• Blundering Tusk says:

    Somei Satoh – Kisetsu

  • Michael James says:

    Joe Hisashi!?

  • Cassandra RN says:

    Nobuo Uematsu, One Winged Angel: shatteringly gorgeous, I wonder did he know he held so much beauty? May we all be liberated to rise above "traditional exquisite beauty"… and be stunningly gorgeous.

  • Casper Ablij says:

    traditional japanese (and chinese) music is better

  • barrack obama says:



  • Alphonsus Chua says:

    Joe hisaishi should be included….

  • titimilidbz says:

    Wrong guess. He completely obliterates them. The classic European composers are just human, Susumu Hirasawa is a god.

  • JeffGR4 says:

    You're right, I haven't listened to anything by Susumu Hirasawa, but I'll take a wild guess that your claim of his work decimating the classic European composers' works is baloney.

  • titimilidbz says:

    And I presume you haven't heard Susumu Hirasawa, who completely destroys all the Austrians, Russians, Czechs, Germans, French, Italians, Polish, Scandinavians, Hungarians, Spanish, Swiss…

  • Azat H says:

    This is "полная хуйня"

  • Takeo´s Channel says:

    where is joe hisaishi?.. i love his clannel concert.. its actually amazing piano

  • Clifton Joseph Warren says:

    Thank you for this additional education of Classical music appreciated and created by Japanese composers! i was well aware of Toru Takemitsu, but when you introduced Nobuo Ueamtsu at the begining of your video, I was aghast! Time to research, study, and collect again!

  • Ruben Gardiner says:

    some people might not classify him as true classical but listen to yoshiki hayashi (yes from the famous band X Japan) search for eternal melody yoshiki on youtube amazing composer.

  • Hermoor says:

    Best japanese composers and we get the soundtrack of a game at first place xD

  • kaimi18 says:

    i'm so glad to see a nobuo in this top 😀
    to the next dont forget yoko shimomura , joe higashi , yoko kano, kow otani, yasunori mitsuda.
    and yann tiersen… joke =P

  • Andri Sandi says:

    don't forget yoko kanno

  • Thphaca Senior says:

    @JeffGR4 Among my favorite composers are Rachmaninoff (Russian), Liszt (Hungarian), Debussy and Lourie (French), Williams (American), Albenez (Hispanic), and Holst (British). I know my previous comment was a pretty strong statement and I didn't mean to downplay other composers. Admittedly, my ears are much more diverse than they were 2 years ago and my opinion is slightly changed, but there are aspects of eastern harmony that compel me to still strongly appreciate it.

  • Didi Moreau says:

    One Winged Angel kicked my ass and left me scarred. I am ready for this abusive relationship. 😀

  • JeffGR4 says:

    @thphaca You've "never heard such amazing music" as that by the Japanese composers? Well, then I can only presume that you haven't yet heard the Austrians, Russians, Czechs, Germans, French, Italians, Polish, Scandinavians, Hungarians, Spanish, Swiss…

  • Susanna Basso says:

    THANKS!!!! I didn't know Rentaro Taki, he's great! I didn't know anything about classical music from Japan actually!

  • goshbeergosh says:

    hello, just asking, is part 2 up yet?

  • JiangxenPeter says:

    Thank you greatly for this compilation. As a former Oriental living in UK, it's really inspiring to listen to these composers. Please alert me when you upload more. I just find these styles fascinating!!

  • cnmaster01 says:

    If you can find his work Shigeaki Saegusa is great

  • zaprow says:

    Does anyone know exactly which recording of One Winged Angel and Aerith's theme this is?

  • phizzy says:

    Dont forget Ryuichi Sakamoto, and yoko shimomura..

  • CaptainBluebear08 says:

    thanks for this contribution. only takemitsu was familiar to me.

  • Clivejvaughan says:

    Very much appreciated; most of us know so little of these composers ! Do you have the complete works ?

  • Victor Schmitt says:

    1st song is one winged angel, 2nd song is aeriths theme, no freakin clue wat the 3rd song is, or the 4th song, and yep, i dont know any other composer on here, lol. Nobuo uematsu is the best!

  • TheSmoothCriminal says:

    This is so beautiful, thank you.

  • cjtmusic2 says:

    Years ago, on 60 minutes, I think , there was a wonderful story about an 18 year old young man who was a composer/piano prodigy. His Dad was a musician as well. But the son was severely handicapped and lived in his own special world until his Dad tried to teach him about music. After that, the son went on to write concert quality pieces and became somewhat famous in Japan. Anybody know the name of the young man?

  • Toninjinka says:

    Since you put Uematsu, you could add Joe Hisaishi too. Did I say "could" ? I mean you must ! =P

    Woah, I'm listening to the Rentaro Taki's part… O.O Great !!!

    And maybe you could add also Yoko Kanno, Yuki Kajiura and Michiru Oshima. Ask me if you want more details !

  • sunnyballet says:


  • Reuben Markham says:

    I agree! I should have put him on this video, but I think I will include him in Part 2.

    Thank you for your kind comment!

  • Reuben Markham says:

    Yeah, I probably agree with you there. I wasn't going to put him in the list, but I do agree that he is a great composer, and some of his music has really touched me. In any case, the list isn't finished yet. I will release more Japanese composers in future videos.

  • Malaika says:

    Lol, I can't believe you put Nobuo Uematsu in your list, I love his music (especially in all the Final Fantasy !), but It's strange to find him in the middle of all these classical composers, nice choice =)

  • Reuben Markham says:

    I totally agree with you! The Japanese composers are largely regected. I really love their music. I only decided to listen to music from japanese composers because I wanted to explore different musical talent, and I found a large treasure.

    Thank you for your kind comment!

  • Thphaca Senior says:

    My god. I've never heard such amazing music. This is why I always loved japanese composers. Their approach was more towards romanticism and they took daring choices in their compositions. Their depth is just amazing. They go beyond traditional european progressions. Don't get me wrong, I'm American myself, but most American composers can't go beyond basic harmony like these guys.

  • cosmi91ro says:

    very interesting:D thanks for sharing the information

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