Gospel Musician who joined Illuminati for fame and money

Gospel Musician who joined Illuminati for fame and money

the quest for money fame and other audio in levels forced this young man representing Illuminati a facebook friend he was connected and introduced to the warship he was forced to pay an amount of money for it all didn't work what as he narrates his children who are you why you who are you who I you want to know me otaku you are I'm the king I'm the commander commander of the of the loads mission you another hard know where to go hopper no woman Wahby way from you gun Uganda yes okay this is Kenya ah what are you doing here I come to see you me yes what you want I want you you want to me yes so do what with me I want you to do what a man of devil yes what do you want with the man of God I want what is your mission touch check on the killer keep me I'm an amateur Lenny up Sukhumi see Barco how men are you take this talented water who will destroy you squamous agroco vapor call you a power wait about yes from Uganda how men are you what do you want to see me what do you want with me from therefore yes who's mr. Boies you devil I out one two three how are you what's her name Andre Harrell around roy way from Uganda Uganda what is the problem dedicated to the devil you are dedicated to the devil by who I am friend of mine how did you connect it to the devil I connected to attend via Facebook through facebook yeah I want to hear that story of Facebook what happened to you you are from Uganda Uganda which place in Uganda compared achieving comparison you travel from Kampala to Kenya yeah you want to disconnect be disconnected from the devil yeah what happened what who connected you to the devil a friend of mine connected me with the devil he told me to pay 1 million Ugandan shillings you pay 1 million you got the shillings yeah to the Facebook yeah to the devil agent where is the devil agent there's one in Nigeria and South Africa South Africa yeah you said money yeah I sent the money and they said they're going to give me a million dollars and they thought they would give a million dollar yeah and I am going to be famous in the music and in everything now my friend you are from Uganda yes you get connected to devil worshiper yeah you paid 1 million 1 million you can and settings Ugandan shillings yes you are promised to get to keep be given what they told me they will give me a houses from Europe and plazas and 500 million dollars every week 500 500 million dollars here every week yes and I will be famous house in Europe yeah the house in America and every every year like five hundred million dollars every week now you travel from Uganda to Kenya yeah how do you feel now I feel great what what it what happened to your life after you comment you disk you collected yourself to that they told me after paying the 1 million Ugandan shillings I will become famous in the musical – and which music could you do i I am a ghost protest in Uganda gospel artists in Uganda yeah gospel artists in Uganda and you want to paid that money to become they told them they'll make me international do you know whom did you know he paid the money and now ISM is well known who introduced you to that I don't know where did you get knowledge that you go to subtle and get power to be famous in Christianity is that little gospel or I I was doing my real gospel because I grew up and doing my music and music financially I was not that stable to certain music videos Saudis people promised to give me all the money and suit all my videos and audios for free where did you get this knowledge of doing getting that knowledge who introduced you the first person to the music no to these people that they can give you power where did you get the idea we were just talking to a friend of mine via Facebook he's also a musician now is a businessman he told you that he can take you somewhere yeah then he's the one who gives you the number to call yeah he gave me the number for whatsapp and we talked and then from that time what happened from that time had they told me to start using some signs and ever will get will some sense like this and some dish always up eyes you block one eye yeah when you are singing I like anywhere you go you do that you do one site why are you do this and you do some signs like this and you do another one like this so this will press devil and he will when you do that you will pretty devil yeah none the devil come yeah did you try that yeah I tried then later on after paying the money they were going to dead catch me to the devil and they told me I have a power that is beyond it over the knowledge so therefore cannot accept me and devil just destroy my life I will remain poor and I cannot do any music and my music will be bad when you go to the devil devil said that you don't want you yeah why I don't know says that's my knowledge is beyond easy so it contains all one you don't want you yeah I can't wait from there you start doing worse from there I I had issues around and my car was taken away from me and every source of money that was coming to me has been stopped and I had no net access and I was going crazy like in the streets and all that say Jesus Jesus I love you I love you I don't want subtle I don't want to Saturn I want Jesus I want Jesus the Son of the Living God the Son everyone in the name of Jesus I disconnect this month from that the Devils collected come out Lucifer and whatever you call yourself come on disconnect yourself trap I break every bondage loose the body miss the body out out of this body in the name of Jesus I said this man free


  • kyalo kennedy says:

    Upus tupu!😂😂

  • samson moogi says:

    Lubish 🤣 the thunder that will strike you is pressing up in kisii ,,alogantiii

  • samuel chege says:

    Ata kama sijui, Stage management seems a nice payer
    Its all bcz we dont sink to the word, so we got nothing to preach, so we look fr anything to do to make people think we still have the fire, Tell u some… "we aint got it"

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