Guitarist Reaction to BTS – JIN SOLO – Tonight // Lyrics // 이 밤 // Musician Reacts

Guitarist Reaction to BTS - JIN SOLO - Tonight // Lyrics // 이 밤 // Musician Reacts

one yes these are horns knitted on my head – yes my brother did buy them for me in three they're probably inappropriate coming off with a black pink Diaries episode one which I'm learning to be very open-minded about this behind-the-scenes stuff because it really is becoming enjoyable I feel like that's the look I'm letting my cat my cat seem like I think that I'm saying this probably the least exciting way it's been a long three days of me drinking watching live music with my buddies who were all at Vans downtown and staying up till sunrise so hey me a little slow yes that's true okay the reason why I said that how horns are probably inappropriate this is gin tonight one it's a solo thing – it's by a singer three it's called tonight where there's really only like two versions of let's be fair in general there's only dance songs and love songs there's kind of there's usually you know there can be over lapping but as far as your groove either this is this one we dance to or it's a song we do not dance to dichotomy right so it's gin with his beautiful voice singing you tonight now is it Jen being like tonight we're doing all them dancing things or is it like tonight I'm being gin and I'm singing to you and I'm I don't know I don't know which one we're hitting let's go any cat rough you can just keep some space food dishes full waters full okay chord voicings are cool and it also seems like I'm right that my horns are not and it'd be useful okay come take the zoo – taman dis so I don't know what limit it is I'm obviously one mob I mean I always think things aren't obvious in my own head I am focused on the guitar playing because it's a little different than what you would hear and this type of arrangement Sigmund is beautiful I'm just focused on guitar have the guitar plan me [Laughter] I gotta say I was dead on right like it's the slower at least that became in I wasn't positive if he was gonna come into this the oh yeah I'm Jen and I'm singing to you uh do you have a cat that's missing with you yes I do [Laughter] props if you were ever thinking about writing a seductive love song you should definitely pay attention to this one and singularity by V because like they are perfect examples of being minimalist and romantic pretty but then developing into a groove a groove that lets you you know maybe be in 10 not T things what you think at yeah you don't think anything unless the songs plan if I'm talking well sometimes you need to mess with that too right now you just give me the stink-eye I'm trying to dissect everything it's theirs now it said this mush which is it pretty much it's it's beautiful mush but it's like a much of a little bit of keyboard maybe a secondary keyboard too vocal lines to get a counter melody up in there bass and maybe the secondary 808 bass to go with the percussion oh and now you want to come and talk to somebody on your time you missed your time happy Tina that guitar is mic so well what does that even mean that means that like when you are sitting in the same room with the guitar like if you were sitting in here and I played the guitar for you and then I recorded that guitar girl on track it's not going to sound the same so trying to actually get that I know that people are like I'll just taking microphone do I promise you it's not at all how it works so like I feel like that guitar players like in like in my ears which is really given a warmth and a personal like it's like gin and the guitar player right here with us right kit break you can't choose you can't sometimes a car kick it she doesn't care she just looks at me funny hey I'm actually okay I'm okay with that I'm 100% okay with that I think now we have found well I have found where things are in the spectrum there's certain people I can trust to always be slow Sam Kim trust them BCS and trust in them XO I mostly trust them but sometimes they go to like no percussion and I don't I don't know what to do with that I just don't kind of know what to do we need a little we need a finger snap or a clap something but you know to each their own it's easier oh yeah pleasantly surprised I actually thought no one asked what you thought I I thought this was gonna be rough ground that to be fair I thought that the horns are gonna give me personal superpowers to get through what was gonna be a slow and uneventful song but luckily it had some awesome percussion and slash rhythm underneath it driving bass and you know eight a little something you can you know move to shake tune why are you coming back so quick all right before this cat takes me out I think and when you go to twice I think it's called ooh wah wah wah yeah yell some more see if you get any pity they don't care they're not coming oh yeah now you're quiet tell the people at home how you really feel that's right rubbing red oh you can you kind of see it I don't know I don't notice ID this is on the public in all right you get you guys to move it's twice time if I told you once I told you twice sending all of my semi hungover dehydrated love your way stay hydrated but the opposite of the tag my state thirsty and my friends know stay hydrated my friend stay hydrated I don't often drink water but when I do I'm very hydrated need a better mind that's not even funny if they can see your face your face would be the perfect her face is like like tired / mad / judgemental that's what she's doing over here


  • MVHeart says:

    Your cat was a very appropriate addition to this song.
    I'm a cat person anyway, so I'm always glad seeing a cat and mine does the same thing. It's not like she needs anything, she just doesn't like it when I'm focusing on something that's not her.

  • tonight by Jin hae says:

    This is so beautiful. this song "Tonight " makes me cry. Jin's voice is so beautiful, ,soulful and emotional. his falsetto is so beautiful.

  • Tasya May says:

    Your cat definitely can feel Jin's song which is dedicated to his pets! 🙂

  • love jin says:

    Jin voice is so beautiful

  • Anis M says:

    I love their versatility. They have their own “label” and taste in music and that won’t change them being bts. They still can do the music and they believe that things won’t happen if they weren’t bts. I love them sm

  • Cynthia Perez says:

    I beg to differ…. neither Singularity, nor Tonight are love songs. Singularity is a sad, sad song about a person who has lost himself and hidden himself away until he is broken. Tonight is Jin's sad remembrance of his 2 pets that have died. Yes, they are both emotional songs, but they are not seductive.

