Guest Posting for Freelance Writers – #1 Guest Blogging Strategy

Guest Posting for Freelance Writers - #1 Guest Blogging Strategy

have you ever wondered how do I become a guest blogger or how do I start guest posting now chances are if you're asking these questions are checking out YouTube videos it's because you're trying to blow up your blog or launch your freelance writing business and I've done both thanks to guest posting and I want to share with you exactly in this video how to land guest post how one of them has paid me over $10,000 and got me tons of exposure and how you can do it as well let's go all right if you're new to the channel my name is Michael Leonard and I am the creator of inspire your success a blog podcast in YouTube that is committed to helping you build online businesses using the habits of successful entrepreneurs plus I am a full-time copywriter and this is what this video is all about on really blowing up a content writing business and figuring out how you as a new writer without any experience or having any publications that you're in can actually start to build a name for yourself and that's the thing is that a lot of people kind of feel intimidated at first or start to think man I'm not sure if I'm good enough or I can't write well enough or they're not gonna accept me into their publication or website and it's easy to get overwhelmed but that's the thing guys you just have to start so again I want to share with you exactly how to become a guest blogger for freelance writing and how it worked for me because like I mentioned I had this one client that has just changed everything so just to give you a quick backdrop I actually started in I think 2017 with them and here we are nearly two years later and they're still paying me on a weekly basis I've got read by millions of viewers and it is really just changed the outcome of my freelance writing career so again there is so much opportunity but you need to learn how to do it you need to learn kind of the best practices what you should be searching for and then again in this video I want to share with you how when you do land a guest posts that you actually write really quality content that will make them want to work with you so again let's dive in I'm gonna go behind the computer and show you exactly what I did some of my posts and how you can do it as well alright guys so going in to show you exactly how I landed my first guest posts and again it's been kind of cool to go back and pull all this stuff up because again I'm not gonna do share with you what you should do I'm gonna share with you what you should do plus exactly what I did I'm gonna show you my emails and some of the articles what I've been able to accomplish and really how much money some of them have made me so again if you're just getting started a freelance writer guest blogging guest posting whatever you want to call it is super important because again you're getting your name out there you're getting huge amounts of exposure and eventually it can lead to paying gigs so at the end of 2017 the beginning of 2018 is really when I went all in on freelance writing and before that I was blogging quite a bit and I was just kind of working on my own stuff but again I wanted to really make some serious money and I wanted to have consistent income and that is again one of the beauties of freelance writing so what I was writing about at the time was made mainly personal development and a personal finance so basically what I did was I went to the biggest sites that I was already reading and sites that I wanted to potentially write for and just found out if they were hiring or looking for guest posting and it's usually as simple as finding the domain name and then having a backslash and then write – for – us usually it's a write for us you can just type it in on Google and that's exactly what happened here with fearless motivation so they are no longer doing this because they've switched mainly the video but this is kind of what the page looked like right for fearless motivation and again I kind of thought what are you know three to five of the big sites that I would be okay with writing for free for at the beginning because I can just have huge exposure it can link back to my blog and again it can start to get my name out there so this was a big one for me and they have been a client now for a year and a half ever since I wrote that first guest post so again you just really never know where this guest post game can get you and this guest blog has paid me a lot of money and has given me tons of exposure but also just been a great client so that's really really cool to see but again I found what the requirements were all right so then I simply went on found found their instructions and here's the exact email that I sent as you can tell from November 28th 2017 so again they had requirements on their site what they require for a guest blog and I follow the instructions I wrote an article in michael dox and saved it as a word doc and then here's my email so I've created a guest post on the five impactful lessons from Tom bill you taps is my guest post author bio social media and picture because again you want to follow the instructions to the tea that's the biggest thing is I have guest posting on my blog and people will send me stuff that is nothing like the instructions that I have so that already shows that you're not really committed as a writer you're not reading the instructions and again it might not be the best fit so if they tell you to have a social media link if they tell you to have an author bio of 200 words or 500 words do exactly what they say and again you can basically just create one of these in a Google Doc and then copy and paste it for different guest blogs but again this is crucial because it can follow instructions that they want and they are going to be more likely to accept your guest post and then again if you get the guest post then you can get more recurring gigs so again please let me know if you need anything else thanks for considering and as your site has been incredibly helpful in my own life again if you have the site that you are trying to pitch forward you already read or use their stuff on social media or you just found it impactful let them know it likes giving people a compliment is never a bad idea and then again love