victim can you believe they did that that’s why I
always ask did they really say that or is that how you see it because if we
just traded glasses offenses are lenses and if I put my goodness
Lito is blind no wonder you saw it like that that’s your issue and he’s got mine on talking about man how is he even reading the time clock no
wonder he going over back cuz offenses are lenses so when offense comes you
gotta say Lord help me to see this the right way or even better get somebody
else in the situation that don’t got glasses say both of y’all blind both of y’all jacked up let me tell you what’s going on
offenses are lenses so watch this from her vantage point I’m here only for the lost
sheep of Israel I’m insignificant but from Jesus vantage point it is not
insignificance it is precedence I’m not saying you’re insignificant but I’m
saying the children of Israel take precedence and just because they take
precedence doesn’t mean you’re insignificant okay I
lost some of you this is the equivalent of you spraining your ankle and going to
the hospital for them to see about your ankle and as they’re rolling you in to
take care of your ankle all of a sudden a gunshot wound victim comes in the room
so they put you to the side throw you a bag of ice and they bring the gunshot victim wound in and they start treating him how crazy
would you look oh really oh you just don’t take care of him oh no
it’s cool I guess I’m insignificant no take your
ice I’m good nah this hospital don’t love people I’m fine no booboo we’re not saying
you’re insignificant it’s just that this victim takes precedence but in a culture
where everybody is a narcissist and focuses on you you’ll look at insignificance and go man I guess he doesn’t care about me at all if that was
me if that was most of us these three would have already made us be over it and
be gone how many people do you know who felt like they’ve been ignored by God and
people and the church has hurt them and they’ve been made to feel insignificant
so they walk away but not this woman oh this woman
watch this she gets down on her knees she changes her posture she says Jesus
please Lord please help me she said no I know it’s a lot of offenses but I’m not
gonna walk away I’m just gonna worship you come on you know you are on the edge
of your breakthrough when you could have walked away you had every reason to quit
to walk away and throw in the towel but instead you said no I’m gonna worship
you I’m gonna give you glory and honor I don’t understand this I don’t know why this is happening but I
know that you’re still worthy you still deserve my worship please please please she just worshipped him
oh they said it in the testimony video she said I started to seek the healer
more than the healing she just worshipped she didn’t walk away and I
would have thought that the worship would have got God’s attention but Jesus
turns up the heat even more brings the hardest offense he looks at her and says
you’re worshiping but uh you know it’s not right to take the children’s bread
and toss it to the dogs Jesus the compassionate Savior the loving Father
full of grace calls this woman a dog now there are some cultural differences that
we don’t understand and because in that culture if you were outside of the
covenant with Abraham you were an outsider you were a dog dogs were
outside it was very common for Jews to call Gentiles dogs Jesus was just
keeping with the culture called her a dog but if you study this text one of
the things you’ll find is that he doesn’t use the common Greek word for
dog which was a wild dog that’s what they called him
he uses pet dog pet dog and if you study this you’ll see all these commentators
and scholars defending Jesus like now hold up now hold on now he did call her a
dog but it was a pet dog okay not a wild dog he used a different term it was a
pet and they’re defending Jesus and I’m reading it going ah either way you look
at it it’s bad pet dog wild dog he called her a dog
this is the offense of being insulted have you ever felt like be honest your situation
was insulting how can you help others people’s children and your child is on
drugs how can you help so many other marriages your marriage is falling
apart have you ever felt insulted he called
her a yes a pet dog but it’s still a dog oh if that was me let’s be honest if
that was most of us we’ve been ignored rejected made to feel insignificant
insulted oh I’m over it and I think this woman for a moment was over it I tried
everything I knew he keeps bringing offense after offense
and to add it all you call me a dog whatever Jesus I’m over it but I think
somewhere it hit her she went wait a minute you called me a dog but you called me a pet dog all the other Jewish people say wild
dog you said pet dog wait a minute there is a difference between a wild dog and a
pet dog a wild dog doesn’t have a place a pet dog has a place a pet dog can find
shelter a pet dog can be protected when it’s raining when it’s cold outside you
you call me a pet dog wait a minute wait a minute wild dogs have to scrap
for food and go through trash cans and get whatever bones and leftovers they
find on the street but not a pet dog pet dogs get to eat whatever their
master is eating oh if the master’s eating steak the pet dog is eating steak if the
master’s eating lobster the pet dog is eating lobster oh wait a minute maybe it
has nothing to do with the dog but just showing me that life is predicated upon
who your master is so guess what Jesus I don’t care if you call me a dog a cow or a cat I’m not walking away just because of
these offenses these aren’t even stumbling blocks these are actually stepping stones so I’m going to get over it I’m over being ignored I’m over the church hurt I’m over being made to feel insignificant I’m over being insulted was not our Savior insulted as he hung on a cross and yet he said Father forgive them for they know not what they do I got to get over it oh somebody ought to give God the best praise that you got get over it and at that moment at that moment then the miracle came at that moment which moment the moment
you get over it before I came in the service today I told them they said when
do we bring the miracle out I said bring out the miracle the moment I get over
that last offense but the miracle was back there the whole time I came to tell
somebody today God’s got your miracle you just gotta take a step get over it get over it please hear my heart today I know we
use get over it casually to dismiss and say that the offense wasn’t a big
deal I’m telling you it could have been a big deal I’m not saying they’re right
I’m just saying you have a decision you can stay stuck where you are you can
say I want my miracle more than any offense that
comes my way offense is an event offended is a decision and God wants to
give somebody the grace today to get over it she would have never gotten her
miracle if she walked away at any one of those offenses no wonder Jesus looks at
her and says woman you have great faith she is one of the only two people in the
entire New Testament that Jesus commended their faith why does she have
great faith she said I’m not gonna let any offense stop me I want
the grace to get over it thank you for watching the Elevation Church
YouTube channel but don’t stop here join the eFam our online extended family and join
us live every Sunday subscribe to this channel so you don’t miss a single video
or live stream and share this with a friend you can also support the ministry
by clicking the give now button to help us continue to reach people around the
world for Jesus Christ thank you again for watching God bless you


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