  • bergliot100 says:

    .. as a daughter of Oden ..I certainly feel you today…and K-pop cat : )

  • army to the core says:

    Plz do a reaction to adventure of a life time cover by super band its played with 4 guitars i want to know your thoughts 😁😁

  • monika krell says:

    is a song  about missing his pets

  • monika krell says:

    This is Jins song for his pets that died, his dog and 2 Sugargliders

  • monika krell says:

    Are you a Viking, i am in my blood beacuse i am from Sweden   lol

  • Answer Me says:

    Please react to all night by bts feat. juice wrld

  • Sach Shev says:

    Let your kitty speak. He knows the song is for long gone pets 🙁

    Also, your horn hat is really cute 😉

  • Sach Shev says:

    This song reminds me of my own dead kitties and 3 dogs 😕

  • Mai Socknta says:

    I don't know if you know the game cube animal crossing but your hat reminds me of the hat worn by the player in that game

  • bright hope says:

    your cat know everything…

  • SeeSea Covers says:

    seductive love song..ouch…its about his dead pats

  • Johanna Diaz says:

    playing this song with your cat right there was just perfect since this song is specially dedicated to pets.

  • Ravenlady68 says:

    It's a beautiful song, really. The loss of a much loved pet or pets. And your cat talking to you made our black male give me strange looks. Something like "What are you talking about?! Human, you are really crazy!"

  • Raine erasoc says:

    Your cat might ve actually onto something and probably been telling you no, the song is about something else. 😆

    Btw, the song is actually written and composed by Jin, himself. And he wrote it for his pets who passed away (3 sugar gliders and 1 dog. 1 of the Sugar gliders passed away not too long ago due to accident. And he has his Sugar gliders with him in their dorm form quite some time and he often shares selfies and short videos with them to ARMYS. The day his other Sugar glider passed away, the most recent one, he even had a vlive the next day or atleast 2 days after the accident and everyone saw how his bubbly Vlive goes from very energetic to him choking and keeping himself together and choking trying not to cry when he has been asked about Odeng (his Sugar glider) and it was really heart breaking to see how he couldn't even talk properly that time and was really trying not to show his sadness and tears. His pets were really like a family to him.) thus this song came about quicker than it should've/supposed to be released.

  • Ramsey says:

    Please react kda x bts mashup by miggy small

  • Kookie Myheartu says:

    Your cat knows that the song is about pets 😍😍😍

  • Ducky Marush says:

    Oh,I m in love with your cat! They really do what they want,don't they? I have one too🤭😍
    The song is amazing! Needles to say more…it is a piece of BTS!😍

  • Suga is my queen says:

    Tonight – Jin ft.Kpop cat

  • Z love says:

    This song was about His pets that died. He talked recently about one that died in a vlive like 3 months ago and he chocked up. I saw it and realized he is still truly sad about his loss. I don’t think anymore of his pets are alive and if so there is only one left. he has had 3 die in the last 3 or 4 years truly sad. Interesting that your cat made a vocal appearance maybe it sensed something. A beautiful and sad song and relatable to anyone who has lost a pet. I had my pet for 7yrs and I cried when he released this song.

  • Bonnie Hughes says:

    please react to: ARMYPEDIA:BTS TALK SHOW No More Dream(Live Band Ver.), Just One Day, I Like It
    I feel like you would really enjoy it especially as its with a live band too!!-

  • in cho says:

    Your cat wanted to say something about the song, and that's even more lovely. I have two cats, and I cried a river while listening to this song over and over again patting my cats right next to me. I don't want to imagine the final good-bye with them, but that will happen to us, too. I love every time when your choochoo cat aka kitcat makes a meow sound, but today it feels rather sad and beautiful. Thank you.

  • kkellyvera says:

    how appropriate for your cat to be there!

  • רפאלה סלומון says:


  • רפאלה סלומון says:


  • Fyrie says:

    Is that ur cat's voice 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 btw this song is about pets..

  • كيم سوك جين says:

    Jin 😍 😍

  • Tsuki_no_Megami says:

    Shout out to kpop kitty for adding some awesome extra vocals to the song 🤣💜

  • Linh Lê says:

    Love your hat tho :>>>

  • Farhana Rafi says:

    Can you please react to SIMPLE by Woozi seventeen

  • Yato Yukine says:


  • Kurama Namjoon says:

    Pleasee react to the J-Hobi's Mixtape!! There's mv for "Daydream" and "Airplane"

  • C P says:

    Luv your reaction and your cat. 💜😊☮️. Appropriate she was an active participant for this particular song since he was inspired to write about this because of his own pets. Thanks!!!!

  • Kailash Rawat says:

    Co produced by jin
    Written by jin
    This song is about his pets who passed away.
    I always say don't come to conclusions when it comes to BTS songs because they have totally different meanings from what people think first time.

  • 조이Joy 조이 says:

    Please react ^—^

  • Colleen Buxton says:

    Legendary iconic one of a kind dear precious loved respected and appreciated- beautiful Kim Seokjin.

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