Guess My Age: 3 Women’s Ages SHOCK the Studio Audience | Rachael Ray Show

Guess My Age: 3 Women’s Ages SHOCK the Studio Audience  | Rachael Ray Show

You don’t want to look your age, you want to look younger than your age. So today we have three women joining us and our crew says that they look 10, 20, or even 30 years younger than their actual age. So Linda, we asked the audience, our in studio audience today earlier to guess her age. Can you see, let’s see what the majority thinks her age is. (drum roll) (ding) 45; okay so let’s check out how old Linda really is. My name is Linda. I live in Dix Hill, New York. (drum beat) I’m 74. (audience applauding) When people find out that I’m 74 years old they’re usually surprised. Some of them disbelieve it and some of them think I’m joking. There is no age factor. You can do as much as you’re able to do. Body’s a machine, you got to use it or you lose it. I had no idea her real age. You look like a Bond girl. Like it is amazing. (audience applauding) This is, I would assume an example of how you’re eating. You are what you eat largely don’t you think? Definitely, that’s my pat statement. You are what you eat. Don’t eat processed food I think is such an important thing for people to learn. There are so many things to learn about food. The ingredients in the food, how and when to eat, how much to eat. People go on a diet, say gee I feel guilty if I eat anything. Don’t feel guilty. I believe in what you call the 90 10 rule. If 90% of the time I’m eating okay, so what’s the problem if 10% of the time I have a piece of cake, a piece of pie. Yeah. It doesn’t matter. (audience applauding) Okay so up next we have Rosanne. Hi Rosanne. Rachael, look she’s a little bit of a thing. So earlier everybody in our audience made a guess at her age. Amanda guessed the lowest. Hop up, what did you think her age was? I don’t think she’s any more than like 18. Okay so we’re going to reveal her actual age. (ding) 38. No way. No way, no way. Like you really do look super young. Are we going to go through her tips now? Yeah, so– So tell us some of your tips and tricks. Okay one of my big tips is I know you love olive oil. I do. You love olive oil and you know we eat it, we cook with it. You know you can also wash your face with olive oil. Yeah olive oil soap sure. Olive oil soap. So I swear by olive oil soap. Three ingredients guys: olive oil, water and salt and that’s it. Think about it, you’re spending 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 dollars on you know cleansers with all these ingredients that you don’t know about when you can get olive oil soap in the store for like four bucks. Okay what’s next. And I also not only do I take care of my outside but I take care of my inside too with smoothies. So I do have this magic youth pina colada smoothie. Pina colada sounds good. Are you allowed to put rum in it? Who doesn’t like pina colada. If it’s a horrible day we can go ahead. Think about all the health benefits in here. All the good fats in coconut milk. The potassium. The anti-inflammatory. Anti-inflammatory, get that from the pineapple yeah. From the pineapple (grinding) And if it’s a bad day, a shot of rum. I was going to say. I’ll take some rum. (audience applauding) Here you go cutie. Thank you Pila. Okay up next is Pat. We got to get over to Pat. Hey Pat. Hi how you doing? I’m doing great now. Pat let’s look at what the majority of our audience thought that Pat’s age is. (ding) 40; good solid number. Right in there. Let’s reveal her real age. (ding) Wow. (audience applauding) Oh man. So, again, what I liked about what we’re learning and hearing over and over again, it’s so important to take care of your skin. Yes and one of the most important things to me is actually keep your pores tight. And I found this great recipe for tightening your pores, refreshing your skin and I’m going to actually show you how to make it. Okay. And we’re going to put one part vinegar, two parts water. The reason why I use mint leaves is actually to diffuse the smell because you know vinegar smells a little, but what I do is I let it sit for seven days. So you can feel the tingling on your skin. Seals the pores.
So it’s like making your own skin care line right. Like your astringent. Yes, so seal it. And make sure that it’s in a glass jar because if you’re not, you know apple cider vinegar needs to be in a glass jar. Gotcha.
Okay. (audience applauding) And what’s the deal with this? So this. This is what seals the deal. This is what I call it. So when I go out on a date or I’m meeting somebody for the first time. When you dunk your face in ice water it makes you look like you just came off a ski slope or you just made love. And I’m telling you it feels really good when you do it especially if you’re tired. (laughing) Bob for them apples babies. (audience gasps) (audience applauding)


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