all the great quotes videos and blog posts you have some simple it's not long and then I get my bio my social media everything like that so again this is not anything crazy guys this article I wrote probably took me 40 minutes at the most but again it was something I liked writing about I wanted to be featured on there and it got accepted so this is my first post here so it basically got accepted I think within two days it was live and then I had another post that I did a couple weeks later and then I think I did another one a couple weeks later but now you can see guys that I have six pages worth of content here on fearless motivation so I have a lot of work that has made it to this website and again this is a web again it's tons of traffic so it has been so cool to write this much for our website that I really love and it all started with a guess pose so the first few were unpaid all right so again it's important to understand the first you were unpaid but then after I think the third one I had pitched them and let them know hey I really enjoy writing for your site if you are accepting more posts and you'd like to hire me you know I would love to do that I had an availability and then from there we've been working together for a year and a half and again there is over six pages of different posts I think I've published over a hundred articles on here I'm their number one contributor and it's just been an awesome opportunity I've really got to connect with the owner of the site and really again help them build their brand and they felt build migrans so it's a win-win but then another cool thing just kind of a random spin-off that I think you really appreciate is that they really like my writing and they actually heard my podcast inspire your success and they said wow I really like your voice your message there you're obviously a very motivational person we'd love to get that content in our YouTube and now not only do I write for them but I also do voiceover work for their YouTube so this is their second channel for 95 to 99 percent and obviously you know who that guy is but this is crazy guys it says four hundred and thirty three thousand views and it has my name on here I got paid for it it didn't really take me a ton of time again it's something I love to do and it all started for a year and a half ago writing one single guest post so you just never really know what's gonna happen you might get hired to do ebooks for them you might work with them for email do social media all kinds of opportunities started from this one single guest post so again this is just something that I wanted to share with you to show you the potential and why you need to reach out to these big blogs really really get going when you first get started because it's a huge opportunity in the long run so alright so here's another one I did actually about a year not quite a year ago but about a year after first started because I was trying to want to help my backlink profile for my website and build my SEO but again also I love this site I love the owner I've got to meet him I went to his conference in San Diego really cool guy and the editor is someone I worked with for a previous project so again this is a really cool one it got a lot of shares online it's writing about stuff I love and again it helped me get more exposure and I can put that then on my writing website so kind of like fearless motivation in the beginning again I wanted to be featured on big motivational sites so I did the exact same thing that I did with fearless motivation on goal cast so I went on I pitched them a few guest posts I landed it and then here is like one they took the share count out unfortunately on these but I think this one had over like 10,000 shares on social media which is again really cool I saw it on my Facebook all over the internet it felt like and it's really really cool to see your work get read by that many people and again huge leverage to land more clients so this one also turned into a paying gig I probably did 20 or so posts for them and again it has been great exposure for myself and to help me make money as a freelance writer alright so now that you have kind of seen exactly what I was able to do and how it has benefited in more than just making a few bucks and getting some exposure but actually landing clients I want to share with you what I would do now so again let's assume you're in the personal finance niche and this works for any niche all you need to do is go to Google type in your niche so we'll go personal finance and then add the plus right for us Google will then go ahead and do its magic and find different people and websites and blogs that are looking for guest bloggers it's literally as simple as that so just to show you a few examples here it's phenomenal so we pay $100 per guest post here are the rules to follow here the accepted topic they say it's a win-win change and it can turn into a long-term arrangement so again guys I can't stress this enough but follow the instructions for the gas blog do not do your own thing and try and be too crafty and creative like they have a very specific feel and look for their website so they want that from their writers they want to see that you follow instructions and can do the work because again this 100-dollar post could lead to a lot of money down the line so here's a great example this one doesn't look like it's paid this one again asked for word count should be 500 or more provide a short bio add a link to your bio you know it's very clear what they want they have the email here so this one isn't paid but again I think it's a pretty decent sized website and again it can help your exposure so not all them are going to be paid some of them aren't most of them aren't in my opinion but again if you can get one to do that great but the goal is just to get your name out there and then from there once you've written a few free articles for them then they can decide if they want to pay you or not and you can figure out if that's a mutually beneficial relationship alright so here is like another one so let's say you're in the fitness niche again fitness nutrition very popular fitness plus right for us here we go here so this one twisted Fitness forty dollars per article no experience flexible workout calm right for us barbell pursuits riders wanted I mean the