Guitarist Reaction to – BLACKPINK DIARIES' EP.1 // [ENG SUB] // Musician Reacts

Guitarist Reaction to - BLACKPINK DIARIES' EP.1 // [ENG SUB] // Musician Reacts

fun fact I got two pretty good speakers here that I've like barely ever used that's not a brag I like I'm cheap ish so like I wanted to get some good speakers and I you know yeah I mean within the you know budget right I bought some but I was my other speakers had gone bad and I was so used to using headphones that when I got the new speakers I barely ever used them and it's always just headphones I don't regret buying them I'm just saying like when I bought them I didn't think that I would rarely ever use them such as life black/pink Diaries episode 1 I am very much enjoying the behind-the-scenes stuff I've been seeing with EXO and BTS and stuff so why not keep expanding take over take over to landscape black paint Diaries let's see what's up I think this I mean I guess probably the rest of the rule is caught on now with the backdrop thing but I think it's one of those things that caught me off-guard when I was first having video stuff going on in setting up backdrops which I don't do on the channel at all because I just I strobe lights like this setup wasn't for me what I was doing wasn't Lea worth it but like all these elaborate shots you see and all these really pretty things it's like no you're just being escorted through a door and there's like a poly vinyl drop and then in lights against it stay on the right spot it's not really what you think it is you know I mean maybe you don't I don't know wasn't what I thought it was little not sponsor video shot the Kia I have not no actually I did own a Kia van was an older van I was going to say over time it appears like they're manufacturing the cars have gotten a lot better cars and things I have a 2005 kia sedona really good price well it's pretty good pretty good you know I know that I had this like face and I don't know what to do about it because I don't want to like fake a thing I got I got a certain type of face right now [Laughter] table this all topicals up today let's just meet up take a game do you see me – don't tell me we're gonna shut up wait hold on was that today lets us neither okay people can take okay way too soupy don't tell me where's that Gouda cheese comes out that last part cat I'm bad with Korean Kent you know help I can get yo I'm the RL your uh pudding what's that last ending come somebody died you're a bum you know the bad pronunciation oh no I Street you're a bun you're a bun is that maybe that's just so much I'm sorry I don't like it Oh get back to the minute Thank You white noise it does oh dang it that's right Joe oh isn't that I like that and I love that wasn't so wrong with me love I love being so bad at languages and you are so pushy come here come here pushy cat hey pop can take home Tanya who don't walk too tightly controlling the lab animals protecting earth clean career empathy or little tiny stuff we're gonna turn the layer attic tough Howie [Laughter] hey horn dang it soon show is that like a variation into chinchou chinchou chinchou chinchou occasionally I look around and make sure everything's still working sometimes it doesn't you come o so demented over there hey all right let's go oh there's ginger can I see it da ginger no dodging ginger judgin chop these song [Laughter] well tour deities are reflecting to a diary Diaries because I can hear you remember when an example from one ever gets me back [Laughter] okay I used to sell lots and lots of guitars like what to me for one guy out of his own house a lot of guitars hundreds how many years I don't know – 200 maybe but of course I had to wrap them in lots of bubble wrap and I would lay the bubble wrap on the ground and step on it because it'd be big big bubbles seems related to the by the way the entire time we've been doing this the cat is right there as it has a just in right like right here six inches away from my for a second I was like 1 2 3 this 3 arms is not right [Laughter] okay so so far what it's like for me I don't know it's like for y'all I don't even know who's who's here or whatever but shows man the behind the scenes stuff like what it's like setting up for a show is usually it's just so time-consuming and it's not I swear it's like not even exciting I think the day of the show I mean you wake up kind of excited but like you you have to go and set up stuff and get soundcheck and everything and it's hours man hours of doing really nothing because all you're doing is making sure that you're there and that all the instruments and music is there so that way when everyone else is ready you can do that soundcheck thing you can do the stage placement you can do whatever but your job is just to make sure that if anyone needs you your present but you're really just sitting there and for me I'm trying like not to do anything to do but I'm trying like not to go pig out on food because I'm bored or drink lots of soda that I wouldn't drink or drink early alcohol because you're gonna be intoxicated on stage which science and this is okay but not like hours beforehand like maybe a beer like right before you start playing or as you go onstage but like yeah and so you just end up goofing off because you're so bored waiting for things to get started so it's like it's always fun to see how each different band is while they're waiting for things to happen actually that was case in point right there both just sitting there goofing off and it sounds like ready for you come on a fortnight is that yosik and Hana DOOL said Nate that's it that's it loco I see you we see you we keep cow on you out the more you act this way I'm gonna just show them that you're doing it okay yo this bag of milk right bag of milk I had most of my schools did not have that but there was like one year maybe a half over the year or the school that I was at was bags of milk I'm gonna be honest I didn't I I didn't ever get I didn't get into it I was not into the box the milk from the school that much because it junk was like not even cold and just kind of weird but the bag milk from the school runge back up on Iran hopefully eager means this ego ego see ja you can see you goo goo alright pause where I will Metapod is done I I like it I'm having fun with this back a behind the scenes stuff I kind of feel lazy because I I mean I know when people say react like they're just reacting but like you don't I feel like with a lot of music stuff I'm trying to describe things and I'm hearing musically and of course I don't have to do that with this and yeah I have I have I have performer a guilt that's one of the reasons why I work I think I work pretty hard but uh the reason why I do is because I just have I have performance guilt I'm always like if anybody's watching anything they deserve for it to be like really good but that I don't know how to really make this really good so I just do it cuz it's also like listen to the audience a little bit you know I'm saying like if the people will ask you for something don't be so selfish that you won't do it or try it so if people will take the time to watch you than I kind of I'm the one the school of thought that you're you ought to give them a chance which is definitely a certain type of school of thought I definitely know musicians and bands who say I don't know the audience nothing and they don't want to listen they don't want to listen I kinda see the CP arguments for both side but I think they for the type of artist who's willing to ignore the audience completely then you also have to be the type of art artist who's okay with being completely alone and isolated because maybe you just pissed everybody off and I don't want anything to do it what you're doing and I am NOT that guy That's not me I can't even get the cat to stay two feet away let alone tell you guys I don't want to do it and pretty much everything cool maybe not everything you know that's hyperbole but the majority of the super cool stuff that has happened around here is a direct result of others asking me things and me giving it a try so I will watch black/pink Diaries – I don't see a reason why not – and now we're going to Jin's solo from tonight Right Hon Ronny the reason why I stumbled the middle of wrong is I was trying to think of the word for right yes but not right Murr okay I'm just gonna point anything a wave and that'll be our special secret black/pink episode 1 diaries finishing move your patience an amazing cat right there it's not laying down standing up and judgment the whole time that the whole time 22 minutes all right what


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