GOOD WRITERS let you choose who the bad guys are – EXCELLENCE #2 conversation

GOOD WRITERS let you choose who the bad guys are - EXCELLENCE #2 conversation

how you doing everybody it's the Jersey Devil and today I wanted to talk about why people this is excellence number two I've already done a video about it reviewing it it's a series that I'm very much enjoying by Brandon Thomas and Kerri Randolph it's on image but I'm not gonna really talk about like this the much about like this book specifically like this issue like this isn't going to be a review I want to talk about like some of the ideas behind the book and how there may potentially be some politics hidden behind the book I want to talk about these guys the overseers which I didn't even realize that and realize how pointed that word was I I did my own review of this and then I watched just some guys review of this and just some guy is a great youtuber he's probably one of the best comic review youtubers if by some miscarriage of space/time you haven't watched any of his videos and you're watching this one stop watching this and go watch just some guys videos about it he's got way more subs than me he's a great youtuber he's in my featured channels on my page so you can just click that link and go watch his video about this and then come back and watch this just some guy he is a black man and yellow guy I made you this this is a beverage it's usually some sort of water-based concoction this is coffee it's iced we call it cold brew coffee that I've made and it's got some cream in it a little bit sugar it's good it's got ice because the ice is important because you know I know that you're probably you're used to having a cold throat because clearly you like smoked liquid nitrogen and then get punched in the throat which is why your voice ends up sounding so fractured but I think that what you should do instead of inhaling liquid nitrogen is just drink a cold beverage there's any kind of cold beverage man so yeah you can you can come claim this this this cold brew coffee that I have made for you I'm gonna take a sip out of it though okay yeah so there's that bit it's not the same bit that Zac did shut up I want to hear you I want to hear it it's different it was a different bit damn it so just some guys video about this he had a very specific take on you know the the white overseers which again that's I can't believe I didn't realize that like there's a there's the I there's a lot of there's a lot of comparisons here now that I now that I notice that and you know you start to see little things you start to see that there is some politics of like slavery in this specifically because these white overseers are these assumedly malevolent beings who can Lord these seemingly all black people's power over them they can take it away at will that does sound a lot like slavery honestly like that's a now that I now that I'm starting to look at it from that perspective it becomes more obvious like we are using your power and we're letting you have you know food we're letting you reproduce we're letting you XYZ we're giving you a good life don't step out of line though because we can take it all away I definitely get that now I'm starting to see that there's a lot more a lot more politics behind this however where I'm gonna disagree with just some guy is that I don't think that this is just a sjw in fact I actually don't think it's a sh to W at all because decrying racism in a book that doesn't mention racism at all and just kind of parallels it makes like a very very good maybe not parallel maybe like a perpendicular line to it but it you can absolutely see it there but this book is not about slavery and it's not it's not about you know literally talking about slavery in the context of the the human world in that respect I don't think it's social justice I think social justice you kind of have to be going further you have to be saying like oh we're still mistreated in America today like a lot of social justice books don't they don't create this they don't create an alternate setting where everything's different and it's magical and fantastical and wonderful they're like social justice people are really only capable of taking what they think is a snapshot of the world even though it's really just delusions in their own head and that's kind of what leads me to believe that this book yeah there's there's definite there's ties to be made to white overseers in slavery however I think that there's like he just left it at any case in any case Brandon Thomas is a good writer because again a good writer allows you to choose who the bad guy is a good writer doesn't just paste a demographic a good writer isn't gonna say this overseer is the fat kid who used to pick on you in third grade the a good writer doesn't say this overseer is the Ku Klux Klan and oh and a good writer doesn't say this is a Twitter psychopath who wants to say everything you think is racist and homophobic and wants to take your entire livelihood away a good writer wrote a character who's bad and you can draw parables there and you can see who you want in that character now obviously he's a white cloaked man with a hood that often ends up looking pointy they're called the overseers and they're you know very sadistic it would appear they they like or it looks to me like they like the the torturing that they're doing when they have to discipline someone it's the dialogue led me to believe that they enjoyed it but then again this this writing is just so goddamn good it leads me to think that this is meant it's it's literally meant so that the social justice crowd will read it and be like this is one of our books and people like like me who are not looking for social justice in it they're looking for a good story we'll read it and say this is my book and then people who people who are like completely anti social justice to the degree where they have anti social justice YouTube channels and everything they could read this book and maybe they might they might look at this and they might say like oh clear white overseer this is clearly friggin just some some social justice but I don't know how I don't see like I'm pretty anti social justice and I don't see how you could immediately just construe this as blatantly being like Brandon Thomas hating white people I don't think that is it at all I do think that the colors were chosen to make ripples to make waves if you will and I mean like you can't blame him that's if I were making a comic as a black man I'm not a black man as you can tell if I were a black man and I were making a comic that had anything to do with race I get the feeling I would add you know something like this that would allow for those 12 angry Twitter Psychopaths to just kind of be like okay he hates white people let's just not let's not bother him but I I just think that I can I'm I feel like I'm just making the same point that just some guy was making in that yeah there's there's probably some social just no no here this thing that's where I differ I feel like talking about slavery even though this is supposed to be modern-day you know I think the aigis is supposed to exist in modern day he's not we're at least so far he has not gone out into the greater society of this world and said yeah look everything is still racist everything's still white overseers lording over exploited black people like that hasn't that hasn't happened what we do have is a very special set of circumstances where you have magical people and it it appears that these overseers aren't even real like they don't I don't know correct me if I'm wrong but it just doesn't look like they're actually physically embodied I almost feel like you could if this guy like powered down all of his spells you'd find he's he's a black guy but I can only say that because this writer is not a social justice writer because he did not go out and say this is a white person these are exploited black people what he what he did say is this is an overseer a disciplinary figure in the magic community and these two are magical users and he is punishing them now he's doing it in a way that makes you dislike him but stems the breaks like and you even get Spencer and on the last pages like he's rebelling against this guy so okay cool but it's not social justice because this I feel like if it were social justice it would just be way more like okay maybe there we go this looks like I can't I can't tell like they they made this obscure so that you can't really tell what this means only those deserving but does this mean that only those three black dudes were the ones who were deserving or does this mean that they're going to expand this universe and we're gonna find out that white people have had magic and are just giving it to select black families that could be a thing and that would be a little bit uh would be kind of social justice but for now it just appears that most magic users are black it appears that these overseers they've not been revealed or addressed as distinctly white-skinned characters they are white in color but they're also obviously being like magically enhanced or they're magically shrouded or something so I just get the feeling that I get the feeling until Brandon Thomas really sells at home that this is about white overseers maintaining black slave like figures I'd which I don't think is going to happen I don't think he's actually going to come out and do that I think he likes the fact that people are liking this book and I think that he realizes that what he's done is effectively it's the the very essence of good writing it's allowing the person who's reading to draw whatever frigging parallels they want I really like this book I really like this story just some guy if you're watching man I'm telling you it's just waiting for you nice cold brew coffee doesn't look refreshing doesn't that look like better than smoking liquid nitrogen okay well that's all I had to say for now I'm actually looking forward to you boys axe take on this book too but I think you know for kind of obvious reasons I I was compelled to make this video by just some guys so one more time if you don't know just some guy why the hell are you here go watch his videos but if you do let me know what you thought about his take versus my take are they the same take do you think I'm right do you think I'm wrong I don't know leave a comment but yeah I'm the Jersey Devil I review comics if you like this video subscribe like the video leave a comment and I'll have some new comic book reviews up probably tomorrow probably tomorrow

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    we don't even know if these guys are actually white, they are enveloped by light, heck, they may be made of light

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