• Arturo Lemar says:

    I'm sad. I look to my ancestors and they were really amazing, geniuses… I can say the same about other countries. Wtf has happened to us.

  • Luis Hernandez says:

    alleiniz to nebts

  • MrDrteddybear says:

    I love Spanish classical music with a deep strong passion. I'm only 16 and haven't had much time to invest in classical music yet, if you could recommend any less famous masterpieces. Nothing Chopin, I know all his pieces, and can play a number on the piano. Some of my favourites are Debussy, Tchaikovsky, and Isaac Albeniz. Anybody have any of their favourites they think I would like?

  • isedarah says:

    Thanks so much for doing this!

  • Jyoti Patel says:

    @padredemishijos12 I'll second this suggestion

  • Tahuan Tinsuyo says:

    I have a suggestion. The best of Venezuelan music. The best of Gustavo Dudamel, the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela, the Teresa Carreno Youth Orchestra, the Orquesta Infantil (Children's) de Caracas. Chech out the Shostakovich 10th and 12th Symphonies. Berlioz, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky.

  • Lê Hoàng says:

    where is part 2 please?
    this serie are exelent

  • Reuben Markham says:

    @hypwatcher It's La Alhambra.

  • Reynold Peer says:

    Amazing !!!

  • marvipole says:

    Wonderful !!!!

  • Reuben Markham says:

    Jajajaja, muchas gracias! Me alegro que te haya gustado!

  • seriglerom says:

    Que viva la musica española¡¡¡¡xDFantastico Reuben

  • Reuben Markham says:

    I'm Glad you like the video Daniel!
    I agree with you. Oriental by Granados is a really beautiful piece. I have the whole collection of Granados piano music. I will be uploading more of his pieces soon. I would like to discover more about British music. I only listen a bit of British music, some from Elgar, and a bit of Vaughan Williams. Can you suggest any other great British composers?

    Have a really nice day!

  • Reuben Markham says:

    I'm glad you enjoyed the video!

  • Reuben Markham says:

    I agree with you there. I chose the pieces that sounded more Spanish to me, but I have to point out that I think that the Spanish have their own style, just like the Russians have their own style. I prefer the Russian and Scandinavian music, but some of the Spanish music I really like. I mainly listen to Rachamaninov, Medtner, Sibelius, Grieg..but I hardly ever listen to Spanish classical music. But I think that it's important to listen to different styles.

    Have a nice Day!

  • Chiel says:

    It all sounds very similar, but that might just be because you selected "Spanish music" on purpose?

    It's all nice, but I'd rather listen to the Germans, Austrians and Russians if you don't mind! 🙂

  • TheClassicalFun says:

    Great presentation!

  • mouvoirpiece says:


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