opportunities are out there guys that's why I think freelance writing is one of the best side hustles here 2019 and beyond and I really think that if you just get out there and pitch yourself you will find some great opportunities but again I want to stress that there's no need to be scared I have people comment sometimes on my youtube right in on my email list okay I'm nervous I'm scared I'm afraid of what's gonna happen there's nothing to be afraid of you either get a yes or you get a no and if you get a yes it can be a great opportunity and it can lead to a long term gig if it's a no you know what just move on to the next one as you can tell here there are tons of places that need Reiter's so don't dwell on it instead just make a pitch goal try and pitch ten or fifteen or twenty sites in the day and see what happens from there once you get gigs and you follow the instructions here is a quick article and I'll link to it down in the description but just to give you a few heads up again to make yourself stand out and to make yourself look like you've been doing this a long time and that you're a successful writer make sure to not skip these steps so first one like I mentioned already read the guidelines they want an image include an image they want to buy out include your bio stick to the guidelines number to let your expertise shine again I think this is really good give some character too you don't want to type like a robot you don't want to just you know basically replicate other articles out there figure out how you can make yours unique how you can let your character and your experience shine and again that will help you kind of craft your own identity as a writer and usually websites are gonna resonate more with that as opposed to someone that looks like it's just a robotic thing it's not something they enjoy and again if you're writing about what you like that it makes it a lot easier let's see let it flow I think this is good keep the reader engaged search engine friendly this is huge guys I talk about SEO a lot in my freelance writing course freelance to 5k and this is big because SEO is important and if you don't know what SEO is again study it type it in start learning it but in the search engine optimization which basically means the better content you write in the correct format that Google want the higher that it will index and search results which means those websites will get more traffic which will look good for you as a writer so again you want to make sure that you follow SEO as much as possible and I believe I have another video on that as well so I'll link to that I like this again focus have your first paragraph make the meta description things like that like all these little things add backlinks this is an easy one to do but a lot of people that I see don't do it so for example let's say I'm writing for fearless motivation back when I was I actually would find related articles within their blog and then link to them because that not only helps with SEO but it's just a better user experience because if I'm talking about how to stay motivated and there's another tip in there or another article that says how to stay motivated when you're working out I would then link to that in the text that I'm writing and basically they'd be able to click right over and again that helps the editors that's one thing they don't have to do and then it makes you look professional alright number seven include images another big one if you're just writing tons and tons of text especially how it's gonna look on the mobile if you don't have images it's got to look really chunky and if people aren't going to want to read it that mean so click out and it's not great for the bounce rate so you want to include images as much as you can there's all kinds of free websites out there pixabay pixels things like that find some free images that match your topic and include those as well proofread your work this is a big one I suck at this still I will be a hundred percent transparent with you guys but make sure you proofread as much as you can you only get one first impression you only get one first guest post so make sure that you don't have a bunch of spelling errors and things like that so proofread your work maybe have your significant other or a friend or someone else take a look at it as well especially if it's a client that really that you want to land for write with authority I think this is a good one as well and then always include a call to action so tell them to leave a comment or to follow follow them on social media join this Facebook group whatever their call to action is normally I can do a little bit of research and you will see that that is going to help you out and it's going to help the client out and again it's gonna help you stand out as a writer so hopefully that guest blogging kind of walkthrough makes a lot more sense now and you're able to figure out where you can land gigs and what the best spots alright well hopefully that was helpful and you really feel confident now when it comes to guest blogging and guest posting and really just getting yourself out there because like I said it's really about getting a name for yourself and controlling your brand online and getting featured in big publications because once you land those then you can put it on your freelance writing website millions of people could see you you know new clients could see you you're gonna motivate or you're gonna inspire or teach or whatever niche you're in you're gonna help people and that is a really cool thing and then from there again guest posting can directly lead to paid gig so again I don't want you to feel like you should write forever for free and do all these great works but and not get any money for it but again it's about how can you leverage that into paying clients and like I said if I've been able to do it I know you can as well so hopefully you found this super helpful if you can give it a like and subscribe and turn those notifications on so you don't miss more epic videos to teach you about creating an awesome freelance writing website and building an epic freelance writing business so again thank you for always watching and tuning in any comments please let me know down in the comment box below and as always I hope you have an epic day

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