Ghost Writer – Market Weighton Community Players

Ghost Writer - Market Weighton Community Players

what do you work hate and one you might even like I wouldn't even think about other women don't worry leave that to me what's that supposed to mean well that little chap I wanted look probably watch sounds hit me I'm gonna show me you look I figured you need some female company that solved tell me your weapons I have oh I like snow not just friend of mine Zoe and then Splenda you know look before he stays no pushes it you say no oh she's a great girl and no good-looking girl a great time together I'm gonna shoot you Alex hey now come on this is a comedy ghost story and it takes place a year after the death of Edwards wife Alex his friend that we've just heard he's trying to get Edward to have a new girlfriend and Edward is not having any of it basically so that's the bit we've just witnessed after this Ruby his dead ex-wife comes back and haunts him and says she didn't actually die she didn't actually commit suicide she was murdered and she wants him Edward to then set of a little scene where they collect all the people who were together on the night of her death because one of them murdered her they poisoned her drink so that's where we leave it so they set up a scene Edward invites the actors from the night Ruby's always in the background the funny thing being that nobody can see her or hear apart from Edward he has little asides to her the others often think he's speaking to them so we ruffles a few feathers by some of the things that he says to them but actually it's not to them at all it's to Ruby and she basically stirs up lots of trouble you need a girlfriend too busy do be more oh he started rising again no you need to write a writer needs to write hey why why don't you knock off a quick comedy for otherwise something just get the old juices going again Act one the dead body of a right allows next to a smoking revolver yeah as a sort of I'll see what I can do good man

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