Ghost Net Art: Globally Connected – Plastics in the Marine Environment

Ghost Net Art: Globally Connected - Plastics in the Marine Environment

don't mahi bug the wrong pair come on ruff playfully Kelly she can make a pill game here take it about rod dancing fleet guys net sculptures like Donna and Gorham and this beautiful Gus net turtle here remind us that the ocean is in some ways a very small place the actions of people in dumping plastic into the ocean can have an impact thousands of kilometers away sometimes even in remote places like Dali island interest rate essentially a piece of plastic if you throw it in the ocean can end up anywhere if you go to the beach here in Sydney for instance and you throw a little piece of plastics in the ocean then it can actually travel very very far ride into the South Pacific Ocean so for 30 years oceanographers have been throwing buoys in the ocean tact with satellite receivers and phones so what we've been doing me and my colleagues here at Eunice W we've used the trajectories of those to map out how how plastic moves around in the ocean and that's what we've used to make this website adrift the dork today you where you can click on any point in the ocean and really see where your garbage will take you in the next 10 years Torres Strait and the Arafura sea are very interesting piece of the ocean so they are just south of the Indonesian archipelago and the Indonesian archipelago hosts one of the strongest currents in the world is called the Indonesian through flow and it's a massive amount of water flowing from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean so if you were to drop a rubber ducky or a ghost net somewhere and rf-4c somewhere between Indonesia and Australia chances are actually larges that it would just flush out into the Indian Ocean some of it however does end up in the Torres Strait and it in the Gulf of Carpentaria it's probably really there's the tip of the iceberg the tip of the ghost network if you want that end up on a beach somewhere ghost nets are very different from your typical blastic bottle or your typical plastic bag ghost nets are made to be resilient we don't really have a good understanding of how long a plastic bottle will stay in the ocean would we have even less understanding of how long a piece of ghostnet would stay in the ocean we think it's easily hundreds to thousands of years all oceans are connected if you are a piece of plastics or a particle of water you just flow around the oceans as if there were no barriers between them sure there's different currents in the different oceans but particularly the Pacific and the Indian Ocean are very much connected through this indonesian through flow you

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