GPB Kids Writers Contest | "Adventures of Squirrel Lady and Nut Boy" by Matthew JuBeark – 2nd Grade

GPB Kids Writers Contest | "Adventures of Squirrel Lady and Nut Boy" by Matthew JuBeark - 2nd Grade

The Adventures of squirrel Lettie and nut boy pumpkins revenge by Matthews Jew Burke and the dark dark night of Crystal Cove sinister pumpkin sneaks into the museum of modern nuts he steals the golden acorn the town's most valuable treasure the first squirrel in town sign and bury it in a blizzard hundreds of years ago in memory of that harvesting squirrel the town did the acorn and gold sinister hempkins great-great-great grandfather Jack was also in the blizzard but he did not survive the town forgot all about him sinister pumpkin wanted revenge so he stole the town's precious treasure meanwhile flying around town on patrol squirrel lady sees strange lights coming from the resume she goes to investigate and finds glowing pumpkin seeds everywhere who could have done this she wondered she picks the seeds up she flies to nutboy street house where he are their tracking device for the golden acorn nut boy quickly recognizes the pumpkin seeds belong to sinister pumpkin a local bad guy squirrel lady flies off and nutboy paraglides with his tracking device they searched high and low finally landing at the abandoned barn on the other side of town sinister pumpkin is disguised as a scarecrow and an open field he stands still and hopes they see her so three crows come and pick at his poke your head and nothing to run away squirrel Eddie end up I see him running and dropping the two golden acorn with quick speed nut what picks off the Acorn then throws it to squirrel lady she catches it and zooms away landing at the zoom she places the golden acorn back in its spot sinister pumpkin valves to find another way to get revenge on Crystal Cove remember his great-great-grandfather the in

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